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Nope it is a fact, global temperatures have increased since the 1800's.

Have you been to 1800''s or just referring from your very reliable data as scientifically proven?

Nope it is a fact that some species populations have been reduced to dangerous levels.

It is because of unsustainable demand from consumers and pro commercial lobby group. They manipulated rules and regulation for their narrow interest.

No it has not. The ICJ has made ONE ruling ever that deals with whaling and that ruling strictly applies to the JARPA II research program. They have NEVER said anything else about whaling.

Again it has different interpretation for research and commercial greed. ICJ is not representing the Japanese fishing industry. One rule has plain English for limited and sustainable amount for research.

No, I clearly said Japan should have a quota based on the best available science.

You repeat the science again. According Marine Biology, all species existence have limited life span. Temperature of water, pollution of water, contaminated industrial waste and interrupting their mating season will make the certain species existence. Fish can not mate like human for 7 days and 24 hours.

When I was on holidays in Myanmar(Burma), impoverished Fishermen refrained fishing during the mating season. It is more scientific than propaganda.

Do you not understand simple English?

No I am still learning from you.

ANY country that is not part of the IWC has no international restrictions on their whaling. That is not the same things as agreeing with that or believing that they should use that fact to over hunt.

Can you tell me any other country have the habit for whaling and eating whale meat? If Japanese population declined more and more, even this body is no longer required for saving money!

Whaling quotas are based on mathematical formulas that don't change. You plug in data and get an answer and with the same data the answer is the same every time. And if the data changes then the answer changes.

Interesting! It may be like Calculus formula. I am very weak in Calculus and no faith in mathematical formula. Seeing is believing. During my whale whisper cruise, we did not see any whale. It is hard to believe there are still plenty under ocean.

I haven't made any comment about dolphins or dolphin quotas and I have no idea what Japan bases their dolphin quotas on.

It is true that you have not mentioned about it. You misunderstood what I mean that you will fiercely defend for secretive nature of commercial and cultural group.

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Yes they basically do.

It is your interpretation for your legal client.

Well that is because the waters near Japan are the Japanese EEZ and not international. But Norway and Iceland (and any other country) can come fish just outsides Japan's EEZ if they want to.

Taiwan and PRC have been fishing there. If Norway and Iceland come, Japan has no more fish to eat. Besides that their population is small and they are not greedy like Japan.

It is not entirely different. And thanks for the suggestion but I did read the whole link from Voice of Russia. But if you don't mind I prefer to read the actual laws and not propaganda.

According your theory, Global warming is propaganda. Endangered species is propaganda. Voice of Russia is propaganda. Voice of animal rights is propaganda. BTW laws can be narrowly interpreted by lawyers for defending the interest of their client. I guess you are representing the commercial whaling lobby group.

The ICJ has never said anything about commercial whaling and it isn't their place to allow it or not. It is their job to interpret the applicable regulations.

ICJ can not interfere the decision and determination of any nation. Mother nature is not giving unlimited resources for human. As the most intelligent and cruelest specie, human are ruining the nature. Rules and regulation are frame work for not going extreme. However they are not for everyone.

The IWC has a formula to calculate sustainable levels of whaling. Using their best data the Japanese hunting levels are well below the sustainable level. Your claim is patently false.

I think whenever Japanese fishermen caught one whale, you went to count each one as one by one. Best data is the statics. If I will predict Japan GDP will be 1.9% and unemployment will be 5%. It is the estimating. I can not be sure who is losing job or getting job whilst I am posting. GDP may be more reliable. However it is still unpredictable as weather forecast.

Again the ICJ is not the ones to allow whaling.

ICJ did not initiate the whaling. It has made the framework for individual nation for limited whaling.

And no one has said Japan should have unlimited rights.

Yes! You are. You are die hard fan for persuading Japan should have unlimited rights.

According your old post of Mike O'Brien JUN. 11, 2014 - 10:33AM JST, you said Japan should have unlimited rights for whaling. Pls read your old post.

Japan's only options (given they desire to resume commercial hunting) are to collect more data or to quit the IWC and just go hunt as much as they want.

Then you repeat the same sentence again in your last sentence in newest post. Thanks God you are not authority of Japan.

Japan can easily quit the IWC and then they can legally practice unlimited whaling if they really want to.

Even Japan has not asked for unlimited rights. Japan wants the IWC to follow their own regulations and set a scientifically based sustainable quota for Minke whales.

Are you kidding? If Japan will comply the IWC regulation, Blue fin Tuna and Japanese eel price did not skyrocketed. Demand have exceeded supply.

scientifically based sustainable quota for Minke whales.

In the perfect world, everything will be wine and rose according the scientifically based sustainable quota. Is our life span is controllable? NO! Human is not God which can control the nature and quantity of species.

Whaling Quota is like a debt which can be increased gradually overtime. US and some debt ridden nations have been increasing their debt ceiling limit which constitution is allowed. Constitution or fishing law can be changed. If the market is hot, fishermen will be greedy and they will lobby for increasing the quota. There will be also unlicensed fishermen whaling for black market.

According the Cove movie, Japan also has dolphin cemetery in the hidden place. According your bias, Japan has scientifically based sustainable data for dolphin too.

Let 's heal the world and make a better place according Late Michael Jackson.

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imperialist - one whose has or espouses a policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.

It is exactly Hokkaido and Okinawa have become the colonies of Japan. Japan ADIZ is five times larger than map of Japan and conquering the sky. Now Japan right wings nationalist want to revisit and glorify the rising Sun empire.

Japan isn't trying to extend their rule over another nation, they aren't even trying to extend their rule over international waters.

Japan is lone star cow boy for aggressively fishing for commercial interest. Of course it will not reinforce their rule on other. However it will extend the whaling disregarding other national interest.

The UN gives ALL countries the right to traverse and collect resources in international waters.

UN does not give the unlimited rights for slaughering and collecting resources in international waters. Norway and Iceland do not come and fish near Japan.

And why would Russia declare war on Japan on behalf of Australia and New Zealand (especially if Australia and New Zealand aren't willing to do it themselves)?

Australia and New Zealand are part of ANZAC alliance and do not want to upset their major ally USA. They are not willing to crack the Asia NATO. Russia will not declare war on Japan. Russia can accidentally collide with Whaling ship for deterrence. Japan can request the US for counter punishment on Russia.

Which is an exception to the moratorium, just like Norway. So why do you consider them to be different?

It is entirely different. You should read the whole link from voice of Russia. That voice is louder than other nations.

That does not mean that scientific hunts aren't possible.

ICJ has never allowed commercial whaling. Marine Biological research for limited whaling has been allowed. However Japan has cheated the system and aggressively whaling without concern about the inhabitants sustainability.

In fact by not ruling on JARPANII and by giving guidelines on how to have a compliant scientific hunt the ICJ seems to be saying such hunts are both possible and to be expected.

If ICJ will allow Japan unlimited rights for whaling, Whales will share the same cruel fate as Blue fin Tuna and Japanese eel. Even Japanese eel have become endangered species driven by the appetite of same name of human.

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I am expert in Mathematics and very good in Aero nautical and Aero dyamics engeering. Not from Navy shooting with the loose cannon to the air. We are using metric system in Eu. I am no longer in kindergarten too.

I have just replied Fadamor post of Jun. 14, 2014 - 12:11AM JST. If you want to educate someone, he or she should follow your lecture.

Pls do not shoot the messenger! I am not a fan of Communist China however I like eating Chinese food.

FadamorJun. 14, 2014 - 12:11AM JST


Enjoy the link!


If that's the whole video, then the planes weren't within 30 feet of the Chinese plane. 100 feet maybe, but not 30.

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Fadamor Jun. 14, 2014 - 12:11AM JST

Youtube link was only one segment from other JT thread. It is not good quality. According Kazuaki Shimazaki post, there are two segments from the following link. It has better quality. I do not know whether it is 30 feet or 100 feet . Judge with your natural instinct about the distance and speed.

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Enjoy the link!

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For all pro commercial whalers

As Octagon posted, south pacific is not a south Japan Sea. Japan still has imperialist mentality for resuming unwanted whaling . As Mike O, Brian posted the ties between them and Japan have only strengthened over that time.

If I find the middle ground, Japan has some rights to do fishing. However Aust and NZ will never surrender for the propaganda of commercial whaling is wearing the face mask of scientific whaling at their backyard. Japan aggression is uncivilized and intolerable unlike Norway.

On the behalf of Aust and Nz, Russia might sink the Japanese whaling ship on one day.

Norway hunts in their own waters, because they have an exception to the moratorium," she said. "Japan was using an article from the schedule of the International Whaling Commission, saying that the captures were being held for a scientific research. After the ICJ showed that this wasn’t a scientific hunt, they had to stop it.

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U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker told American and Filipino business groups that the United States has overinvested its diplomatic, economic and strategic resources in other parts of the world.

Many Fillipino business groups that understand that United States have already broke and no gut to take more risks for expanding oversea investment. Sharing the investment with US military contractors is scary as sleeping in the tiger cage. The good old days of investing multi millions war machines of Subic and Clark air base are distant memory. New recycled air bases of that two have not much land space due to the land development of last 20 yrs.

US of A has been a trouble maker and thirsty for oil and bossing the globe around. It has been creating the instability in middle east. Now Arab spring has become as Arab nightmare and US can not fix the problem. It has caused the chaos with divide and conquer strategy. Israel and Palestine have lost the trust as US as trust worthy and reliable mediator. In fact it has been a back stabber and fair weather friend for changing the tone for the Geo political interest.

Hosting the US Air Bases in Philippines means PRC has been circled into the corner. However it is extremely doubtful US will shed the single drop of blood for Philippines territory interest.

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bass4funk May. 25, 2014 - 09:16AM JST

That goes both ways.

US wants bordering nations of Russia for becoming the darlings of NATO. Russia is not persuading US neighbors for becoming their gangsters.

but there were other ways that Obama could have made it miserable for Russia and to hit them as hard financially

EU was the major customer of Russia energy. Therefore Russia has lost the major customer. US financial entities are controlling the trade and financial transactions world wide. I guess many posters assume that Russian tycoons and business will be blocked by financial entities of US. Last Gas deal between PRC and Russia did not use US dollar as their trade deal.

Russia will not blink and hard financially for that deal because it is totally independent from US dollar and US banking co-operation.

Neither side wanted that.

US has already known from Cuban missile crisis, Russia will not tolerate his neighbors became the NATO members and will cycle Russia as the commitment of members. Reality is US wants to provoke Russia for being cycled into the corner. It is doubtful that US sincerity if it does not want the high noon with Russia. Russia may not want to confront with US. However US action is provocative and inflammable.

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bass4funk May. 24, 2014 - 09:56AM JST

Hardly. Obama thought the same thing about Russia's intention and we all know how that turned out.

Hardly, Obama back stabbed Russia neighbors for circling it to the corner of the ring. No offence! US has never been willing to risk the direct confrontation with Russia. Back in 1962, President John F Kennedy still compromised with USSR, even two US planes have been shot down by them. Back in 1998, Hawkish Bush President helplessly watched Russia demonstration on Georgia. Many Conservatives think Obama is weak. Not only him, countless Presidents have never wanted to show down with Russia.

No, but there are other weapons and defense systems that the U.S. can deploy add to that the Carriers and F16s, F18s and F22s having a strong air and naval power is extremely crucial in winning in ANY war.

More man power means more body bags for modern warfare. According Israel experience, Patriotic missiles and intercepting missiles need more. Less fighter jets, less air craft carriers and rip off the outdated base. If there is supersonic speed missile hit the base, F16s, F18s and F22s are less useful than Bee. At least Bee can sting the enemy. Those jets will run out of the fuel in the air there is no more supply base.

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lincolnmanMay. 23, 2014 - 08:03PM JST

Ninety percent of the monetary support the GOJ provides goes directly back into the Japanese economy – it never leaves Japan.

I guess Okinawa does not belong to Japanese economy. It has never benefited from being the burden of base since 1945. 90% of construction contract were rewarded to Mainland fund. Getting some minor sub contract work for residents will be harder than winning the lottery. If US base contributed enormously for Okinawa economy, why is Okinawa become the poorest prefecture of Japan after hosting base for 69 yrs? Neighboring Taiwan GDP and per capita income is many times higher than Okinawa. Okinawa will be better off with being part of Taiwan.

bass4funk May. 23, 2014 - 07:33PM JST

my greater concern is an ever more hostile China and that threat is more real than ever.

Obviously it is the extreme exaggeration. If China or NK want to wipe out the base, they do not need to send their marines with long journey and wasting Tons of fuel. NK has already demonstrated flying rockets over the base. As you know missiles can not be shot down with M16. The base may be deterrent for pirates of sea. However it is pretty useless for defending against long range and medium range missiles. One more thing is Sub Marines torpedoes. If Sub launched the torpedoes from under sea, can the base intercept the torpedoes.

I have enjoyed watching the longest day, A bride too far and Saving Private Ryan movies. However they are no longer up to date for modern time. Instead of hosting the base, anti missiles or anti torpedoes system is more efficient.

Even Israel has been surrounded by hostile neighbors, it has been reducing man power and updating the leaner and meaner and more modernized combative defense system.

For one thing, the troops are going nowhere, regardless how much of a fit they have, NOT going to happen, but if they want to vent,

The contract of base is 100 years! As you know, 69 yrs have been already passed. It is unimaginable for hosting the base for another 31 yrs. However it is possible without the bloody revolution from residents. One thing is sure that it is very unlikely to pass beyond the contractual obligation. Japan is too broke with mountain of debt. US congress struggle to raise the debt ceiling limit for every year. Footing the bill of base forever is just the fairy tales.

At the end, the end of base will be caused by financial trouble for funding instead of local resentment and environmental concern. Nothing last forever! After 100 YEARS, the base will be definitely history!.

If JT posters are still alive, we can share the joy of that historic moment.

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I have realized that one Chinese national driving Toyota has got head injury. Have you been to Shanghai during riot? My Japanese business friends were cruising and drinking on Boats. No one lost the sleep back then. There were some properties damage of J business. Comparing with current riot, scale was smaller. Do not believe the exaggeration. PRC can not afford to lose Japan high end supply chain. Majority of Japanese engineers and managers love to live and work there due to low cost of living instead of being unemployed in Japan.

Parcel Island has been under control by PRC since 1979. What took it so long for PRC for reclaiming land from undersea with oil rig? Why did Vietnam have to wait so patiently for making riot? They have agreement for no doing exploration before the Asia pivot has been introduced. PRC has waited patiently for Obama assurance for Vietnam that Uncle Sam will never let you down. Vietnam has been deceived with sugar coated words.

If Obama said! Yes! We can! Vietnam, Taiwan and Phlipines will say No You cann't! He talks too much! However he lacks the action.


If Obama say "Do not cross the red line". PRC will cross the Yellow sea and Yalu river.

Taiwan will not let her people slaughtered by in the name of liberation of S E Asia from PRC. US should explain that both Vietnam and Philippines that Taiwan is not target for releasing their anger. Scape Goat can not forever please the master for letting her people as sacrifice animals. It is the human rights violation for Geo Political interest.

Business needs stable and protective environment. When the trust is lost it will not come back my friend. Whether I have business experience or not, I am not working for someone else like you. Free as the birds. It is time for US for showing the leadership as blocking the PRC project on the disputed water. Time for action! Without US involvement. PRC will become wild beast.

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Obviously you did not read up to date news before you posted. Taiwan has lost more than one. How on earth you are sure that only one death? There are hundred of injured workers in hospital. There may be more deaths among them.

Taiwan has invested more than 500 billions in Vietnam employing poor locals. Although damage bill will not be that amount, it is no longer interested in doing business with Vietnam. Vietnam is master in hiding for paying the damage bill as Guerrilla war with US.

Imagine your properties have been torched. Your employee have been killed. Your business has lost the protection from authority. How would you respond? Just go and kiss the boots of corrupted officials? PRC is safer destination for Taiwan business even it is more expensive.

Again there is difference between PRC anti Japanese riot and Vietnam anti Chinese anti riot. No Japanese got scratch and no ones died during PRC riot. PRC protect foreigners like you and me my friend! Not Vietnam! Business is not politics. Whether you hate or dislike PRC, there is no enemy in business for choosing Ally.

Uncle Obama has toured S E Asia before with "Yes! We can slogan". Now Vietnam request for help has been politely ignored. Therefore US is the back stabbing neighbors without commitment for real action. It is loose cannon which lacks the substance. The more US provoke, the more tension will rise.

Taiwan should ignore US lecture and sugar coated words as unreliable commitment. If there are more deaths to come from innocent people, It has to Show "Little pepper taste" to ungrateful Neighbors. Asian pivots has been loosens because of distrust and hate among neighbors. The dream of Asian NATO will not become during our life time.

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Do you know both Vietnam and China are communists. If Vietnam marine killed Chinese marine , I have no problem at all. If civilian has been killed by mobs, it is the lawless nature. As an expat, your family member may share the same fate if there are anti foreigners violence from local even your spouse is local. No one is safe from racism. When you share the same fate, you will have compassion.

One more thing is PRC officials who are working in Vietnam should be targeted for their anger. Even they are civilians, it is still acceptable. Have a compassion for victims instead of your praising the criminals. No one has God send power to kill other unless they are fighting in the war.

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Vietnam authority wants to unite the nation with anti China movement. However it went too far for destroying many foreign business too. The consequence is damaging investors confidence. It will drag down Vietnam economy. Vietnam authority who sponsored nationalist movement are lunatic, stupid and insane.

They should request US for sending Navy for blocking PRC project of dispute area.That idea comes from my kindergarten student. Why not Vietnam authority can think like my kindly kids!

If US will not block, Vietnam should request from neighbors. If they will not help, Vietnam has to stand on own foot.

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Interestingly murdered Victims are Taiwanese citizens instead of PRC citizens. Taiwan is also claimant of Paracel Island too. If Taiwan will send the Navy for settlement with Vietnam, US shoud back off from involvement between them. Otherwise, there will be fight between ally vs ally. Taiwan has already lost one fisherman because of Phillipines and blood has been boiling for sometimes. It is the right moment or showing neighbors "little pepper can be often the hottest."

State sponsored nationalist movement should target the responsible PRC authority. Killing foreigners and destroying foreign business will make Vietnam losing more friends and becoming impoverished nation.

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Jeb Bush, the former two-term governor of Florida, has acknowledged he has not ruled out the idea of a 2016 presidential candidacy.

He should stay out of the presidential race. His Daddy and elder brother has already been in white house. If he becomes a president again, US is the dynasty kingdom with based on succession of thrones. The only difference of royalty with UK is if Bush Jnr was a king, his daughter will become Queen of US instead of her uncle.

Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama’s first secretary of state, dominates the Democratic side, and the same poll showed her beating Bush 53% to 41% in a hypothetical matchup.

New presidential candidates should be selected without nepotism, family link and corruption. Otherwise new US President name will be confusing as Mr Bush senior, Mr Bush junior senior, Mr Bush junior, Mrs Clinton and Mr Clinton.

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Abe is lecturing the Abenomics. However he should be in Bao economic forum which has larger audience.

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Crimea and Alaska are entirely different stories. Crimea was given to Ukraine as special gift by Khrushchev for marking the 300 yrs anniversary of Ukraine inclusion in Russian empire. Crimea was given to Ukraine by Russia. Crimea is door step of Russia.

Alaska was sold to US by Russian Emperor Alexander II with the price of $7.2 million, or about 2 cents per acre ($4.74/km2). Alaska is door step of Canada. Putin has no rights to dishonour the treaty of real estate sale.

I am more worried about the Florida which is heavily populated with ethnic Latino. Their loyalty are questionable as ethnic Russians of Crimea. Right now, they are enjoying Obama-care in the adopted land. If there is not any more care, there will be another Crimea.

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But make no mistake, if it came to a military pissing contest, the West would ultimately win. Not only would Russia be standing virtually alone against the 28-member alliance of NATO

Back in 1963, USSR has already shot down the US U_2 plane during Cuban crisis. President John F Kennedy still compromised with USSR despite US plane has been shot down. Successive US president has never retaliated for the revenge of U-2 plane so far. It is interesting similarity with current crisis. Cuba is the door step of US as Crimea is the door step of Russia.

It is the right moment for US for re-settlement with Russia about shooting down the U-2 plane. Make no mistakes US will not shed single drop of blood for Crimea.

Obama said " Yes! We Can. Putin said "No! you can not!

Obama said " You have crossed Red line! Putin said, I will cross the Black Sea.

Obama said " Send your troop back! Putin said, No way ! Crimea is the new Kosovo.

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Ukraine has declared it will not recognize Crimea’s referendum, and has heavyweight support from the United States and European Union

Crimea was part of Russia territory before USA was founded in 1776. It was gave to Ukraine as gift by former USSR leader Khrushchev. Now Russia has no longer trusted the new government elected by mobs on the roads. If Crimea residents want to join Russia, it is entirely their business.

but admits it would be powerless to intervene militarily.

In fact, US and EU would be powerless to intervene militarily. Putin has already flied the ICBM for demonstration how far he will go. Crimea has warm water sea port which is the only coast line of Ukraine. If NATO settle their anti missiles base there, Russia will be pretty vulnerable as silence of the lamb. It is logical that Russia is so serious about Crimea's strategic location.

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as Tokyo finds itself embroiled in separate territorial disputes with China and South Korea—but isolating Putin over Crimea threatens to derail sensitive talks for a deal in the islands’ dispute

Japan is Israel of East Asia which is surrounded by hostile nations. Unlike PRC and ROK, Russia is supplying Japan energy needs. There are formal negotiation are under way for Russia is going to give back smaller Islands of NT. Russia is more important for Japan than rest of Asia.

Abe will be regret about offending Putin for pleasing Obama. Abe dreamed about getting NT back. The more he bash Putin, the less likely he will see NT has become part of Japan during his life time. US is the burden of Japan foreign policy. Pleasing US for Geo politics is painful. It is increasingly irrelevant with Japan national interest.

The Russians and Chinese steal whenever they have the chance. Not to be trusted, never!

It is also true for US stole Marchall and Okinawa islands for their military play ground. Japan stole Hokkaido and Okinawa from native when they had the opportunity. US and Japan can not be trusted either! At the end, no one has clean hand except native people.

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Oil imports from Russia rose almost 45% in 2013 and accounted for about 7% of supplies to the world’s fourth-biggest crude importer.

Russia is the Saudi Arabia for Japan as USA. Japan needs Russia more than other G6 members. It is not the national interest of Japan for offending Russia.

If Japan supports Russia diplomatically, US may be angry. However Japan may get back some Islands of NT. Japan will get the cheap Gas with discount. If Abe has been keep bashing Putin, he will upset and support PRC diplomatically for current tension.

Russia is a prince charming for Japan. Japan should be independent for foreign policy for securing energy supply and getting some territories back. Nuclear energy may be cheaper however there will be another Fukushima again.

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CH3CHO Feb. 18, 2014 - 06:27PM JST

Were they drafted, as the most vociferous activist group insists?

Yes! It is according berkeley edu link. That link is based on Japanese document obtained from comfort stations.

Were they abducted and if so by whom?

Yes! They were abducted by divisional recruitment officer and imperial soldiers. If you read the post and link of heynong entirely most of them were forced. It was from heynong post. My apology for heynong for parroting his post again.

If they refused, J soldiers threatened to destroy the village, kill elders, children and other violent measures. In most of these cases, the women witnessed the Japanese army or its recruiters murder family members who tried to defend the women from being taken.

The Japanese army also forcibly abducted women and girls both in the colonies and the occupied territories

Were they deceived into prostitution and if so by whom?

I will parrot the heynong link again.

The Japanese used several means to recruit women for the comfort stations. One such means was deception.Some have been promised as working as nurse, waitress, typist or maids.

The testimonies of Korean comfort women are so much contradictory on this point that no one knows what really happened.

When I read Athletes post, there were rape cases existed in Burma during WWII. According heynong and zenpun post, there were two types of comfort women existed. Pre Nanking massacre comfort women were most of them were rape victims. Post Nanking massacare comfort women were forced into prostitution with threat for their killing their relatives and buring the rural village.

Professor Yoshiaki Yoshimi published the book about comfort women back in 1993. He is 100% Japanese by himself and scholar. Other arguments were not credible because they were nationalistic version which were entertaining die-hard nationalists.

Yet, former PM Murayama as well as Japanese government is of the opinion that prostitution was wrong. No one disputes here.

Forced prostitution was wrong. Athletes, heynong and Zenpun and I am disputing they were not willing volunteers.

The point is not only about old Korean women issue. All nationalities involved as sex slaves had their versions. J version is lonely planet of that issue. Even Netherlands has their Dutch version which is different from J version.

Athletes said Myanmar have been ruled by British for 100 yrs. They have no resentment and anger over British unlike Japan. There were Myanmar Prostitutes employed by British too. Some even may fall in love with British. Japan ruled Myanmar only from 1942-45. Most of them were forced sex slaves. J soldiers love to slap everyone on the road during the invasion of SE Asia. No wonder no Asian trust Japan was innocent as Saint.

If you think special investigation team on this issue should be organized to find out what happened,

How many comfort women left over now? Japan is waiting for all of them disappear. It will be huge financial burden for Japan if they have to compensate every victim. Japan is buying time for saving the fortune.Later on it will pretend as nothing has happened. However it has to sacrifice for diplomatic relation with near by neighbors.

Every comfort stations employed licensed prostitutes was unreal. It was the fantasy of Hirohito. For Myikyina of Myanmar case was so rare. if Japan had to give the luxury life for all of women as mistresses, it was financially impossible. Most of them were sex slaves being treated as half human.

My guess is it will take many generations for Japan to cool down that issue. For nearby neighbors, Japan has lost the credibility as decent and honest nation. When the credibility has lost, it will never come back.

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Yuri: "An independent Ryukyu Kingdom would also end the US bases. They would be too expensive for the Americans to operate. As for the Chinese "threat" they would be delighted at the prospect of an independent Ryukyu Kingdom."

When the Singapore separated from Malaysia back in 1965, many doom Sayers like you predicted it will be end of the world. When British troop left from Singapore, many doom sayers like you predicted Sky will fall and flood will rise.

In 2014, Singapore is more prosperous, successful with own modernized Arm force. Malaysia is just the water supplier for them. If you still alive after seven decades, You will be amazed to see that Okinawa has transformed as independent, prosperous and successful nation like Singapore.

When you go to Nagaski, Yokohama and some parts of Japan, there are truck load of ethnic Chinese of J citizens are busily making money instead of heated debate. The slogan of Chinese is money. It is good for Okinawa which has been the poorest prefecture of Japan for a long time. If Ryukyuans want to prosperous, they have to follow the way of Hong Kong and Singapore model. Not from the negative and hopeless posts of forum.

Whether you like it or not, Ryuku has been tribunal state of ancient China in history. They have been forced to pay the ransom to ancient Japan too. It does not mind about repeating the same history again. It is the internal business of residents.

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Japan has even begun studying whether to boost its limited ability to make a pre-emptive strike on enemy bases, although such a costly and controversial step seems unlikely soon

Japan is preparing to remake a pearl harbour version II with limited surgical strikes over unfriendly and hostile neighbours.

Neighbours will not dare to respond Japan experiment because Japan is protected by US.

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Many nations prepared for evacuation for safety reason. However they can not predict it is 100% safe for going back to danger zone which they came from. Many people wanted to collect their belongings and inspect their properties.

At least 14 people have been killed in a catastrophic volcanic eruption in Indonesia, just a day after authorities allowed thousands of villagers to return to their homes on its slopes.

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Those are simply isolated issues. It has little bearing on the fact that Taiwan has a close (and friendly) relationship with Japan. It should be fairly obvious why, too. It can't forge closer links with China because China holds Taiwan under the threat of war.

Let me compare Taiwan and ROK which is rising tension with Japan. Both have territory dispute with Japan. For Taiwan, it is more moderate as unofficial static. Both have condemned Japan fabrication of history such as changing text books. Taiwan has hosted comfort women forum and President directly demanded apology. Taiwanese fishermen still have mistrust and anger about J fishing authority for flip flopping treaty. If we ask Taiwanese fishermen, they have deep resentment to Japan more than PRC. At least, PRC did not rob their fish like Japan.

Many Taiwanese sleep and eat well even PRC showed war game before. The fact that people understand that PRC is very conscious about image. That threat existed since nationalists escaped to Taiwan.

True Taiwan will never want to surrender for reunification with force. Taiwan also have bad experience with J Air force harassing their commercial planes. At least PRC is not harassing Japan like Taiwan at the moment. Even they decalred ADIZ, Taiwan planes can fly as birds. During civil war, their common enemy is Japan. Therefore nationalist and communist made temporary truce for kicking out imperial army from their homeland.

Taiwan is a not tribunal state of PRC like ROK. It is also true that Taiwan is not a fan or disciple of Japan too. It is also contesting the fishing rights and territory dispute with Japan. Both Japan and PRC are unreasonable and unjust neighbors of Taiwan.

Japan has never honored treaties with Taiwan. Therefore Taiwan has no obligation for pleasing Japan too.

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My apology to budgie Feb. 05, 2014 - 06:17PM JST for wrong reply. In fact I replied the post of wipeout Feb. 05, 2014 - 06:15PM JST

If I made a mistake I do not mind about apologizing twice. Japan should follow my apology.

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budgie Feb. 05, 2014 - 06:17PM JST

Taiwan basically has a very good relationship with Japan,

I guess you have come down from another planet. Taiwan is the Champion of comfort women movement. It has far more active and energized than ROK. Taiwan president Ma directly demanded Japanese government apology. ROK president Park has tried her best not for embarrassing Japan.

Recently Taiwan has protested Japan for changing text books with Japan version. Taiwan government has never trusted Japan sweet promise and treaty. Even fishing treaty has been changed new version by Japanese fishing authority. Japan authority can change the multiple faces as Kabuki dancers. In the future fishing treat will become like Taipei treaty which will be evaporated as steam.

Japan beloved neighbor Philippines has comfort women movement too. It is more moderate than ROK and Taiwan. It is understandable Pinoys can not survive without Japan hand outs. However Victims and their descendants are so disgusted about Japan denying, fabricating and flip flopping with J versions.

Japan is the lone Planet of Asia for that issue. That apology demanding movement is unstoppable like Tsunami or earth quake. Korean residents of US has already established comfort women monument. Lest we forget!

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