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How long should Japan be punished for their war crimes?"

I'm afraid that this question is out of place. Has Japan really been punished for the war crimes? how? Actually, the problem with Japan is that they don't think they committed " crimes" during the WWII.

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Not such a stretch of truth, Nazis were organised and focused on eliminating systematically named enemies. Imperial Japanese troops killed, raped and used bestial methods to kill anyone who was not Japanese. At a whim! Why shoot them when it's cheaper to bayonet, burn or rape to death. He has a point, the Japanese troops had no discipline, no control and were encouraged to behave in an animalistic nature to all. There was no organisation no focus just bestial terror and animalistic lust. Neither are to be applauded nor worshiped in any way, 14 CONVICTED Criminals but you can bet there are thousands of other criminals not convicted that are WORSHIPED there.

Basically, Cricky's comment implies most ordinary Japanese are actually the heirs of millions of War Criminals, convicted or non-convicted, Not just those 14 big bosses. Your emperor is one as well.

Sadly, it is probably true.

If the emperor'd have been hung after WWII, no such dispute about the history would exist right now, like what we are seeing in Europe. So, it is highly doubted Japanese can get over their history as long as the royal family is still in place. And "frank and honest to the history" is an impossible mission for modern Japanese.

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And what do you make of the fact that the Japanese Emperor himself has never visited the shrine? If Yasukuni is truly nothing more than a shrine to remember those who died for Japan, the Emperor surely is the most appropriate person to visit?

Because the emperor is an heir of a war crime as well

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The major issue that causes all the problem between China/SK and Japan is that the war crime that Japan's emperor Hirohito should be convicted was ignored by Americans on purpose. This is a fundermantal reason why all Japanese modern politicians are reluctant to admit and apologize to its neighbors, which would embarrass Japan's whole political system and imply "the incumbent Mikado is actually a heir of criminal". If Hirohito would have been hung like many war crime offenders in Germany, no such problem would exist right now.

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