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Let him road rage on a bicycle.

Perhaps better to send him to some anger management group.

If it is just for him to start punching other cyclists instead of other car drivers, I do not really see the point.

I saw a "road rage" guy in a station once : a guy started following and shooting at another guy because he went past him. No bumping, blocking way or anything, he just walked faster.

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Posted in: S Korea calls in Japanese diplomat over plans for Fukushima water See in context

So according to some as long than Japan have a not good relationship with some others countries, these countries should not be allowed to voice concern about stuff planned by Japan which will have an impact on them and wanting to get more information about the plan.

That is kind of pretty convenient.

As said by several before, this is an international issue so everyone need to be involved to make sure the impact will be as near as possible as irrelevant.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context


Race and ethnicity aren't the same thing.

It is not to me that need to be said but to yourself.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting, robbing woman on her way home See in context

Stalker ?

Smooth recovery for the lady.

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My deepest condolence to the bereaved and hope of smooth recovery for the wounded ones.

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You can trust them at their word like you can trust Trump at his...only he would consider the return of the Taliban to control of Afghanistan an accomplishment.

ISIS claimed it.


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This is Japan's last chance -- right now -- to change it to a different time of year. But they will not.

Unfortunately, I think they no leverage on it at all. The IOC said it was to be during July-August period or not. Japan wanted the Olympics so they say yes. The people involved only cared for the money/good publicity they excepted to gain from it. Same goes with the in Tokyo area setting, most likely. The IOC wanted everything in one place, Japan just got a few opening for other area. Countries should just start send IOC flying, it should convince it to be more lenient.

For the Tokyo Olympics, all that is left is to find viable solution, but I have some doubt ... Lot of suggestions were already made in the comments, some are even beneficial in the long run : increase greenery, move out companies, ministry, ... out of Tokyo, ...

Not that I except the one in power to have better idea than : lets rely on aircon.

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If they won't do it, we should.

If we can give suggestion : since Sakai just make it in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, what about they do partnership with some country know for there old place : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_oldest_buildings_in_the_world

Same for Hashimoto (near Koyasan) or other less internationally know area which have old place. In the long run, that can be worth it.

I am pretty sure big and/or famous cities already jumped on "big" countries.

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Could I suggest you to repaint it in a lighter color, at least you can paint the grid in white to increase harmony with the middle white line ; add some greenery : vine, suspended planter, ... and improve the seating, all these bolt do not look so comfortable.

I am also wondering who they are and why is everyone taking their picture ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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The rising sun ensign is far more comparable to the iron cross. The flag itself pre-dates WW2 by almost a century and the motif is even older. The same ensign flew on Japanese ships in WW1 when Japan was allied with Britain, France and the US.

So you are saying that the flag is the one the Imperial army choose to endorse before turning colonialist and seizing lands as a proof that it should be considered as the same the Kingdom of Prussia Iron Cross. I think you kind of missed the point.

Mister X is more accurate on that matter :


The problem with this flag is that since Japan was isolationist before, so others countries knowledge of this flag is associated with expansionist Imperial Japan. Moreover since far rights negationists &co just go around with it. Even for Japanese people (no idea of the amount, just random subject happening sometimes), it can be an itchy subject.

In that matter, I guess art will be the more efficient way to explain the history. As it happened for the Svastika, for which people separate the use by neo-nazi and the like and by others.


Ok, so the best way is just to separate every war criminal from the non war criminal. They can have their separate area to pray with explanation of the death cleansing and some anti-Yushukan museum : explain the crime, explain the power system, present psycho-social relevant researches, ...

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A group of 18 people, including children, who had been stranded while camping on the bank of a swollen river in Oita, were safely rescued Thursday, the disaster management agency said.

According to other news : these people got caught in Wednesday afternoon by the sudden rise of the river level. They were there for a barbecue not camping, they had tents most likely because of the same reason they have tents when they go to the beach. The typhoon was expected for the 15th and it landed in the afternoon of the 15th. They were rescued on the 15th.


'@ Bungle,

News about this poor man were out at 4:00pm, the landing was around 3:15pm. In Osaka we have had guts of wind since a while and there are still some. It is quite possible, he was pushed by one of these. It is a pity. My condolences to the bereaved.

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Posted in: Nearly 600,000 advised to evacuate as tropical storm makes landfall See in context

@ farmboy

Well 4 people out of 2 articles sure is a number ...

@ zichi

Do you have a generator ? Your ice cream would be screwed in there was an electricity shut down.

According to JMA, it is going to follow Japan coast then land in Japan again in Hokkaido.

North of Osaka heavy rain, not much wind in the front part but the back part is more windy.

So stay safe everyone.

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Posted in: Moon offers olive branch to Japan to end trade dispute See in context

For the people interested,

Korea have a democratic Constitution, meaning there is separation of power. So The President can not over-rules a court decision.



Article 101 •Judicial power shall be vested in courts composed of judges. •The courts shall be composed of the Supreme Court, which is the highest court of the State, and other courts at specified levels. •Qualifications for judges shall be determined by Act.

Article 103 •Judges shall rule independently according to their conscience and in conformity with the Constitution and Act.

If the Japanese company contest the validity of the decision, they have the possibility to appeal. Japanese government should therefore provide them any document needed to back their position. This include all document related to the 1965 treaty, document related to deposit by the Japanese companies for the unpaid wages, and any others relevant document.

South Korea already disclosed 1200 documents related to 1965 treaty, years ago. As the Korean Court ruling involved, they was ground for the claim. If Japanese government claim there is not, it have to back up with actual proof.

South Korea offered to make a join funds between Korea, Japan, Japanese companies which used forced laborer and South Korean companies which got benefice from the treaty. Japanese government refused to even discuss it.

Japanese government say it will go to IJC, Korea government said they preferred diplomatic settlement. The IJC is not competent for case between company and individual but they still can provide a point of view. To rules, they need the 2 States involved to agree to them ruling, if one of the State refuse the other one can still go to the ICJ. Then the ICJ will ask the one refusing to explain its refusal. Japanese government did not contact the ICJ.

That is the situation for the court ruling.

The role of the Court decision is not clear since before some Japanese official said that could happen then when it happened some other one say it was not because of it



Some consider it is Japan government meddling politics and business and some that is was a long planed move.


In the end, as Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga say :

"We cannot help but say the relationship of trust has been severely damaged,"

So the spat extended to mutual removal of list of trusted partner.

Now, Moon is trying to make a move to open a door against further escalate. Let see how Abe react : will he close it, accept to go for it or open another one.

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organizers had earlier halved the distance of the running section to five kilometers because of concerns over the extreme heat.


ITU regulations state that the swimming segment must be shortened or cancelled if the water temperature is above 30.9 degrees Celsius but the highest water temperature measured on Thursday was 30.3.

Let just train triathlete to every possible combination just in case.

The sunrise is around 5, the civil twilight around 4:30 - there is far enough light to start any endurance event between 5:30 and 6:00.

Is Cecilia Perez ok ?

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Listen to your wife, you don't need umbrellas right now. Even in case of evacuation a poncho and a cap will be more efficient. You married a smart one, omedetou.

Be safe and careful.

Everyone too.

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I was thinking also about the clothes issues, among other. For people which experienced Singapore, Australia, and others countries which got hot and humid in summer :

What is the clothing mentality like ?

I mean when I think about the cool biz in Japan, I think it is kind of a joke : you are allowed to remove your necktie. What about allowing more summer like shoes, lighter material, looser shape, lighter color, ...

UK suggestion : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/fashion-and-style/11706486/What-men-should-wear-to-work-during-a-heatwave.html

What about aircon ?

It seems to me to be put quite strong and no fan added. The gap between inside and outside is kind of heavy which can be quite a tool on the body which have to adjust all the time.

What about building insulation ?

The insulation of lot a post war building is not so good. As soon as you cut the aircon/heater the outside temperature is running back in.

I would also be interested by the opinion living in old traditionnal japanese house. I get the feeling that the layered architecture was kind of efficient in insulating the building.

What about greenery ?

Greenery pedestrian pass are kind of a rarity. Stroll ones are easier to find but still not many. Same goes for park in business or commercial area.

What about city color ?

I think black colored area in Japan should be cut off.

What about asphalt / concrete ?

'Natural' material seems to me more appealing.

What about behavior (individual and corporate enforced one) ?

Do people (have to) get out in scorching heat or is there some special schedule or habit for hot weather (like the siesta) ?

What about public area ?

Is there lot of cool place where people can relax/nap/... for free provided and well-know ?

Or any idea you can come up with. Now there is city all around the world which are banding together to face climate change so sharing tips could be useful for everyone, there is always a chance of someone having some power on that matter browse by.

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Respect for the Emperor and the Emperor Emeritus.

If he really put a blanket over the millions of life of non-Japanese 'thanks' to Japanese democide. (The speech is still not on the official website) :

What is the purpose of Abe with infuriating people ? With who is he tried to broke tie ? Need to feed an anti-japan sentiment among japanese atrocities survivors and/or their families to play the bullied card and be able to mess up the Constitution ?

If Japanese war victims are never to be forgotten that stand also for every other. And, as the perpetrator, in that matter Japan as to lead the way. The emperor can not do it by himself.

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I think some people have a wrong understanding of what an apology is.

You do not apologize for yourself. Apologizing is acknowledging the other person suffering.

So yes, for the one which asked, I am perfectly fine with apologizing for something which was done by my ancestor.

Lets study how to properly apologize :


JT will make a quiz, ne :D

I think it is good there is a memorial day for 'comfort women'. It could be extended to all countries which had this kind of history. Obviously each one will choose the more accurate day.

Something like the holocaust memorial days.

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Posted in: High-yield rice seen as savior to Japan's rising food costs See in context


If recent study show that its effect were underrated (twice worst than thought) , it is still below meat production.

For methane : meat (Enteric fermentation+Manure management) = 62,1% vs Rice = 35,6%

For nitrous oxide : I do not know

There is researches about how to reduce rice's paddy greenhouse gas emission. I do not know if they are talked in account in Japan though.


So if the government is going to ban some production, I guess it better start by meat. I will let you explain that to the meat lover since you are the one promoting a ban of some production in regard of it's greenhouse gases emission. I will just stick to what I wrote before : increasing meat production is not needed but increasing vegetable production is more than welcome.

@ Yubaru

I met someone like that in the past, had to ensure this person that there was japanese produced japanese rice in the city in was moving on thanks to importation and other rice were fine too. I pretty much expect this person put a 5kilos rice bag in ones suitcase and asked ones family to send rice on regular basis.

Fortunately, it was only one out of several so there is hope for other rice.

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Posted in: High-yield rice seen as savior to Japan's rising food costs See in context

High yield rice is a real good initiative, and will insure food security in Japan for years to come. Good job JA, good job!

Changing rice will not be sufficient to insure food security.

Government (all level) should enforce greenery moreover since it will have a good impact on climate. : roof garden, vegetal wall, vertical garden, urban forest, urban farm...

beef or lamb would get much better financial returns

The problem is that this kind of view is short sighted and narrow scaled.

First is the help from government for "growing" meat and growing meat food vs the help for growing no meat human food. If 1 calorie of meat cost more to the government than 1 calorie of vegetable, it means the people have to pay more tax.

Second, you can not feed animals out of water. As the article say, the conversion of rice pad to animal feed pad is one of the reason of rice price increase. So the people end up paying more for non meat food.

Third, you need more resources to create 1 calorie of meat than of vegetable. So the environmental cost is stronger : energy production, soil used up, ... . This kind of cost is again shared by the people as a whole. Moreover than means than Japan will get farther of food security.

Fourth, on diet level the current way of living of developed country people don't claim so much meat nutriment. It can even damageable moreover if that goes with reduction of other nutriment as vegetable ones. Poor health has a cost and it will be supported by the people.

So for one getting more money everyone get less.

Japan should be better of increasing its non meat production and, for reducing price, farmer and consumer should aim for more direct business (it is still kind of limited and not well-know) : no intermediate means higher selling price and lower buying price, thought than means you get the product the farmer farmed :

Customer : what is that ?

Farmer : it is ...

Customer : how I am supposed to eat it ?

Tips : do not forget the recipe guide

Encouraging and making possible self-production even in major cities should also be a good move.

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Did anyone know why there is almost no bench in Japan ?


For the trash can, it seems to be related to people using it too much (putting house trash in it to not have to deal with trash collection schedule, I guess.

After the incident they were removed for a while but put back after. In lot of station there is trash can, you can find bottle trash can everywhere, there is also still the coin locker in station, tourist spot, ...

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Isn't adding electricity consumption kind of counter-productive ? Plus the plastic waste.

Folding fan, manual fan sound more efficient at a global scale (obviously for people which can use it).

Is not it a bit "dangerous" in crowded area ? Like having someone hair be caught in it and then being a pain to free them ?

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There was discussion a few years back about making the extended holidays of golden week and summer O'bon break during different times, for different parts of the country, to alleviate the congestion, but the idea got tossed out because then it wouldn't be "Obon nor golden week" just a "holiday" which then defeats the meaning of both!

This year Obon is August the 15th in most Japan and July the 15th in Kanto. So how is a vacation in between August the 10th and the 14th, Obon holidays ?

In Japan saying people shouldn’t take vacation at Obon is like saying to people in the US that they shouldn’t take Christmas off.

If Christian people are said to take Christmas holiday from the December the 20th to the 24th, I think, they will react badly. In the other hand Japanese seems fine with taking Obon holiday not during Obon, so...

Thought I know one Japanese which made a point in taking Obon holiday during Obon and got holiday from the 14th to the 18th. But perhaps, it is related to be Buddhist not Japanese.

They should just go back to the discussion Yubaru talked about and just go for it.

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Posted in: Japan, led by less apologetic generation, stays tough in S Korea feud See in context

For the people minding the time lap in Korean history some additional information :

Korea more or less secluded itself against westerner. They had an issue against Catholicism and slaughtered missionary and catholic. It logically had an effect on its modernization. At some point American came to ask them to be more open. Then a bit later they signed a treaty with Japan which had the same kind of visit around 20 years prior, then in 1886 with the US. Soon after an internal dispute opened between the reformer and the conservative. Japanese backed the reformer and Chinese backed the conservative.

The Korean Queen was conservative then Chinese official set foot in Korea. Some modernization started at that time. Then there was war in between the 2 backers. Japan win. The Queen requested help from Russia and was killed with Japanese help. The King run away to Russia. Then Reformer started operating (Gabo government). Some Korean people were not so found of having another country meddling in their business even thought they were supposed to be independent and complained. The King come back and become Emperor (Gwangmu Reform). He kept the abolition of slavery of the previous government and revoked the class system. (timing : 1886, the Queen remove part of slavery, 1894, the Gabo government abolished slavery and banned discrimination based on class system, 1897 the Gwangmu government abolished the class system and strongly enforce law against it, they also launched reform so that the low class will also get a name.) The country along the way continued to modernize itself (they even took part in Paris Universal Expo in 1900).

After the end of Japanese-Russia war, Korea started sending secret envoy around the world to request help against Japan. 1905 November, the 17th, the Korean government signed a treaty of protectorate and lost of foreign diplomacy with Japanese which arrived 2 days prior with some troop which set camp all around the Korean Imperial Palace. After that, the Emperor called for foreign help against the treaty and had to retire . A new treaty emerged giving Japanese control over politician. Then 3 years later Korea became part of Japan thanks to a treaty not signed by the 2nd Emperor (son of the previous one).

So it seems Korea was going for modernization before becoming a colony of Japan. If Japan thought they were not modernizing fast enough they could have helped without annexation, like the American businessmen which opened tram line, Belgium with who they signed a treaty, ...

I guess all around the world the famous : Colonization was for the good of the colonized. It was an absolute necessity to annex them. They were so primitive. They were totally unable to modernize themselves without being put under the rules of our so nice country. And so, and so, ... still amount for nothing at all.

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Posted in: Nagasaki observes 74th anniversary of A-bombing See in context


You are not responding to my question. I asked who was Dutch a colony of ? Not who was a colony of Dutch.

If someone claim the exaction committed by JIA was to convince colonized people to free themselves from colonial people, ones have to prove that every victim were colonized people which needed to be teach the JIA way. Hence who were Dutch and Japanese a colony of ? If they were not a colony of anybody why did they needed to be taught to stand up against colonial power ?

War criminal is it ? if I understand what you are implying, if JIA people were found guilty, it means that what they had done was not to help asian people to stand against colonial power. So JIA had no intention to convince lot of asian people to stand against colonial power since official were found guilty for what happened in China, the Philippines, Thailand for example not only the Netherlands.

We know for a fact that war was started by the military without even the government's backing.

In truth, how democratic a society do you think Japan was in the 1930s?

So only the JIA wanted to make other asian people resentful enough to fight against colonial power but the government refused to back them up. I am lost : is that supposed to be good or bad ? It is a bit strange to go around supporting the saying that JIA were good because they tried to free fellow asian and that the government was not bad because because they didn't back up the JIA. Can you please be more enlightening is that matter ?

Of course, no one actually read the history and prefers recycling the propaganda.

Please go say that to people still daring to say colonization was for the good of the colonized people.

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Posted in: Nagasaki observes 74th anniversary of A-bombing See in context

it's just having done so - and many Japanese stayed on in Asia to fight against the colonial power and train Asian nations to resist them

So all the exaction committed by Japanese Imperial army was just to train Asian people to fight against colonial power. By doing bad things, they convinced their new colony people that colonization was bad and that they should fight against it. Thanks to teaching us that. To think Japanese Imperial army take upon itself to murder, plunder, rape, torture, ... fellow human being just to motivate them to stand against colonial power. I would never have guessed.

I do not remember from which country was Dutch a colony of. It seems the JIA teaching extended to Dutch lady so I guess they needed to learn how to stand against colonial power too. And the Japanese ones ?

Or perhaps the justification is as shitty as when European countries try to go around saying the colonization was to bring development, civilization, ... to these territories. Sure it was not possible to do it without colonization (if that was really needed) ...

What is going to be the next one ? Japanese government asked US to send nuke to help science progress ?

War is not made to be beneficial to peasant, civilian, low level troop, .... They are bombed, raped, killed, starved, manipulated, nuked, plundered .... and so and so ... only for the benefice of a few. As said by several before, war atrocities should never be forgotten so that they never happen again.

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Posted in: Abe hopes for win-win trade deal with U.S. at early date See in context

So they still have not negotiated how american company are going to take over the supply chain in between Japan and South Korea ?

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Posted in: Man arrested for arson threat to Aichi museum over 'comfort women' exhibit See in context


The exhibit titled "After 'Freedom of Expression?'"

Surprisingly, this kind of exhibit will show stuff linked with politics.

The exhibit, “After ‘Freedom of Expression?’” was intended to showcase artwork that had been excluded from museums in Japan or elsewhere.


There is a lot of art which is politic, if you think that should not be allowed just close every single museum in the world and banish art.

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Posted in: Students take stand against sexual violence at Japan's universities See in context

@Henny Penny

This is a reference to British tabloids, right?

I do not think so.


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Posted in: Students take stand against sexual violence at Japan's universities See in context

Here's a tip everyone - when you want to get intimate with someone make sure they are ok with it and if there is lot of drinking involved, don't go for it.

It's not blaming, it's common sense as to the reason you are wanting to is to have a good time (hopefully, and wishing for the other too) and a good memory (hopefully, and wishing for the other too). Use some level of common sense. If you have none, you stand to learn the hard way (by spending some nice time behind bar).

What about people stop telling "girls" (don't forget child, women, men, and so and so ...) to do or not do stuff so that they do not get sexually assaulted ? That never helped avoiding sexual assault only giving good excuse to perpetrator : V. was wearing suggestive clothes (skirt, leggins, trousers, pull over, burqua, ...), V. talked back, V. smiled, I helped V., V. is from ... and you know how people from ... are, V. was not a virgin, V. drank alcohol, V. had sex with me in the past, V. didn't fight back whole heartedly, V. was outside at ..:.. , the job of V. is ..., and so and so ...

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