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Posted in: 200 protest in Tokyo against APA Group over Nanjing Massacre book in hotels See in context

Unfortunately nothing new under the Nippon Kaigi sun. APA owner was already the sponsor behind the book contest won by notorious ex-ASDF Chief of Staff General Toshio Tamogami. He won by writting some similar revisionnist/pro-WWII bullshit, and got promptly ousted from the Air Self Defence Forces chief of staff for expressing those views in public back in 2008.

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Posted in: Japan's lower house passes long-awaited casino bill See in context

One of the biggest news in this article is the last paragraph: Yomiuri Shimbun is actually writting stuff directly against LDP politics. Outstanding.

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Posted in: Japan marks first Mountain Day national holiday See in context

Emperor's birthday: birthday of present emperor

Showa day: birthday of Showa emperor. Yes, Hirohito's birthday is still a bank holiday (got renamed "Greenery day" for a while until Abe and his goons could put that back on)

Culture day (bunka no hi): another hidden one: this is actually the birthday of Meiji emperor

Doesn't seem to be one for Taisho emperor.

National Foundation Day is pretty much the day of the first emperor, Jinmu.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada to release 1st album in 8 1/2 years See in context

In French, "fantôme" means "ghost", mostly. So pretty bad translation up there. You can understand the translations "apparition" and "presence" only in that supernatural context.

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Posted in: Pokemon Go eludes cloning attempts by big game studios See in context

Nintendo needs to do a freaking augmented reality game based on Zelda. Monsters are kinda well known or recognizable, you can look for items & hearts, you can solve enigma by bringing items from here to there, etc. Well, there's problem with dungeons, for sure, and fighting monsters in the wild...

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Posted in: Famed anime director Makoto Shinkai announces new film See in context

"Garden of words" was real good animation... but it was hard to get over the "love" relationship between an underage student (15) and a teacher (27). That's called statutory rape in most countries.

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Posted in: New Adele song biggest YouTube debut of year See in context

Episode XII (12) ==> Episode VII (7)

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Posted in: Iraq's 'Jon Stewart' combats jihadists with laughs See in context

One can only hope he will be able to go on like this for as long as needed. Bassem Youssef, doing the same in Egypt, finally had to give up to strong political, judicial, etc. pressure. Ahmad al-Basheer is working under even worse conditions... Hurray to him & to all Iraqis trying to resist & laugh against all odds.

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Posted in: Case dropped against Thai ex-police chief over gun possession See in context

So what did the Japanese government get in exchange for that deal ?

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Posted in: American Toyota exec released without charges See in context

A whole lot of noise for nothing. This woman, as well as a lot of unknowns, got pounded for what should be a minor offence. Her life is quite destroyed, her reputation tattered, her job gone... and the offence dismissed. Whatever people feel about drugs, we're talking sending a couple painkiller tabs & lack of knowledge of Japanese law.

Hardly worth such a lynching.

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Posted in: South Sudan promises probe into claims girls raped, burnt alive See in context

Did I read this right ? "Our army punishes with impunity"

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Posted in: Fukui accident victim wins claim against fellow victims See in context

No a very constructive way of resolving this, but considering the faultless driver is a victim as well, he or his family could sue the people that just extorted 40 millions out of them for failing to wake up the driver...

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Posted in: WWII kamikaze base to seek UNESCO recognition for pilots' documents See in context

There's a couple things above the general legend about Kamikaze to be known, and shown and explained in such a museum.

To quote Wikipedia: "During World War II, about 3,860 kamikaze pilots were killed, and about 19% of kamikaze attacks managed to hit a ship." "These attacks, which began in October 1944, followed several critical military defeats for the Japanese. They had long since lost aerial dominance due to outdated aircraft and the loss of experienced pilots. " "Tokkōtai pilot training, as described by Takeo Kasuga, generally "consisted of incredibly strenuous training, coupled with cruel and torturous corporal punishment as a daily routine." "The tokkōtai pilot's manual also explained how a pilot may turn back if the pilot could not locate a target and that "[a pilot] should not waste [his] life lightly." However, one pilot who continually came back to base was shot after his ninth return." "It was customary for GHQ [in Tokyo] to make false announcements of victory in utter disregard of facts, and for the elated and complacent public to believe them" "While it is commonly perceived that volunteers signed up in droves for kamikaze missions, it has also been contended that there was extensive coercion and peer pressure involved in recruiting soldiers for the sacrifice." "Some Japanese military personnel were critical of the policy. Some officers, Minoru Genda, Tadashi Minobe and Yoshio Shiga, refused to obey the policy."

Methamphetamine (under the name "Philipon") use was also widely encouraged by the Japanese Army, not limited to Tokkōtai. One may doubt the depth of choice from somebody under drug influence...

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Posted in: One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old See in context

"is there any right age to become a pop star, really?" says the article? Well, is there any age to sign yourself into subservience?

Remember that rule about "no boyfriend or any other kind of relationship allowed"? (that would be bad for business) Then that girl that shaved her head, crumbling under the pressure & moral harassment?

I wonder how well an 11-year old can grow in this environment known to be able to crush & crunch older girls.

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Posted in: One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old See in context

Stepping up the ante from "quite very creepy" to "incredibly creepy".

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Posted in: Apa Group plans to build Japan's biggest hotel by 2020 Olympics See in context

Let us all remember that APA group, through its president Toshio Motoya, is sponsoring revisionism of History.

People that have been in Japan for a while would remember the whole mess with Air Forces General Tamogami's light view of Japan's colonial past, back in 2008 when APA organised a contest about “True Modern History.”

Let's hope that pressure can be put so as to have no tour operator bookings in this group's hotels for the Olympics.

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context

So she gets the public shaming, and the guy involved gets two lines burried in the middle of the article. Well done, everybody.

Besides, who gives a fig? Private life stories, even if not a moral conduct.

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Posted in: Why Japanese people are comfortable with nakedness See in context

This article totally misses its point by mixing sexuality & nakedness. They may be linked through some patterns (ex: a Judeo-Christian education), but are two fairly different concepts. Plus, a vast swath of stereotypes & extreme imagery finishes to discredit any ounce of attempt at journalism or at trying to interest me/other people.

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Posted in: TripAdvisor Japan to give away T-shirts full of overseas obscenities See in context

Meaning in Japan, as far as I know: 1 - Regular pose for photos 2 - Boyfriend (possible gay undertone ?) 3 - It's OK, it's perfect 4 - No meaning I know of 5 - Girlfriend 6 - Nothing I know of in Japan, but fairly know in Japan for being an insulting gesture abroad. 7 - No meaning I know of, but GW's comment above seem to say different 8 - Heavy Metal ! 9 - 10, when you count by closing then opening your fingers. 10 - A rarer variation of #1 11 - No meaning I know of 12 - No meaning I know of

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Posted in: Al-Qaida vows revenge for bin Laden's death See in context

"raising questions about his relevance in a region that has been changed by a wave of pro-democracy uprisings"

Errr, didn't hear any pro-democracy uprisings in the already democratical Pakistan... Closest pro-democracy urprisings are in Syria, more than 5000km away.

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Posted in: May Day See in context

There's a lot of police, because protest usually face counter-protests from the Uyoku. They yell a lot, and usually never step to action, but the police are just here to fend those guys off if needed, without using force, just numbers.

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Posted in: Would legalized gambling ease Japan's economic woes? See in context

"Short sighted" is what comes to mind reading this article.

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Posted in: Why are Tokyo cabbies so clueless? See in context

Taking a cab from Nagatacho to go to Tokyo station (only big avenues, only 3 traffic lights to turn at), a cabbie asked me once how to go there...

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Posted in: Oil installations ablaze in Libya as battles rage See in context

Screw the EU, NATO and the useless security council. Egypt and Tunisia should scramble their airforces and put Ghadafi down. The Libyan people will only be thankful is my guess.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force awards $35 bil airborne refueling tanker contract to Boeing See in context

Whichever side achieves victory, this is for a majority based on lobbying more than the actual worth of the offers.

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Posted in: Tokyo's catnap culture See in context

I've always been shocked when seeing very young kids out at 11pm or so, when my bedtime was pretty much set at 8 until end of elementary school, and 10 at best during middle high. Sleep deprivation leads to lack of concentration during the day after and ultimately various development problems, so it's amazing nothing's done for that...

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Posted in: Obama calls for peaceful response in Middle East; slams Iran See in context

The pursuit of happiness, worldwide !

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Posted in: Rumsfeld reveals pre-war Iraq strike plan in memoir See in context

What we know about him and his actions should be enough to send him to jail. The unknown is anybody's guess, but could be frightening considering the known part.

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Posted in: Ginza hostesses battle back against predatory work rules See in context

Arbiter -> Arbeiter

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Posted in: Thieves in Malaysia steal $1.5 mil worth of condoms from Japanese company See in context

Well they just got... had.

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