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Posted in: Man sent to prosecutors over murder of 3 family members See in context

Let's see if we can wrap ours heads around this. Saito is sent to the prosecutors for vandalism and destruction of property and they release because of "insufficient evidence". Why do I have the sinking feeling they will play the "insufficient evidence" card and just release him again?

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested for alleged drunk driving on Okinawa See in context

Police officer gets suspension due to drunken driving: Okinawa Prefectural Police announced July 1 that a 52 years old police officer violated the traffic law (drunken driving) July 1 and was suspended from work for 6 months. About 5 times higher than the limit of alcohol was detected from his breath. He hit a parked vehicle when he moved his car. The officer requested his resignation on that day. (Ryukyu Shimpo, pg. 27, July 2, 2016: ditto Okinawa Times, pg. 27)

WOW!!! It appears the Okinawans have the same problem, apparently we have different reactions. Drunk driving is drunk driving no matter what nationality. Silly me. I would hope to expect the same reaction though.

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Posted in: American man gets 18 months for dumping woman's body in bay See in context

A little confused.

Gumo testified he was afraid his wife would find out about his affair with Akitaya and subsequently threw her body into the bay.

An autopsy revealed water in her lungs and that she had taken or been given sleeping pills when her body went into the water. Drowning was listed as the cause of death.

This case was handed to the courts on a silver platter.

How can it not be murder

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Posted in: Noda says defense shift could be excuse for militants to attack Japan See in context

ISIL/ISIS has already killed Japanese, Chinese, Norwegians, …etc. Terrorist don’t care who you are, where you are from, or your believes. All they care about is the faith of killing. Apparently the old passive way of thinking wasn’t working and the nation has called on Abe to help protect its citizens. How is he to accomplish that without this “defense shift”? Noda and others are quick to criticize Abe, but offer no ideas to help.

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Posted in: Japanese gov’t sues Okinawan governor in U.S. base relocation dispute See in context

I don’t understand. It seems no matter what Abe does in order to protect Japan and it citizens, everyone in Japan is fighting him in every direction. It was agreed to close Camp Kinser and returned to Okinawa 2013, but the Okinawa governor is complaining about the state of condition it is in. West Futema Housing was closed and returned to Okinawa in 2015. Again, nothing but complaints from the Okinawa governor. Camp Lester closed and returned to the Okinawa in 2015. Isn’t this part of lessening the burden? Then Abe tries to strengthen the Japanese military by changing the constitution and everyone is freaking out. By strengthening the Japanese military, eventually the burden to host the U.S. military may go away. The Central Government has already negotiated a smaller budget with the U.S. to spend on U.S. military projects in Japan. Sometimes I think the Japanese people have their head in the sand. How is Japan going to preserve their peace and sovereignty without a strong defense to protect it?

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Posted in: Battle for Okinawa: Islanders face off with Tokyo over bases See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing ahead with the construction of a new base near the island’s northern city of Nago

I understand the plight the people of Okinawa are going through. They feel like they are between a ROCK (Japan) and a HARD PLACE (U.S.). However, they are not building a NEW BASE. They are just adding to the existing base, Camp Swab. Once that is completed, Futenma will close. It was agreed and expected that 9,000 troops with families will leave the island to Guam. Along with Futenma; Camp Lester and Kinser will also close. The size of American troops is getting smaller, but slowly. Baby steps people.

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