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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

Secondly, I am surprised by the clever manoeuvre of the IOC. They are now in a win-win position. If Tokyo or the LOC2019 decide to organize these events in Tokyo anyway, and something goes wrong, they can wash their hands of it with " we told them so ". If they get organized in Sapporo, the sensible thing to do of course, IOC can pretend they care for the athletes and everyone else involved.

My thought.

The governor of Tokyo was not smart on this one. The major of Sapporo was.

She should have show her discontentment and protected honor of Japanese by being sarcastic about the IOC.

There is already people which totally whitewashed the IOC, putting all the blame on Japanese official and the JOC.

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Posted in: Typhoon victims felt worst was over; then floods came See in context

Governments remove taxes? You gotta be living in Utopia to think that any government would remove taxes.

Not really. It is well know that when some government want their people to spend money on house improvement they made it so that it can be partly deduced from income tax : solar panel, two layered glass for windows, ...

Build houses etc on strong steel and cement pylons

On this one, I thought more of boat like house. Having house on some pillar, not one level high with anchor end if water were to rise releasing the house. But that is not suitable to all area. Still should be a option to study.

People will talk about these measures, nothing will happen

Perhaps stuff will happen. Everybody is not the same. It is why politics is important because sometimes you got lucky and elect someone which care.

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So many of these rural / semi-rural communities are already nearing the breaking point in terms of the provision of social services for ordinary day-to-day life.


And the only way for this risk to be mitigated is for the central government to recognize it and recognize the need for rapid deployment forces to go to communities that are most at risk.

Kick out some company and administration out of major city, Tokyo to begin with, to redinamize smaller ones. Thanks to bullet train and helicopter (in emergency situation), all ministry do not need to be in Tokyo and that is dangerous since if a major disaster hit Tokyo the country could end up with the whole government (and high level civil servant) in no state to rule (not commenting if they are good at it or not).

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

They lied and used false statements by purpose in order to get the games and just thought they could go away with it as they often do in Japan. Apparently they even maybe bribed some people to get the games. But the reality came back and now they have to face their shameful lies.

And the IOC was not able to see throught a so obvious lie ? They never set foot in Japan in summer nor any of the people they know ? Never opened a tourist guide ? Never heard of Wikipedia ? And were not the one accepting the bribe (assuming that the bribing happened, do not know how is the investigation going on this one) ?

Japan official and the JOC did what they did. But that do not wash away what the IOC did.

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

Good job Japan!

That is not the Japan and JOC on this one. It is the IOC. The IOC made the rules, Japan wanted the games so they go for "no problem", the IOC didn't bother double check neither was willing to make adjustment till now. So if you want to put blame you can not put it only on Japan for these games.

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Posted in: IOC wants to move Tokyo Olympic marathons, walking races to Sapporo See in context


It is a really obvious idea which may prevent athletes collapsing and dying from heatstroke.

And if Evan Dunfee had ever run around in Tokyo in the summer then he would be saving money to get to Hokkaido....

Evan Dunfee finished 3rd in Doha, meaning his body can most likely stand this kind of heat and humidity. He is going there to win. In Doha 18 competitors had to forfeit among them some of prior medalists. So he know where is his benefits.

But that do not change the obvious fact than competitors should have their saying in location of competition.

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Posted in: Typhoon victims felt worst was over; then floods came See in context

How about claiming 25 meter along the levee and make a 2nd levee but of lower level ? This way if the river go past the first one it is still blocked. \in between the levee they can put : road, fields, play gound, sport facility, ... .

They could even try wavy levee, I wonder if that could not help canalizing water by orienting it if the first levee collapse. The water force will be send back to the water coming, so perhaps that can reduce the force send against the 2nd levee. They will obviously be crazy splash and wave but this amount of water going past the levee should be better than the levee collapsing. I do not know if wavy levee was ever tried somewhere.

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

Abe [...] could show some mettle and lower the tax rate back to 8% or less

That will be difficult to manage to put tax down only in the area affected. Better give the strongly affected people some of the coupon they made for family (give not sell with the current scheme). So that they can buy daily necessities. I do not think the insurance cover these and there will still be delay.

My condolences to the bereaved, hope of smooth recovery for the injured ones and wish for the best outcome for all the affected ones.

(and other people too, obviously)

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Posted in: What's wrong with having a mother complex? See in context

What unbalanced testimonies !

Could they not ask couple ? I guess all of the couple involved should try to talk it out perhaps with a third person.

For the one enjoying getting out with his mom, perhaps he should try saying it out differently. Nothing wrong with enjoying (now that you are a well paid adult) taking your mom (which take care of you) to some restaurant and some shop to be able to repay her kidness and getting up to date about your respective life.

@Burning Bush

All depend of your definition of "real men" but if you think there were killed by the fact women got rights perhaps you should rethink it.

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Posted in: U.S. could pull bulk of troops from Syria in matter of days: officials See in context

Instead of blaming the US for pulling out, why don't people BLAME TURKEY for wanting to invade Syria?

Don't worry, people are able to do the 2.


And several countries choose to apply a weapon export ban.


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Posted in: Man suspected of puncturing tires of cars, bicycles See in context


Did you report to the police ?

Be careful. It is possible that it is just some nutter but your bike or you can be specifically targeted. There is people around which choose harassment over communication. ¯(°_o)/¯

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Posted in: Top court upholds damages over students' tsunami deaths See in context

I never mass labeled genders like that

Is that so, are you really not aware of your action ?

Anyway...sit and wait and follow orders as disaster rolls in. I hear so much about how Japan is a patriarchal society but that seems like the idea of women to me even if it was some fool men who gave the order and took it. Men taught to be men would have gotten out of there.

You just wrote than even if it was men which gave the order and took it, that is women idea to wait and follow order. Real men will not do that. You just did label a full gender.

Then you find out the one taking decision was a man, which could suit your narrative but there was some "wait and follow orders" women trying to get to the hill so let do as you said nothing :

gender be damned

Perhaps you are really not aware of it but you seriously have an issue with women as a whole and it should be good for you to start addressing it.

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Posted in: About 100 Lawson stores will not open on New Year’s Day See in context

I am disappointed. They are suppose to be Convenience stores. Not opening on New Years Day is inconvenient. Do they think they will just pick and choose which days they want to open now. Real bad move by Lawson, real bad.

What don't you apply to cover up the schedule ? You can even propose your service for all national holidays, week-end and obviously night shift.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

My mistake, I had Rikaichan but it was not updated anymore so now I have Rikaichamp.

More or less the same stuff.

Another one is Yomichan but never used it, so do not know the worth.

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Posted in: Why does U.S. President Donald Trump keep mispronouncing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's name as "Abi?" On Monday, he mistakenly wished Prime Minister "Abi" a happy birthday, when in fact Monday was Russian President Vladimir Putin's birthday. Abe's birthday is Sept 21. See in context

Does he have other word with which he does the same mistake ? As the one pointed out. for example : Kobe, sake

If not, I will tend for the "he does not care". He do not think of Abe are significant enough for caring. Perhaps, he had some Abi in his life and is associating them together.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context


Google translate is not good with hiragana since not used to it.

If you are on your computer with Firefox, I will recommend you something like rikachan. It translate word by word when passing your cursor on top of it. Pretty convenient if you already have some knowledge. As juminRhee wrote, reading these message out loud can help if you are used to speak japanese.

They posted a new message using the same system,


if you click on the pic link, you have translation in different language provided and illustrative pictures. And people around trying to help.


I like the idea and hope they will stick to it. We can not expect every foreigner in Japan to speak english or speak japanese like a native.

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Posted in: Fans frustrated as typhoon disrupts World Cup See in context

I do not know if the rules allow it or not. Thought if it was possible relocating one of the match in Oita and the other one Kumamoto and having just to move team and press will perhaps have been manageable (not sure that is still a lot of people to move and host). But in the mean time how would have people reacted ?

I do not think the organizers are so found of losing a lot of money and Japan official against some international praise for being able to deal smoothly with a big typhoon, so I do not think they thought lightly before choosing cancellation.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

Its actually quite amusing if you think about it.

You know English speakers who think people who don't speak English will understand them if they just speak English really slowly?

This is the Japanese written equivalent of that.

Not really.

The message is not for people which do not understand japanese at all but for people which do not read kanji and do not understand difficult japanese.

For people missing it :

The need for simplified Japanese notices became evident after the Ministry of Justice conducted a survey in 2016 that found only 44 percent of foreign residents understand English, but 62.6 percent understand Japanese.

There is more people going to understand the simplified japanese version than a english one.

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Posted in: Fans frustrated as typhoon disrupts World Cup See in context


Where a pool Match cannot be commenced on the day in which it is scheduled, it shall not be postponed to the following day, and shall be considered as cancelled. In such situations, the result shall be declared a draw and Teams will be allocated two Match points each and no score registered. For the avoidance of doubt, no bonus points will be awarded.

The rules say they can not postpone to another day.

I do not know rules for the relocating, but seeing the typhoon route and timing relocating seems difficult. We are not talking only about the team and press but also a full lot of people wanting to see it. It means providing transportation for all of these : plane are not flying, train are not running. The safest place is south but it is not reachable on Saturday, so it means going there on Friday. They have to fit a least 1 additionnal Shinkansen in the schedule and/or several plane. Then provide accomodation for all these people. It is not like they can have them sleep in evacuation center.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman as she walked home in Tokyo See in context

The problem is not the gropers

Is that a joke ?

If someone come to you and start touching your private, ... you are fine with it ? Even if the other one is not your type at all ?

You understand most people do not think this way and consider normal to be allowed to choose who touch them.

Japanese (man and woman) are perfectly approachable, it just imply you making a bit of effort : talking to them. Sure some are not interested to even talk to you and having some start running (I am not so big T-T) can be unpleasant but well, that happen. Just try someone else (and perhaps a different approach).

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Posted in: Livestreamed killings test social media measures to block extremist content See in context

I am really not sure where you think the "authorities" get their information.

Did not you say before than "authorities" were not reliable so you wanted the video ?

I remember you, we are talking about the fact than you consider censorship of information, the non display of a video of a murderer exhibiting his act of murdering people.

You can get information without seeing a video and a video is not by essence a reliable source of information (it can be faked, it can be edited, it can only show what was filmed, perception can be oriented, ...).

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Posted in: Super typhoon on track to drench Japan's main island See in context


Umbrellas are useless in a typhoon, and in reality are VERY dangerous as well

You are refering to my post ? I was talking about an area which have no warming.

Thanks to remembering that umbrella are a bad idea in typhoon (and useless).

A poncho is the best way to go! It may not be fashionable

Not fashionable ? Where do you buy your poncho ? If 100en shop ones are usually plain for 300en you can get some patterned one.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

I think that is a good idea and I do not understand why are people complaining. I got no trouble with the hiragana version except for the ”きそう” than I didn't identify and for which the kanji could have helped.

Several kanji in the kanji version are no good for me. I do not see why is that any relevant to refer to kids school level, most of foreigners didn't go to elementary school in Japan. Foreigner are more likely to go around stuff like JLPT in their kanji level and to start by reading child books, manga, ... so using kanji when the word is usually written in hiragana is ...

The only thing which could help more is if they could differentiate the particle of the rest of the word with typo, this way it is easier to understand or not understand and then look in a dictionary.

That is a good reading practice and it allow you to get important information. For me it is better if NHK use easy japanese than normal japanese I will not understand or english that will not help me improve my japanese (and some people can not even understand it as the article say).

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Posted in: Attacker found out idol singer’s address through online image eye reflection See in context

he rushed in behind her, placed a towel over her head, dragged her to the ground where he groped her, police said

I am wondering : why does the police said "groped" instead of "sexually assaulted". It kind of let me a bad after taste.

Is "groped" really what is called according to law ?

I mean for year, we saw victim being shamed for being raped. As if they were some kind of dirty thing.

Or sexual assault being dismissed as not so much of a big deal (the average : "it is like being bitten by a dog").

So that kind of itch, I am willing to believe than no bad under-taste exist. It is just, reading it kind of itch.

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Posted in: Super typhoon on track to drench Japan's main island See in context

@ Sleepytanuki

I use wundergroung and JMA, but, it is not like there is no others options, see nandakandamanda post, if you want other ones, I am just used to these



According to these Chugoku is not on the direct way of this one but that is expectation. There is still a possibility for it to change its route. So follow news. And even if it is not going to land there, there is chance to see typhoon wide area effect like rain, wind. So if you have stuff on you balcony, you better get them inside just in case (at least it will be good practice). If you have your washing machine out, getting the habit of turning the water off could be useful.

For now there is no warning nor advisory (JMA website) so it is most likely your are going to have a pretty normal day (a 100 shop umbrella (if not a poncho) is a better choice than the umbrella your late-grandma give you before your trip to Japan, thought.).

Since Japan is prone to disaster, it can be a good opportunity for you to get your disaster supply in order : canned food, water, battery, torch, some way to get information even in case of power shutdown, ...

Hope you enjoy your stay in Japan. Welcome !

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Posted in: Livestreamed killings test social media measures to block extremist content See in context

You trust the "authorities" to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I do not. I expect them to lie when it pleases them. History is on my side. Faith is on yours.

So you expect video to be a reliable source of information ? That is is quite a big joke.

Anybody which ever watched a movie can understand how low is a video value. If you are not on site (and some kind of foreseer. mind reader and so on) you have not choice but to deal with all the information you can get and summun it to find the truth (better learn german (and Italian, spanish, french, ...) on this one). The "" saw a video" has as much value in this day and age than what the average FOAF, thought I wonder if the FOAF as not more value because you can track it to some point.

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Posted in: Livestreamed killings test social media measures to block extremist content See in context

Which kind of information can a video of murders can give you than a report about it can not ?

The video are not made to inform but to exhibit.

I do not see how information is censored by not seeing a video of a murdered staging himself in the act of murdering. Browsing Internet One can get a wide coverage of what happened.

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Posted in: Super typhoon on track to drench Japan's main island See in context



https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap?lat=23.2&lon=139.8&wxstn=0&satellite=1&hur=1 Seems like, for now, it is expected to follow Japan land a bit before landing, which could help reduce its strength. Thought I am getting worried by the fact than it was getting colder in Osaka recently but today is quite warm again. If I am not mistaking, cold weather bring typhoon down but warm one bring them up. Wondering : since lot of human activities produce heat, could preventive measure to reduce heat production when major typhoon are coming help in downsizing them ?

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Posted in: Trump threatens to 'obliterate' Turkish economy over Syria incursion plan See in context

in my great and unmatched wisdom

If we assume he is right, we have to assume his only purpose is to start WW3.

He should be happy that people think he is a idiot. We had 2WW, we know the consequence so what would it make someone purposely trying to start one for what ? Money, power, post war period, ... ?

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Posted in: Venezuelan ambassador to Japan says bank account is frozen See in context

Good thing Japan is a cash-based society, right?

If they thought of keeping a bunch of man or/and have family/friend which can support them, obviously.

If not, that will not help them. They will be as screwed as in a cashless society.

Good reminder of the bad stuff about the cashless society.

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