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Posted in: Trump fires acting attorney general who defied him on immigrant ban See in context

The course of USA is not depending on others. The way of Donald Trump is not much different form Barrack Obama. I have voted Hilary however she will be talkative and very little actions in the reality. Trump will make America is not becoming France! I started liking Donald style of you are hired or fired.


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Posted in: JAL screening passengers from nations subject to U.S. entry ban See in context

If US immigration will not accept the passengers, JAL does not need to carry them.

The course of USA is not depending on others because it is USA.

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order causes chaos at airports, outrage at protests See in context

Also I see this is a 90 day restriction only. I would like him to explain why this is limited to 90 days. Is there something else in the works?

Some refugees have become terrorists like Boston Bombing Brothers. Russia have warned US authority for that brothers were dangerous however US still issue the refugee Visa for that evil brothers.

The consequence is many American lost their legs during Boston race. 90 days is required for analyzing and vetting the screening potential terrorists with reliable immigration system. It may be a bit harsh. However it is safer.

Not all refugees are terrorists However many terrorists have pretended they were refugees before.

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Posted in: 35 Russian diplomats leave U.S. See in context


Congress and Senate are controlled by Repubilcan majorities. Despite President objection, congress can pursue the further investigation if there is bipatisian agreement. Some Repubilcan elders suspected there were some hackings they want to investigate more. However Presdident has executive power for reinstating diplomats.

After reinstating, if there is something goes wrong, President will be risking not only his job but also national security. Reinstating is very risky move. One rotten tomato can spoil the whole bucket.

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue at Sydney church upsets Japanese-Australian community See in context


In your previous post, you mentioned there were no Australian Women have been raped by JIA. In my knowledge, there were some POWs of Aussies existed during WWII. Some posters said Australian women included. As you are well researched for that issue, are there any credible information?

One thing I am different from other posters is Allied force raped Japanese Women during their landing and occupation. Poor Japanese women should be included as comfort women too. It has been rarely mention in many nations history books.

There were legal prostitution during war time. Even paid Prostitute was not willing to satisfy the multiple clients at once. Japan was waging war with many nations. Even it can not afford to supply enough fighter jets to Air Force. Zero Pilots sacrificed by themselves. Very unlikely one soldier was rationed equally for one prostitute. It was one of the reason, IJA committed war crimes. Even paid prostitue was performing her duty, if she was force to perform beyond her limit, it was a simply gang rapes in my definition.

I also agree with Japanese point of view, Japanese and Okinawa women were victims of Allied force war crimes. There are two sides of stories.

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to White House win See in context

I am not a fan of Trump. However I have to admit he is the marketing machine or fierce and tiredless promoter. Sadly 2016 US election was colorful, insulting, hateful and divisive. Medias want to sell news however their prediction or guessing was not the reality. They are not deciders of election outcome.

It may be a bit premature. As a fan of JT posters debate about hopeless Trump, I would like to say congratulation to Bass4Funk who has fiercely protected Trump and disputed about media bias. Your wish has come true.

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Posted in: FBI clears Clinton after new email review See in context

When Gaddafi was dragged on the road and stabbed multiple times by mobs in Lybra, Hilary Cliton laughed told to reporter as We came, we saw and he died. How insensitive and cruel she was?

Even she will win, she is already damaged good. She is also disgusting, dishonest, dismissiable, dishonorable and deplorable person.

Cliton may be another Richard Nixon who will be another watergate story.

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Posted in: Clinton tries to quell resurgent email issue late in race See in context

Cliton days are numbered like Cherry Bloosom. Trump is so happy like kindergarten boy whenever Cliton is in trouble. Trump said during second debate, I would put that nasty woman behind bar. Is she really deserve for that?

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Posted in: Support for 'my girl' Clinton is personal, Mrs Obama says See in context

I have watched My Girl movie back in 1990s. The leading character young girl was talented, cute and innocent. I still have fond memory of listening "My Girl" "My Girl" song! It was one of the Michale Jackson hit song and collectible.

According wiki leak emails, Hilary Cliton was not my girl or your girl or honest Yankee girl. During her term of Secretary of State, Bill Cliton pocketed charity money 65 millions. How corrupted for stealing money from needy people?

Trump may be rude, out spoken and grouped some women. He did not steal charity.money! If Trump will lose because of the negative publicity, US will become hopeless, worthless and corrupted nation.

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Posted in: Landslide win for Trudeau in Canadian election See in context

This guy looks too young and inexperienced. Canada has already been in the recession. A good old days of selling commodities to China with huge profits are over. China economy is in the transition from resources hungry fixed assets investments into consumers demand driven economy. Therefore Canada export revenue will be weak for sometimes.

Whether the public like it or not, Canada needs painful economic reform such as spending cut, Austerity measure and sustainable innovation for export and competitive wages. Canada will become another Greece if the new Government spends and borrows like no more tomorrows. Hope he should be replaced by another wiser, thoughtful and competent leader in the future.

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Posted in: Obama apologizes to MSF for deadly air strike on Afghan hospital See in context

But it is not a crime. It was a tragic and unacceptable accident.

Bombing hospital and killing 22 victims was unforgettable and unforgiveable war crime. According Geneva convention, Obama is a war criminal. He should return his Noble price for peace after bombing hospital. He has no moral ground for lecturing Others. He has doctors, nurses and patients blood in his hands.

In fact Obama killed more innocent people more than Bush. In Afghanistan, wedding party was bombed by US Air force. Many US Marines deaths were caused by friendly fire from US Air force. Many kids from playground of Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan were mistaken as Taliban for drone strikes.

Incompetence, recklessness and vision impairment are slogans of US Air force. For that tragedy, they could not see red cross sign from hospital.

Dirty Dick Cheney proudly boasted new generation precision weapons will minimize civilian casualty. Friendly fire and collateral damage during Vietnam war was lower than Irag war.

Weapons manufacturers are enjoying the profits with innocent civilians blood.

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must fix domestic problems before taking in refugees See in context

Abe can not fix the economy. He has already used all of the available arrows. There is not much growth in Japan since 1991. Japan is losing industries and hopes.

Abe can not fix the Fukushima Crisis. Without nuclear reactor Japan needs to pay the huge price for energy. Many victims has given up for expecting Abe help.

Abe can not fix the demographic problem. Having and raising kids in Japan is very expensive. Japanese women do not want to carry huge burden of raising kids in touch economic time.

There are many homeless and unemployment in Japan. Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world. Japanese national debt is sky rocketing over 230 percent of GDP. Accepting 11 refugees is slapping the faces of Japanese hungry and homeless people.

Japan should look after her own before opening the gate for flood of economic immigrants. Not all asylum seekers from Europe are Syrians. Many are Iranian and Afghanis who are champions for getting favorable treatment from the governments of western nations. Besides that Iran and Afghanistan are not having civil war like Syria. They are not genuine and opportunistic for free lunches and free university.

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Posted in: China slams U.S. human rights record See in context

China said the U.S. justice system suffered from “serious racial bias”, highlighting police killings of several unarmed black men, which sparked protests over the past year.

African-Americans comprise only 13% of the U.S. population and 14% of the monthly drug users, but are 37% of the people arrested for drug-related offenses in America.

After being arrested, African-Americans are 33% more likely than whites to be detained while facing a felony trial in New York.

In 2009 African-Americans are 21% more likely than whites to receive mandatory minimum sentences and 20% more likely to be sentenced to prison than white drug defendants.

China oppressed and bullied over Tibetans and Uighur minorities group. For other minorities such as Koreans and Mongolians are well treated. It may be identical feature and assimilation factors.

It said that U.S. intelligence had used “indiscriminate” torture against terrorist suspects, while “violating human rights in other countries” with drone strikes and mass surveillance programs.

China has been violating human rights over ethnic minorities. There were many execution carried out over criminals in China more than USA.

However China have not murdered civilians and children of other nations like US.

USA has been murdering civilians and babies of middle east and South Asia with drone attack. Friendly fire against many innocent civilians are so unjust for wiping out the single terrorist.






If China can be called as Villain, US can not be called as Angel either! Drone attack are state sponsored activities. Murdering innocent villagers and children are War Crimes.

US of the A should clean your own backyard of justice and political system before lecturing others. PR of the C should be more civilized for not taking away the individual rights and liberty.

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Posted in: LDP calls for cautious approach to China-led bank See in context


Given Japan's total debt load (by far the highest among OECD countries), at almost 400% of GDP,

Where did you get that statics? In 2014, Japan total debt was 230% of GDP. In 2015, it is more likely increased to 240% of GDP.



Japanese government can default to citizens if it can not pay the interest to investors. Argentina defaulted many times and did not repay the debt. It is better defaulting earlier than overloading never ending interest bill for future.

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Posted in: China to build lighthouses in disputed waters See in context

Would those "lighthouses" be strictly patrolled to prevent

I guess lighthouses can be used for dual purpose. They can be installed as Air Traffic Control tower and lighting display for maritime navigation. If they are used for maritime trade and civil aviation, it will be useful for both Sea and Air.

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Posted in: Thousands surround Diet to protest U.S. base relocation plan See in context


sweeping across Okinawa are not for independence but for democracy, justice and equality.

I have never seen the news of US servicemen killed civilians in traffic accidents or air craft accidents were severely punished. US has ruled Okinawa with Iron fist before. Even some criminals of perverts were just punished with feather like sentences. Okinawans have been exploited with lack of constitutional protection.

One of my Okinawan friend went to hospital for treatment. When he came back to his house, his house were already demolished for facility of base. It was without his knowledge and reasonable compensation. Even Native Americans got one dollar for selling New York. Injustice!

I do not buy the theory of Okinawa will get democracy, justice and equality with peaceful protest. It is not realistic. Wc626 is correct to say that Okinawans are so passive and tolerant about oppression. 70 years has been passed.

Without the real struggle and physical combat, Okinawa will be enslaved forever.

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context

In Nepal, Osprey crash was the infamous news unlike Hawaii. Within a month, both Nepal and Hawaii got Osprey air crashes.


Nepal government is banning not only Ospreys but also British Chinhook helicopters too. Unlike Nepal, Okinawa is not desperately needed food and medicine hand outs from other nations.

The difference between civilian and military is military has obligation to take risks for their lives for getting pay checks and perks. They are making living for killing and being killed. They will not not make the big deal about live losses. Civilians do not need to risks like military. They will receive larger pay out if there is commercial air crash disaster unlike servicemen killed in training and operation. Commercial air crashes are less frequent due to high volume of safety measure. Commercial pilots have great respect to civilian lives.

If Nepal authority can ban the Ospreys, why not Okinawa residents and authority demand the air crash investigation before deploying on their homesoil. After all they are human being and needed to be respected and protected by Japanese government. Safety is first before anything else.

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Posted in: Australia wary of escalating rift after Indonesia executions See in context

Swift Justice. I'm all for it.

Wrong! That Aussie pair have been sentenced to death in 2006. That year is 2015. If they were executed after trial, it was the Swift Justice. No Aussie or UN HR will make the big deal about their news.

Aussie, UN HR and pair have been given false hope for rehabilitation process in long bay jail. If they become the good and decent boys, their life may be spared. Reality is they will kill them anyway.

Why did Indonesia prolong delay the execution of the pair? The reason is legal team and corrupt officials wanted to milk as much as cash from hopeful Australia. If US trusted Russia, no single life will be lost in Boston. Aussies are too naive for trusting Indonesia incompetent and corrupted legal system.

Although I am not against the capital punishment, they can be called as Saints comparing with Dzhokhar of Boston bombers. Unlike them, they have not killed Ant or Fly. US was very stupid for grating refugee to that murderers despite warning from Russia.

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Posted in: Indonesia executes 8 drug convicts; Filipina spared See in context

Australia had mounted a sustained campaign to save its citizens, who have been on death row for almost a decade, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott repeatedly appealing for them to be spared.

Before mounting the fruitless campaign against Indonesia, Mr Abbot should acknowledged that Australian Federal Police ticked off the information to Indonesian Police back in 2005. Sharing the intelligence with Indonesia is not the always Australia national interest.

Right now two have been executed. Six have been serving the life sentence in Indonesian Jail. One has been sentenced as twenty years in jail. They are trying to import drug from Bali to Australia. Not the other way around. Aussie will be harmed by imported drugs. Not the Indonesians.

If Mr Abbot and his bureaucrats have some common sense, they should wait until smugglers arrived back in Australia for arrest. They should be punished with Australia law because drug in heading into Australia.

Not young lives will be lost in firing squad. They have shown their remorse through the rehabilitation progress. However their reward for hard work and discipline are bullets

Mr Abbot conservative party was in power back in 2005. It does not make sense for me to Australian Federal Police wanted to send their own boys into the execution island of Indonesia. Those boys death was caused by AFP. AFP has blood in their hands too.

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Posted in: Australians reject siding with Japan against China in island dispute: survey See in context


Australia has a defense alliance with the U.S. so if China and the U.S. engage in conflict, how the average Australian survey taker who has no idea

According your logic, Aussie must participate if there is the military conflict between them. Why not France, Saudi and other US allies did not participate in Irag war in 2003? Only Britain and Aussie contributed for Irag war.

Back in 1965, Aussie engaged with Indonesia in short conflict. US is Aussie defense ally. However US said that it was not covered with ANZUS treaty and did not participate. It is fair for Aussie for taking the break for potential conflict. Senkaku conflict is not covered with ANZUS treaty too.

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Posted in: Confused Japanese consumers want an answer: Where is P.R.C.? See in context

For my uncle and me, PRC means People Republic of California.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context

Back in 1992, two,US Air bases known as Subic and Clark have shut down and left from Philippines. Okinawa had no luck like these two bases. Many thought it was because f the local resentment and protest. In fact they left voluntarily due to the threat of Volcanic eruption. Before that locals protested were ended on deaf ears. In 1991, Philippines got the large volcano eruption. Although it was very destructive, many locals were grateful for divine intervention for ripping off the unwanted bases. Government developed holidays resorts in former base area. Tourists were flourished. Near by residents prospered. Land value has increased three times after ripping off the bases.

Okinawa may be helped by Kamikaze wind or Typhoon on one day. As the neighbor, Philippines and Okinawa shared the Typhoons and Storms. Residents of Okinawa will be prospered too if they have been liberated. Never give up the hope for a better tomorrow.

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Posted in: Asia trip tests Obama's post-election global clout See in context

White House officials spoke optimistically about Obama’s prospects for clinching trade deals in Asia and elsewhere now that Republicans are set to control Congress.

Back in 1994, US Presidential candidate Ross Perot said that US was in danger for losing industries and jobs. It has become the reality. Free trade deals are mostly political ideology such as NTR(normal duty rate) China export. PRC is richer. US is not ! Successive trade deals have not made the prosperity for US of the A.

Obama always utters ‘Yes, we can,’ which led to the high expectations people had for him,

When I watched inauguration ceremony from TV back in 2008, I thought Obama is another Lincoln who will unify the American and fulfil the American dream.

After six years in the white house, he is just the talk show host like Ellen. All his big talks have gone with the wind.

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Posted in: 40.3% of Japanese youth depend on parents for income: survey See in context

While unemployment numbers have steadily decreased in the U.S., Japan has its own unique set of economic problems to deal with.

Both US and Japan have lost plenty of jobs particularly in manufacturing. Since 2008, both nations lost a lot of white collars jobs. Both nations are losing competitiveness.

Unlike Japan, US is rich in natural resources. In the past, US depended the energy import from middle east. Due to Geo political risk, US has been diversifying for energy exploration in the homeland. US has crude oil and natural gas reserve. US has emergency petrol reserve too.

If US is getting momentum for shale gas export, it will overtake Saudi as leading energy exporting nation.


Unlike US, Japan has no reserve of energy or natural gas. Japan desperately needed good company like Google, Oracle and Apple. Japan population growth has stalled due to low birth rate and unemployed youth unmarried status. Japan is the land of setting Sun unless US is selling shale gas to Japan with special discount price. Saudi has been darling of US because it is selling US with special discount price.

As the ally, US is responsible for helping Japan energy needs during the hard time. It will help Japan economy and employments.

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Posted in: U.S. general hopes China will avoid regional air encounters See in context

Robinson said the U.S. wants all parties to adhere to internationally recognized norms for safety in flight similar to rules followed by the U.S. and former Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Commercial air crafts were victims of stupid geo politics. Unlike PRC, USSR was dared to shot down commercial aircraft back in 1983. If Abe concerns about the safety of air travelers, he should swallow his pride and allow the commercial airlines for informing the air route to PRC.


US navy ships has own ADIZ for safety measure. However if commercial aircraft flied inside that fortress zone due to bad weather or emergency, it should be allowed for saving lives. US captain needs the sound judgment instead of assuming commercial air craft as threat and acting as trigger happy cowboy.

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Posted in: U.S. encouraged by progress with Japan on TPP, but tough issues remain See in context

A smallholder operates on a very small margin anyway, so that, with the high price of seeds, and many other accumulating expenses, it is very difficult for him to make a living. He sells the farm at a giveaway price to a large farming corporation. He is then out of work and has no prospects

Thanks a lot for Bertie who made the crystal clear about cut throat competition of market. Big and strong survive for swallowing small operators. In the real world, there is no free market. All markets has some form of protection and barriers. For US and Au, some produces and products are exempted for TPP due to political clouts and fat cats ideology.

Australia is small market. If they signed TPP with US, they are hopeful for sharing the larger slice of US market. In fact US produces are more competitive in the Aussie Grocery stores. US grapes and berries are cheaper than Aussie counter parts even they have to travel with cargo. For dominating the market, new competitor will have to cut the price. In the long run, Aussie will lose more due to the lack of fairness and justice for signing stupid deal due.

Japanese farming sector is already struggling. Back in 1980s, Japanese products were very competitive because of no political intervention. If Japan open the food market, Japan will be the loser in the long term.

Imagine eating Sushi made with US rice will be same as eating living Crocoaches with Wasabi.

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Posted in: Australia says it will begin airstrikes in Iraq See in context

There are already US boots on the ground in Australia.

A few hundred US boots can not protect thousands and thousands human wave of northern neighbors. During East Timor Crisis, Indonesia was very angry about Australia intervention. Due to US warning, Indonesia backed off from fighting with Au. However it was long time ago. Their GDP is rising and they bought plenty of military hardware. Most of the Asian neighbors of Aussie too.

If they fly the missile from Bali, US boots can not kick off flying missiles. What Aussie need is Israeli style Iron Dome which can intercept missiles and rockets from all of hostile northern neighbors.

Tony Abbot love kissing the Marine boots. The question is whether it is one way traffic or two way?

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Posted in: What do you think is the best way for the global community to deal with the Islamic State? See in context

Demand that USA insist that their friends the Saudi's and Qatari's stop funding them!.

Some rich Gulf nation such as Qatar is backstabbing the western nations. Becoming terrorists needed to be extremely rich such as Osama Bin Laden.

If USA and allies force dethroned the evil government of Saudi and Qatar and support the Syrian government who is fighting the terrorists is the answer for Crusade II.

Richard I( The Lion Heart) had known the Turkey which was a Christian nation will become Islamic nation and domino effect will follow. He tried his best and failed. Richard homeland England and France and Belgium are gradually becoming like Turkey.

Christian women birth rate are so low as Japanese Women. Without the competitive birth rate, Christianity will be conquered by Islam.

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Posted in: U.S. warns of long cross-border war against Islamic State See in context


Recently People republic have got many stabbing murders in the railway station and many public place. I am not a fan of Chinese leaders and communist party. However they did not say anything unproductive like JT posters or Western leaders. They started rapid fire action for cracking down on murderers of civilians.

As the western expat, I feel safer during my trip there and admired the strong leadership, prompt action and decisiveness of Xi Jingping the drangon heart. Because they have no friendly immigration policy and pampering criminals who beheaded British solider. I guess Xi Jingping may be reincarnated by Richard the lion heart of England.

He talks very little. He is the man in action as Richard I who has knightly behaviors. Unlike him our leaders talkand talk, more debate and play golf. The consequence is we have been bullied and butchered in our homeland.

I agree with Nathaw for doing nothing or little can not solve anything. Weak and spineless leaders are not the solution for ISIL or ISIS. Diplomatic talks and tolerance to barbaric murderers will not solve that problem. It is right time for another Crusade adventure.

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Posted in: Australian PM denies closer Japan ties hurt China relations See in context

Yes, yes it will forever. This is how international relationships work. China won't restrict trade with Australia, they are too interested in $$$$$.

NO it will not last forever. $$$$$ is flowing into Australia for exchange of iron ore and LNG. Not as other way around. Reality is Africa and Latin America are catching up with Australia for becoming the resource suppliers. They are far away from China and less developed for mining exploration. It does not mean they will stand still behind forever.

Australian iron ore and LNG may be the finer quality. However consumer will concern about reliablity, cost and efficiency too. In term of market, only India can replace the China demand. In term of supplier , other resource rich continent can replace the Australia as exporter.

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