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The report expects you to believe that conditions in Saudi Arabia are equal to those in Ireland, and that Qatar is equal to Denmark.

No it did not. The grading concern the politics in place to fight against human trafficking not the level of it. So potentially a country with higher level of human trafficking but more active/effective/positive action to fight it, according to criteria for the report, can have higher rank than a country with low level of trafficking which is not seen, according to criteria, as doing enough against it. Your example of Saudi Arabia and Ireland perfectly illustrate that.

Good read, there is only 570 pages :



Before claiming that attack against USA are not purely ad hominem, you should perhaps try by not doing it yourself :

a morally corrupt country

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You should read the article you linked and take in account the author (which is an organism promoting nuclear energy). According, to the article : the committee say the plan (release in ocean or evaporation) were “technically feasible.”.

And that "The safe and effective implementation of the disposition of ALPS-treated water is a unique and complex case,” and “Solutions are available. They will require sustained attention, safety reviews, regulatory supervision, a comprehensive monitoring program supported by a robust communication plan, and proper engagement with all stakeholders.”

So I do not see "support" in it.

The question remain the same :

will Japan treat the water properly (previous article clearly stated that it was not the case and that they will consider retreating it)

how will the disposal be made (timeline, area, ...)

The current address is clearly on part with the recommendation : do not rush, consult other.

And, regarding the : "but every nuclear plant around the world release water in the see ocean". You understand that the amount is not the same and the rules are strict ? And some people are against nuclear partly/totally for the waste generated, so you are just digging your own hole ?

And about polluted water going to the ocean : did Tepco manage to stop the leak ? I did not heard of it recently.

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The IAEA, another UN expert body has officially supported Japan's discharge plan.

Are you sure they supported the plan to release unproperly filtrated water accumulated over the course of around 10 years that they will consider to refiltrate before releasing in the course of 1 year or something like that in a limited area ?

Or perhaps the plan changed because in the last news I read about that that was the plan.

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You should contact your embassy :

Foreign residents can contact the agency, the nearest regional immigration bureau or their home country's embassy in Japan to confirm whether they qualify, the official said.

But if that is just going to see alive family/friend, most likely : you will not be able to come back.

special exceptional circumstances [...] include those in which a family member has died overseas or a foreign

resident requires medical treatment that cannot be received in Japan

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I think it is time to think reorganization.

Put everything in perfectly closed box according to need. It must be easier to disinfect box to hundred of things put around everywhere and which for some must not have been used for weeks.

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Still pointless to shout. Assuming, your story is true you do not know at a matter of fact how much the test cost. You know how much it is billed.

Thanks for illustrating that, if given the choice, people/company will choose to pay the cost instead of having more troublesome stuff happen.

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It is also globally accepted that the vast majority of cases result in no symptoms or mild symptoms which require self isolation and rest at home.

And how are you going to achieve that without testing the suspect case ?

"testing for the sake of testing" everybody

Why do you request that everybody is tested ? What is your logic behind that. The only people I saw requesting that everybody are tested are the same which say nobody is to be tested. That is quite the logic twist.

Well, over here in the UK the cost per test is a mealy £200. And I know this for a FACT.

Shooting is not proof. So I assume you have no idea at all.

After in choosing in between. in one hand :

~ having to pay £200 and if tested negative being able to go to work, not having to stay in hotel, not having your full family stuck at home without salary for 2 weeks, risking contamination of your older family member which stay at home because not able to care for oneself (and contrary to the common belief of all the "just let do nothing that virus only kill worthless people" (thought said not so bluntly) you are found of the idea of seeing one die) and/or .... or if tested positive having to be isolated at hotel/hospital/home and the national insurance take in charge part of your salary.

Or in the other hand :

~ being put in quarantine for 2 weeks with your whole family, except if you work in some branch when they will ask you to come back earlier, still without test, and taking the risk to have your name broadcasted as the one which broke quarantine and contaminated ones workplace, no salary for the whole family, pay for your hostel stay if you are afraid to put your family at risk, ...

= I am not sure the people will not choose to pay for the test when giving the choice in between £200 test or 2 weeks unpaid quarantine for the whole family. Must explain why the choice do not exist to begin with.

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For people having memory trouble :

First identified cluster on 19th of January : https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20200217/p2a/00m/0na/012000c

It was at a new year party for tax driver on a boat. This led to contamination of a hospital and first death in Japan. Nothing to do with Diamond Princess.

First domestic case found on 28th January : https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/01/28/national/japan-first-domestic-transmission-coronavirus/

It was a tourist bus driver. Nothing to do with Diamond Princess.

Before/After these others cases appeared in Japan linked to China/Chinese tourists. The Diamond Princess is not the source of all infections cases in Japan even in the early stage.

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If you are a foreigner stuck in Japan with no income nor option to go back home, you should try to contact your embassy. It is possible they can help you. Good luck.

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It is not only homeless which are involved in dealing with can. One of my neighbor has usually a big bunch of these bag in front of ones place and flatten the can.

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the number of fatalities related to the flu is remarkably low this certain year.

Since you asked :


According to a JT poster which did not put link, seems that the suicide number is too on decline

kokontozai May 14 09:34 am JST

The numbers of suicide for this year are as follows; (the last year ) 

January : 1,667 (1,684)

February : 1,434 (1,615)

March : 1,704 (1,856)

April : 1,455 (1,814)

and you can see the drop in the mortality tally in February in Tokyo.

There were 1,200 fewer deaths in February this year than in the same month in 2019, while they rose by 428 in March.


The early end of flu season and other effect of self restrain&co could be a hypothesis explanation for the 1200 less deaths.

That should be interesting to make more researches about what reduced the deaths number and why the effect did not extend past February.

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“Pitbulls do not have lock jaws”

Any proof they have ?


”All dogs are equal”

”There are no bad dogs, just people”

Every living being is different. Being good or bad is subjective. Should a bunch of beings be labeled as having some specifics behaviors because they share the same name and a few similar physical traits ?


There is a factual, literal reason standing in your face as to why Pitbulls kill and Pomeranians don’t!

Because people which want a killing dog will choose to buy a dog which look like it will be able to kill with one bit ? But is not bear sized, too much touble.


Bet you think all cats are equal too? Go pet a jaguar then.

Jaguar : Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Suborder: Feliformia Family: Felidae Subfamily: Pantherinae Genus: Panthera Species: P. onca

Domestic cat : Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Suborder: Feliformia Family: Felidae Subfamily: Felinae Genus: Felis Species: F. catus

If we go for the canis :

Dog (including pomeranian, American bulldog, ...) : Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Canidae Subfamily: Caninae Tribe: Canini Subtribe: Canina Genus: Canis Species: C. lupus Subspecies: C. l. familiaris Trinomial name Canis lupus familiaris

It will mean compare dog with 2 extincts sub-families. So we will have to go down, so dogs and tanuki are the same then. Perhaps you should rethink your comparison.



@ kurisupisu

No laws were being broken so why was there a police intervention in the first place?

I will guess for trespassing and noise disturbance :

[...] The area where the group of about 30 people had gathered was off-limits [...] a nearby resident complained about the noise

And police can intervene even if no law is broken as their duty include protecting order, preventing problem and so on.

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The picture seems to have been taken in Yamashita park :


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@Concerned Citizen

Your link is only about New York. That is not worldwide. And that do not state how it was calculated, as for example was triage in place or not.

As stated before, the underlying condition are pretty average so vulnerable people to protect will amount to a significant part of the population.

You seems to assume that the consequence of having the virus go free in something like half the population which is not to be protected will save economy ... were do you get that from ? Protecting will have a cost. Not protecting will have a cost.

Japan is not going for mass quarantine and declared state of emergency 2 weeks ago. I doesn't look like hat saved economy.

A society is not just about its economy. You can wreck one even if the economy is going well.

And is the actual dominant economic model so good that it need to be saved ? According to you, it seems that in order to save itself in time of crisis it will not hesitate to crush lot of people. Is not it already wrecked ?

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@ Educator60

The article doesn't void the argument of part of the death from covid-19 can go unnoticed.

Out of all the death, police conducted autopsie on the one deemed unatural (like too young toi die). On them the ones dying from pneumonia were tested. The article state that the government tests suspicious pneumonia but not clear in among the police corpus of unnatural deaths with pneumonia where all tested or only the suspicious one.

And most of the time the explanation about unnoticed fatalities come as reply of people seeming disappointed that mortuary service in Japan could substain 1%, 5% daily increase and, untill some degree, death increase could go unoticed.

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Posted in: Australians told restrictions must stay even as new virus infections slow See in context

@Concerned Citizen

Worldwide average age of Covid-19 deaths: Over 75

Were did you get this one and how was it calculated ? For one was it with or without triage in place ?

75% of the dead had underlying health conditions

You understand that that is pretty average underlying condition we are talking about ?

9,5% of the population suffer from diabetes : https://www.statista.com/statistics/271464/percentage-of-diabetics-worldwide/

In between 5 and 10% of the population suffer from asthma : https://www.medscape.com/answers/296301-7945/what-is-the-worldwide-prevalence-of-asthma

And so on.

Regarding economy, you understand that even the life of people old or people with health issue have a value ? For Australia, it is $182,000 per year (as of 2014) : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_of_life#Australia

The inaction has also economical consequences : infected people will pop out, and having unhealthy and contagious people also has a cost.

The perception of the measure taken or not by authority and affiliate has a cost.

and so on ...

Perhaps you should consider the Australian government has a more global approach of the situation and its impact ; and not only regarding economic.

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Posted in: If users of smartphones loaded with the app come into close proximity, the handsets will receive each other's phone number and record it in an encrypted form. If users of the app are found to be infected with the virus, authorities can analyze the encoded data and identify people who may have come into close contact with the virus carriers. See in context

So having official from labor ministry go to work place check the compliance to the 3C +1 and force company to close with full salary for staff if not and not deemed as necessary or help built up strategy to improve the 3C + 1 if deemed as necessary and grant worker better work condition as compensation - can not do.

Providing subsidies so that shop/restaurant/... deemed unnecessary can close without taking the risk of going bankrupt - can not do.

Testing, track/backtracking, treating (isolation included) every case (and potential in case of testing) - can not do.

Providing subsidies to people which have to quarantine (not tested) - can not do.

Preparing health system to face a surge of patients - can not do.

... - can not do

Creating an intrusive app violating privacy for people to install - can do.

Well, no thank. I let you imagine how many people will forget their phone in locker ...

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I remember you that around 67 of the people which were on board are still infected, 4 are critical and 1 died 3 days ago. Moreover some inland infection can be traced to the cruise. So there is still people which care and find it relevant.

That you want the number to be clearly separated is understandable but perhaps you should choose your phrasing and not asking for them to disappear.

Regarding the first weekend, seems like except for Fukuoka more people used station than yesterday : https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/special/coronavirus/

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For rent and utilities, you should follow previous advice.

Regarding job, you should try to go Hello Work and see if they can not provide you some job in farm with food and housing. With the border closed quite possible they are short handed so perhaps you can get a bit of income until your normal activities can resume.


As the other said, you should try to go out with your daughter more. Perhaps try to find another green area without playground to avoid frustration to your daughter. If you are not already doing it, try to do some gardening with her, like growing flowers, mini tomatoes, ... should also attract a few insects and the like so that can kept a kiddo busy a while.

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What about a link about the official announcement ? There is most likely lot of people willing to hoard usefull but if you do not tell them what is needed that will go waste.

Regarding getting your hand on material at cheap cost if not free, dear Mayor/Governor, why about offering business willung to help to subside for their staff under unemployment benefit without need for firing and free/uncommon advertisement space. Start with Nishinomyia no French Decathlon should be a language they understand as it is the one talked by French government, it seems. An as their brand diving mask can be converted in emergency respirator mask that will solve further trouble.

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And finally, where are my masks? I have been asking around and I haven't met anyone who has received their masks,

Because the budget for the distribution is still not voted.

The government will submit a supplementary budget for fiscal 2020 from

April to the Diet next week to finance an emergency package worth 108

trillion yen ($1 trillion), part of which will fund the mask


I do not know if the budget for production was. If not, time for Japanese Netizen to go berseck to stop this waste of money. That is not enough mask and lot of people can make them if you give them the model. Make stuff based of voluntary work and donation : business selling material hand out their hand of cloth roll they do not need anymore to people able to sew which once they have finished hand them up to police/post office/city hall/ ... which will distribute to people in need when they meet one (just have to always ask then give if they have or take name to put in a listing for distribution by post during normal activities if they do not) and explain how to handle and wash them.

Did they never heard of the word "solidarity" ? When flight got canceled, hotel closed, some government asked their expat to offer (free) lodging to co-national stuck abroad until they could be brought back home. Guess what it worked. Same as after tero attack or disaster, most people help each other in time of need just create the condition to do it.

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You suggest you don't like my "narrative," but you haven't written anything to show how it is wrong.

The simple fact that I got tired of reading your narrative about people being sheep driven by fear of dying from a virus and willing to thrown away all their freedom because of it, though this time phrased less directly insultingly is in itself proof that it is wrong,.

Your narrative repose on the belief of people react only to the prognosis of the disease for themselves, which nothing more than an assumption which seems driven by your own way to approach the pandemic. You should have noticed just by reading the comments on this website that a lot of people just do not approach the situation through this angle in general (in the event of specific conversation this angle could be used).

Less reductionist, at what risk of fatality do you consider it acceptable to surrender all our human rights to a government ?

So you consider people have the right to choose to remain inside but if they do so they are surrendering their human right to the government. Same go to everything you listed.

You have no idea of people motivation, way of life, action, human right perception ... you just imagine everything to suit your narrative according most likely from your own perception and go up your high horse to judge everyone and not just voicing opinion about their action.

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Still not tired of your narrative ?

You have the right to consider that the only important part in a pandemic is the prognosis of the disease for yourself but perhaps it is time you understand other people are not you : they can think like you but have another prognosis or they can, even, think totally differently of you. Same for the way of life.

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please undervote us to show you clearly don't understand what "exponential growth rate" means

You should perhaps try to educate yourself about exponential growth and virus spread before implying other of not understand it.

Tips : exponential death does not mean that everything falling under : imagine a penny doubling value every days.




https://www.lemonde.fr/les-decodeurs/visuel/2020/04/02/coronavirus-a-quoi-sert-le-confinement_6035266_4355770.html#slide=30 (to continue until 36)





NB : using the fact to be downvoted as a proof of you are right is a fallacious argument. Same apply the other way round.


You are still going on about your not understanding ?

We are approaching the 15th of April, what did your math decide regarding the prognosis and potential number of unidentified cases ?

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@ doggar

You missed part of the story : he pointed to Japanese that Japanese staff on a Japanese store requested them to respect distance. And as he was in the receiving end of the break of rules, his nationality should not be of concern neither the one of the rules breaker.

@ Miles

the growth rate in Japan is more linear

You should review your curb.



far more stringent standards of hygiene

It depend of what you refer to. For example, the Japanese system for bakery can be seen as dirty in other countries.

a respect for each other's personal spaces

Proxemics varies a lot in between countries. And, regarding the density in big Japanese cities, it will be most likely that people growing there will have a higher tolerance to smaller space compared to less dense area. And that even in between countries.



that can't be found anywhere else

Any studies to back it up or just racist belief ?

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

Japan or any country sees their death rate start to double and triple in a single day, then and only then should the public really become seriously worried

So according to your friend, which happen unexpectedly to be an authority, nobody around the world should be seriously worried about the virus. Since there is no country which as of now have this kind of rate and the higher number of deaths before passing under the 1 day double marker was 37.



95% of the world's population who are infected with Covid-19 have minor symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Nope that is 81%



Stay home if you can. But if you cannot because you have a family to feed and bills to pay, do not be ashamed to go out and support yourself.

That is true, thought there is no need to twist facts to state it. Same for people going the other way, they should not be ashamed to stay in and protect.

What about trying to not use fake easily verifiable data to try to soften people stress ? Lying make things worse in the middle/long run for one because you destroy trust.

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

Burning Bush

Also, I wonder why the we aren't given the number of positives/number of tests.

They are doing it. They just do not go to your house every morning to give these to you. Same for every stuff you are requesting. They are given daily (with various time gap depending of the source). What about making an effort ?

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Nishimura told the governors that the government wants to spend the period determining if Abe's emergency declaration, which strongly urged people to stay indoors, is effective in curbing infections, the sources said

So the national government urge people to stay inside but make it mandatory for business to operate as usual to get any subsidies for failing income.

What are the objectives ?

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Posted in: Support groups fear domestic violence spike amid calls for people to stay home See in context

Just to make sure.

To every people which consider that in case of domestic violence where a woman is victim of physical violence she should accept her share of the blame because it takes 2 to create a situation, and the like : does this mean you consider than a man victim of physical violence should also assume that it is partly his responsibility ? what about child ? what about other kind of violence : psychological, sexual, ... ? what about violence outside of the household ? Is there a moment you consider someone which suffered violence is 100% a victim ?

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Posted in: Which do you prefer: the state of emergency that has been declared for parts of Japan, that does not involve penalties for non-compliance, or the strict lockdowns in some other countries where police can fine people who are non-compliant? See in context

The current system is ok.

I think the choice make it look like punishment is the answer of everything. Like Japanese are not following because there is no punishment and foreigner are following because there is punishment.

Punishment or not, there will be people which comply and people which do not comply. If punishment was so effective nobody would break the law.

Explanation should be sufficient for most people, incitement/compensation when needed. And it is not like there no law in Japan so if need really be they can just try to open a law books (or just ask the one which was able to dig out the law used for the reselling mask issue, she/he seems to not have sleep through all university). So thanks to the government for not using it as a way to force a constitution change, they were asked to take a proactive approach by testing from the beginning and had enough warning signal. No matter the reason or non-reason, they choose to dismiss the issue, the responsibility is on them.

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