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Posted in: Protestors block New Caledonia roads as French police pour in See in context

@Desert Tortoise

The native Kanaks have been made a minority on their own land by immigration from France and to a lesser extent from some other southeast Asian nations.[...]

You should review your source : Kanak, even excluding the one presenting themselves as half or caledonian are the majority group as more than 40% (thought not absolute). And more precisely considering the one allowed to vote, far more than the absolute majority was Kanak : 63% moreover to ensure every Kanak could vote they were automatically registered, after obviously nobody actually forced them to vote but there is just no way to claim they were not able to vote nor were made in minority. By looking at the map of Kanak repartition and vote repartition, you can confirm the situation : if majority Kanak area were more likely to choose independance, there was a gap so Kanak choose to remain french or to not vote, and in that last case they should have perhaps woken up at some point : there was 3 votes. It was not Brexit were they can at least say they did not imagine it. There were 3 freaking vote.

Regarding ressources exploitation , you are aware that independantist actually requested (and got) more signifiant control of nickel production.

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Posted in: Three dead in New Caledonia as riots rage after Paris approves voting change See in context


Perhaps you should read the article more carefully. The article you linked is the same than the one you are responding to, just an updated version about arrested people. The 10 years change is already here :

Kirsty Needham

Updated May 15, 2024 — 8.24pmfirst published at 7.29pm

Rioting broke out this week before lawmakers in Paris voted on a bill to allow French residents who have lived in New Caledonia for 10 years to vote in provincial elections - a move some local leaders fear will dilute the Kanak vote.

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Posted in: Garbage truck driver arrested for fatally hitting girl in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context


Are you really complaining people are not gambling their life on the chance the driver will :

be paying attention

be able to accurately estimate distance including emergency stop in case

be in a good mood enough to not road rage over them

be humble enough to consider other people have the right to exist on their pass

be driving a car whose accelerator and brake pedal do not kept switching each other, making it difficult to not make a geniune mistake

Personaly, I will not. Guess I am not the only one.

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Posted in: Hamas accepts Gaza cease-fire; Israel says it will continue talks but launches strikes in Rafah See in context


Hamas neither.

No more that they want any help for Gaza people :

Hamas fired rockets at Israeli troops positioned on the border with Gaza near Israel’s main crossing for delivering humanitarian aid


It is not a genocide. By claiming it is you are insulting all people which were victim of it.

Not all crime war (/or terro by autority) are genocide.


You should consider reviewing your history or dictionnary (or booth). Gaza was given independance. Israel totally withdrawed from it 17 years ago. The, de facto, country was put on blocade (like Cuba) by all its neighbor. During that period the government did nothing to improve relationship with neighbor, worst kept attacking one of them (and then claim victimhood), the government did nothing to improve the situation of its citizen (I hope they saw them as citizen but the last one with them purposely attacking the crossing for humanitarian help so that it will be closed kind of prove otherwise), ... it can be even said that the government endanger greatly its citizen as it has discouraged them to move before the start of the ground operation of the war they launched, they refuse getting out of area with heavy population to protect it, they refuse to aknowledge them as civilian and kept going that there are no civilian in Gaza, ...


Are you discovering than far right like far right ?

The situation is utter s. and was for decade if not centuries. None of us can be sure of a good solution partly because we have a bunch of far right on both side which pretty fine with erasing the other side one way or another. It would be good if people tryed to be more pondered, factuel, ... and article stopped using clickbait article : nobody has actually any idea about the contact of the ceasefire Hamas claim to have signed and, I think we need a better explanation of how the negociation goes on, as its seems that actually neither party attending it can make a decision (on the Hamas side, the potential cliff between the armed branch and the political one, is a concern ; on Israel side, Netayahu is ... well Israeli have several time protested about him but since Hamas&friends enjoy attacking Israel at these time, that do not help)

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Posted in: Hamas says Israeli PM trying to derail Gaza truce deal See in context

So the Hamas is saying Netanyahu is refusing a ceasefire proposal by Hamas aknowledging the terro attack, offering the release of all otages and remains of the one unfortunately dead and handing out of the criminal responsible for the terro attack ? Because, they actually put that on the table right ?

Let me guess they did not. Refusing to do anything on their side but claiming it is the other one not making effort.

I hop people will stop with their binary world. Hamas is good little victim. They were, de facto independant, thought in blocade by all their neighbor. For all these years they did nothing to improve their relationship with their neighboor worst they attacked to make it worse. They recevied billion in international help but failed to make their country less dependand of their neighbor, worst they freaking destroyed plumbery or so to make rocket to launch at their neighbor. Hamas is no better in this conflict no matter which side you are part of.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

Fascinating, already the 2nd article about the subject but still most of the posters do not bother even looking into the subject (like the video shared several times in the previous article), not even in the pictures enclosed with the article.

People will still be able to take their proof of conformism Lawson in front of you-can--not-see-it-because-it-was-cloudy-or-not mount Fuji picture. They will just have to use the Lawson side of the street instead of running in the middle of a busy street and putting themselves in the way of any people trying to live their daily life. After, how will the Lawson react, as tourists could prove a pain to their customers and staff, is to be seen. We are talking about people which will go to a place where work construction is done with barrier and so in order to take a picture ignoring the security staff. Get real. Everybody can proove themselves a stupid selfcentred f., so sometimes this kind of reminder can help us kept ourselves in check.

BTW, where are the foreigners in the photo. Appears to be all Asians.

I think some people should perhaps consider reviewing the definition of xenophobia.


Relax, even if one can easily label at sight, most are well aware that only a fraction are real pain. So by acting as you do, the people around will quickly remember that fact and be pleased to have you as a visitor/customer/...

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

An article in japanese with a video quite illustrative of the issue at hand.

「富士山を遮断」人気撮影スポットに幅20メートルの黒幕を町が設置へ 観光客の“マナー違反”に「最終手段をとらざるを得なかった」 観光客・住民から様々な声【news23】(TBS NEWS DIG Powered by JNN) - Yahoo!ニュース

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Posted in: Japan's anti-monopoly body orders Google to fix ad search limits affecting Yahoo See in context


Who are you talking about ?

Google is not a mere search engine.

Google LLC (/ˈɡuːɡəl/ ⓘ, GOO-ghəl) is an American multinational corporation and technology company focusing on online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, consumer electronics, and artificial intelligence (AI).


Google search is a search engine powered by google search engine. So, if I understand clearly, was also powering Yahoo but in a way which negatively impacted Yahoo adverstisment income. And/or Yahoo was using Google online advertisment technology but same issue, the way the use was made possible by Yahoo was affecting it.


I think you are messing up several thing

@David Brent

Bing autotranslate page is pretty convenient. But the program seems to have issue closing properly.

Personaly, I recommend Duck and Go : better result, less spying. Everyone do according to their taste and confort so if it work for you...

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Posted in: Officials of Yokohama City have proposed a ban on smoking at all roughly 2,700 parks they manage, including popular tourist spots, with violators facing fines of 50,000 yen. What do you think of this proposal? See in context

Drivers, barbecue people, people wearing perfume, people drinking coffee and/or alcohol, people having noisy children, children, noisy people, pollen allergic, ill people... must be so sad to ear they are going to be banned to park. Because they are right alongside smoker, if we are talking about protecting other health/wellbeing/confort/... we have no choice.

We all know how unhealthy are automobile or so gaz. And the barbecue such a big amount of smoke/olfactive pollution. Perfume is an know allergen. Coffee smell is insufferable for several. Alcohol can make you dizzy just from it emanation. Noise pollution is a serious problem which could bring severe physical and psychological damage. When someone cough/sneeze they eject lot of bacteria/microbe/... even worse if they are actually ill, endangering all the people around. ... Targeting smoker moreover with a totally unaffordable fine is just easy bulling.

Ban smoking where it is actually logical, work on education, issue warning and ticket but progressive fine only for repeated offender (you can offer class as a way to educate), create nice and easily accessible smoking area, ... cut salary of the people which came with the idea of a 50000 fine, they really seems like they have lost sense of reality ; start looking into the city expenditure, they seems to have some issue understanding value of money.

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Posted in: BOJ rate hike may help exit of unprofitable 'zombie' firms in Japan See in context


I think it is in good standing to check your reading comprehension before attacking other :

she had no choice but to say she was quitting of her own initiative, which would affect when she could collect unemployment


“Some companies are resisting the pressure to let employees go,” he explains. “But as business conditions continue to deteriorate, they are prioritizing the retention of full-time employees at the expense of nonregular staff.”


man who is searching for work as he lives on welfare. After he was dismissed from a vehicle parts factory in autumn last year,


She said that she meets many people who sign Japanese-language resignation notices that are presented to them by the company, without understanding what is written on them.


people who have been fired or not had their contracts renewed


As you see in these article that you quoted : people could get government subsidy in the form of unemployment benefice or welfare. And, companies use temporary workers and resignations as leverage to manage the size of their workforce.

Regarding Kyugyo Teate, my memory served me wrong the subsidy seems not covid related and not 100% : https://generalunion.org/5300/

Regarding the stimulus payment ? Are you talking about the 100000 yens ?

Suga and BOJ policies had it all going to large, medium and small business; in that order.

How does that justify claiming that giving subsidies to small and middle sided company is capitalism for the rich ?

I remember you, it is what you are claiming.

"Too big to fall" is socialism for the rich. Not : giving subsidies to mom and pop restaurant or so.

So that you will perhaps start to grasp a bit more of how Japan work, I have a big surprise : Japanese government prefer giving loan than money. I will let you meditate about the implication, enjoy.



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Posted in: BOJ rate hike may help exit of unprofitable 'zombie' firms in Japan See in context


So you are assuming all these companies actually had workers and laid them off and the said workers got nothing. I think you got the wrong country :

the article clearly state that laid off worker are eligible to government subsidies

among these small companies there are freelancer

it is not so easy to lay off people in Japan, so companies will try their best to have you quit or use temporary worker

there is a system in Japan in which an employer can have an employee not work and pay them 60% of their salary. It was actually subsided by the government during covid to prevent lay off.


And do you really think that anybody having property and/or capital is rich thus should not receive any government subsidies, like for example : worker which dare to own their house/car/shoes/... ?

I think you should be the first one I meet claiming "petite bourgeoisie" was among rich. They are even seen as victim of the system along with poor since they are powerless.

Sorry, I will be blunt : do you even try to look into the term you use and the subject you are talking about ?

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Posted in: BOJ rate hike may help exit of unprofitable 'zombie' firms in Japan See in context


Financially supporting little business owner so that they do no go bankrupt during an international crisis is socialist for the rich ? I think we do not have the same definition of rich.


The issue of Japan regarding labor is not shortage but mismanagement including by not offering attractive working conditions.

Perhaps you should reconsider who is responsible of the wages stagnancy.




Government by deregulating market and employment ?

Big companies by being greedy thus squeezing all they can from their supplier and low standing worker ?

Small business owner by trying to not lost everything and putting their worker at risk of unemployment/slave employment/... ?

In a country were lot of companies (including major one) kept claiming suffering from labor shortage while never improving working conditions, as pointed by others, it will just end up throwing lot of people into precarious situation and increase power of companies to offer bad working conditions. And that will most likely will not help countryside.

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Posted in: Japan marks 29 years since Tokyo subway sarin gas attack See in context


At the bare minimum, Wikipedia is your friend. It was an apocalyptic totalitarian sect. It got a problem with anybody and everybody which was not a perfectly subservient member.

Perhaps you should try more careful wording.



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Posted in: Japan society on transgender issues to drop 'disorder' from name See in context

@ itsonlyrocknroll

Perhaps, it is time you start looking inside yourself as to why you are so scared to share a bath with someone which was deemed man at some point in their life is so much of an issue for you.

What about non-penis XY holder ? what about gay men (with or without penis) ? what about lesbian ? what about biological woman having to take hormone to be allowed to compete in women category ? what about woman which were reclassified without any surgery or so as they were deemed to be have been misclassified at birth ...

The list is long.

Mr Kipling's among other is a perfect example or hypocrisy : they should not be forced to accept Shirley interpretation of what a woman is but Shirley (along with the whole world) should accept their version of what a woman is (and the one not fitting it being hammered down until she does, see female athlete forced to take hormone instead of a simple rethink of the category like for boxing &co).

I have no idea what make a woman or what make a man, so I do not care. Everyone should feel safe but that go with increasing safety not throwing the blame over a whole group, like the misandrist usual rant about trans : men are sexual predator so they will just claim being trans to sexually predate on women if not for that they will never ever predate on women, yeah sure.

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Posted in: Inflation dents budgets for cherry blossom viewing in Japan See in context

Regarding estimate, thought I can not be sure, I think they calculate for the overall period, not just one time. Hanami is a social event so will have to go with several group you are part off : work, friends, activity teammates, family, ... so for some people it can be a lot. Mixed with the one which actually use the opportunity to take a trip or have costly taste/habit, that do not seems so unreasonable, I think.

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Posted in: Ito left out of Japan soccer squad for World Cup qualifier amid sexual assault claim See in context

Bait click article.

To play as a representative of Japan, you most likely need to be in good standing regarding moral of say Japan. The guy acknowledged himself as not worth it when he said he was being unfaithful to his wife.

You can disagree with it but, for public person, to kiss goodbye to their job as representative of brand&co when caught being unfaithful is common practice in Japan.

It is interesting to see some people which usually love to put themselves as virtue protector now just siding with unfaithful people which they claim to hate. Not that is a first thought. Let's say I do not comprehend this level of hypocrisy, it will save me a bit of puking.

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Posted in: China demands Japan start Fukushima treated water compensation system See in context


That's fair demand

No. It just illustrate they are in no way worried by the release. If they were they will not demands money but stick with stop it, find another solution.

and also Japan should start to compensate fishermen that being victim of those tainted water.

They already do :


@ ian

Even thought it was already pointed out by another :

for potential economic damage

The trick is there. The way it is worded Japan will have to pay no matter what, including for the damage created by the chinese ban and position in China (for example restaurant in China serving japanese fish, importer of japanese fish, ...).

@ all the people concerned

Could you please stop it with Covid, it is disgraceful to say the least. Pollution is a subject wide enough to not need to bring the pandemic in.

Thanks in advance

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Posted in: China consumer prices rise in February for first time in six months See in context


Do you believe what you write ?

I remember not so long ago we had all these scholar telling us how China was not expansionist even thought everyone know of Tibet situation. Now, I do not think anyone dare to utter this one.

But we have this famous multi polar world which supposedly is not already existing but will exist thanks to China and Russia. You know the actual nations which are claiming countries have to accept to be under their rules or face invasion, discreetly (or not) grabbing land from neighbor, offering not so good deal loans, helping dictatorship grabbing power, ... Yes sure. More like some Monroe stuff Europa to Russia, Asia to China, America to US, Middle East to Iran, Africa free for all resources grab. Quadripolar at best, so multipolar. Considering the so nice government Russia, China and Iran are offering, perhaps you should rethink your value, thought at least it will not be what you called puppet democracy but full fledged dictatorship. Perhaps it is what you sought, in that case I should advice you to move as a form of respect for people which do not. There is enough dictatorship in various shape to suit your taste, thanks for letting people not interested in these their no dictatorship countries.

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Posted in: Women break into world of Japan's 'masculine' noh theater See in context


How about reading the article ?

Unlike kabuki, another type of classical Japanese theater, or sumo wrestling -- both steadfastly male -- noh has been open to performers of both genders for over a century.


noh developed towards its current form in Japan's Muromachi era from 1336-1573, a period when the performers included women among their ranks.In the Edo era from 1603 to 1868, patronage from shoguns helped noh's popularity grow. But women were banned from the stage under government morality rules that repressed individual liberties.

Only at the end of the 19th century were women once again allowed to act in noh, but they had to wait until 1948 to be recognized as professionals.

Traditionaly, Noh is woman friendly. They were banned from it in the name of gender inequality but thankfully were able to come back.

If women want to do sumo why not. The religious aspect seems more like a excuse in the present sport form.

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Posted in: Osaka Prefecture eyes collecting fixed fee for inbound tourists from 2025 See in context


Could you provide any reliable link about your claim France is looking at charging different fee depending of citizenship for Le Louvre entrance ?

Actually they are not, the closest one is for residence ship and only concern young people : thus a French 24yo living in China and a French 27yo living in France will have to pay but a Chinese 24yo living in Germany will not have to pay.


People are not targeting the idea of taxing non resident tourists but adding on top of it a tax only targeted only at foreign one. Resident pay yearly tax ; Tourist pay tourist fee both help the budget of the place they pay their tax/fee to. These are not citizenship related. But having a specific tax targeted at foreign tourist create an issue as that discriminate between people for no reason other that their citizenship. You will have 2 people which only have different citizenship pay a different price. Thinking of people with dual nationality, you will even have the same person paying a different price depending of the passport they show.

If we go back to Le Louvre most likely they get part of their founding from France and Europe thus it is understandable they cut price for some people which contribute to these founding out of their tax but not to people which not. It could also just business related : make entrance free to get them to come as paying customer in the future.

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Posted in: Japan eyes up to 800,000 more skilled foreign workers over next 5 years See in context


Could you please stop with the "foreign guest workers". It is highly racist. They are, most likely like you, foreign worker. They are not guest. They should be covered with the same rules, laws, ... than any of their Japanese counterpart.

A "guest worker" for example "guest university professor" is a specific situation which do not cover these foreign worker.

By knowingly improperly using it for every foreign worker, it reflect badly of you.

Thanks in advance.

@Mr Kipling

Do you have any evidence as proof of ghettoized non native population as much higher crime rate that native ghettoized population ? And if yes, any research about why, would be welcome.

Thank in advance.

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Posted in: Uber Eats starts robot deliveries in Tokyo See in context

"using sensors to avoid pedestrians and other obstacles"

Me think that do not work well.

At a demonstration on Tuesday, the robot nearly collided with a pedestrian


"I thought it might bump into people's feet, but people give way to it,"

According to the article it does not seems people choosing to accept robot delivery will get a discount. I so love all the thing to face the supposedly labor shortage (in Tokyo, sure) result in increasing pressure on collectivity/customer but income for company. At least this one is honest in the fact that addressing the actual labor shortage issue in remote area is just going to be a potential after thought :

The service could also one day come to rural areas, where many residents are elderly and drivers are scarce,

Most likely will never come if not heavily subsided by government as not profitable enough. It could be good if government actually play their card the other way round.

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Posted in: Japanese student at Yale urges Gaza ceasefire as U.S. universities quiet dissent See in context


You forgot the part about who declared war to who.

Gaza declared war to Israel (again). They attacked it and specifically targeted civilian for daring to exist no matter their gender, age, physical abilities, nationality, faith, political opinion ... and Israel accepted a full scale one.

And for people with short memory, from the creation of Israel, it was, along with Palestine targeted by Arab. The extermination of Israel and its people (and as proved recently anybody just happening to be there) is unfortunately the obsession of a bunch of people.

People should not throw the word "genocide" as they see fit. Not all war crime are genocide and the situation as to be taken in account : the independently elected government of de facto independent Gaza failed to improve its relationship with its neighbor and worst purposely blur the difference between its armed force and civilian, creating a situation where - opposed to any other conflict - the civilian can just not run to safety in a neighbor country.

I often got the feeling of some muslim entity, while believing in their own superiority thus entitlement, have been able to use other people racism, self loathed and/or latent antisemitism to serve their interest.

How many people remember how strong a colonial power muslim dynasty were ? Several european countries (partly or fully) were also occupied by different muslim dynasty. How many people just bring UK colonial empire even thought Israel was actually a colony of the ottoman one ? How many people do not differentiate between The West Bank and Gaza ?

Hamas people are not some kind of more instinctive, less educated, less civilized, ... or whatever make you feel superior. They know right and wrong, they can scheme (and sometimes mess up), ... and for years, they did not hesitate to arm anybody, including whose they should be representing, in order to serve their interest (and their far right view).

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Posted in: Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo closed over 'terrorist' security alert See in context


I think it is missing a "by" :

Hello Kitty, created by Sanrio Co and celebrating its 50th anniversary this year

Moderator: Thank you. It has been corrected.

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context


I think you forgot one tiny thing :

Ito is a married man* which aknowledged being unfaithful

Let's remember what usually happen when some japanese celebrity is caught involved in adultery ?

*伊東純也 一般女性と結婚を発表「これまで以上に努力を」南野拓実ら祝福 - 日本代表 : 日刊スポーツ (nikkansports.com)

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context

... I forgot : and ideally sue after the ruling stating you were innocent.

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context

So he is suing for an amount he can reasonably think they can most likely not afford even in a lifetime without being forced (potentially with their whole family) into not good business. That smell like a scare tactics : I withdraw if you withdraw.

I guess he missed some PR course. If these lady allegation are fake or you genuinely think there are you should not sue for anymore than real financial damage with keeping check of the real world value of money.

Remind me of Yamaguchi and his 130millions.

So I do not if he is a rapist but sure he is not a good person.

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Posted in: Former reporter traces how famous Ainu portraits wound up in France See in context


Please read the article. The most plausible explanation is that the paintings were not smuggled but legal possession of French.


Perhaps you should tell the whole story instead of what just suit your narrative. The lower court ruling in the favor of the first owner of the artwork : Buseoksa temple which put a claim that it was stolen by japanese pirates. That ruling was then overturned by the higher court in 2023. The issue is still in legal proccess.


I clearly 'doubt'* your statement that art increasingly is not being loaned to South Korea, since some loaned art is/was stuck in several countries including South Korea because of covid or war, and international museum sign partnership there :




* to stay polite

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested after remains of mother found buried in vacant lot See in context

For people interested about the cost of funeral, I read some interesting article which explain that even using cheaper option, thanks to waiting time, it will cost a lot just in body storage :

in the article : 13000 a day

basic full pension : around 65000


So government should as pointed by GuruMick start offering free funeral.

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Posted in: Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima See in context


You can tell it's an AFP article by reading the title. Reads like propaganda.

There is just a little flaw in your reasoning : it is not an AFP article but an AP one. You are aware there are different agency from different country, right ?

I guess it explain why as people have pointed before, we do not see price decrease. Good for the fishermen. Thought :

Fukushima’s local catch today is still about one-fifth of its pre-disaster levels due to a decline in the fishing population and smaller catch sizes.

make you think, it could be better if we switched, at least for a bit, to sustainable ethical fish farming instead of fish fishing in order to help the population grow back and face environmental change which are affecting the whole world.

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