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Umm... that's pretty much the way it's been for at least the past 200 years.

Most people in the world have reasonable expectations and choose real relationships over compensated fake ones. Idiots who pay to get jerked around by escort services are.....idiots.

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I'm not sure which is worse: that there is a demand for this service, or that there is a supply of young women who readily enter sketchy occupations. So men would rather pay for exaggerated kawaii school girls than date a real woman, and women think men are just cash dispensers. Great. Did Japanese people completely forget how to be normal human beings?

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I killed her because she said she wanted to die. ...Seriously people?

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If he was innocent he would no doubt deny it strongly, and his friends and other people on the train would probably vouch for him. Seems to me like just another idiot who doesn't respect women.

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Disgusting! What is wrong with the men in this country? They think they can get away with violating women like that? Something has to change.

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Ishihara wants to return to the glorious days of the early 20th century, when Japan was becoming the most modern nation in Asia. People like him are still sore over losing WWII and desperately try to justify Japan's actions during the war. That's why they keep denying all the war atrocities. At the same time they have no compassion for Chinese, Koreans, etc because they think Japan is superior to all other Asian nations.

Times have changed though. The other Asian nations are catching up and Japan will have to deal with it. Ishihara needs to step down.

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I'm an American woman who lived in Japan for a few years. I dated three J men. The first one lasted eight months, but we broke up because he was so busy with work that he completely ignored me for 2 weeks, not even a text message. The next guy only lasted a couple dates, because he was obviously a self-centered person who was probably spoiled by his mother (though he did admit that he thought I was very intelligent, I'll give him that). The third guy was a male-chauvinist who kept saying things to charm me because he wanted to marry me. We were together for half a year but I had to end it because he would, ahem, demand that I sleep with him even after I made it clear that I was not feeling well and not in the mood.

Oh, did I mention that I was molested on a JR train once? I hadn't been consciously afraid of rape before but that experience taught me that rape culture is alive and well in this fine world we live in.

Everything I saw and heard- the TV, magazines, what women and girls said, etc, showed me that male chauvinism reigns supreme in Japan. I sincerely hope that more Japanese women can find kind, respectful partners, and Japanese men certainly have a lot to work on if they are to compete with western guys.

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