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Its actually quite amusing if you think about it.

You know English speakers who think people who don't speak English will understand them if they just speak English really slowly?

This is the Japanese written equivalent of that.

Not really.

The message is not for people which do not understand japanese at all but for people which do not read kanji and do not understand difficult japanese.

For people missing it :

The need for simplified Japanese notices became evident after the Ministry of Justice conducted a survey in 2016 that found only 44 percent of foreign residents understand English, but 62.6 percent understand Japanese.

There is more people going to understand the simplified japanese version than a english one.

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Where a pool Match cannot be commenced on the day in which it is scheduled, it shall not be postponed to the following day, and shall be considered as cancelled. In such situations, the result shall be declared a draw and Teams will be allocated two Match points each and no score registered. For the avoidance of doubt, no bonus points will be awarded.

The rules say they can not postpone to another day.

I do not know rules for the relocating, but seeing the typhoon route and timing relocating seems difficult. We are not talking only about the team and press but also a full lot of people wanting to see it. It means providing transportation for all of these : plane are not flying, train are not running. The safest place is south but it is not reachable on Saturday, so it means going there on Friday. They have to fit a least 1 additionnal Shinkansen in the schedule and/or several plane. Then provide accomodation for all these people. It is not like they can have them sleep in evacuation center.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman as she walked home in Tokyo See in context

The problem is not the gropers

Is that a joke ?

If someone come to you and start touching your private, ... you are fine with it ? Even if the other one is not your type at all ?

You understand most people do not think this way and consider normal to be allowed to choose who touch them.

Japanese (man and woman) are perfectly approachable, it just imply you making a bit of effort : talking to them. Sure some are not interested to even talk to you and having some start running (I am not so big T-T) can be unpleasant but well, that happen. Just try someone else (and perhaps a different approach).

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I am really not sure where you think the "authorities" get their information.

Did not you say before than "authorities" were not reliable so you wanted the video ?

I remember you, we are talking about the fact than you consider censorship of information, the non display of a video of a murderer exhibiting his act of murdering people.

You can get information without seeing a video and a video is not by essence a reliable source of information (it can be faked, it can be edited, it can only show what was filmed, perception can be oriented, ...).

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Umbrellas are useless in a typhoon, and in reality are VERY dangerous as well

You are refering to my post ? I was talking about an area which have no warming.

Thanks to remembering that umbrella are a bad idea in typhoon (and useless).

A poncho is the best way to go! It may not be fashionable

Not fashionable ? Where do you buy your poncho ? If 100en shop ones are usually plain for 300en you can get some patterned one.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

I think that is a good idea and I do not understand why are people complaining. I got no trouble with the hiragana version except for the ”きそう” than I didn't identify and for which the kanji could have helped.

Several kanji in the kanji version are no good for me. I do not see why is that any relevant to refer to kids school level, most of foreigners didn't go to elementary school in Japan. Foreigner are more likely to go around stuff like JLPT in their kanji level and to start by reading child books, manga, ... so using kanji when the word is usually written in hiragana is ...

The only thing which could help more is if they could differentiate the particle of the rest of the word with typo, this way it is easier to understand or not understand and then look in a dictionary.

That is a good reading practice and it allow you to get important information. For me it is better if NHK use easy japanese than normal japanese I will not understand or english that will not help me improve my japanese (and some people can not even understand it as the article say).

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he rushed in behind her, placed a towel over her head, dragged her to the ground where he groped her, police said

I am wondering : why does the police said "groped" instead of "sexually assaulted". It kind of let me a bad after taste.

Is "groped" really what is called according to law ?

I mean for year, we saw victim being shamed for being raped. As if they were some kind of dirty thing.

Or sexual assault being dismissed as not so much of a big deal (the average : "it is like being bitten by a dog").

So that kind of itch, I am willing to believe than no bad under-taste exist. It is just, reading it kind of itch.

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@ Sleepytanuki

I use wundergroung and JMA, but, it is not like there is no others options, see nandakandamanda post, if you want other ones, I am just used to these



According to these Chugoku is not on the direct way of this one but that is expectation. There is still a possibility for it to change its route. So follow news. And even if it is not going to land there, there is chance to see typhoon wide area effect like rain, wind. So if you have stuff on you balcony, you better get them inside just in case (at least it will be good practice). If you have your washing machine out, getting the habit of turning the water off could be useful.

For now there is no warning nor advisory (JMA website) so it is most likely your are going to have a pretty normal day (a 100 shop umbrella (if not a poncho) is a better choice than the umbrella your late-grandma give you before your trip to Japan, thought.).

Since Japan is prone to disaster, it can be a good opportunity for you to get your disaster supply in order : canned food, water, battery, torch, some way to get information even in case of power shutdown, ...

Hope you enjoy your stay in Japan. Welcome !

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Posted in: Livestreamed killings test social media measures to block extremist content See in context

You trust the "authorities" to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I do not. I expect them to lie when it pleases them. History is on my side. Faith is on yours.

So you expect video to be a reliable source of information ? That is is quite a big joke.

Anybody which ever watched a movie can understand how low is a video value. If you are not on site (and some kind of foreseer. mind reader and so on) you have not choice but to deal with all the information you can get and summun it to find the truth (better learn german (and Italian, spanish, french, ...) on this one). The "" saw a video" has as much value in this day and age than what the average FOAF, thought I wonder if the FOAF as not more value because you can track it to some point.

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Posted in: Livestreamed killings test social media measures to block extremist content See in context

Which kind of information can a video of murders can give you than a report about it can not ?

The video are not made to inform but to exhibit.

I do not see how information is censored by not seeing a video of a murdered staging himself in the act of murdering. Browsing Internet One can get a wide coverage of what happened.

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https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap?lat=23.2&lon=139.8&wxstn=0&satellite=1&hur=1 Seems like, for now, it is expected to follow Japan land a bit before landing, which could help reduce its strength. Thought I am getting worried by the fact than it was getting colder in Osaka recently but today is quite warm again. If I am not mistaking, cold weather bring typhoon down but warm one bring them up. Wondering : since lot of human activities produce heat, could preventive measure to reduce heat production when major typhoon are coming help in downsizing them ?

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Posted in: Trump threatens to 'obliterate' Turkish economy over Syria incursion plan See in context

in my great and unmatched wisdom

If we assume he is right, we have to assume his only purpose is to start WW3.

He should be happy that people think he is a idiot. We had 2WW, we know the consequence so what would it make someone purposely trying to start one for what ? Money, power, post war period, ... ?

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Posted in: Venezuelan ambassador to Japan says bank account is frozen See in context

Good thing Japan is a cash-based society, right?

If they thought of keeping a bunch of man or/and have family/friend which can support them, obviously.

If not, that will not help them. They will be as screwed as in a cashless society.

Good reminder of the bad stuff about the cashless society.

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Posted in: No butts, no boors: Rugby fans learn the ropes in polite Japan See in context

What about just stating stuff as they are :

As in your country, it is not see as proper behavior to not mind your surrounding (loud talk, wide move, throw your trash outside of designated area, smoking in forbidden area, ...). As in your country, you will saw a lot of native acting improperly (as the sign reminding proper manner in the train show) and it is often overlooked. That does not mean the behavior is fine. So you should follow proper etiquette as taught in your own home country as it is most likely to be spot on.

There is some specific in Japan :

sneezing is ok as blowing in public is not even if you hide the act

making sound when eating ramen is fine

there is almost no public trash bin (aim for your house, conbini, station, eating area)

there is almost no public seating (think positively you are not 80, department store and the like could be a good aim)

smoking and non smoking area rules can differ from your home country and finding a smoking area can be tricky (if you got a smartphone there is some app for that)

(does anybody have any idea of other specific which can be useful for traveler instead of the usual crap about Japan is more polite than your country because they have the same politeness rules as your country ¯(°_o)/¯ and stuff like the title of the article).

What does drug have to do with politeness ?

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@ Bugle Boy of Company B

It is an alcohol store, so they need to go from 8% to 10% for the alcohol drink. If they register is an "old" ones it can not make automatic calculation for any other tax than 8% so they need a new one. Possible also that they are selling snack to go with the drink which will be 8% (for the non alcoholic beverage, I think it also stay 8%). So this mean they need one which will do the 2 tax rates. So it will be more expensive.

It look like it is an old store owned by old people which perhaps doesn't even have that many customer so that is not worth the cost neither the trouble of doing it "manually".

@ Yubaru

It is too late for the one which already spend a lot of money but if you have other acquaintance with the same trouble, you should suggest them to work out around the chair : remove the chair and make the table an exhibition area, if they want no eating in or give chair only to customer saying they want to eat in. Less costly and since it is quite possible than the exemption for take out will dry out in the future...

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He's been watching too many Marvel movies.

yeah hed better just nickname himself Thanos and start collecting those Infiniti stones

Err!! That was TANOS idea !!

I did not see the movies but according to what I read about it, you are insulting Thanos by linking him with the comment uttered. Thanos' idea was to wipe out 50% of life form to save the universes. The selection was random. So no racism in his scheme.

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Posted in: After the Oct 1 rise in the consumption tax from 8% to 10%, do you think the one-yen and five-yen coins will gradually disappear from circulation? See in context

Takeout foods excluded, of course.

Is not the next tax rise planned to be about the take out food to make it 10% ? There will be so many people complaining that it is so difficult to understand that the government will feel compelled to make everything 10% even thought they so much did not want to.

Regarding the number of articles teaching us how it is so difficult to manage I was expecting it, was I wrong ?

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context


I already stated that I should have ignored your reference about system change since it was not what I was talking about and that I was unable to resume it properly to make it clear. So why are you still bothering ? You go about part of a message which was a response to what you said. There is nothing in my first message to backup your claim that I am concerned about the creation of a legal precedence. As said previously, it was a reply to your message not what I was talking about. Then once more you start talking about the legal value of the petition. It is not what I talking about. I already wrote it was my mistake to stray since it was a different subject altogether.

I did not wrote you were not being civil just that we were not able to communicate. You talk about the legal value of the petition and I am not talking about it.

I didn't write you were not being civil. You have the right to find me demeaning if you want to. If we are talking frankly, I found you being quite impolite. I mean all the inference.

So can we quit it now ?

We are not able to communicate. It is like that. It is not a big deal. None of us is wrong just we do not manage to find a way to reach the same subject. It is like we are on 2 different river and since we do not see the same stuff we can not get the other one and ones action looks strange.

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context


So you agree that these people are asking for someone to be killed. They are petitioning for it. You think it is normal. I think it is twisted.

You're basically suggesting that people should not have the rights to petition for death penalty, is that it? If not, then I have to ask again, what's your point?

My point is that it is twisted. And I am asking for number. If they think death penalty can be requested by petitioning, I ask how many signature do they think should be needed to have it granted. We already go around lot of the stuff that petition was not. If they see petitioning as legitimate way to overrule the judgement which say life imprisonment, that could apply to anything else.

For the second paragraph : I already replied

I clearly stated that the existence of this petition could "be susceptible to pave the way to the creation a legal precedence in the worst case" if the court were to decide to go for the death penalty. And "the effect on people perception of justice could be bad" if the court were to decide to go for death penalty. That is quite different. And that was after, your post were you talked about system change. So still : "Not directly relevant."

I was being exhaustive by replying to your reference about system change. Sure, I should have ignored it since it is a different matter and trying to cut it short seems to have mislead you.

Personally, I am concerned about the tax rise at the moment and its impact on my daily life and world situation overall, but that has nothing to do with the article. Nevertheless, thanks for asking.

Happy, that we agree on the fact that we are not talking to each other. That will cut things short. Have a good day.

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context


Note that, again, despite your usage of the words "pressure on the authority", that a petition by gathering signatures will not change how a legal proceeding goes.

Do you understand what a petition is ? We are not talking about it efficiency but about what it is.

Except as a joke, I never heard of people signing a petition for the major of your city to make the Earth flat. Because, even if you want the Earth to be flat, that is a useless petition. These people signed this petition because they considered it as a mean a pressure on the authority.

They didn't sign a notice to say they think this guy deserve death sentence. It is a petition seeking the death penalty. They endorsed a request for someone to be killed.

Evidently relevant, seeing as how you're concerned that the signatures will somehow pressure the authority.

I clearly stated that the existence of this petition could "be susceptible to pave the way to the creation a legal precedence in the worst case" if the court were to decide to go for the death penalty. And "the effect on people perception of justice could be bad" if the court were to decide to go for death penalty. That is quite different. And that was after, your post were you talked about system change. So still : "Not directly relevant."

I am more or less even wondering if we are talking to each other. I mean : I am talking about the act of petitioning to seek the death of someone.

If I wanted to talk about death penalty, I will be doing it. And when I want to do it, I do it. I am not saying what I think of it neither asking people to tell what they think of it as it is not directly relevant. I will not say uninteresting thought but it is not like we would be able to gather enough data to make it useful for researcher.

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context


everybody just imagine it was your 9yr old daughter

They didn't sign as the father/mother of the girl. They sign as themselves which are not the mother/father of the girl (minus the real family obviously). Justice doesn't work this way and when talking about sentence choosing to just see one side is kind of limited. If you are directly involved, it is quite understandable you can not take the distance needed, it is why justice is handled by people which are suppose to be able to kept a neutral stance allowing them to receive all the information.

always spoken by people whose families have never been a victim of premeditated murder and rape

You understand there is death penalty opponent among bereaved family ?

PS : in this case the murder was not judged as premeditated

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context


So you think it is normal to have 1.34 million people sign a petition to ask for the death of someone. It is what is written :

He has collected signatures from 1.34 million people seeking the death penalty for Shibuya.

These people signed a petition seeking the death penalty.

When you sign a petition seeking for the stop of animal testing for cosmetic, it means you want it to stop. You are expecting than by having enough signature they will stop. That is what a petition is.

They didn't endorse a notice claiming they find the judgement too lenient. They sign a petition seeking death penalty. They sign to request someone to be killed. They thought there is not nothing wrong in using number pressure on the authority to kill someone. They didn't sign to request a new trial. They sign for death.

If you start thinking it is fine to petition to kill A, there is no end to it.

You have to note that no amount of signatures are going to somehow "allow" or "grant" the death penalty, that's not how the system works. And there's no need to vilify this as if signatures can somehow allow for rape or robbery.

Not directly relevant. We are talking about the fact that people action not how the petition is going to be use or not by the authority.

In that regard, all we can hope is that no death penalty will not befall as it will be susceptible to pave the way to the creation a legal precedence in the worst case. And, the effect on people perception of justice could be bad.

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

He has collected signatures from 1.34 million people seeking the death penalty for Shibuya.

That is twisted. There is 1.34 million people which thought it was a good idea to have other people death granted over petitioning, really ? Did they not think of what they were asking for ?

So how many signatures do someone need to collect to allow killing ?

How many for rape ?

How many for robbery ?

Does it work retroactively ?

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Posted in: Frayed Japan-S Korea ties should not affect security issues: Abe See in context

Anti Japan squad

Sure, the anti-japan squad, because Abe is Japan. If you did not notice only one post is not about Abe, except yours obviously.

I guess Abe is still using South Korea to pursue is agenda of making Japan able to play war because real man play war, or something like that.

So well the situation is shitty. And I do not think Abe plan to make any real move to improve the situation until it get the Constitution adjusted to his taste.

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Posted in: Seeking favors, Trump asked Ukraine president to investigate Biden See in context

I read the transcript.


What a strange conversation. I kind of agree with Sanders (I think it's him who said that) about the mafia like part. Lot of unsaid, bargaining, ... Not just the Biden part is creepy.

Zelenskyy must be so not happy about the transcript of his part. Even taking in account it is politics and he is talking to Trump, that seems still a lot.

The end is fascinating : 2 times Zelenskyy call Trump by his official title : "Mr President" (he did it also before) but Trump, peanuts. Did he not get the memo ? He is not your lackey, he is "Mr President" too.

After, for Biden, I do not really get what Trump supporter are talking about. Biden father and son are US citizen, so if they did something bad, they can just be prosecuted in US. No need to seek help from another president.


I personally think he had every right to inquire about his political rival

I hope the law prove your personal thinking wrong because if a President can use his power and the mean of the country to inquire about opponent, I think there is something wrong with the job entitlement. These power and mean are to benefice the people of the country not the one winning the election. Trump acted as a President not as a candidate. Everyone should be able to draw the line.

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Posted in: 'How dare you?' Greta Thunberg asks world leaders at U.N. See in context

"she not mention population control as the only real solution to taming greenhouse emissions"

"For one, how about if the protestors actually protested in the countries which are the largest contributors to carbon emission- China, India, etc?"

How comfortable ! Even without having to go for the climate change denier, you can just brush it at not being your problem.

The only real solution is population control. Let me guess which countries have low birth rate. which have birth rate ? Which countries produce a lot of greenhouse gas, which do not ?

People should be protesting in the country which are the largest producer of greenhouse as : European Union, USA. Well, seems to me they do.

And for who are the stuff produced in China ? The environmental cost of your new made in China smartphone/computer/shoes/... is on you (in the limit of the information you can gather and alternative choice) and the company producing it. Putting all of it on China is a bit easy.

It is our mistake, our misbehavior, our problem.



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Posted in: Make climate fight 'sexy' and 'fun,' says Japan's new environment minister See in context

"In politics there are so many issues, sometimes boring. On tackling such a big-scale issue like climate change, it's got to be fun, it's got to be cool. It's got to be sexy too,"


"We are committed to realizing a decarbonised society, and we are ready to contribute as a more powerful country in the fight against climate change,"

As it is the only information about his speech, I do not really get why people are bashing him. He is minister of environment of Japan not of the world. He got to adjust to who he is dealing with. There is millions of young people around the world wanting a change and demonstrating for it. In Osaka, regarding the demo, I guess some idol show will be more enticing. So well, as he has got to deal with Japanese, he doesn't have much choice. For years, people in power worked hard to make the mass passive. So if the mass need a mascot to start feeling concerned, fine by me. Making them concerned by the world around is going to take a long time and is most likely to not be allowed.

For the second part, it is quite difficult to see if he is bullshitting others, bullshitting himself or downsizing "we" as the people concerned by the issue or something like that.

So I will stuck to wait and see regarding the guy. It is not like being the son of, good looking and able to speak english make you utterly incompetent.

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Posted in: Stand and be delivered: Japan's evolving escalator etiquette See in context


But your are entitled to forcing someone to not walk on an escalator ? Because the way you write it your are doing on purpose to bully other people not because you have some health issue or the like making you unable to stand on the standing side.

Just wondering : what will chikan and pickpocket prefer ? Being able to stick to unmoving people in the train or being able to stick to unmoving people on an escalator ?

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Posted in: Japan faces urgent need to realize autonomous transportation See in context

Hokuren says 250 trucks a day operate at the Shari factory alone when the sugar beet harvesting season starts in October.

Why don't they just make tramway ?

In the past factory had they own railway until the main line to transport stuff they produced everywhere then it was charged on wagon pulled by horses. That would have been to much of a pain to have the horse pull things from the factory to everywhere. Since, they have fast truck, they just get ride of all their private railway but you can see these around. It is easy to go back in time and use the previous big sized system, instead of just wanting to kept the small sized system. We are talking about at least 250 trucks a day.

The railway has the inconvenient to take space and limit it for its own use but if you switch to tramway the road can still easily be crossed, used by other. And once the pass is created it can also serve as public transportation for people around and reduce car traffic, improve attractiveness of the area along it, ... . The fare paid by the local will help cover the cost of maintenance and as long as their staff use it too they will not have to pay any transportation cost. They can negotiate to have free rental of the road as long as they are responsible of maintenance and provide transportation service at competitive cost. So even economically, I think having a tramway is worth it in the long ride.

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Posted in: Stand and be delivered: Japan's evolving escalator etiquette See in context

the other day I almost crashed into a more elderly gentlemen riding the escalator down in front of me. Once at the bottom he was moving slowly and I was not sure I and those standing behind me could get around him in time.

It is not only a matter of elderly, there is also young people which have trouble changing pass. I remember my first escalator ride in Japan, there was a board at the bottom saying to not stop. I thought it was a joke but I really saw someone stand at the bottom of an elevator. The moving line create an easy way to avoid collision with people not moving/slowly moving/...

I mostly walk on escalator as I feel it safer and more natural. The escalator in Japan do not look like they are made to stand still, regarding design and speed. There is no flat part at the bottom and at the top + slow elevation/reduction which allow people to get ready to board in and off and adjust there luggage. The escalator move slower than walking pass.

Overall, I do not think escalator were made with a wish for people to stand still or walk in. The fact that they are wide enough for two people to cross each other tend to make me believe that walking and standing people are expected to use it.

As lot said before, the current system work fine. There is no need to change it.

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