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Posted in: Australian court rules extremists can be kept in prison after they have served their sentences See in context

Lets hope they’re all kept behind bars for as long as possible.

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Posted in: High school student arrested for sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl in toilet See in context

Monitored? He needs to be locked up for the rest of his life.

What’s the bed his disgusting bedroom was filled with comics featuring naked children.

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Posted in: Fewer people to get Pfizer vaccine in Japan due to syringe shortage See in context

get more syringes?

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Posted in: Do you think there should be a moratorium on landlords evicting tenants who can't pay their rent because they lost their job or a significant part of their income due to the coronavirus? See in context

I’ve heard of some housing companies considering this, but the condition is that any tenement applying for exemption must have had no late rent payments up to now. Even a day late.

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Posted in: Ex-bank employee arrested for stealing ¥52 mil; blames it on stress See in context

There’s gonna be a lot more stress for her now isn’t there!

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Posted in: Doctors warn of long-lasting COVID aftereffects among youths See in context

The good news is that people are waking up to this nonsense

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Posted in: Girl sues Tokyo high school that made her drop out for breaking no-dating rule See in context

Dating is just a distraction from the valuable study she would have to do in order to enter a prestigious university and meet a fitting husband. Then all that algebra and Classical Japanese will pay off when she’s a housewife.

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Posted in: Chinese vessels enter Japan's waters near Senkakus for 2nd straight day See in context

China just can’t stop can they. How much do they want to push the rest of the world?

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Posted in: We’re outside, so ventilation is no problem. See in context

Good on them. Getting out and enjoying themselves away from the media.

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Posted in: Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, will step down as CEO See in context

Very ominous. Somethings coming and he knows he wants to be out of the way when it does.

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Posted in: Mori scolded by wife, daughter after saying women talk too much at meetings See in context

Can Japan embarrass itself any more?

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Posted in: Lawmaker Anri Kawai resigns over 2019 vote-buying scandal See in context

Oh the poor thing

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Posted in: Virus mutations down to chance, in more ways than one See in context

down to how much the media what’s to blow up the fact

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Posted in: Osaka accidentally mails out funeral service ads to people infected with coronavirus See in context

Did those people know they have a 0.000 something chance of actually dying from it? But that wouldn’t make for a zany SoraNews article.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after punching convenience store manager who asked her to wear mask See in context

She sounds like a catch. A 50 year old piece of trash wandering around the streets drunk. Loser.

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Posted in: Japan ramps up ultra-cold freezer production ahead of vaccine roll-out See in context

They can acquire as many freezers as they want, it’s not going to mean a quicker rollout

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Posted in: Miniseries 'HodoBuzz' explores dark side of Japan's media industry See in context

Japanese tv is a joke anyway so just let them be.

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Posted in: Perth in lockdown, ending Australia's 2-week run without COVID-19 See in context

Nanny state strikes back

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Posted in: U.S. to require mask-wearing on all public transportation See in context

Won’t work. Americans seem to have a dumb idea about “freedom” and “rights”. This is why they are getting kicked by the virus

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Posted in: Daughter left mother's body in freezer for 10 years See in context

Creepy. Japan still doesn’t stress the problems inherent in its own culture

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Posted in: Do you think the government's Go To Travel campaign was a good idea but the timing was wrong? Or do you think it was bad idea anyway? Did you use it? See in context

I used it all the way up to the end and it was great! It was also good to see others out and about enjoying themselves. Got some great deals and the women I took with me loved it too. It’s a shame people blindly beleive what they read in the media and didn’t take advantage of it.

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Posted in: The end of the pay phone? Japanese government considering getting rid of them See in context

Get rid of fax machines first

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Posted in: Woman disciplined after putting up partition between herself and older male coworker See in context

How old did the text say they were?

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Posted in: AstraZeneca to produce 90 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in Japan See in context

Not before the end of summer mates

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Posted in: Famous faces See in context


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Posted in: China's big holiday travel season light so far See in context

As long as they stay within China.

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