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[...] women's toilets[...] one of the few safe spaces women have to get away from men.

We are talking about toilets there not some kind of bunker. If you are pursued by some men and you feel unsafe aim for a police box or a place with lot of people not some women toilet.

there have been more rapes by non-transgender people. Have they considered that's because we haven't been allowing transgender people to enter the biologically incorrect bathroom

Are you by any chance implying that if there is so many rape by non transgender people it is because they are allowed to enter the biologically incorrect bathroom ?

Since when are people free to enter the biologically incorrect bathroom without being frowned upon at best (except for cleaning staff, and for the people asking I saw cleaning men getting out of women bathroom and/or the board saying there is a man in the bathroom several times, but not a lot either) ?

Are women toilet including some special feature making it the best place to rape in the world ? If they are so not safe, you should just allow all men in them, this way rapist will be too afraid to face a big dude to attempt anything.

Any transgender woman who values using a certain toilet over the safety of women, has the exact mindset of the people we're afraid of having in our toilets.

How does having transgender women using women toilet make women not safe ? You will prefer to have transgender men using women toilet ? If men toilet are so safe for transgender women how about you use them saying you are transgender and let the transgender women in the women toilet where they feel safer. The other women will be free to make their choice according to want they prefer : being around women thought some were perhaps in the past seen as men, thought some could perhaps be lusting about them, thought some would not hesitate to help them if needed ... or being around men thought some were perhaps in the past seen as women, thought some could perhaps be lusting about them, thought some would not hesitate to help them if needed, ...

And who is "we" ? Transgender-phobics ?

I guess the best solution is to just have one toilet for all and prosecute people acting badly. They can start by updating the law about rape.

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Posted in: Abe determined to amend Constitution after debate in next Diet session See in context


I plan to vote yes

I hope you plan to read the proposal before voting and not just vote thinking it is good because you do not like foreigner.

As said by several before, the pacifist part is the scapegoat for everyone to focus but there is far more in the proposal of LPD mostly in the idea of making society non equalitarist and limit right of the ones on the wrong side of the non equal society.


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Are Japanese yakuza so nice that they will just any rules you throw at them ? Or is it people trying to make them look good as a way to themselves look good ? or is it just that the ban as nothing to do with yakuza to begin with but more linked to ainu, political criminal, ...

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Posted in: Could life insurance go up in smoke for some vapers? See in context

Has anyone ever proposed that the only answer to the plague of climate change is to ban all non natural GHG producer completely ? Just imagine ... no vending machine for overproceceed plastic packaged produce, no more plastic trash everywhere degrading the streets, no more dirty air blowing by aircon in offices and no more car anywhere. Sound like heaven itself, doesn't it ?

Just to know which will be your next target group to attack upon if you manage to get ride of smokers ? Drinkers ? Overweight people ? Meat eaters ? Dog owner ? People taking medical treatment ? Senior ? Children ? ...

There is a lot of unhealthy stuff around not just cigarette. There is lot of stuff in street which have negative impact. There is lot of people whose smell will not please you (but can be fine with other). And there is a lot of stuff inside which can be a bother. Everyone has its own view of what heaven is like for the one which think heaven is something, obviously.

Does all of these insurance company provide free support for their customer to stop smoking ? They are big enough to negotiate a big discount.

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@ Thunderbird2

More like asking for these to be paid. If the employer give Taro 80hours worth of work a week : 40 hours are covered by his normal working time, around 11 hours are covered by the normal overtime allowance, he still has 29 hours of work left : so he apply for overtime then get 18 more hours covered if they agree to let him do these. If not or he did not ask, it is free work because obviously if he is not able to fit the amount of work they asked him to do in the designated time, it is his is at fault not the amount which was crazy. Some people have already explained that they had encountered this kind of situation for them and/or people around them.

@ blahblah222

The authorities this time found several breaches of the rules.

It is not say how they found it, so there is no guarantee that it was reported by Dentsu neither that it was pay.

In your example if the 2 companies have the same salary basis just how many hour a week do you think will be needed to get 15000000 ?

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Posted in: As scandal simmers, majority of Japanese firms want Abe to finish term See in context

I do not really get this study. How and why were company surveyed ? They send the question to a bunch of company and one random staff was expected to answer it then send it back directly or through someone else in the company ? Were everyone in the company expected to reply then the company compiled the result before sending them ? And since I do not know the how, I do not get the why ? Nevertheless the value of the survey. I mean, if you know your boss is a big fan of Abe, it is most likely you will not say screw him if the survey pass by someone else in the company. And company do not vote so ... If they want to survey company directors, why not but in that case it if not majority of firm just the director of these firm.It is not like every people in the firm are expected to bend to a firm opinion when it come to that kind of subject no matter how the opinion was established.

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Posted in: Japan had over 8,000 deaths related to drug-resistant bacteria in 2017 See in context

How is an article saying Japan is addressing one of its problem anti-Japan ?

Taking a look as the weave created by the people claiming to defend Japan is fascinating.

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People saying government taking money out of everybody (customer tax) to give it to the owing class (reduction of tax for company, incitment to use private company costly cashless payment, ... ) making the working one poorer and the owing one richer is a problem are embracing capitalism. So desu ka ? I think we didn't have the same capitalism 101 class.

Capitalism have no problem with big government and taxes as long it go its way.

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context


I do not know if yen is reliable or not, but I will not base my opinion on someone working for a japanese bank. You should try someone else

And the less worse than the 2 before and perhaps/feeling one is barely engaging in my point of view. So this one is also not so engaging.

After, as short term Japan can look reliable but I will be worried about the middle and long term. It s like Japan is walking over some precipice on a tight rode whose fiber are brooking up and put some tap to fix it. So will they be able to reach the other side or will the rope broke before is the big question. I hope they (as any other country trying to cross the same precipice) will make it to the other side (without going berseck) because after all what make a country is its people (review your One Piece if you do not get the reference) and if that crash everyone will fall (except some which built their parachute of the other skin).

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

My local gas station is an independent but very cheap on fuel, and actually charges about 3% less for cash

I would love for all business to go the same way. I am do not like these money sucker which charge money for doing almost nothing (in regarding of the amount they are charging). They feed in the in between growing richer when the other one grow poorer.

Give them one thump up for me (I do not need fuel so no chance I will ever be able to show my appreciation to them).

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

@Alex Einz

Are you trying to flatter me ? Too bad, I am mostly immune to it (I am more open to these after a few drink as long as you do not make me pay the bill). Try someone else. You understand that I do not speak English and the chance that I work in an eikawa are as low as you not making inference on your fellow commentator ?

@Tom Thank you. For once that one of my joke succeed. I am happy that I managed to make someone smile even a tiny bit (the world situation just make you want to lighter the mood sometimes).

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

@Alex Einz

Shouldn't it be fully the manual fault ?

I do not see were in the article they were talking about eikawa.

Why are you using "you"/"your" ? When talking in general one should use impersonal form. Missed that page in the manual ?

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

I guarantee you the people who need this money most won't see a single yen of it.

Obviously. Only people able to afford a smartphone, charge it with 20.000yens in one go and find out how to make cashless payment can benefice of it. And we do not even know the other requirement to get the 5000points. So very poor are already out of the picture. Store will have to pay cashless companies so loss in their benefice.

The one going to win from this are the construction company and the cashless payment company. Are they the one to really need help-money from the taxpayers ?

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

teaching is super simple today with premade manuals

As talk someone which most likely not even have tried to teach anything to anybody and most likely never opened a school manual.

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Dubi said the IOC would look at meeting some of the extra costs of moving the races, such as accommodation, while Sapporo would also help pay for organizing events now taking place in the city.

Didn't Sapporo major say that it was ok but they were not to pay ? And the IOC would only look at meeting some of the extra costs ? So perhaps they will not meet a way to do it, isn't it.

All countries around the world should screw the olympic until the IOC start opening its wallet.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

uh,,, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm is 12 hours. Minus lunch is 11. Times five days is 55 hours.

Why minus lunch ?

The teachers are expected to stay in the school ground at the disposal of anybody which need they. If a student doesn't understand how you can move a heavy rock by just saying so, Abe-sensei will have to cut short his break to explain again the marvelous power of wishful thinking in achieving result without any force applied.

The main point is that they have to reduce teachers' work such as tedious meetings, meaningless paperwork and dealing with "monster" parents.

It seems they thought requesting teacher to do the same amount of work but faster is better. So once your are in front of monster parent explain to them that, as government request, they have to speak faster and that you will start apologizing right now and agreeing to everything they say to save time but as you are busy with the apologies and so on you can not be expected to listen to their rant.

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Posted in: Anti-high heels campaigner steps up to fight 'glasses ban' See in context


It is related to cognitive abilities, maturity and education. You can start by reviewing your lesson about Piaget :


For alcohol, the effect on brain are to be taken into account :


There is also discriminating ceiling as the necessities for older driver to get some special check up.

Can someone also fight for men's rights to ban neckties ?

Nobody is stopping you to do it.

I hope you are not one of these which complain that people fight for the issue which concern them instead of fighting for issue which concern yourself when doing nothing.

Hope that in the end thing will work out. There is no point in having dress code rules which negatively affect well-being, security and health of staff.

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Posted in: Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time See in context

My whole point is that equal 50/50 representation of women across all jobs is not a desirable natural state, it is politically correct fiction. Women tend towards some jobs, and men to others. That is simply human nature. Clearer now?

Not really.

There is nothing natural in job. So how could it be a human nature in job. I do not even get what is supposed to be human nature even less why should it be different in between men and women.

Nothing stop women neither me to do any job. One particular man as well as one particular woman can be more suited for one particular job or in the contrary totally unsuited for another one.

Using strength as basis but tha work for anything else : I have meet really strong women, really weak men, really weak women and really strong men (and obviously all the in between). If I am seeking an employee which need to be strong I do not care of that is a women or a men. I want one to be able to do the job and which want to do it.

I do not plan to take a look inside the undies of anyone before deciding if that person is worth the position ones is seeking. That is purely and simply irrelevant.

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Posted in: 'Mayonnaise Man' believed to have returned to his uniform-ruining ways in Hokkaido See in context

@ Do the hustle

Because it is a Soranews article and that is what they do.

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Posted in: Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time See in context

Your claim was that women under-represented at the top end. By implication that means they should be over-represented at the bottom end.

No that do not. There is several level. Not being at the top one doesn't mean being at the bottom one.

You seems to consider that sewer and coal miner are at the bottom. According to which criteria ?

Not salary, I guess.

Coal miner : 31$ hourly average


Sewer : 12$ hourly average


Regarding low paying job depending of which the partition between men and women change a lot.


And as pointed before :

You are confusing being in a blue collar job with being high on the chain of command in any job.

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Posted in: Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time See in context

Though there will likely be many others following Captain Otani, females will never become a majority in these types of jobs unless there is a huge cultural shift in which children are no longer considered a societal benefit.

The shift needed is not about having child are not but about who is supposed to care for them. If men can be in these position and have family, the same go for women.

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

The fact that there is a need for this badge for people to be kind and considerate is outrageous. This simply shows how cold and apathetic we've become. 

As Sha said, there is something wrong with the badge thought as an idea to have people act civil toward you.

the badge was not compulsory

Since when does 'not compulsory' as any kind of significance in Japan ?

The intention is actually noble (create sympathy for the female employees and better understanding of what they are going through).

I do not really get how seeing a badge will make someone have any idea of what it is to be on your period neither of what the lady wearing it is feeling. It is not like there is some kind of guidebook for every lady to follow every month (see kohakuebisu's post). And as Sha said : people should respect each other and respect the golden rule.

I do not really get the point of having female staff wearing a specific badge at some time of the month. All the benefit for male and female should not even be seek (out of the should be obvious to the utterly devious spectrum).

The badge could be an way to promote the 5th floor new space but in that case it should be wear by all staff (male and female) at all time.

The badge could be a way to identifiate specialist (with training and bonus) of the field and then should be wear at all time by the trained staff regarding of their gender. Since obviously they should train male staff too for the male customer which need information. Having to go ask a lady about this kind of stuff when you are a man could be stressful for some.

About the author of the idea, people should not forget that even if the chance of the idea to be fully implemented without any change are not void, it could be expected than the original idea went from some brainstorming before giving the definitive plan and that group effect can be tricky.

Well, they can be several explanation as of why someone come up with this idea some creepy. So let just think that it was a genuine attempt to increase visibility of the subject.

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If there is no violence whatsoever involved, you should try to talk it out with the kid to accept meeting his father then see with the father to adjust the things which are a problem at least during the time of the meeting.

If there is violence involved but the father is fatherly wanting to see the kid. You should convince the father to get himself into counseling and get feed back from counselor about the progress. Then kept open some communication option than the kid can chose to use when he feel like it. For example having the father sent letter but the kid is free to read them when he feel like it. Having a young one dealing with someone trying to fix psychological issue is too much to ask but as they grow older some kid feel like helping (obviously that is still to be managed so the kid do not harm himself in the process).

@ the people which will recognize themselves

Do not forget that the one victim are neither only foreigner nor only men.

That is a big problem that need to be addressed without trying to take the blanket to only some group.

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It comes from the link in the quote at the top of my post.

Is that so ?

They talk about 1mSv (the yearly increase according to the Professor) and 3μSv (the Geiger counter reading). There is 0.1μSv/h natural one in Japan according to the author (I preferred the wkipedia for this one : 0.27μSv). Then there is the mathematics one.

I see no reference of 1μSv. But perhaps, I missed it. Which line ?

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Posted in: Japan tells embassies risk of contaminated Fukushima water 'small' See in context

[...]discharging the treated water into the Pacific Ocean and atmosphere over the course of a year[...]

[...]whether other radioactive materials besides the relatively non-toxic tritium could be removed from the water before being discharged into the water.[...]that it is possible if purification equipment is used, the officials said.

So they possibly plan to remove the rest of the non-toxic material and plan to release something 10 years of water in over 1 year. Taking in account that they are still producing it and need more room.

Even if they are desperate should not they take for granted that they will clean it and that they will not release more than the space needed for storage of the new production starting with the older ones as time have a positive effect on reducing the amount of nuclear waste ?

I quite understand why the documentary was put out.

“How much radiation would it give in a year to people who came back here,” he asked.

Thomas replied “About an extra milliSievert a year, which is not much considering you get 2mSv a year from natural background”.

So at the hypothetical question of bringing back people the reply was that they risked not much just a 50% increase of their annual exposure.

And even in the event of considering 0.73mSv as the increase implying you do not go outside more than 44 minutes*, the building are perfectly hermetic, a decontamination SAS is put in between the outside and the inside, ... out of 2.4, it is still a 34% increase of the annual exposure.

And for the validity of the 50% increase mathematics : If you stay by hour : natural 270nSv/h ; observed 3 000nSv/h. Quick head mathematics 11 times more, or a difference of 2.73 μSv.

By head on spot = So 11 times more for one year is 26.4 mSv

With calculator = So 2.7324365,25 =23931 μSv = 23.931mSv

considering for 1 hour the extra amount is 2.73μSv (3μSv mesured - 0.27μSv natural amount) in order to have a yearly increase (365) of 730μSv : (730/(2.73365.25))60= around 44 minutes.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sievert#Dose_examples : 2.4mSv/a (270nSv/h avg) Human exposure to natural background radiation, global average

1Sv (Sievert) = 1000 mSv (milliSievert) = 1 000 000 μSv (microSievert) = 1 000 000 000 nSv (nanoSievert)

PS :

Prof Thomas is talking about an extra microSievert

Since I do not found where that came from, I choose to ignore it : the Prof talked about 1milliSievert extra by year and regarding by hour it is 2.73 microSievert

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Posted in: New acts rule Grammys as Lizzo, Lil Nas, Eilish lead in nominationss See in context

I don't think her size is reallly the issue. It's her fashion.

Come on. All the performers in the picture dress like ... (not that guess are any better according to some research) but people are just bitching about one lady. The show seems to seek eccentricity.

If I showed up for work in the Van Morrison Speedo/tank top combo, I wouldn't expect to keep my job for long.

So you get that when you are doing some job, you are expected to dress some way.

If they like this way of dressing good for them they found a job matching their taste, if they do not they are just compelling with job requirement so why are you complaining.

it was to the gain of the company (in the latter job) that some of us were allowed to be as informal as we liked. Our productivity was commended.

Should be good if everyone should be able to understand that dress code is not so good and relaxing rules if not totally erasing them is beneficial to business.

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Posted in: Abe: Political heir with skill for surviving scandal See in context

Each time people talk about Abe and Trump I remember some manga I rode quite some time ago. I think it was some Gegege no kitaro one. You saw some Japanese dude praising American dude about the fact that they have a big dick and then managing to get what they want out of them. I kind of fell like Abe is going for this kind of diplomatic using Trump narcissism. But in the end if in the manga that was effective, I do not think in reality that is. It is the second time recently that I rode than Abe has got such a good relationship with Trump but I do not remember Trump showing any sign of respect for Abe or even doing anything for Abe. Except if you count the : we will abandon you so you have to stop being pacifist and give us a full lot of money crap.

I will not say he is a bad leader of state taking in account the worldwide situation but I do not think he is a good one regarding the Constitution and its enforcement to say the lest.

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Posted in: Harajuku Station will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics See in context

replaced with a new one currently being built adjacent to it


(You can recognize the alone tree and the bridge from the simulation picture.)

So well they have no need to remove the old one. They just do not want to bother upgrading it to be on match with fire regulation and convert it in information center/shop/... and/or are afraid people will be more interested in going there (picture, waiting for friends, ...) than hanging in the plain boring new station.

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Posted in: Conservatives submit ex-imperial member restoration proposal to Abe See in context

Why when I read that, do I get the feeling that some people think there is something dirty of being born of a woman moreover if it is to be a woman ?

If they have so much of a problem with that, several way to solve it :

allow same sex marriage, force imperial male decent to marry each other. Easy, use technology to make a baby out of these (you take some lady gamete remove the nuclear put the nuclear of one of the men them fertilize it with the gamete of the other one then everything back in some incubator. = this way there is almost no woman involved. 100% patrilineage, they should be happy.

Or easier they could go see a specialist to get your problem with women fixed.

Why is this so important to supposedly have the same Y chromosome of the man which is believed to have had sex with a godness ? Having the X of the godness should more worth it if they want my point of view thought even more impossible to track than the Y one.

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Posted in: He, she, they: Americans and the choice of gender pronoun See in context

Human DNA has 23 sets of chromosomes i. The 23rd set is the sex chromosome.. You either have an XY if you are male, or XX if your a female.

And the other ones are not human ?


(obviously there is also trisomy)

And for people which do not know : the gender people are assigned are birth is not related to ones genetics. There is no genetics test, nor hormones'one, neither anything which can not be done by a 5 y.o. The doctor take the baby out, look if there is a weeny hanging around if yes it is a boy if not it is a girl. Nothing more scientific than that as long as the doctor (or the like) have no doubt. There is also the version with prenatal viewing.

So well for the validity of sex assignment.


I do not get why people are getting upset. How is it a big deal to have to make sure of how to talk about someone at the same time you ask for their name ?

After, I am not so found of "they" as the plural meaning give a strange after taste but well if they found it more convenient of some merged version of "she/he" &co or of "one", it is like that, not going to fret over it.

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