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Posted in: I don’t need to clean the room and can concentrate on my work. I feel safe here, too, from a security perspective. See in context

There were only two sentences in the ARTICLE...kind of hard to give an opinion.

It is not an article but a quote. The article is here :


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Posted in: Japan strengthens anti-virus measures in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa See in context





Please do not forget to pay the bill before leaving.

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hold the Osaka segment of the Olympic torch relay in Expo '70 Commemorative Park

Seems the best choice. Was wondering which place they were thinking of using since closing access to most park will be a hassle. Did not think of this one, but seems obvious, in fact, the park is already enclosed with paying access, so no difficulties totally secluding it and big enough to have torch bearer enjoy a long run.

I guess the organizers refused to let Osaka hop out.

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context


Now look at where Turkey,Chile got the rest of their Vaccine, China and Russia.

And ?

Feel free to go demonstrate in front of the Diet to get Japan to sign deal for these.

Taking the pro Pfizer USA news as a source isn't convincing.

So the 8 article coming from 8 different news provider are all pro Pfizer USA, please enjoy another pro Pfizzer USA article :


when Pfizer's Vaccine has problems like blood clots

Source please.

I found no reference of it in BBC, just the usual about allergy :


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Still zero sources to back your claim ?

Chile is among the leader in vaccination program :


They get various vaccine, including Pfizzer, thought not sure from UE :


Turkey received more than 10% of its Pfizzer vaccine :


Mexico was informed of delay by Pfizzer because of the upgrade of the plant,it is not the first time a link was posted about the plant problem :


Serbia is among the leader in vaccination, it is even donating doses (including Pfizzer) to neighbor countries or illegally smugling these :



There is effectively a problem with the Western Balkans as UE, which is also facing difficulties for their own supply, was late in donating the promised vaccine doses but seems it is now in process :



So to sumit up : there is delay in production plant in European countries, every countries is affected that include Europe and vaccine are still being exported out of UE.

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The EU and America to honor its contract.

Japan got 0 contract with EU and US for vaccine. It got contract with Pfizzer, Astra and Moderna.

Japan got millions of Pfizzer vaccine throught EU which did not refuse any export for Pfizzer and also invested a lot of money to make it possible to mass produce vaccine for them and other countries depending of their plant and not just the vaccine itself but also all that is around like the vial. Do you have any proof that Japan paid even a single yen to EU to help improve their production capacity ? Most likely not, find none either. So perhaps you should remember that : every single vaccine dose and its vial was partly paid by the foreigner you despise.

Japan got ten of thousand of doses of Astra from the US and is producing their own. Bt guess what : Astra is still waiting for agreement from Japan, so they are just sleeping somewhere. I guess alongside Pfizzer ones.

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The city has also said it would tighten controls around the porous border to try to stop anyone crossing illegally from Myanmar.

What about not for humanitarian purpose ? Did nobody told them there was quite a problem over there ?

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Posted in: Restaurants, hotels in Osaka, Hyogo and Miyagi prefectures disappointed at stricter COVID-19 steps See in context


How is that obvious ?

Personally, I found it obvious they did it (you know all the experts poping up around government since the start of the pandemic). Why would they not publish it, I do not think it is because they like to kept thing secret, just they did not consider appropriate to publish it as part of the content was susceptible to not be user friendly, like why you can not so easily find information about how much your life is worth for the government even for triage criteria thought we are in the middle of a pandemic, they did not come out.

Lot of government are pretty clear about the benefit of the mass-quarantine &co : protecting medical system.

If you have anything against martial law, feel free to vote for politician wanting to erase it. Have some countries used martial law in order to get their mass-quarantine ?Yes. Do all did ? No.

For human right : do not forget article 29.

Middle class, poor, small business were being crushed long before covid-19. The absence of mass-quarantine &co will not less crushed them. Who has the most to loose with the collapse of the medical system ? The rich which can easily pick up the remaining doctor and nurse to work for them ? The big corporation which will not have to pay it for their worker ?

I did not know government were actively encouraging people to go to Amazon. If Amazon is enriching itself it is because people use it instead of other website, physical store with pick up service, ... and that is not new : how many business already bankrupted thank to online shopping, streaming service, ...

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Posted in: Restaurants, hotels in Osaka, Hyogo and Miyagi prefectures disappointed at stricter COVID-19 steps See in context


They would also need to calculate how many lives will be lost by the lock-down measures, as well as examine the other harmful effects of essentially restricting normal human behavior and the economy. This is more difficult to quantify, but must be done.

Who said they did not ?

You seems to focus your reasoning on the consequence real/potential or supposed of lockdown as opposed to the consequence of the absence of mass quarantine&co which you seems to infer are easier to quantify.

Did you consider the potential consequence of the absence of mass quarantine&co ?

medical system overwhelmed

collapse of the medical system

diminution of available and potential medical workers

people avoiding hospital as felt unsafe

increase of avoidable death occurring due to lack of treatment

people isolating themselves and their family

children taken out of school

bankruptcy of several business depending of customers becoming scarce

increase of number of people unable due to health issue for an amount of time undetermined

increase of the number of people needing long term treatment

survivor syndrome

increase of people in precarious situation due to death/loss of job of parent/partner

building up of distrust in the government and its institution

cut of workers' right / benefit


Several of the effects of the mass quarantine&co will have happened no matter what, thought perhaps at the same range or the same path. Mass quarantine&co prevented others. Efficient measures (already in place or created) by some government reduced effects of the pandemic and the mass quarantine&co.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 414 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,832 See in context

@ Gooch

shows that the vast majority of cases have recovered

No it do not.

It only say the number of people which were discharged. Currently, we do not have clear numerical information about people which recovered thus no website will dare to make that claim.

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Posted in: Nuclear damage does not disappear. It circulates and stays. Let us wake up, come together, and work on cleaning and healing our planet, instead of further destroying it. See in context

So glad someone renowned for their knowledge of nuclear physics is expressing their opinion.

So now only people having knowledge about nuclear physics can express their opinion on nuclear weapon.

Yoko Ono, calling in a Twitter post for the total abolishment of nuclear weapons

Perhaps you ought to read till the end.

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

It certifies both coronavirus test results and vaccination status.

So for, at least, people which can not take vaccine : test will be featured.

I agree about the app being a bad idea. People not having phone / Phone not working / Safety concern including having a staff just pick up every single phone to check it out in the middle of the pandemic as show in the picture. Paper version which could be in the form of a stamp (like visa) in the passeport or whatever should be available.

Regarding right to travel it is part of freedom of movement which is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights :


It can obviously be restricted for specific reason (I do not think not owning a smartphone will be considered as an acceptable one).

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Posted in: Japan complains over U.S. military's use of term 'East Sea' See in context


And no-one's made a comment yet about the offending spokesman's name being Captain Kafka?

Well if they do not want to go for the 18th sea or the Whale Sea as suggested by @snowymountainhell ; perhaps they should just go for the Kafka sea. Seems fair :


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Posted in: No overseas spectators at Tokyo Olympics mirrors Suga's weak standing See in context


What Masato Koike is saying is that they will be difficult to ease travel restriction in the future. What exactly will they be able to use as criteria for allowing traveler which could not be meet for the Olympic ?

Vaccine passport ? Lot of countries are already working on the subject. They need it for business travelers, adding the Olympic on top will just hasten the process.

Possibility to bulb visitors ? Far higher during the Olympic by involving travel operators as a sine qua non.

Possibility to cap number of travelers ? Same.

So what criteria they will use ?

The amount of Japanese people vaccinated ? As pointed in the article, what if some variants (future or existent) were to make them less effective. What if vaccine effect were to last less than hoped ?

The declaration by the WHO the pandemic came at a end ? How long that will be ?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics hit by yet another scandal over demeaning comments See in context

I kept wondering : why did not he suggest some sumo wrestler ? They are sport people. That could be a way to promote this sport around the world and get it as part of the olympig in the future. Some famed sumo wrestler dressed as a pig and descending from the sky then doing some sumo move. Everyone will love it, isn't it ?

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Posted in: There have been countless cases in which victims of domestic violence give birth unwillingly because they have been unable to obtain the consent to abortion from their husbands. See in context


Yes and that do not only apply to married women, even non married one could be asked to provide consent of the other part even in case of rape :



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Posted in: Mother of late 'Terrace House' star sues man over hateful posts See in context

@The Original Wing

Kyoko Kimura filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court on Jan 22 seeking damages of around 2.94 million yen against the man for causing emotional distress to her family. It is the first damages claim made for defamatory comments about Kimura, a professional wrestler who was 22 when she died, according to the lawyers.

Seems like it is a civil case not a criminal one. Nothing to do with the government, fine, ...

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Posted in: Former idol singer arrested on fraud charges; police say she found victims through dating apps See in context

@P. Smith

others can just as easily dig

I did a bit a digging, like past article about arrests :

There were article about murder in family, fraud, arson, murder, robbery, ... with their fair share of non-respect of innocent until proven guilty but you were nowhere to be seen. The only place I could find you are in article involving sex/dating :



So innocent until proven guilty seems only for alleged sex offender. And need to dig about the alleged victim came only in case alleged sex victim. Thought, there seems to have difference in the pattern depending if the alleged offender/victim are man/boy or woman/girl.

Yes, digging is interesting.

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Posted in: U.S. warship transits Taiwan Strait after admiral's China invasion warning See in context


and other factors such as Russia will come into play if the US and China go to war

The question in on which side ? Does Russia think of China as a potential long term territorial&co ally or just a convenient temporary political ally ? Quite possibly they will suffer from a major communication network problem if things go ashtray.

Taiwan already developed strategy toward defense to kept off China as long as possible. The longer China attack the higher chance others countries move. Thought with covid, do not know how that could impact their prevision of how long is needed to get significant move.

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What are you all on about?

You should have read the comments from yesterday article on the same topic before they were removed for obvious reasons.

The narrative was : foreigners brought the variants to Japan. Border should be closed to foreigners. That kind of talk also pop out in several articles. They get removed for obvious reasons.


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The news is from Kyodo (japanese news agency).

officials with knowledge of the matter said

It clearly state that it is not the official announcement yet. They are possibly checking the weather. If that displease you, this mean, it is time to be vocal.

JT is a news aggregator. They pick up news from different sources they found will gather to their audience and provide them a space to exchange about it. They barely produce content. If you want follow up, you should go to the original source or other news sites (for example) :







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Posted in: 3.11 survivors share what items they really needed during the aftermath of the disaster See in context

Tokyo website to get ready for disaster :


Previous article by Soranews (already linked at the end) :


Thought there were some too on NHK and JMA but no guid for making kit, thought other stuff of interest :




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Posted in: Japan to stage Tokyo Olympics without overseas spectators See in context

PS : I forgot to mention all business which invested money in the hope of getting it back from olympic and will also have to recover it one way or another.

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Posted in: Japan to stage Tokyo Olympics without overseas spectators See in context


wrong target

I said nowhere that it will cost no money to Japan to unilateraly cancel the games. I am perfectly aware that they are bound by a shitty contract thus have no choice but to take the economic fall one way or another when IOC will manage to reduce their benefice loss as they hold TV right. It is why I said the whole system is a scam and no countries should bid for these in future as they are now. The one which already signed the contract are just screwed, unfortunately.

My answer was about the statement that tax will increase if the games are not successful. The games were paid on debt moreover the extracosts, it was supposed to be partially paid back from money generated from the Games short and long term. Lot of fresh foreign money is not coming, sponsor also will not get it thus will have to make up for the loss. Be it country or companies, they will have to get money somehow. Tax will be the easy way out for the country. Perhaps they will not and just print. But the games being successfull or not is of no concern.

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Posted in: Japan to stage Tokyo Olympics without overseas spectators See in context

@ Monty

Number 1 :

No foreign spectators means Japan will never see significant part of its money back. People of Japan and local japanese sponsors paid for peanuts. No way to stop tax increase now.

Number two :

There will be enough foreigner at these games : athletes, journalists, sponsors and co, to give ground to the foreigners brought the virus.

See the narrative about who brought the variant to the country.

Hope that will give a lesson to every countries around the world to not host these giantik scam.

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Posted in: Waseda University student arrested for sex trafficking of minor to acquaintance See in context

@ Goodlucktoyou

she wasn’t forced

Nothing in the article said she was not.

It could be perfectly possible that she agreed to go to a hostel with the Waseda student to have sex with him. Then ended up in front of the Hokkaido student, with no way out of the room (autolock, Waseda one blocking escape, ...) and the answer no being ignored.

Lot of scenario are possible, her agreeing is only part of some.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 237 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,065 See in context

@Ricky Kaminski13

Were you hibernating ? Or are you sarcastic ?

There were 2359 recorded deaths 3 months ago (2020/12/06) now there are 8238 recorded deaths (2021/03/06). On September 3th, they accounted to 1369. The rise hastened in November.

Did you bother looking at the curb ?


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Posted in: Australia asks EU to stop blocking vaccine exports See in context


Any source for your claim ?

As for example :

South Africa is provided Astra vaccine by India and secured Pfizzer vaccine only from the 2nd quarter of the year.


China is producing its own vaccines.

Japan got more that 1 million doses over 3 delivery sleeping somewhere recently as reported in news here.

UK and US have their own production facilities.

Mexico got Astra from India, Pfizzer from Belgium but Pfizzer delayed because of its factory problem and made a deal for Sputnik :



Several countries on the list are also depending on Covax which you said was not blocked. And one should be happy that more rich countries are willing to shoulder Covax, thus making distribution fairer.

Already said, there are problem on supply chain :


As long as companies agree to be fair in sharing the burden, the export go on, ask Pfizzer. Does an around 50% cut sound like Astra is going for the fair sharing of the burden ? They, as of now, failed to prove it. Australia is unfortunately in the middle of a fight between a major company profit oriented and a political instance not going to let it have its way. Hope, things got solved quickly.

So far UE granted 174 export authorization for 30 countries. not sure of the amount of doses, we have see up to around 500000 for Japan but also lower ones, so ...


For the people interested , the review of system in place :


There is a link to the FAQ which include countries not affected :


I am starting to seriously wonder if your problem is that Europe still got some vaccine when you think they should just export 100% of their production until everyone else got vaccinated. There is a limit to the joke.

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Posted in: Arguments for 'right to disconnect' from work draw more attention amid pandemic See in context

@ P. Smith

When was the last time you got to the Labor Standards Office and had a chat with them and how did it go ?

@ samuraivunyl

I hope you are aware that change of work schedule is not so free by japanese law and made sure you are on the right tracks.

@ Sven Asai

What if the employee is dead drunk ? out of covering zone ? in hospital ? ...

As pointed by Zichi, there is a system for employer to have to be available : it is being on call. But that imply having to pay them at some negotiated/by law rate.

If companies want/need people available 24/7 they should just rely on the on call system. Employee non on-call should not be called except in the instance of the employee on-call called sick or the like and they need someone else to cover up the on-call duty. Not because they have nobody on-call to begin with.

It is more or less the same for high end employee, they are expected to be on call 24/7 but can readjust their schedule afterward to make up if they ended up working at an unexpected time and are well paid for that, I guess Wandelust example reliate to that. That is not what most of workers dealing with that issue are contracted to.

If employer want employee to be available out of contracted working hours, they should give in exchange. It is not take and take then take again and a little bit more take when they are at it.

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Posted in: Domestic violence consultations in Japan a record 82,643 in 2020 See in context


The article you are looking for are for Kyodo news :



They do not give link to who can help, but there is a government one :


And TELL also :


It is the same that for the suicide, so JT could use it. And they list several other options.

So for @moderator, I guess at least this one should be included :


I guess for other language it is only through chat.

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