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Posted in: Do you think China made the coronavirus and released it either deliberately or by accident or it wasn't manmade? See in context

Amazed to see top vote here being China deliberately released the virus. I wonder where you get your information from? Also how does China benefit? It doesn’t.

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Posted in: Drone disrupts operations at Kansai airport See in context

Coincidentally I was filming with my drone at Kansas on the same day. I have a DJI Phantom which is very good quality. Got some very cool take off and landing footage for my showreel. Shame I didn’t spot the other drone as I could have got some shots of it for the news and hopefully caught the guy too.

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Posted in: Tests of new Haneda airport flight paths begin above central Tokyo See in context

In Japan with its acquiescent population, we will see.

Well they lost in the end but the decade long highly organised resistance to Narita airport is worth googling. The protests were sophisticated and delayed construction of the airport by a few years. Certainly not acquiescent!

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Posted in: Japan resumes whale meat imports See in context

12 posts so far and not one in support of whaling. How depressing. The holier than thou hypocrisy of these posts disgusts me. The only shame is that Japan doesn't have the guts to get on with it and resume normal commercial whaling. Hopefully they will one day. One good thing about the international restrictions on whaling is that many species of whales are now abundant. I'm ashamed to be British hearing all your pathetic whining about Japan's nasty whaling habits.

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Posted in: Australia world's fattest nation, U.S. 2nd See in context

I still exercise, work out at least three days a week and stay away from junk.

I always laugh when I see those people who 'work out' on their tread-mills like hamsters in a cage.

Eat, drink and enjoy life while you can!

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