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Posted in: U.S. political campaigns to cost $6 bil See in context

Just wasting so much money to elect a person to be president, anyway after the election Mitt Romney is still Mr Romney and Barack is President Barack Obama. Barack the better choice and talk sense.......

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Posted in: Clinton calls for Syrian opposition shakeup to defeat Assad See in context

Ms Clinton is messing up in many countries, this should be the job of UN. No wonder, american are not safe in many parts of the world.

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Posted in: Japan reportedly seeking exemption from U.S. sanctions on Iran See in context

Japan should make her own decision for the good of Japan, why must get permission from uncle sam ! Iran is not against Japan anyway.......

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Posted in: Seniors sparking new demand at love hotels See in context

Seniors are getting harder and stronger, thanks to viagra the love potion number 9. He ain't heavy he my brother......

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Posted in: Ishihara steps down as Tokyo governor to take over Sunrise Party See in context

Sunrise Party in power means Sunset for Japan!

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Posted in: Noda defies opposition, says election can wait See in context

Noda hold on as you call the shot being the PM. Do what you think is right, hang on....

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Posted in: Okinawan firefighters strip for charity calendar See in context

Alway in their fire fighting suits when seen saving life and property. Great to show what they are make of...... strong body to carry out their duties when require in emergency........

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Posted in: Triumphant experience See in context

Beautiful and Original....no boobs job! Keep it original, girls.............

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Posted in: U.S. knew too little to deploy troops to Benghazi: Pentagon See in context

Hello, Libya is not the only dangerous places for americans. The USA has been causing troubles and problems in the world to stay superior forever. Soon, americans will have to stay only their country as everywhere will be too dangerous.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy to guard 'freedom of navigation' in Asia See in context

Weak political leaders running their countries had been make use by the US to their advantages only. Sorry filipinos!

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Posted in: Satisfaction! Rolling Stones rock Paris with surprise gig See in context

Keep on rolling forever! Such a wonderful group that roll and roll and rolling.....................

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Posted in: Obama savages Romney foreign policy in last debate See in context

The USA is the cause of her own economics downfall and definitely not by any country in the world. The politicians of D and R parties are not good in running the country, other then creating troubles around the globe. Run your own country well and let the UN manage the global issues.

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Posted in: Hopes dim for DPJ to stay in power: poll See in context

Both the LDP and DPJ parties have not done anything great to show the world that Japan were terible wrong and caused havoc to millions of people in the Asia Pacific countries during the aggresive periods. Even till the present time, the people in the two political parties have not change their mindset to acknowleged the country wrong doings. The majority of the young people want a better Japan that is accepted to the whole world. Throw out the LDP and DPJ, form new party to save Japan from declining further.

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