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Aren't abortions readily available here?

Seems like you need consent of the 2 people involved in the pregnancy to terminate it, except in case of inability to contact the potential father (missing, death, rape).

I guess they should remove this term, perhaps that could help.


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@ Mark

Welcome to the world of 2 : Suga and not Suga. You are Suga or you are "foreign" experts opinions which is a sole "someone" but also "they". Not Suga seems to suffer from schizophrenia, isn't it.

Seriously what do people in charge of managing a pandemic are to do with the ones in charge of managing a nuclear disaster in process ? Sure some could be part of the 2 teams as the communication or geopolitics experts but several of them are not. So you seems to get your things kind of mixed up.

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Considering the half life of tritium is 12 years should not it be safer to just increase storage space and start releasing in 2035 at the rate of 1 year stock by year. That should drop the level of active tritium in the water significantly and still be a reasonable amount of time for management as it would fall on the responsability of the same generation.

Could also be paired with evaporation by building a big pool were the older water will be put to evaporate, thought I do not know how that could affect the timing for releasing pool water.

Obviously than is after the contaminated water is filtered again to remove what should not be in it after the first filtering which happened to be faulty.

And if we are lucky by that time significant progress would be made so that we will be able to stop the disaster still in play thus the production of contaminated water. We already had some issue with involuntary release should not top it up with voluntary ones (water a few years ago, soil last year for the one I remember).

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Using NHK and Tokyo website, I will say no.


On NHK, there is a special space for the airport quarantine, with 7 cases.


On the detailed map for Tokyo, there is no space for airport :


These 2 sites agree with the 139 number.

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@ Mocheake

you clearly don't understand what I wrote.

Seems some still don't. If that can ease you up other perfectly understood.

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They are most likely not down-voting the comment as a plain neutral statement but as what it involve moreover knowing the stance the one posting usually defend.

And you should really grow up out of the upvote and downvote, they just can be motivated and interpreted in so many way... moderator should push for these to be removed or switched for a more wide range of choice or better a tree of comments.

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How is this “on suspicion of”?

I think the "on suspicion of" is for the attempt murder (you know the "I hit the wrong pedals", "the engine had a malfunction" and so on). For the drunk driving as it was arrested on site, it could be "on charge of". Thought, regarding interrogation system in Japan, perhaps sticking for "on suspicion of" at the start could bring them more time to investigate than directly going for charging the drunk driving ; could also explain why the unlicensed driving seems to have not been charged either.

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You normally don’t need a supercomputer for such simple common sense considerations

I disagree. A well programmed and calibrated computer will go a long way in proving or disproving common sense as it can take or observe stuff common sense will forget. And that can offer a more rational explanation about the spread or not of the virus.

The fear-mongering

Telling people how to evaluate the level of risk and how they can reduce risk is not fear-mongering.

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I wonder how they do these ranking and choose the character. I never got asked about it and looking at it, it look kind of orientated against women and young people.

For example there is 2 instance of spreading : one is about causal clothed lover (so potentially young as the other people in the carriage can be seen as wearing business like clothing) ; the other one about a lady having to carry lot of groceries ; but no instance of man spreading which I think is far more common to come across.

As pointed before there is not the drunk salarymen either.

The only instance of a salarymen is in the last panel thought he is paneled as not so bad since he have a natural body reaction : the train is crowded so he can not move thus can not cover, his nose is just up to ladies so he was potentially irritated by hair/perfume so he couldn't control himself any longer.

In the end that give kind of a bad impression of reality of misbehavior.

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Seems like reproduction teaching are lacking for several people. To make baby, the sexual preference of the person is of no concern. You need one ovum, one tapdole and one matrice. Make the tapdole merge with the ovum and have put the cell created in the matrice. If you are lucky enough a baby will be created. As the process is quite simple, it was successfully used through time by lot of people some having heterosexual preference some having homosexual preference and so on.

There is no ciconia coming to bring baby after people put "heterosexual" in some boxes or get married to someone from the other sex. And it is not because a ciconia has too much to drink that some unmarried folk heterosexual or not end up with a baby.

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It is fascinating to see the number of people which do not condem rape/sexual assault but are all for presumption of innocence of the alleged perpetrator thought do not have problem to smash the same presumption of innocence for other alleged crime like alleged false accusation, alleged robbery, alleged physical assault, alleged murder, ... and so on.

Regarding the girls, since some seems to have reed too quickly : the one for the case of sexual assault is called "teenager", the one for the threatening case is said "in her late teens". Not the same person.

Regarding hotel (love hotel or not), it is a place to do lot of things : karaoke, watching movie, shower, play games, cuddle, be intimate, chat, have sex, sleep, run away from family, isolate from rest o the people, ... so people should remember that it is necessary to be straight forward about their intent to have sex with the other one and stop assuming the other one know what they are expecting and agree to it. The worst that can happen is the other one saying : no, which is obviously not going to be a big deal since nobody want to end up with non 100% consensual sexual act.

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I think on this one you agree : look at the verb on conjuguation. He doesn't seems pleased with the idea of rushing agreement as the trust of public is also part of the game.

Regarding vaccine, do not forget that it is an international one (several), so you are free to believe one government/institution ... you think is not going to take in consideration anything other than the safety of the people.

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Posted in: Tokyo schoolboy assumes other boy’s identity for 6 months; attends classes at top high school See in context

A possible explanation is that B-kun is not so different looking than A-kun thus B-kun is the one which attended the entrance exam&co. Putting as hypothesis A-kun was not smart enough to pass the entrance exam and no more to manage successfully the 3 years of high school. And that B-kun was not rich enough to attend such a school perhaps not even any high school.

At the end A-kun would have had the diploma of some well know high school and B-kun would have money and knowledge to get high school diploma from evening school or the like for the people which could not attend high school. The scheme could be repeated for university, with B-kun getting a high class diploma for A-kun from one university them proceding to another big university in his own name to get its own diploma 4 years later with the tuition being paid by A-kun. Starting university late because you had to work since your family is poor is not such a big deal.

Thought in order to get the change A-kun obviously had to attend some school to gather the relevant knowledge and give the change when starting working.

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This has probably to do with culture. Every society has problems. In the west the people seeks solace in medicine(drugs), alcohol, violence and any other kind of pleasure to escape the pain and reality of the world. But here in Japan we kept the stress build up inside and keep letting it build up to it's breaking point until we seek death.

If suicide could be seen as cultural in Japan, I do not think your interpretation could be seen as expletive. There is a big problem of alcohol consumption and violence in Japan (see the posts about bullying for example) same for other pleasure (otaku for example) thus if the use of these in other area in the world could help reduce suicide, it should work in Japan too. Moreover as everywhere in the world death can be seen as shameful or not, can be seen at a release or not, can be seen as something which should involve other people or not and so on. It looks like trying to romanticize suicide in Japan and create a artificial difference in between two people killing themselves regarding their place ot life and use a false culture claim as the whole of Japan is just opposed to the West which involve quite a lot a different culture on both side.

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For now the more accurate map available should be this one :


Since the government publish some information about cases, perhaps the same kind could be made for Tokyo.

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the laziness of the French

It is not like they are acknowledged as part of the countries with high productivity rate, isn't it ... Lets just believe some guy clearly stating that he want cheap workers ...



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Posted in: Is France turning its back on blasphemy? See in context

Still no search engine?

I have one and I can not find what you are talking about, so nobody will be able to enlight you about stuff you do not get (like idolatry, taboo, religion, satire, ...). Giving relevant explanation to something you do not see is difficult as you can just give base, for example nobody have any way to make sure your Jesus is doing it with a sheep to illustrate the fact that world changed a lot from his time and now everyone will look at him as an uncivilized man ; that is basic satire interpretation but quite possibly not accurate without seeing the picture.

I cannot link you to pornographic content. [...] straight up trolling

So you really have no idea what satire is.

Freedom of speech is great but freedom from consequences simply cannot be provided to a sufficient degree that trolling is going to be safe...or even being controversial but factual.

So you are against freedom of speech since you sound like you found fine people you consider troll (you understand everyone is someone else troll) are murdered and that same should apply to people stating controversial fact.

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depicting Jesus as, say, a child molester and sheep rapist

Still not link ?

You do not get satire ? If someone depict Jesus as a child molester, you have to ask yourself : who is Jesus to stand for ? what is the child molestation depicted ? ... and lot of other questions.

And just how ferociously are you going to defend my right to address you exactly as I feel about you right now [...] But I hold back 90 percent of what I REALLY want to say every single day in the interest of progress and peace.

Is that so ...

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Charlie Hebdo is a news newspaper, so I do not think they often talk about historical figure in a historic view.

I tried looking for some using historical figure name and with the paper and only Hitler brought some results, and Hitler being Hitler seems he is more used as a symbol than as a historical figure.

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@ Vanessa Carlisle

Iranians have pictures of Mohammad everywhere. No sweat. No Muslim is freaking out.

Iranian are not Sunnites thus the pictures. For Sunnite they are blasphemers. And their are kind of regularly at war in between the different Muslim school. You know Yemen, for one.

they are not pictures of him having gay sex with Jesus

Do not know this one. Got a link ? The meaning is too obvious to be it so could be interesting to see it to have better understanding of what is what.

They never drew Mohammad with any sort of important critique of Mohammad.

Why should they criticize Mohammad when they can critics religion, politics, terrorists and so on ? You know the dude died a real long time ago and was living in a really different time (for example, verbatim were a rarity which had a tendency to be destroyed/falsified to suit narrative).

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Do you, by any chance, do not understand that it was a fiction ? She was playing a role according to the script as anybody else in the show. I do not know the characters of this show so can not be sure of who is who but the script was mostly around like : the evil wrestler (it the role she was to endorse in her main job) go evil in the house but thanks to her partners she become a good person thus the evil wrestler disaspear to create the nice wrestler.

This was more or less the script that her manager and the production team should have come up with.

As Terrace House is mostly a love story, we could have expected that some guy action will make her change and he will offer her a new costume/costume part which she would use on her next match. Potentially, the guy would have been the one who she was to lash at to make the story more emotional, depend of the kind of character he was to impersonate, we could expect some kind of good guy able to forgive everything and see through the mask of evilness and bring the good out of her.

And go for the violin.

It is a fiction. They are not real, they are actors playing a role. It is the same with idols and so on.

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Posted in: People making those disparaging comments are taking out their accumulated frustration due to the pandemic on an easy target of attack. See in context

for a country that LOVES to claim WA in its society

I think it is because the WA mostly apply to minority for them to not stand out.

I do not see the need to bash the people catching covid-19.

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Men at least a real man is more sexually active, interested, biologically wired to be more sexual than a woman. Biology does matter.

If that was biological that should be all biological (by your criteria) men. Thus being sexually active is not a matter of men or women. Sexual drive is different in between people and even in the same person depending of situation, ... none as the right to say if one is a "real" man/woman and co because of that.

And doing indecent act to someone adamant to reject your advance is not a matter of being a man or a woman nor having high or low sex drive.

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that our non-containment effort is helping to keep the infection rate low

Do not mistake behavior. There is lot of people self restraining and doing containment effort even without if not against government (and the people from the various school), so this still have an impact.

lower your guard at your own peril

You should be careful of your wording, it make you sound like people from some of the various school, as if you can have more control over spread to/from you than you really can. No matter what one say there is no way to get yourself safely 100% off risk of catching a disease, moreover one whose transmission pattern is still unclear, so one can just do one best and hope. And I do not think that, in several area, lot of people think that the current number are low number when taking in account the testing/containment system.

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Its the classic double standard, when a Japanese company gets in trouble they blame the whole country


People are not blaming the whole country but the government.

People are not blaming for the government for the trouble but for the lack of response, even just public declaration, in an major international incident caused by one of its tax payer and involving a far poorer victim which obviously need international help and had to get it from friendlier neighbor which have not so much if nothing to do with the companies involved.

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By the way, I see that 1000 cases a day is strangely less than the 1500 nearly a month ago. What happened to the exponential burst of cases?

The same as what happen every time you put something on its way : lock-down, state of emergency, self restrain, ... depending of the level and the level of compliance it slow, decrease, stop.

As it is around off time and testing politics has highly variability

depending of place... , so we need more time to know in which kind of

move we are.

Pure exponential model are mostly theoretical as you will have difficulties make everybody follow the : do nothing to stop it ; if you catch it it's on you so bear the shame (it's life or you deserve it ; depending of the school) ; if you die from it you deserve it and if you have sequel, lets ignore it. Their will still be a significant number of people self-restraining, quarantining themselves for any symptoms, confining themselves to reduce risk and so on, ... bear it, you fail and will continue to.

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Take the jobs from desperate poor old workers.

In my area collection is mostly done by 2 people (sometimes 3) : one drive the truck the other(s) put the trash bag in it. With a container system, it is the same : one drive the truck, the other(s) put the container(s) on the fork then back in their area. With dumpster, I do not know.

So if they go for container no job should be loss but most likely better for the body of user (no need to go down ...), less problem with bird (thought rat would pose a new one), easier to find spot to put these. Problem. as for dumpster is that as of now if it is not the right trash day, the trash is not taken, with container\dumpster they will not be able to check.

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@ sourpuss

Protecting wearers from being infected and preventing them from infecting others, as suggested by the World Health Organization, was near zero,

This is the oddest part.

I agree.

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The modern history of masks begins in the Meiji Era (1868-1912), according to Tamotsu Hirai, a clinical pharmacist and an avid collector of vintage medical paraphernalia, including masks., who makes regular trips to antiques fairs held in the capital to find old pharmaceutical equipment.

Initially imported for mine, factory and construction workers, facial masks back then featured outer shells made from cloth fitted with brass wire mesh filters. In 1879, one of the first domestically produced masks was advertised in newspapers.

That came from there : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/07/04/national/science-health/japans-history-wearing-masks-coronavirus/

NB : thanks for putting relevant source and quote mark.

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@Tarp horiuchi

the fact is, there’s no law about wearing or not wearing a mask,

You understand the japanese law.

If they say their actions are for protecting ALL of our freedoms, we should thank them.

No, we should thank them if they were actually doing it. That is not the case.

Are YOU standing up for your own or others freedoms?

Yes. Some people seems to forget that the government has already make clear that they consider the possibility of changing the law to increase their response power but for doing that they unfortunately need to change the Constitution. So by complying to the request and urge, we protect the Constitution as making change not necessary. Did you even bother reading the kind of change, they are looking for ? If you claim to want to protect freedom, I think you are barking at the wrong tree.

(other counter available, obviously)

When they try to force Kill Gates’ vaccine on you or your loved ones, what will you do?


What the ? Why are so many anti-mask people not able to give argument not implying deeper state, antisemitism, 5G, lezard people from underground and so on ?

Erratum, it is Putin vaccine. Wrong tree again.

Because that is next, pressure you put a needle with not sufficiently tested stuff in your veins, or even to try and make it mandatory.

As said before, the best way to make it mandatory is to let the useful idiots enough ground to give the opportunity to the government to change the Constitution. And you should not take other so lightly, there is just so much pressure can do.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

You understand that quote do not apply as people are not sacrificing liberty, we are talking about wearing a mask here, for safety, lot clearly stated that they are doing it for safety but for protecting other (read I@n once more).

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