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@Brian William Meissner

You should take a second look at the picture. People not drinking are wearing mask and party are wide apart. Most likely the two ladies were asked to take of their mask for the photo and/or were drinking.

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My deepest condoleances.

Hope they found the perpretrator quickly.

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@ Yubaru

The only wages the government can actually increase on it's own is the salaries of the [government employees]

Is it actually true ?

Considering money is taken out of salary before being given to employee, the government could actually decide to change the way part of this money is collected while coupling with better laws to protect wages no matter the name they are called so that companies can not retaliate in cutting whatever allowance/bonus/seniority wages increase/unpaid overtime ...

Company are part of society and benefit from it not just as it provide worker but also customers, infrastructures, services, ... so it would not be senseless to consider health insurance and pension to be also be taken out of companies benefices.

For years government have been pretty asking companies to increase wages. They do not, even the ones whose profit increase. So they have lost that leverage.

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Do you have some links ? I can not find it. All article and data I found are based on previous year :



Some other data about plastic pollution for people interested :


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Here the article the quote come from.


Thanks for illustrating what I was talking about when I wrote about in bad faith.

So, if someone working on the ground say there is a problem : they are not correct or it is only their hospital.

If someone else say there is a problem, it must be their language skills. Even Japanese ?

And on top of it : these people should not live in Tokyo.

I guess you aquaintance know you, so I would suspect most of them will not even bother trying to correct you since in the end, they know they will be dismissed as you know better, right ?

You (purposely) missed the point : you are comparing 2 different group : being tested when not being a suspected case, which nobody, recently, said was difficult, morevover if willing to pay, as people need and/or prefer to be tested before traveling &co. You are part of that category.

As pointed is the article they are a different best that the first one :

People needing to be tested because they are suspected case. For them it not so easy. Several reasons are pointed, including :

having access to right facility : these people have to go to the test site by private transportation, meaning for lot : foot or bicycle because they usually do not want to take the risk of contaminate taxi driver, people in the bus/train, ...

knowing the testing places : the issue in that case should be with the agency in charge, as if suspected case, you are supposed to contact them and they give you a list of which place to contact. So quite possibly people just bypass the agency (potentially because they never manage to reach it : busy line) and try to get a test directly. So, as pointed in the article, not obvious place are not contacted so often, most likely only people not bypassing the agency and living in the vicinity actually contact them.

facilities being picky about who they accept : only regular. Meaning if you usually go to a faclity by yourself or throught you work, they will accept you. If not, look elsewhere. Back to issue 1 and 2.

these issues could be fixed by having a centralized reservation sytem, they can even do it by Internet like the vaccine one. The problem is that japanese medical system is for a big part a private, money oriented ones so unfortunately, several place are just on the taking side and never in the giving one.

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I got already 5x tested within the last few weeks.

It was very easy!

You are pulling this one for like 1 month at least (was 4 one month ago). You last few weeks are more like last few months and you are comparing getting a test for a not symptomatic person not classified as close contact by government but just needing some paper for their company, which is actually paying for it. You should be able to understand the difference with other people which get a free test and/or one because they have reason to suspect having covid (symptom and/or close contact), right ?

The quote is from someone managing this situation on the ground. Do you not think they know better than you if they are refusing people ?

Frankly, you look like you are talking in real bad faith. Why ?

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Actually, no one should bother looking. Because they will find it in a heartbeat.

Fixed it for you. You are welcome.


@The Nomad

I think you missed the point : a private entity is fining one of their member for not following the rules in place. Happy or not about the decision, it is like that. The team is free to leave the J-League if they do not agree with the fine.

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@ Antiquesaving

Do you really believe the problem started with Russia invasion of Crimea. Georgia ? Moldovia ? CFE treaty ? WTO dispute regarding inconsistent tariff ? Ring a bell ?

None of what you say make sense. How is the fact that other countries do not care should change the fact that Europa and other feeling the same have the right to care and act ? If countries are not applying sanction, nothing stopping them to do business with Russia, were you not just pointing out that Saudia Arabia was ? Why claiming it is because of sanction they are not involved in ?

You can go around all you want. The situation is what it is because Russia attacked (again) another country.

So what if bunch of people do not care about the blood spread for cheap gazoline and bread ? Usually, it is north-American and European which are said to do that, seeing some/several/all/whatever African, South American and Asian being said they are the same at least made everyone equal. Nice to know all of us care about what we care when we care and do not care about what we do not care when we do not care. Oh wait ! We were perfectly aware of that, thought most of people have the decence to not purposely throw it at the people they do not care about and/or try to justify they find their suffering perfectly acceptable if not well deserved because they are not the right color, the right nationality, refused submission, elected a jew president, ..., or whatever. 'People just kept their mouth shut and finger still. What about you try ? Instead of sending post after post about why it is perfectly acceptable that Ukraine people, life, city, ... are turned to morsel.

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See Reuters article that


Today 02:36 pm JST

Just posted interesting how it all goes around the oil.

Which in no way respond your message because ...

Were you really expecting, nobody was taking advantage of the situation ?

That do not change the situation, the current Russia is not a reliable partner for Europe, they better back out and start being self sufficient.

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Something smell.

Well I think you know what only one think it stinks.

Josep Borrell Fontelles is High Representative/Vice-President of Foreign Policy Commission.

I can not find the link to the direct quote, unfortunately, but it seems like you are not the one having difficulty understanding english. The sentence give no clue about the purpose of the sanction. It acknowledges it will not manage to stop war (as previously believed) and state that it still will have effect. It say nowhere that it was the expected effect nor that it is/was/will be end goal. As you failed to provide any link to the original source there is no way to know it was said by who they claim it was said : some Josep Borrell or who it seems to be implied it was said Josep Borrell Fontelles.

why isn't Ukraine worried that will get shut off


Because Russia can not stop it without cutting supply to countries and stolen territory they perhaps do not want to cut supply to ? Like Crimea

Russia hasn't cut the power to Ukraine from the capture power plants, Russia hasn't cut the gas supply to the point Ukraine can offer to sell it to Germany!

See above : if they cut power or gaz, they will also affect themselves and/or people they do not want to affect.

Time you start broadening your sources, me guess.

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Fascinating. Did they thought about what they say ?

So we have a country which is knowlingly is presented as a treat in part because of their nuclear push - be it right or wrong - actually saying it is fine to attack and bomb into oblivion a country seen as a treat.

We have a country actively changing maping : stealing territory, unilateraly recognizing secession, ... reject all attempt to create all new reality.

We have a country planning to attack another one to create a new territory with moved in population and fight terro saying terrorist fighting is not an acceptable pretext to create new territory reality.

And so on.

Hypocrites, I guess.

Should most likely find them somewhere explaining other are hypocrite but not them.

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It was in my understanding that the State Funeral as it is created in Japan was not really appropriate for Abe, thought national homage was understandable. I did not know they already had these alternative option. I do not get why they did not just go for one of these, with perhaps some adjustment, for example. if they want it more international.

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And now guess why women don’t have children later and nursing or care facilities don’t have or find enough personnel in the workforce and why men nowadays don’t innovate technologies at sufficient levels anymore and companies don’t even find skilled MINT staff, for example. Exactly, they are not prepared and given some focus for those important roles in society by those especially designed childhood toys and cannot fill their natural biological roles when having grown up and becoming adults.

What a bunch of non sense.

Gender neutral toys are not even 10 years old so no way it could have any impact on adult life.

If nursing or care facilities have difficulties finding staff is related to working condition : crazy hard, 0 respect, peanuts pay, ... one of the reason of that being some time ago, the idea was (and is still for some it seems) natural for women so no need to give them much money for something easy and enjoyable for them). Interesting in the other that job natural for men were mostly evaluated over other criteria, not necessarily good either.

Society do not lack of people innovating being men or women.

There is no so called natural biological roles to fill when adult.

To have children you need both men and women. Why does some people throw it at women face only ? People do not have children for a lot of reasons including money and that go every potential parent.

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Individual staff members, however, are considered sole proprietors who have a contract with operators and are eligible for the program.

So, if I get it right the actual workers got the help but the pimp got nothing.

"the sex industry is inherently unhealthy,"

And I guess, they mean unhealthy as part of society as they do not provide to shakai hoken, unemployment, ... by using contractors ; without even talking about yak involvement which mostly make it legal to discriminate toward them.

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I hope that show a sign Labor Standards Inspection Office are going to crack down on fake independent contract.And retroactively made them employment ones and have the company pay back all that they should have paid.

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Think along the line of Manny Perry, Peter Neil &co. That stinks. From even before the deal, he was expecting a bigger amount of bot thus he would have made an offer taking that in account and/or including the possibility to check the amount at some point and have the deal canceled if not in the expectation zone. If he did not, he sucks even more than me at business. If he did, we should not be hearing of it as it would be part of the contract and done or Twitter is trying to shoot themselves in the foot by not honoring a contract. No matter what is going on, that sound way too fishy.

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Change the way minimum salary is set. It should not only be set by hour but also by day, by week, by month and by year and the time expected on site not just working as it should reflect the ability of the worker to actually get another job. It should also take in account experience and diploma.

On top of that set an optimum salary which take in account cost of life (aka not needed any governement help and being an economically active part of the community) and can be more easily moved.

In normal time, the 2 should be the same. In bad time, the optimum should be raised. In good time the optimum one should be lowered. Then have some work tax linked on the optimum one. If employee pay under optimum salary, the difference end up in government pocket to pay welfare (including for the underpaid employee). If over : tax break potentially with money back depending of the situation.

That should encourage companies to always pay at least slightly higher salary to kept the tax break and have better planing on cost.

Also, fix the fake independent worker issue, when at it.

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But thanks in part to subsidies for demolishing old housing units or replacing them with new ones, the acreage of such areas has shrunk over the years to about 8,600 hectares in 2020.

The panel of experts indicated that if further measures are taken, the number of deaths from collapsed buildings and fires could be reduced to around 800.

So the objective is just to justify the all concrete policy and kicking away of poorer family. I guess they will start counting people dying because of falling tree when they will need more space for their concrete jungle.

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Now what's next, a transgender James Bond ?

You know it is already the case, right ?

Irene Adler ? Moriarty the Patriot ? Rings a bell ?

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@itsonlyrocknroll I hope you will be well soon. You did your best but unluckily caught it. Try to not overworry yourself, you did your best to protect people around. Now, nothing can be done just focus on recovering.

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Does anybody know what is going on and can put a brief explanation, because the article has no context at all. So if the author wanted to remind people be at one end or the other of a online behavior is a problem, being informed of what is the behavior seems kind of useful.

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Did you read the article?

I guess not!

From the article!

Instead, the 25-year-old Filipina says bosses pushed her and her partner for an abortion despite terminations being both taboo and a crime in her deeply Catholic homeland.

If she wasn't RC then why mention the above.?

I guess better than you. Even thouht you quoted it you fail to notice there is nothing in what you quote refeering about her how belief. She could be an atheist but still not want aborption because whatever including the fact it is actually a crime in her homeland where she will be returning at some point. She also could be a catholic but that gave you 0 information about from which church. She can also be of any other belief.

Whatever are her belief or not, you have no right to decide if she is a good enough follower or not. It is in between her and her god or whatever she see fit.

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@ Antiquesaving

I spent years as a single father no company cared and it isn't their job to care

Do you really considere not being pushed to abortion or quitting to be cared for ?

It is illegal.

If they are so worried about "sin" and the church, then perhaps they should have started with the basic RC rule of no sex outside of marriage.

You have no idea of what are her religious belief nor her marital state under her religious belief so ...

sex isn't a good choice until you can handle a child

Who said she could not handle a child ? She has a job, she was not alone, ... The problem was the employer which refused to respect the law.

waahing about parental leave

That is just full of non sense. Companies willing to can easily deal with this issue. As any type of leave, expected or not. They just do not want. Finding short term replacement : easy peasy, that is call : temporary worker you got them from temp agency or as direct hire. If the company prefer to just push the job on someone else it is because they are stingy. Nothing more.

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deprive them from their right to use own native language in schools,news,radio etc

So now it is a right to use your own native language in schools, news, radio, etc ... in a country where it is not a language.

Lets go demonstrate in front of diet, call the media, call the international court, ... Japan is depriving us of our right by daring to use their country language in school, media, radio, etc, ... think nobody in the world or at least I though before reading that.

Also could we have links to the numerous evacuation advice&co sent by Russia to their national under treat by regime and report of the exodus of Russian people leaving by the hundred of thousand to protect their family/themselves over the past 8 years ; you know like what happen everywhere in the world when a government think their national are at risk and people with other nationality think they are at risk in their current residence place.

There is limit to propaganda.

Just look at Russia demands and actions.

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Expect for birthday suits, none. Fashion evolve all the time. We will not dress like 500 years ago so no reason 500 years later they will dress like us.


Talking about that ?


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Not enough people buying plastic bag at the cashier ? So have to motivate them : you pay 5 yens for a plastic bag where you can safely put your trash them carry it and look like considerate or you put your trash in your pocket/bag and look like a dirty one.

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She finished 4th. It is better than like 3800000 person or something like that. Even just in the sport there must be 1000 of people with a worse finish.

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@Mr Kipling

@residents of Tokyo wanting to be tested

From the same site given by Mr Kipling, thank you, you can find a google map with the free test sites if you are not at ease with adress in Japanese



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There is no redefinition of vaccine. That was always like that and, potentially, will always be as they will be people with some specific which will have the illness even thought they are vaccinated as long as the virus is still active. Will science evolve in a way these people can be accurately identified and solution be found to offer them an alternative vaccine which will be efficient for them, we do not know yet. So yes, vaccine are not 100% efficient and most of people are not twisting their panty over it because they already know it.


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How cute !!!

Now we have people which were pretty blunt about not carrying about anybody else than themselves, trying to play the card the poor people from poorer countries deprived from vaccine by mostly white people.

Wonder what will be the next jump.

If it is a problem, one should not forget WHO authorized 10 different vaccines, I think now only 3 of those are used for booster shot in richer and mostly white people nations, or something like that.

Considering Macron sentence, the wording is not president like. He has the right to think it but should not say it this way. Thought considering he got the reputation to use out of date word, wonder if it was actually words used by journalists to make him confirm what he was saying in a way more outdated and he confirmed it bluntly. Just wondering.

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