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that many girls find themselves unable to shake off.

literally thousands of them become trapped in the sex industry afterwards.

who find themselves in the strange position of feeling more comfortable in environments like hostess bars

The language here is compelling. It paints women as passive dupes who "happen" to fall into some victimizing lifestyle. The writing gives no agency to the women and uses turns of phrase like "self-respecting women" and the "trappings" of the lifestyle.

Also, by omitting male AV stars from the equation, but implying them as the puppet masters, the writer is adding to the perceived victimization of women. He compensates for it weakly with a halfway inclusionary "stay in school, girls and boys" but really he just means "girls".

Why do we constantly imbue women with this quality of purity? And why are we so puritanical that we judge women based on getting paid to have sex? Nobody thinks men are victims when they get paid to have sex, so why with "innocent doe-eyed wobbly fawns"? Most women like sex, and I'm pretty sure that the more leeway society gives them to get paid to have sex, the more they'll do it, despite increasing equality in the workplace and better status in society.

And probie:

if you can still taste the fifty guys, then she has bigger problems than her sexual past.

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