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Which must be one of the reason some people refuse hospitalization as they can cought up the cost of hospitalization/hotelization neither the one of getting a lawyer to go to court even with the prospect to getting it back sometimes later.

As pointed before by other, now these people will just be clearly reluctant to get tested. Considering people financially weaker tend to have job less forgiving for absenteeism that can create an explosive situation.

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The new laws would allow authorities to punish and even imprison people for up to a year if they test positive but refuse hospitalization.

What is the problem with people refusing hospitalization ? Refusing isolation, I get it, but not hospitalization. Did they even bother asking people not wanting to be hospitalized why they did not want to ? If someone can not afford the cost financial, emotional, ... of being hospitalized or put in a hotel but is willing to comply with isolation as long as it is at home, they should just be fine with it.

They can just equip them with some home arrest device if they do not want to trust them, thought being in hospital/hotel did not stop some patient to go out (potentially because of loss of thinking ability related to the virus).

If not living alone, have the whole family be put on quarantine. They should already be as close contact and if someone in the house is at risk, they will probably have the whole housing backing the go to hospital/hotel.

Is it because if the management of these people at home fail, it is harder to put the responsibility on hospital staff be them in hospital or hotel ?

At least, I hope they are going to cover 100% of the cost of hospitalization/hotelization not go for there is 30% on you or whatever amount as special setting are involved.

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@ kusaisaru

Each day these articles end with something like "Forty-four coronavirus-related deaths were reported." I assuming that's nationwide, and not Tokyo, but the author never says.

They are national wide. They are reported after during the edit, the first publishing is only about Tokyo.

More national (or not) numbers here :


and here to have wide choice of language :


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I think thinking of suicide as only a response to economic difficulties is being short sighted. It could be a reason for some but not for all. As pointed in the article, DV can also be a factor. Some commentator also pointed fragility which where not addressed. We could also consider the pressure on people which corner them. People were not just asked to protect themselves and their family (which can also be difficult as falling could have you take all the blame) but also the whole population, the whole medical system, the whole economic, ... Government should take its own burden which it was elected for and not throw it at people and then shame the people for not doing enough in one field or another.

If people try to control the pandemic in order to protect medical system and other people. Government complain about the burden on economic.

If the people try to save economic and other people job. Government complain about then going out and about. When you think about it, are the youngster really going out because they do not care or because they need to protect their job and friends job ?

The government should just accept that protecting economic, job, health, ... is its duty. It can not do it alone but what is the most logical choice as to what give to the population and to kept for them ? I believe the government should focus on job and economic and tell people/business to focus on controlling the spread : refrain going out, go for take out, limit the amount of customers to increase safety, telework, ... at least when the cases are on the rise&co ; we will protect the economic and job.

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thousands of deaths

You seem to be getting more reasonable in your fancy number about Japanese cases and death. Lets continue this way. I never said thousands of death happened. You are the one claiming they did happen by faking being shocked people which never said that did said it. (I noticed I messed up the number for the 2 folds, sorry)

And I remember you that you said Japanese people were less prone to have severe form. Changed your mind ?

You understand there is a difference in between considering that cases and deaths could be/being unaccounted (them not being tested) and claim that Japan in not counting deaths in the thousands ?

From the start many here have been almost wishing that Japan would end up with cases and deaths like many western countries.

I am wondering if you are getting the ones really wishing for it. And the ones afraid of it. And all the variations possible.

So Western nations got it wrong and ? Everybody know that. They also know that lack of masks and situation quickly degenerating creating stay at home order and social distancing was also part of the blindness, not just plain arrogance. As already pointed government acknowledged their handling was poor and requested help from Asian countries. After, they did what they could to make their mistakes disappear as the need for new evidence. But I do not get what that have to do with the testing in Japan.

Regarding the Japanese medical system, people in Japan are using it. If they are not pleased with it, they should be allowed to complain regardless of them being Westerner. Same goes the other way round Japanese using another nation medical system have the right to complain if they are not pleased. Look like you are against critics ? Thought I do not exactly get what that has to do with testing regime except if you consider the testing regime being 100% in the hand of 100% of the doctors.

As said before if your guts are telling you the testing is perfectly fine, good for you. Going for fancy number is not going to prove your argument. Neither trying to deflect it to a Western vs Asia (or Japan) thing.

We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic on a website from people from all around the world and which have various life history. Just how many of the people you consider as Westerner are not and how many of the people you consider as Asian are not ? You have no way to know who you are talking about neither about what they are thinking and what are their aim. Welcome to the Internet.

I acknowledge this discussion is sterile.

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I never said your were talking about genetics, I was talking about the recurrent reference you made, in that post too, about Japanese being better in term of health (should have put healthier, sorry). So you again say that you think Japanese have less underlying conditions and are healthier including elderly thus less prone to have severe cases thus die. So you should consider that in that case they should have lower deaths numbers thus deaths rate, to be logical with yourself.

that number would have to be in the tens of thousands

Again imagining some crazy fold that nobody mentioned here except you. How many fold is it this time 20, 50, 100 ? My example was 2 folds, you are the only one here imagining something like the previous 48 folds.

Why is it so hard for westerners [...]

Here you go again. Already explained to you that westerners were perfectly fine with Asian handling as they got advice from them, even give you a well know example. Same goes for random people (did you ever bother looking online about advice ? Guess which countries are used as references).

Stop trying to victimize Asian moreover in issue matching Asian stereotype (thought not all of it). You are aware that Japanese and some other Asian countrypeople got the worldwide reputation of being utterly clean, right ? So you are saying people have difficulty to admit that Asian are cleaner than them even though they have the stereotype that Asian people are cleaner than them (never watched Westerner movies/dramas ?) and that they can not accept mask as being effective in Asia as the same time that they use these since they are acknowledged as effective all over the world. Still do not get your logic.

Saying that the test numbers in Japan is too low and there are cases and deaths going undetected as nothing to do with that. You should stop focusing on that. Moreover as you have no idea from where people are from and have no way to ever know, you should just stop it. It does not serve your (non) argumentation in any way moreover as it kept getting longer and longer. Neither going for crazy number, you are the only one imagining.

So I will just consider you think number accurate out of guts feeling as your only argument is Westerners do not like Asians.

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At least second time bringing WHO in the debate, is not it ?

Is it this one that you are referring to ?


Could you provide your link to the new guidelines for providing tests in Japan so that we can compare. Thanks in advance. (for the the epidemiological one, I guess we agree that several part of Japan are covered)

Since regarding the implementation of Public health and social measures, one can wonder about following adjustment made.


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Posted in: Suga announces new measures to stem virus surge, including penalties, review of medical system See in context


According to you Japanese are better in various regard making them less prone to have serious cases thus deaths, so shouldn't they have a lower deaths rate ?

And if you go back to this statement, that still do not exclude possibility of part of cases and deaths go undetected as long as they are in the range of the deaths rate.

Going back to a 2 folds (gross number) for Kanto :

41000*2 =82000 ; deaths rate 2% = 1640 ; 1%= 820

Current deaths : 1487

So not so difficult to have undetected cases and deaths. Thus having more tests to find these undetected cases before they take part in an exponential growth could be seen as helpful. You know as they say : no exponential growth no strain in medical system no state of emergency (but no money for any business feeling the strain of the virus).

And why are going about fudging number ? And conspiracy ? Which conspiracy : the government is hiding the virus is spreading ? No, everyone see it. The government is hiding the low number of tests ? No, everyone see it. The government is hiding the fact that there are people dying from the virus without being recorded as cases before hand ? No, everyone see it. The government is hiding the fact that they do not practice autopsy for every deaths thus there potential related deaths going undetected and mortuary take measure just in case ? No, everyone see it. ... A conspiracy is not something everyone can see.

Are you making a competition of a pandemic ? I do not remember people in western countries having a problem with good management in Asia, they even had meeting with experts from there to help them tailor their response. I think it is even Aso which said people from foreign government called to ask advice and he replied mindo thus they must have called another Asian country government official to have useful information. Sorry to disappoint you but the racist bias is only in your imagination.

Again, you still go nowhere to the subject which opened your rant about testing number in Japan and potential undetected cases and deaths. If you think it is accurate and give clear picture, you are free to explain (but if possibly not by contracting yourself as pointed before) or just say it is guts feeling, they can right or wrong.

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You are still going mixing tests, cases and results of illness. You do not even clearly differentiate in between these as you talk about "low rate" of what ? Low rate of positive test result ? Low rate of fatalities by millions ? Low rate of cases by millions ? Low rates of tests by millions ?

I do not understand your logic. If you think it is easier for Japanese to not die from the virus, how can the fact that there is not the number of deaths expected with the fatalities by millions of another country not having these specific a proof that there is not several unknow cases or deaths around ? or that Japan is doing the right number of tests (which is even more far fetched).

US : 1,186 direct translation (*126) - Japan : 149436

Taiwan : 0.3 direct translation(*126) - Japan : 37.8

Do you get why the comparison seems totally illogical ?

If you consider that Kanto area has an average of 2 times more cases from the start, you most likely expect 2 times more death as the same rate will apply thus around 1%. Why would these additional cases follow the mortality rate of another country ?

So to have your 147000 deaths you will need 14.700.000 people being infected so around 48 fold more infected person all over Japan not even just in Kanto.

There is a difference in considering there are cases and deaths which goes unrecorded as covid ones and saying that it is by 48 times for the whole of Japan, which is what some, you included, seem to claiming other people do.

And to come back to the main subject : how is that any proof to determine that Japan is doing the right number of tests ? Should not it go reverse : Japanese are less keen to have strong symptom thus more keen to go around with the virus and spreading it farther thus increasing chance for it to reach people whose body will not be able to deal with it. This should bring to having more testing to quickly identify these people unwillingly spreading the virus and request them to isolate to stop the spread thought at home and instead of thermometer they should have quick testing kit at restaurant and so on.

And if you think the virus is just not spreading in Japan, why bring US/UK deaths number ? And even use it as an argument about the number of tests ?

If you want to compare the spreading in between countries you have to compare with countries which have similar practice which will range a pretty various range depending of the criteria and all over the world, I would suggest African ones for mask wearing and snowy European ones for not shoes wearing in private quarter.

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Why are you comparing Japan and the US/UK for fatalities ?

On which ground do you think the population of these countries are similar enough to except same results ? Food, weather, genetics, illness contact history ...

For testing as it is a matter of infrastructure and money, Japan as a first world country could easily be compared to these, as a expectation to have the same abilities pondering size. So I get why you make the link. But for effect on the illness on the population, I do not get the criteria which make them comparable and the criteria which have to be used to ponder the result. A instinctive relevant comparison will be with neighbor countries and countries having a high level of Japan descent, as you could more easily find similarities in weather, genetics, food, natural illness contact history, ...

So how is Japan doing comparing Hong-Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea, ... ?

You also seems to be assuming there is no in between the number in Japan are accurate and Japan as the same number as US/UK. I do not remember much people claiming that moreover for the whole of Japan.

Also, you forgot to take in account the expected yearly deaths which did not happen and the unexpected ones which did happen to put the covid fatalities on top of.

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If you need some link about hospital situation and death at home thought not exact number in between home and elsewhere including accommodation facilities.


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Posted in: 10 die in snow-related incidents over weekend See in context

tie a rope around their waist and fasten it securely to a sturdy part of the roof

Doesn't sound too expensive, so could not prefecture/municipality stomach the cost of installing it before the snowy season and train people about using it. And at the same time try to find fit people willing to do it for the unfit one with getting agreement with company/university/high school so that they can take day off for the time doing it without issue, the municipality/prefecture shouldering the wage (or part of) if need be.

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Can you explain how doing you best to prevent the spread of the virus is any different of what a S.O.E will accomplish except for business getting financial support ?

According to you doing your best mean wearing mask, not going to place with lot of people, stay away from people, ...

If everyone do that this men people will not go to shop/restaurant/bar/train/workplace/.... thus the place will lose customer thus income and people will lose job as they will not go there.

The S.O.E by paying business to close/stagger working time/do telework/... will accomplish the same result by going the other way round and protecting several job and business which would not have survived by everyone doing one best personal prevention.

And when I am at it, claiming you want to protect job and business at the same time of requesting border closing destroy your stance. The border closing destroyed and is destroying a lot of jobs and business, you know.

Your problem seems more with government helping small and medium business instead of letting them die silently and slowly.

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But why is it areas under the hardest lockdowns are doing worse than areas with relaxed rules?

You mean New Zealand and Australia are doing worse than Japan ? Thanks for the update. I did not know.

Confinement, sanitary binding, stay-at-home order, movement control order ... are effective in reaching the objective stated at their start, thus when situation improve or objective are reached they got relaxed and when situation get worse they got strengthened.

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Posted in: Suga seeks to make antivirus measures legally binding for businesses, punish violators See in context

Does that include the obligation for restaurant to limit group side to 5 people ?

This way next time some LDP member got caught partying, they can put the blame on the shop.

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Not clear as why so many people are obsessed over this anime lately.

It seems one of the factor is that it takes place in Taisho era which is not so often used for setting.

I guess a story about purifying demon as a symbol of disaster in the middle of a pandemic also kind of make sens.

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Why are 2 guys and 1 lady being punished and not awarded a matching jacket ?

Why are them even bothering having a bunch of spectators with no mic in the room as they could just as easily have them watching from their office on Intranet thus allowing more room for the people potentially allowed to speak if they really do not want to do video-meeting ?

Glad that since a few day, Koike picture are showing her masked, is going past the 800 mark going to force a mask upon Suga face too ?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 621 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,041 See in context

How do you know that?

Depending of the situation :

Because people have to go to work.

Because people live near by.

Because people have acquaintance which can meet some of the 2 previous conditions or not keen to stay home.

Because people have Internet. Never heard of live webcam ?

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What about official report and studies ? Obviously, as the illness is new, they are still in the process to studying this virus and its effects, nevertheless one can legitimately want to avoid catching it as the current suspected and/or know effects.





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Look pretty heavy and like a total pain to wash.

Pity they missed the mask award.

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Posted in: Do you think the media should post the number of coronavirus infections each day? See in context

Yes as long as it is done efficiently. The purpose is to inform people of the situation so that they can see how thing are going or not.

For example, if there is no case or close to in a country, acknowledging it along with showing that the number are reliable (number of suspect cases found and tested, criteria for suspect cases, ...). As long as no significant change or need to increase-maintain carefulness in people, having it on the side of the news should be fine.

For the specific situation of Japan : as pointed before the day to day system meet trouble since it does not match the testing range. Already said before, the 3 days gap is an average. So it will be better to have the day number then having these put on 7 days range to have it more accurately match the testing number. Example :

Today N cases were reported.

For the period of P-7 to P, this bring the total of cases to : V. They should be the result of T tests realized from P-8 to P-1.*

> *An average of 3 days in between a test and its report exist, for higher accuracy, we choose to put a 1 day gap but we acknowledge that will not show a perfectly accurate picture.

Other number can be added like bed occupancy and so on. In the event of wanting to point an area : the headline should focus on the more significant area be it as getting bad, getting good, staying good, staying bad, ... not just it being Tokyo. The reliability of the number should also be stated. For example, the death number on JT are not reliable (example : yesterday, line missing in JT ; NHK : 21 deaths) so you should change your pattern to provide them. It is important to provide them, since if not people will believe or fake believing there were no death. But just putting them at some point make just a big part of the real one disappear as you do not use a 24hours gap (see my previous post on the subject). One easy solution could be you report the number for the previous day. As example, in today article you change the line about the number of death to :

"Yesterday, according to NHK, 21 coronavirus-related deaths were reported.*

> * for higher accuracy, we will now report the previous day coronavirus-related deaths"

After a few day, you can just drop the * part since JT user will get used to it.

My 2 cents

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There is just a problem with the way overall medical care work in Japan (there is obviously good place so I am not dismissing every hospital and so on, everyone can name good place). All of us have read report and/or know of people having to wait until ambulance find a hospital willing to take them, not in regard of the hospital full occupancy or not, just of if the patient is "attractive" enough or not. The stigma, not only on medical facility, is a problem.

Hippocrates must be crying.

(the link came from someone else, thanks to him/her)

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I guess having a bed occupancy of around 100% is kind of motivating for Osaka to take measure.

Aichi and Tokyo should follow suite since they are on part with Hokkaido.


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I clearly appreciate :

Nationwide, the number of reported cases as of 6:30 p.m.

So I would like, if possible, that you pinpoint the one(s) in charge of this daily update to do something about the :

Five coronavirus-related deaths were reported.

As we know, that, unfortunately, the death number is going to get up thought the day and is just an indication of death reported at some point not the full picture of the day. That give a false impression about the number of deaths coronavirus-related. As an illustration let take the period throught November the first to Novmber the 18th by JT :

*01/11/20 4 02/11/20 not reported 03/11/20 6 04/11/20 not reported 05/11/20:4 06/11/20:4 07/11/20:5 08/11/20:7 09/11/20:12 10/11/20:9 11/11/20:7 12/11/20:6 13/11/20:9 14/11/20:2 15/11/20:6 16/11/20:6 17/11/20:7 18/11/20:12 = total : 106**

For the same period, NHK : 164 ; MHLW : 156.**

I think you get the problem.

*any calculation mistake claim should be adressed to my table

Also, if possible, I think lot of us will appreciate JT not focusing so much about Tokyo. Lot of people get stuck on that without much regard to other places which can be more worrisome even thought they also have their fair share of JT user. I am not saying you should report every prefecture but perhaps have some automatic calculation tools which will help you pinpoint which prefecture to put on the front then add the others worrisome prefectures with a bottom line explaining your process and that the non mentioned prefecture thought potentially not free of infectious are as of now not facing crisis according to your data at hand thus you are not responsible if the data they produce are giving a fake picture.

Thanks for your time and work.

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Posted in: Gov't to suspend Go To Travel campaign in some areas See in context

The problem currently facing Japan people interviewed is that they lack being given enough information to make choice they will be proud of no matter if good or bad. You can not say to people GoTo travel/eat/work/... and in the same time restrain. That is unclear, so people just end up not knowing where to stand. I know even changing your politics on the way can be difficult for some, see the mask issue and for how long we had people going around about : "but they first say mask was not useful". Fortunately the majority can accept that kind of change as long as clearly explained (for the other one, I guess more explanation are needed perhaps a full review of how things can change along time like the Earth is flat, the Earth is round, the Earth is kind of round, which go through).

Same goes for countries with mask enforcement policy. This is not nanny state. You are thinking too highly of yourself if you think your government is trying to protect you as an individual. They do not really give a crap. They want to protect the whole society. It is the same for the seat belt, it is mandatory not because they will be so sad you die, just because it is a cost(money, time, ...) for society as they will have to produce in some way a replacement for you. If you do not die but are hurt, that also create a cost for the group and you could even turn out as a projectile which will end up harming/killing someone else which never asked for it and all the more cost. Same for the virus.

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Should I recommend you to advice your friend to try to get in touch with some union if it is not already the case. Even if not joining, perhaps they can give update about what is going on and advice. I think for foreign language teaching one of the biggest one should be General Union.


I am sorry for your friends too and other facing the same kind (or not) of difficulties too.

I think Japan should just think of the greater good of the country as its people and get rid of black and wannabe black company no matter the field. And not just think of the upper people good. The nearest you are of protecting 100% of your people the better overall for the country.

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Looking at the whole video, they seemed to take in account the pandemic situation but

2 - To wear favorite things

7 - Enjoying meals together

10 - Living together

seems to purposely dismiss it as still putting physically social distancing but in fact brooking it for 2 and 7 and in 10 just throwing away all social distancing. Would be interesting to talk to the one doing the campaign as 2 contrary interpretation could arise.

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I do not understand at all what you are talking about. If you think the government is physically hiding people in some place, fell free to answer Mr. Kipling about where.

Because that is what was the point of the exchange. Everyone know hiding 100 deaths as a number is pretty easy (and when you have 3400deaths a day, that is barely a noticeable rise needing hiding), it is hiding 100 deaths as people which is a pain.

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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting sex from teenage girl See in context

@ Mocheake

you don't know anything about her

You neither but still post :

She wanted cash and figured sex was the quickest way to get it.

The case is about the guy and the law. Regarding the law that is how things go. As by law, if things were proved, at that time : she was a child, he was an adult. She fall under having to be protected, he fall under having to be prosecuted. You already have a lot of explanation about why the law is made this way.

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