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Posted in: Australia posts record number of new COVID-19 infections See in context

This virus has really shined a mirror to individuals; the level of xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiment its unleashed will be with us long after the virus is gone. I honestly think the virus is a test on leadership and the blame should go up and not down; also although it gets overshadowed, there have been many tales of people meeting the moment.

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Posted in: Okinawa urges U.S. to do more to stop virus outbreak at bases See in context

Can really feel the Americans from other foreign nationals to the locals in the statement/s

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Posted in: Japan's economy to shrink 4.7% in 2020/21: BOJ See in context

Japan has seen a 99.9% drop in international tourism; hence the drop in demand for f2f services.

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Posted in: Asian shares fall as investors mull Chinese growth data See in context

China has yet to announce a second round of stimulus spending, which would still help World markets. Still US fed policy is unsustainable and without a relief package the pain will be dire.

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

Japan was right on mask when so many other countries were wrong. It was right on outdoor activities when again it wasn’t widely known. However, this government is still murky in detail and plan and haven’t used the time to adequately prepare for the inevitable 2nd wave.

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Posted in: S Korea tracks new coronavirus outbreak in Seoul nightclubs See in context

People posting message on news board who probably has facebook accounts shouldn't worry about which we are forgoing for social health benefits and not to be targeted with advertisement..

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Posted in: Cases of patients turned away by hospitals up fivefold over virus See in context

If you die before getting a coronavirus test you are not included in the coronavirus death...

You can test outside the hospitals like every other nation

Japan is the only country who have the tests available (capacity @ 20,000 daily Kato) but doesn't not utilize them since February (cap 8,000 daily)

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Posted in: Over 210,000 hotel rooms secured to treat coronavirus patients See in context

That’s a lot of rooms the government decided to reserve. Are they expecting something?

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Posted in: 568 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan See in context

Please read what @mu-da san wrote.

ignore what @nakanoguy01 Says

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Posted in: Bed vacancy rate for virus patients in urban areas below 20%: survey See in context

Also this is why so many were incensed when Japan banned entry from 73 countries; it will be easier for the very 73 countries to ban Japanese entry just when the global markets are opening up. Very bad for economy.

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Posted in: Bed vacancy rate for virus patients in urban areas below 20%: survey See in context

Just build the needed hospitals, you can always make/buy things but medical professionals are irreplaceable so the fact so many got sick during the last three months is beyond maddening.

it’s time that Japan swallow it’s pride and asks for help from Korea and China for doctors and nurses. They have experiment and will help when asked; they know how prideful the people of Japan are so for PM to ask would make saying no difficult.

who knows diplomacy states that help could have already been offered but special short term medical licenses were not made available.

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Posted in: As coronavirus infections mount, Japan at last expands testing See in context

A good first step on testing. Also need to get rid of the precursor on testing such as number of days of fever, and requiring symptoms.

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Posted in: Japan enters 1st weekend under nationwide state of emergency See in context

There is no shut down if people are still taking JR to work. Remember the 3Cs, well a train is just a moving metal box filled with people; its time to stop and take a hit and for the government to protect people because they are the business, they are the company, they are the economy.

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

The number of cases reported is meaningless until new testing processing centers are finally established.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 201 coronavirus cases; Cabinet Office reports 3rd case See in context

Death toll are counted only if you died after being tested positive and in the hospital. Other countries are now adjusting since many never made in the hospital ie. NYC.

People who are so forgiving of there own country while criticizing other nations are actually hurting their own people.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 201 coronavirus cases; Cabinet Office reports 3rd case See in context

number of test performed by municipality is very high but they are not getting processed for results.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 201 coronavirus cases; Cabinet Office reports 3rd case See in context

There will never be an exploration of cases in Japan since the PRC test processing is centralized and since they are performing more test there just creating backlog. They are filed under confirming in the data (category which shows type of care IE. serious, mild, etc) You will see an explosion of death however in the coming days.

In a week Japan will have more cases and deaths them South Korea who many on this platform saw as a problem that was getting out of hand. Now Korea has for weeks had less cases daily then Japan but still no explosion.

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Posted in: Horrors revealed at virus-hit Canada nursing home See in context

instead judging other countries maybe we should look inward and make sure we protect our elderly.

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Posted in: Abe leans toward ¥100,000 cash handout scheme See in context

Honestly, I'm not Japanese and been here just 3 years so if I don't get the money, I understand. I know personally so many other people who need it more, so please do it quick.

I hope its not true but not included non-Japanese is a bad idea; since the point of the fund is to allow people to stay home. Japan is a rich nation, it has many migrant workers tolling in the shadows, without these 'foreigners' this country will not run; they are essential workers.

When a crisis hits, people, organizations, counties and nations find out who they are; I hope this country can rise to the challenge.

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Posted in: Japanese hospitals find way to beat sanitizer shortage See in context

As I read through the comments for a about a month; those who have professed Japan's success time and time again are the roadblocks for its lack of preparation. While I truly believe they speak from love of country by defending Japan, they must also know that we (foreigners) speak from their love of Japan in criticizing. Nobody wants our medical professionals to use gin while wearing raincoats when their treating our grandparents.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker's family member tests positive for coronavirus See in context

@Akie Well, when you cite a source, you should clearly state a personal assumption from the source. This is not yet peer reviewed but the article is using a comparative method to show evolutionary paths of virus; not the effectiveness of each generation. Also while your assumption is interesting; it assumes that one type of virus is exclusive to one country, which would happen if a vector for infection is singular which is not.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker's family member tests positive for coronavirus See in context

@Akie read the articles on deviates A, B, and C but non specifies that one is deadlier or have mild symptoms.

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Posted in: S Korea reports more recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again See in context

@Garthgoyle First, I think your thinking of Patient 31; who was directly traced as a source for 60% of all coronavirus infections in Korea. She's been died for a while. Also, something Korea media never mentions because they don't want Koreans to discriminate against nationalities but Patient 31 was a Chinese national.

Korea definitely past the test; people here mistakenly think that having a high number of coronavirus cases is bad leadership, but what Patient 31 shows us is that it just takes one person to take down a country. What's important is the duration and location of the infections.

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Posted in: Japan starts 1st weekend under state of emergency as infection cases soar in Tokyo See in context

Heard the foreign affairs ministry used AI data mining to find comment it deems counter to its agenda and argues to promote pro Abe line. They could have used the same tech to trace and test asymptomatic cases instead. We all read that there is a civil war between prefecture governors and the administration; where Abe is trying to weaken the "lock down". Thankfully for MOFA Trump is equally inept that it is distracting the world's gaze, for now.

Also for people talking about the numbers this and that. What were the numbers two weeks ago? Because the virus has an incubation period and what your seeing now reflects what happened 14 days ago.

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Posted in: Japan virus infections, including cruise ship cases, rise to 1,496 See in context

So I predict that in the coming days as more and more cases are imported from Japanese traveling aboard; Abe's government will shut the borders and go xenophobic full throttle.

However without "testing, tracing, treatment" the virus will linger, and as other countries deal with this pandemic Abe's approach will backfire and his legacy and the Olympics will be dust.

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Posted in: Japan virus infections, including cruise ship cases, rise to 1,496 See in context

I think its nuts that the people serve the government not the government the people. I have a lot of criticism on this; but it boil downs to, in a democracy, you get the government you deserve and sadly, Japan's greatest days are behind her.

But someone wrote this which I thought rung true "It’s beginning to look as if instinctive Japanese good hygiene + extra hand-washing & mask-wearing + schools closure + increased tele-working + widespread conformity with official encouragement of social distancing = effective graph-flattening."

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Posted in: Japan virus infections, including cruise ship cases, rise to 1,496 See in context

@Flute & @OssanAmerica thank you for a informative comment; I've been talking to many of my friends and find that I run into the same wall you find in these comments. Many people really care that the number of infected goes not go up, to an irrational degree. The coronavirus has spread now to 120 countries, the world is fighting to protect the most vulnerable. From this point-of-view of safety it is important to be vigilant that our government is serving the people. The people arguing about the numbers, how its lowers then X country, and Diamond Princess doesn't count, etc; they are serving the government.

Japan is doing something right, virus started in late January yet it hasn't had a massive explosion of death seen in other countries even though it has the world's oldest population. However sadly, without testing we will not know scientifically what that is and that is a tragedy because it could really help the world.

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Posted in: House passes aid bill after Trump declares virus national emergency See in context

@Callboy that makes sense because Japan has performed 21,000 test so far whereas Korea has done 210,000. Since 80% of infected does not show symptoms and you can get a test in Japan without symptoms the numbers bares fruit.

Now the scary part is that people are most infectious during the first 10 days of getting coronavirus.

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Posted in: House passes aid bill after Trump declares virus national emergency See in context


Reading your comments your the bias your looking for; WashingtonTimes is not a reliable source, Trump is the worst President in history, Pelosi has been working with Mnuchin to send a bill to the Senate...

Stop projecting and get real

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