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Posted in: Japan pledges 'safe and secure' Olympics in economic blueprint - draft See in context

Yep, we believe you. Foreigners living here aren’t as gullible as the locals, the JOC doesn’t get it

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Posted in: Anime voice actor star of 'Cowboy Bebop' marries former idol less than half his age See in context

She’s in it for money, and he’s in it for... well... I think we know what... yikes.

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Posted in: Child welfare worker fined for indecent behavior with junior high school girl See in context

In japan, where you can pay 500000 yen to be able to violate a 14 year old girl. Lovely

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Posted in: High court judge faces impeachment for inappropriate tweets See in context

Ive tweeted more offensive things than that

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Posted in: Japan looks to ease virus state of emergency ahead of Olympics See in context

Can we get an adult in from overseas to manage this? How many times has this happened and they never learn.

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Posted in: Man on trial for murder of wife and 5 kids says he has no memory of it See in context

Hang the swine then let leave him

to rot in an unmarked grave.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested after slashing classmate at school See in context

This is what happens when the teachers and parents don’t step in. One day a kids going to stand up to his bully

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Posted in: COVID-19 state of emergency may be needed during Tokyo Olympics: study See in context

Ooooooh they needed a study to realize that?

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Posted in: According to many polls, the majority of the Japanese public say they want the Tokyo Olympics to be canceled or postponed again. So why haven't opponents of the Games taken to the streets in large numbers to protest? Is it a cultural thing? See in context

Lack of courage, the same reason why most don’t give up their seat on the train for people with disabilities, pregnant women etc... or they don’t want Mrs Tanaka next door finding out and spreading it around the neighborhood.

But if there’s a protest against US forces in Okinawa, then they turn out.

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Posted in: You can now rent 'fat people' in Japan See in context

Very misleading title. So it’s like a “talent” agency.

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Posted in: Australia, Japan perfect in World Cup qualifying stage See in context

wow that’s quite an achievement

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Posted in: Man on trial for murder of wife and 5 kids says he has no memory of it See in context

See how that works in court, loser. The rope isn’t going to care about his excuse, it’ll tear his spine like it was nothing. He deserves no less.

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Posted in: Road accident deaths in Japan fall to record low in 2020 See in context

Possibly due in part to the elderly staying indoors.

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Posted in: Warning to athletes: Follow the rules at Tokyo Olympics, or else See in context

Good luck. Only japanese people follow useless rules for the sake of following rules.

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Posted in: Japan to provide greater COVID vaccine support to foreign residents See in context

Hurdles"? There are no long as you can read/write and are fluent in Nihongo.

it clearly states the info will be in English.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

Any attempts by this spineless government to appeal to people by saying they’re getting on with it are useless. Behind everyone else as usual.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympics protest See in context

What about photos of Spineless Leader Suga, spineless lackey Koike and their puppet Hashimoto. They’re all just as guilty as each other

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Posted in: Just how many seasons does Japan really have? See in context

It has four. Hot, rainy, freezing, cherry blossoms. Please don’t walk into the minefield of debating with a japanese person over wether or not there’s four...they do not let up

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Posted in: Crowdfunding opens on Japanese version of a gadget that makes any canned beer easier to drink See in context

Yeah, be THAT guy at a party....

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for sexually molesting high school girl See in context

His career is over all because he decided to “cop” a feel.

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Posted in: Osaka earns Olympic tennis spot as rankings for Tokyo Games released See in context

What sushi does she like? Can she use chopsticks?

The hard hitting questions Japanese journalists ask

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Posted in: Wasabi the Pekingese named Westminster's 'Best in Show' See in context

Wasabi the Pekinese... the Japanese are going to have a problem with that!

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Posted in: China slams G7 'manipulation' after Xinjiang, Hong Kong criticism See in context

Seriously, China, no one cares. You’ve caused the world to stand still for over a year now. No one respects you.

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Posted in: American father and son plead guilty to helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

Smart move. They’re cooking up something. It’s no secret how dirty the Japanese judicial system is.

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Posted in: British medical journal calls for global conversation on Tokyo Olympics See in context

Since when has japan ever listened to the opinions of anyone who isn’t a Japanese politician

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Posted in: Message for Olympic visitors See in context

Why is the message for spectators in English?

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Posted in: American father, son to go on trial for helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

Weak Japanese prosecutors and weak Japanese lawyers won’t win this one.

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Posted in: Woman cyclist killed in hit-and-run with motorbike See in context

Coward. When they get caught cue: I got something but didn’t think it was a person. Typical Japanese excuse

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Posted in: Four decades on, where's the HIV vaccine? See in context

Because a HIV vaccine isn’t part of the narrative. Now, something like Covid-19, now that’s a different story

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Posted in: 2 children found dead, mother wounded in Gunma home See in context

Second one in two days. Japan really needs to wake up to it’s murderous-suicidal mothers.

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