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Posted in: Irish gymnast slams 'slippery' pommel horse after virus case at worlds See in context

Cunningham should have either supported his fellow gymnast or said nothing. Next week it could be him somewhere else. Gymnasts need to stand together and demand respect. One slip and it could be a life-changing injury.

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Posted in: Fury stops Wilder in 11th in another heavyweight thriller See in context

Photo text says: "Tyson Fury, of England" because he won. If he had lost then no doubt he'd have been called "the beaten Irish Traveler". Even though he-himself has tried to discard his Irish Traveler roots, what he has achieved is remarkable giving the difficulties he experienced growing-up in Britain due to his...Irish Traveler roots.

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Posted in: Controversial father of Pakistan nuclear bomb dies at 85 See in context

"the ummah (the Islamic Bomb)". Got to be the most obscene symbol of the frightening threat Religion has held over this beautiful planet throughout our history. To think that such a device is made to destroy what the developers own God is supposed to have created? Astonishing, indeed frightening that individuals with such intellectual potential in other aspects are so stupid that they believe in religion (fairy tales). The only thing that I would "Nuke" is the entire concept of religion itself. All Religion has ever done is control, manipulate, exploit and harm people. The irony that even science is manipulated by religion is abhorrent to everything science should stand for.

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Posted in: Britain blames 'heavy-handed' EU for Brexit deal problems See in context

If the six occupied counties referred to as "Northern Ireland" are such a "Nuisance" for the UK - then the UK should give those occupied six occupied "Nuisance"counties back to Ireland.

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Posted in: Olympic power broker Sheikh Ahmad found guilty of forgery See in context

Sentence incredibly light for such an enormous crime?

This guys CV reads like the opening scene in "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" movie when Eli Wallach's crimes are being read out (Executive positions on some of the most notorious organisations in the world).

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Posted in: Cooper the hero as Australia beats South Africa See in context

Brilliant game.

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Posted in: How someone becomes a torturer See in context

Maybe you have to have your own country occupied and your people brutally tortured to realize, A) Torture only elicits greater resistance, & B) It is likely to get the recipient to agree with anything you suggest, i.e. you are none the wiser, but now have to deal with greater resistance. Torturers are invariably the most psychotic sadistic cowards in any group. An honorable soldier wouldn't have anything to do with it. And I believe there are honorable soldiers.

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Posted in: Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been talk of a basic universal income. Do you support the concept? See in context

Against it. If people who don't need it get it then it makes the poorest comparatively poorer.

Lets say I am comfortable. The guy next door is on welfare and struggling. Suddenly I get the same he's getting on welfare on top of my salary. I get richer he gets comparatively poorer. Also inflation: Goods and services go up because providers know that people like me have extra cash. This idea is just needless middle-class welfare, when welfare should be means-tested and those who need it get more, those of us who don't, shouldn't get any. Basic economics.

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Posted in: Cures and remedies and the Tokyo temples and shrines that dispense them See in context

Love this article. I'd love to see more about Japan and even other countries also.

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Posted in: Olympic official questioned for 5 hours in Geneva forgery trial See in context

This despicable behavior is so at odds to the heroism of the Paralympions.

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Posted in: Bomb survivor Shepherd 'just having fun' at Paralympics See in context


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Posted in: Brazil bank robbers strap hostages to cars during deadly raid See in context

"Surprised that Bolsonaro is allowing this on his patch."????

Why surprised? He is the best example of how crime pays.

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Posted in: 11 children abducted by presumed Islamist militants in Congo See in context


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Posted in: Yakuza leader's threat to judge shouldn't be taken lightly See in context

In reality, "Vinny from Italy or Alexei from Russia" would be preferable and are not the ones trying to take over crime in Japan. Its the obvious community that are operating even more openly than the Yaks, and, unlike the Yaks, really annoy visitors, but that politics dare not allow us to acknowledge, never mind combat. Frankly no other country would allow such an obvious international takeover of criminal behaviour in their country as is happening in Japan. So, in that case, better the devil you know...the Yaks.

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Posted in: Bobby Kennedy's assassin granted parole in California See in context

An unholy alliance between corporate WASP'S angry at the Kennedy's attempts to address the race question of the day and anti-Castro fanatics would be also on the list of potential suspects. But this guy pleaded guilty so it is a really difficult thing trying to work it out. But one has to take Robert Kennedy junior's comments serious as it was his own father after all. I Dunnno, the plot thickens.

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Posted in: FIFA, soccer bodies to get $200 mil as victims of corruption See in context

“I would like to thank the US authorities for the trust placed in FIFA,”?????????????

FIFA is rotten to the core.

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Posted in: 14-year-old swimmer Yamada wins Japan's 1st Paralympic medal See in context

She looks beautiful. Well done to her.

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Posted in: Furuhashi hits sixth goal as Celtic grab Europa League first leg win See in context

What a great signing Furuhashi has proved to be.

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Posted in: China pushes adoption of language, cultural symbols in Tibet See in context

Britain did this in Ireland-look where that got us? Tibet people will rightly also resist this abuse of their own beautiful culture and language.

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Posted in: Newcomers Brentford beat Arsenal to make flying Premier League start See in context

Wow. Go Brentford.

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Posted in: British Olympic silver medalist Ujah suspended for alleged doping See in context

@Speed: "Bet China's glad to hear this since they came in 4th."

And I bet China will be particularly glad (relieved) to get the medal without having to do the drug test.

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Posted in: British Olympic silver medalist Ujah suspended for alleged doping See in context

"commonly used to build muscle." ? What muscle?

He should ask for his money back.

Not exactly a walking advert for the "muscle building" drug, is he?

As he says himself, "truth is madder than fiction".

Its only the minority of cheaters that get caught though.

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

I enjoyed it especially the Irish Rowers who won Gold and Irish Boxer Kelly Harrington who won Gold also, although I note that Kelly, the 2018 World Champ was not mentioned even once on this site, even her Gold yesterday - still has not been mentioned. Not surprised as some people don't like Ireland on this site.

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Posted in: Kawai wins women's wrestling 57 kg gold See in context

Brilliant. Well done. , Great Olympic success for Japan.

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Posted in: Why is there so much drama in Olympic boxing? See in context

Its interesting when a British boxer benefits from a controversial decision (like this time around) it is suddenly a case of those robbed are really only "Sour losers" or "poor sports" (especially if they are Irish of course) and when Conlon battered the face of a well beaten opponent, Beacham claims that Conlon some how was not dominant enough? Ultimately in Olympic-Boxing its about points more so than aggression. But Conlon won on points and aggression. If he had been fighting for Britain or if the Frenchman who felt aggrieved this time was British it would have all been "a terrible travesty". Frankly, in the Aliev fight, it was very evident that both boxers were using their heads inappropriately. So either both penalized or neither.

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Posted in: Boxing fights for reputation at Tokyo Games after Rio controversies See in context

Michael Conlan is back again. Thankfully. Hopefully he will get the Gold medal that was stolen from him in Rio.

BTW, there is a brother and sister boxing for Ireland at the Olympics too.

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Posted in: Johnson resisted 2nd lockdown as 'most of those dying were over 80': ex-aide See in context

When people such as Johnson and the other bunch of like-minded covid-dismissing idiotic leaders scattered throughout the world are so obsessed with keeping corporate interests, share values and other high financial concerns above the health of the rest of us, its bad. But when you see them extending this caviler attitude to even being reckless with their own health, it proves that some people have to be protected from their greed, even for their own health sake.

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Posted in: Turkish president: Two-state deal only way for Cyprus peace See in context

One blindingly obvious fact is that the Greek military, in comparison, is not e.g. occupying southern Cyprus.

The military presence, apart from some UN at the border is Turkish. Cyprus is a small militarily & economically weak country. Imagine another, militarily and economically strong country such as France or Spain was invaded by Turkey, what would happen? NATO and or the EU would force them out within hours.

Just as with Syria and with the attacks and abuse of the Kurd's, NATO'S spineless placating Turkeys return to empire-lust is at the root of the problem OK.

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Posted in: German officials defend their actions on devastating floods See in context

That picture above of the two weeping brothers in Germany says it all. very, very sad.

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Posted in: What pairs with beetle? Start-ups seek to make bugs tasty See in context

No thanks. Pass the sick-bag please.

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