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Here the link about the Nikkei pools :


It is subscribers only, you can not see much. There is some warning at the end about the possibility to compare as the polling was not different than in the past.

Without an audience was appropriate : 37%

A limited audience should have been : 25%

Normal audience should have been : 3%

Postponing again or canceling should have been : 31%

As far as I understand the part I have access to. I do not see any reference to what was actually asked.

There is also 56% the protection measure were unsuitable.

So seems there was several questions.

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@ Dc

All I have to say is enjoy the jab … Hope to see you in three years… I will never never take the jab.

Was not it within 2 years ? Did you need to extend the life expectancy as it is already more than 1 year since the first tests subjects get inoculated and they are still not starting to die ?

And what is the life expectancy for the nonvaccinated one ? As people start dying nobody will be there to do there job. What do you think happen to nuclear plant when nobody is there anymore to manage these ?

Or do you think it is some kind of big plan so workers were secured ? How do you think they will feel about having to continue to work when knowing lot of people were exterminated ?

And what will happen to the people which survived the extermination plan ? Are they going to be welcomed as some kind of elite ? And be happy with that or the exterminator will see a bunch of people which when asked to act for common interest choose to not as worthless if not dangerous. Thus choose to launch a new extermination plan ?

Will not the people surviving the extermination be pretty upset and war will upfold ?

And how will be the world after since if there is a winner it will be : people which choose to exterminate or people which choose to not care about other ?

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I have stated (more than once) that there has been a choice since 2012.

And ?

I am not the one trying to justify no choice for women (in the sports concerned) or different exigence in term of length, fitness, ... for women than for men.

Give one GOOD reason why the women shouldn't have a choice of shorts and sports top?

I am waiting.

Not to sound like a jerk, but I'm pretty sure that the women knew that the rule was for bikini bottoms, again beach - bikini bottoms isn't that absurd. If they were against that, they had a few years to make their concerns known to the IOC. If it was such the abomination that people who are not playing in the event have made it out to be they could have gotten the rule changed. Also, it wasn't that nice for one team to cover themselves up and NOT let any other female athletes know they were "starting a movement"

Athletes should be free to choose what to wear in the limit of fair competition be it, for example, wearing bikini or tank top and short or full body suit no matter the category. And it being an individual choice even among team.

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@ girl_in_tokyo

Not very long ago I was downvoted by about 20 points when I said that it might not be a good idea to go out drinking.

Can you prove that statement ? Did every people which downvoted you, wrote it was because you said it was not a good idea to go out drinking ? Or was it because you went around putting word in other people month and making them look like d... . You transformed someone just talking in the street with coworker when interviewed and criticizing the government (illogical decision, no communication, inconsistency) as stupid and egoist. Then continued with creating some imaginary respondent being fine with killing their grandmother. Further posts were no better with insults. You even attacked ice cream.

I have quite a lot of doubt your downvote come from saying "that it might not be a good idea to go out drinking" which you actually did not say.

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@ Elvis is here

Anyone can get tested. Whenever they want.

Just have to choose in between test or eating.

The basic antigen test in places which offer it (so quite possibly only big cities) cost from more than 2 times to more than 3 times the hourly minimum salary depending of the prefecture. So obviously not anyone can get tested.

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Same doubling of number in Osaka too it seems :


Seems among the prefecture listed in omatomesan and updated only Hokkaido seems as of now not going for around double :


And I do not understand what is going on in Fukuoka :


Whose number for Monday where 4 times higher than the previous one.

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From the article you quoted :

Would shorts be worse than a bikini bottom?

It’s totally a personal choice. It wasn’t comfortable for me. Way too sweaty and too much sand. But, in certain situations leggings could be a good option — just not in the heat. There are also certain times of the month that wearing a bikini isn’t always such a comfortable option, especially when you’re on TV. So it’s important to have the freedom to choose what works best for you. Players should be able to wear what they want and what makes them perform the best — and for me it was a bikini.

As you can notice, the one woman : Jennifer Kessy (2012 London beach volleyball silver medalist ; former coach of Team USA's April Ross and Alix Klineman) answering the questions of the journalist is for free choice.

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That is what beach volley players are suppose to wear depending of the category they are playing in. Allowing women to wear the same clothes as men &reverse does not seems a problem.

Same for every sport. As pointed above as long it does not give an unfair advantage, any clothing should be fine.

And that will limit :

“wardrobe malfunction ... to respect the integrity of the athlete."

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@ Asiaman7

i provided my sources.

Actually, no you did not. The only thing close to providing a source is that :

the Games were not force on the country by the IOC, as clarified by Suga in the July 20 Wall Street Journal article.

That make it singular and do not cover most of your assessment. Moreover no link is provided neither are you giving information about if you actually read the the interview or just sentences taken out of it by other media as the WSJ full access is for subscribers only :



None of the free preview state what you said, so we could guess, you perhaps are making reference to that :


And in that case you seems to forget the importance the context : when Suga talk about "sought" was he talking about when they applied years ago or this year ? The full sentence tend to point in the direction of years ago but without context difficult to know.

Regarding the opposition of Japanese people about hosting these games (Tokyo 2020 in 2021), some links, after the choice question in between games this year or no games at all was never asked so we will not know the choice :



The last article also provide remainder that for months Suga&co were like : we can not cancel only the IOC can. So no wonder "many suspects" the game went ahead just to satisfy IOC greed. After, we can effectively discuss it and focus on the pride's aspect.

Regarding the vaccine. Pfizzer was available from the end of November. Japan reached 1million doses a day on June the 26th thus 6 months later, meaning the only one month ago and since July 16th we went bak under the 1million doses a day. So, you are right the vaccine is "not only now expanding". It expanded pretty recently in the game and is now retracting.


You are welcome.

Just to point out the experience of the author in the airport seems to be one of a kind. Unfortunately some had another one :



So I agree with the people from the "not everyone agree".

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Will Olympic-related Covid cases also “be updated later” and included ‘here’ or, will they again get a separate column devoted to it, like yesterday?:

Seems neither. Here the info :


10 people + 9 police officers.

I think they publish number in early morning, so it is more like Saturday numbers from Friday/Saturday tests.

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Posted in: Typhoon heads for eastern Japan; Olympic rowing events rescheduled See in context


Do not bother with google for these kind of stuff go to wikipedia (in fact never bother with google for anything, there is lot of other meta search engine out there) :


There is the lists of the names for the western pacific area where you could find the meaning of the name and/or other info.


So for the one the article is about it is : Nepartak

The word is originally the designation for a famous Kosrae warrior and is derived from a language of the Federated States of Micronesia.

When you have a question/request perhaps you should try to separate it in a paragraph and open it to everybody like : "A or anybody else knowing", the question is effectively interesting as the name came from a language using ideogram : 烟花 (smoke / flower) which translate in fireworks (fire / work) or 花火 (flower / fire) as far as wikipedia told us.

In addition, despite ‘the camaraderie’ the Olympics were supposed to be creating, its seems to be increasingly difficult to engage others

It is JapanToday here, your are dreaming. ;)

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Seems the government “approved” PCR test can’t differentiate between COVID and the flu.

According to your link that is only 1 test which is concerned : CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel (CDC)

The other molecular tests using RT-PCR technology do not seems concerned :


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Posted in: Tokyo’s teamLab most visited museum in the world, officially more popular than Van Gogh See in context

Good for them. That is a lot of visitors.

Thought I have difficulties understand how they can be running in the same category as Picasso, Van Gogh, ... . I get the concept of "the world’s Most Visited Museum featuring art by a single group/person" but should not be a cap about the maximum number of people in the group ? I mean they are in the 5 hundreds. In the meantime, why is there even this kind of category in the Guinness ?


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What about you stop it ? It was already explained to you that Kary Mullis died before the first recorded case of covid-19. Not putting his name or invention name is not going to hid the lie you are uttering on a regular basis.



@ moderator, you have the power to edit post, so why not start debunking the obvious bull by writing in these the reality. We are not talking about a point of view here. The inventor of PCR test died on August 7, 2019. I think we are beyond utterly disrespectful by having people claim he said something he never did as he was and is dead.

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Posted in: Olympics worker arrested for allegedly raping woman at stadium See in context

So as usual all the big self claimed advocates of innocent proven guilty which are nowhere to be seen for alleged murder, robery, scam, dangerous driving, kidnapping, child assault, bribery, ... got out in full force.

Wonder why the cases where the alleged perpetrator was a man, the alleged crime sex related and the alleged victim a women past the age of consent are so special, that they need so much implication of the self claimed innocent until proven guilty team. Alleged robbed, child molester, politician briber, scam artist, mass murder, arsonist, dangerous driver... need you too. Dozo, go defend their right to innocent until proven guilty against all the throw a book at them if not hang them people. I mean it is innocent until proven guilty right ? Or some are more innocent until proven guilty than other ?

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@Alfie Noakes

On the Hodo 19:30 TBS programme last night one of the guests was a member of the Government's Corona Strategy Panel. They were discussing the opening of the Athlete's Village yesterday and the struggle to prevent the virus spreading through the so-called bubble. This chap said that from today there will be NO public announcements of any infections spread through the Village, that the information will NOT be made public. So if any more Ugandans, Serbs or Japanese staff there contract coronavirus it won't be reported through official channels. Unbelievable.

That should explain why the document about positive cases detected from July 1st to 10/11th which was linked here :


is not there anymore.

I am talking about that document :


As said before, no idea where could be the previous list they are talking about in it.

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I do not see how a document being a forgery or not can prevent infection. It is a document not an actual vaccine. I do not understand what you are talking about.

A second Ugandan visitor tested positive just a few days after the first case for the team

Where do you get elements pointing in direction of false negative ? He could just have gotten the virus in the plane or in the airport thus obviously the test will turn negative at the airport since the virus was not even settle in their new host. The test is not made to detect a simple contact with the virus but the active presence of the virus in the body. Could also have gotten it from any of the people (place) they have contact with : hanger on, hotel staff, toilets, ... after the airport. I did not see any information about them testing again sample from the immigration time and these turning positive.

Where do you get the update from the Lithuanian athlete ? They went from negative to positive to negative and they should be tested after but did not find update about the situation. It is quite a messy one for the team and hanger-on.

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Vax passport doesn't necessarily prevent infections

Whoever believed a piece of paper prevented infection ? Even people know the actual vaccine was not likely to prevent it so the passport.

Some fully vaccinated Olympic visitors tested positive at airport (one case showed a false negative).

Source ?

Seems the sheet prior to July 1st is not available anymore, so using the one from that date, we got 2 people from oversea. I think I got one but they tested positive in the airport. I also I found an athlete which was not in the listing and went through a negative PCR test then a positive then a negative (do not know the final decision) but there is no indication of vaccination and clearly no indication it was a false negative instead of a too early one, so not sure it is the one you are talking about.



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As I understand it, it is not a member of the team but a staff from the city. Seems she was in charge of giving guidance like taking the bus.

So first the media, second some staff at the village (fortunately closed), third a city staff. Do not forget to sign your waver, ne.

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So Ms Biden is not coming to Japan.

Or is it no-plebeians ?

It could not be that considering the number of guest attending the things the only solution to avoid having too many people in stadium was to get rid of the commoners, right ?

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Posted in: Vaccines rushed to Sydney as outbreak spirals See in context

Hope they will manage to race out the virus.

Ganbare !

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Posted in: 78-year-old man who drove wrong way on expressway, causing fatal crash, sent to prosecutors See in context

They need to crack down on drivers who are a risk to the public.

Fixed it for you. No need to thanks me.

Regarding driving, I think public transportation should be encouraged. In countryside, they tend to be scarce making people having not much choice but to use a personal car. Considering how costly is a car : how about having a more or less equivalent tax used to finance a free (or cheap) to use public or shared transportation device. For example that could be : - setting a website on which confident drivers can offer a seat to non drivers - buying a small bus and hiring/forming city/town staff to drive it alongside other duties, as a full time driver could be too much - setting an emergency/individual transportation service with volunteer and city/town staff using their own car This way, we can have a system fitting 3 persons different situation : - A need to go to Osaka for medical appointment - A opt in the car of Yuki which work in Osaka - B go to Nara for shopping - B, alongside other town people, opt on the small bus - C got a call from their daughter in Ikoma, they urgently need to get there to take care of the grandchildren - C contact relevant number which found quickly someone to do the trip Gasoline, insurance cost increase, ... &co are mostly financed by the no car tax. That should cover a wide range of situations for not such a high cost and by sharing these through tax even people with low money could rely on them and increase attractiveness of area, moreover by creating partnership in between different towns, villages, cities, ...

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Are people really still thinking that there is a possibility of cancellation?

You understand it is not only about managing to get the olympics canceled but also to voice the disagreement of a significant part of the population ?

IOCLDP made it clear they are aiming for a war of attrition against opponent to holding the event now. They want people to forfeit opposing so that they can claim that it was just meaningless opposition as seen in the past. People should never stop voicing their opposition be it before, during and after. What is going on now should never have happened. This nothing even close to what olympics claim to be : no excellence, no friendship, no respect, not even sport. The olympics need a serious reform.


Can anyone help me understand this?

Can anyone help me understand this?In less that 100 pages, that will be hard. Trying to over simplify : the one focusing about people from outside (so called foreigner) menace is the government which did not even try to go farther that racialist interpretation of the opposition. Having 10 of thousand of people gathering in an over crowned city in the middle of a pandemic is bad to begin with. Having several of them being packed in the same shared place is no better. These packed people could have contracted the virus back home and, unfortunately go through undetected, but also contract it in Japan as pointed repeatedly by @Antiquesaving, thanks to them. So imagine A having the Alpha variant, A share room with O which happen to be also in contact with C which got the delta variant. So, one can wonder how the mix between Alpaha and Delta will go. Welcome to the O petridish.

After on the airport regard, we are talking about all these people coming in at the same time in the same place, alongside usual travelers which increase risk and strain for people working in the said place and related one.

We can also talk about sport fairness.

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Did anyone got a rope ? I think Miraitowa-kun is drowing.


The problem is official &co. Like telling Ms Biden that, she can not attend the opening ceremony or in the contrary telling her, she can attend when Japanese people are bared from. I think Mr Macron is also going.

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Posted in: Woman opposed to Tokyo Olympics arrested for spraying liquid on torch bearer See in context

@Alfie Noakes


Thanks for the video. Seems like she was aiming at the torch not the bearer.

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Posted in: Face masks were previously only spotted sporadically in winter, but they have been seen all the year round, including in summer, since the pandemic began. See in context

Reusable fabric mask : use wash reuse and so on. When not good anymore boil it and recycle : patchwork and so on. If you do not know what to do with it, find yourself a granny, come in all age, gender and size.

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Sorry but messages telling someone to "die" or "kill themselves" should definitely be looked into or anything that is a threat against the person.

I think you missed in the article the fact that they took as example messages for pulling out of the games sent to Rikako Ikee. We are not in the "die" message part which should be handled by the social media network to begin with. Not so difficult to have automatic warning when this kind of thing is posted, send a human moderator check the context then act accordingly (removal / warning / contacting people involved / ...).

Also, I agree with @rainyday. If they plan to do what they say they will do, they need to be pretty intrusive.

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Posted in: 2 children killed, 3 injured after being hit by truck driven by drunk man See in context

So what are they going to do to make road safe ?

This one was drunk, that do not change the fact that road should be safe for everyone. Vehicle are dangerous anything can happen which could make it end up loose its way and end up in other people. So what are we to do ?

@ Chabbawanga

I would more likely say :

1) ban motor vehicles

2) make road safe

The road should be designed so that risk do not exist (or tend to that if technological knowledge do not allow it). Nobody should be run over being by someone drunk / having a heartstroke / having car trouble / ... or whatever. As of now in most of the road peanuts is done, that is not normal.

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Remembering that time, can understand the problem. It is not like in Japan, students change class all the time or can put make up on. Thus making them having to carry the stuff the need to the toilet without easy hiding. Some young are not so tasteful so one seeing a girl going around carrying a pad could just utter it out loud. I remember at my time the trend about was about saying lady having their period being in a bad mood.

It is good to widen choice of products, this way girl and lady have choice depending of what they feel comfortable with.


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Posted in: 2nd Ugandan Olympic team member in Japan tests positive for COVID See in context


Ok, thank you. Do not watch TV news so would never have know.

I hope they will communicate clearly (and honestly) about the procedure they are effectively going to apply. And most likely fix these. Because, if thing are the same staring from the 13th and the opening of the athletes village, that will be epic, if they do the same.

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