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Posted in: Body of woman in underwear found in apartment building parking lot See in context

According to police, a passerby called 110 at around 10:20 a.m. on Sunday and reported that a woman in her underwear was lying on the ground in the parking lot beside her two-storey apartment building in Nishi Ward, Fuji TV reported.

Imagine, as a foreigner you spotted a dead body on the way in Japan, would you guys dare call the police overlooking the sheer possibility of storm of questions and end up being a suspect?

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Posted in: Kurdish officials deport Japanese journalist over IS links See in context

That's a matter of worry, last time we saw a Hokkaido native who was also a converted muslim allegedly attempted to join IS and finally restrained by the authority.

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Posted in: What is the best solution for reducing overtime work? See in context

Other than workplace "pretending to be busy" and genuine overtime tasks, there is ingrained social/family pressure of going home lately to show the wify that "俺は頑張っているぞ(Look, I'm working hard!)". Usually, the Japanese wives don't become glad if hubbies come earlier to have quality time rather they get annoyed to see their men earlier than expected.

On the other hand, the unmarried guys have nothing to do at home, so they kill time in the office for prolonged time or attend nomikai(drinking party).

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Posted in: In Japan, the word 'immigration' is not used in policymaking. The prime minister often says it's not immigration, it's guest workers. See in context

Immigration won't be a problem but allowing them living in ghettos and keeping distance with the locals will eventually give birth to extremism like what's happening in the UK and France.

Japanese authority knows this and doing the right thing. Few years ago I've heard dismantling such ghettos of Pakistani immigrants in Saitama which is a big relief.

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Posted in: Meet the 'world’s best dressed farmer' See in context

As long as it is not hot & humid summer, shouldn't be any problem except working in the clay!

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Posted in: N Korean missile advances expose Japan in two-decade arms race See in context

This type of tension between countries are maintained by the major arm producing countries to keep their business running.

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Posted in: Final day See in context

Hafu power rocks!

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Posted in: Japan’s sluggish economy is stuck in an almost impossible position and those betting on a recovery any time soon will be disappointed. See in context

Admit it or not, the consumer market is shrinking gradually every year, among the consumers, the aged group over 60 is growing than the other younger groups and this is not a good picture from capitalist economy's point of view.

Already there are increasing abandoned houses, amusement parks, schools which is the alarming sign of depopulation. Offsetting this shortage of population by mass migration(as advised 1million per year) would be disastrous for social harmony and security. Selective immigration like what is going on is not that bad but the native population must be encouraged to form family and get at least 3children for some foreseeable future.

Though it would be contradictory to traditional workaholic society, only govt. can take initiatives to create such environment where people would be family centric, get enough salary to raise children without so much financial difficulty which is supposed to be the crucial barrier to make babies.

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Posted in: Cooling off See in context

Grown up girls behaving like little girls with skimpy dress is really unique culture here! Love to be in Japon!

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Posted in: A day at the beach See in context

Next, how about a photo of the guys at the beach for us gals. JT? Onegai

But unfortunately that photo would have less commercial value compared with this one, good luck!

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Posted in: We base each decision on the international treaty that defines refugees as individuals who face persecution due to their race, religion and political views. See in context

Japan doesn't guarantee free handout to homeless foreigners like its European counterparts, so those people who are dreaming that Japan would be a comfortable happy-go-lucky are surely thinking wrong. But genuine refugees should be accepted and can be employed in the industry wherever applicable. The over generalized thinking that each and every applicant is a potential criminal is simply inhuman and unrealistic.

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Posted in: Toyota, taxi industry tie up on autonomous driving technologies See in context

Taxi drivers are helping to put themselves out of a job.

Taxi drivers are not doing anything and they are not in that position either. IT's the operators who are collaborating will be benefited for not paying salaries to the taxi drivers.

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Posted in: He's gold See in context

It's really good for him after the mobile bill incident for playing Pokemon Go there.

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Posted in: Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads See in context

Service sector, specially in technical fields there is huge demand, getting visa is easy but educated foreigners can do little unless they have professional level of Japanese. On the contrary the blue collar jobs doesn't require high level of Japanese competency but there is no visa category other than trainee workers who can legally do these type of works. We haven't heard such news so far regarding construction works are crippled due to shortage of workers. There are always some ways figured out in the back door.

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Posted in: Woman employee stabbed in back at supermarket in Kawasaki See in context

Even female stabbers are popping out these days along with the male psychos.

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Posted in: Too busy for Pokemon? These entrepreneurs will play for you See in context

The whole article in a nutshell: While some busy workers don't have time to play game, some unemployed guys lined up to play for them in exchange of fee.

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Posted in: 42 reported killed in Turkey as military stages attempted coup See in context

And this eventful and unstable Turkey competed with Japan for 2020 Olympic! No wonder it was not selected, relief to millions of prospective spectators.

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Posted in: Bangladesh siege highlights Japan's development aid overseas See in context

Japan should stop handing out aid to Bangladesh by our hard earned tax, pull out Japanese investment and JICA voluntary activities.

What is Japan getting in exchange of all of these? Dead bodies of its citizen! Enough is enough.

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Posted in: Japan says 7 nationals missing in Dhaka attack See in context

Japan, US and all world powers must pressurize Bangladesh govt. to crack down Islamic militants where the current govt. has become a spoiled child of India doing nothing against extremism other than blaming zombi opposition parties.

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Posted in: Woman slips, breaks elbow after 3 students pour liquid on stairs See in context

Their half-hearted joke was to enjoy watching someone slipping and rolling down the stairs, losers!

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Posted in: Islamic State may be down, but it's far from out See in context

It is a bizarre situation where Pentagon proxies are fighting CIA proxies with US taxpayer dollars wasted away and where propaganda-like news has to be manufactured to explain it all to the gullible US public.

There is a definite profit and business of the mighty corporate world behind all these proxy wars otherwise they won't get involved with this messy game.

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Posted in: 8 years into 'konkatsu' boom, lifelong single population continues to grow See in context

Public housing in Japan isn't that costly to be an excuse for not marrying. ”Danchi” in Japan can be found in fairly reasonable prices. Having unrealistic expectation is the problem to blame.

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Posted in: 8 years into 'konkatsu' boom, lifelong single population continues to grow See in context

When the match matching activities are going through such formal sessions like konkatsu, expectations from the female side go higher that could hardly meet the real status of male participants. The unofficial demand of the marriage seeking Japanese ladies are 7million yen almost double than national average. They don't even like the concept of husband coming home from work early(before 9pm) which they react like "Iya da" means "no way!". There might be some exceptions but majority are like the above, proving the growing number of forever alones.

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Posted in: GPlus Media launches service to help foreigners find high-quality rental housing in Japan See in context

What if you are not an english speaking foreigner? Then what?

Very simple, then you must learn English or take assistance of a person within your community who can speak both your language and English.

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Posted in: Here’s what Japanese men and women think about cheating See in context

In short, physical engagement with a prostitute or any other person is OK but having platonic date is a big no-no.

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Posted in: Obama to make historic visit to Hiroshima on May 27 See in context

Apologizing for atomic bombing would seriously question the legitimacy of that historical decision, create a huge outcry in the US and injure the superpower image worldwide with other string of consequences. This is a smart diplomatic move which will be treated as a formal attempt to mend agony without bowing head.

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Posted in: Miss Hooters Japan Contest 2016 See in context

Tanned, implanted breast, an unusual look of Japanese girls seen in commercials.

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Posted in: Migrants stuck at closed borders, others seeking new routes See in context

Poking nose into the internal conflict of the most unstable region and intensifying the problem, now face the outcome. Ironically being geographically safe positioned, the US don't have to face the direct inflow of refugees whereas the European countries are dealing with the unnecessary burden.

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Posted in: LDP to tackle 'taboo' of expanding foreign labor force See in context

The womenomix can't work in service sector due to the fact that working mothers have to leave office earlier than regular hours and career centric pull of women are less likely make three babies each and increase the populace.

Regardless of language barrier and so on, Japan will be attractive for third world countries vast labor force in blue collar factory works. But service sector requires business level Japanese, unique work style which cannot be fulfilled by foreigners right after arriving Japan. The dire reality is no service company in Japan is ready to use English other than some handful IT start ups. Being working with the Japanese staffs having fantastic TOEIC scores pathetically found very few of them can barely speak effective English in real life conversation. So expecting one fine morning Japan will adopt English all over the country and foreigners would come and jump into the workforce is far from reality even difficult to imagine.

Conclusively saying, immigration can be a solution to shrinking labor force for only blue collar work as we saw in the bubble era. But it would take at least twenty years more to prepare the service sector environment fit for foreign work force.

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Posted in: Do you think opening Japan up to immigration would raise the country's birthrate in the long term? See in context

The rural and downtown areas are mostly hit hard by declining birth rate. Educated, young Japanese are unwilling to stay in their hometown and tend to move to city areas. So obviously those abandoned village areas do have capacity to embrace immigrants who would create a new layer of economy turning the zombie areas into lively. But irony is, only the blue collar workers from developing countries would be eager to fill up those country side areas of Japan and immigration usually doesn't allow them stay for long time.

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