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Posted in: J Soul Brothers join Exile See in context

People will spend the next few albums trying to differentiate their'll be too many to decipher

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

I'm not half but I understand the struggle to fit in the japanese society...its so not fun sometimes...

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger to play himself in Stallone film See in context

Hmm...lets see... former actor now gov. of california spends his time casting in Stalone's movie role as HIMSELF (narcissistic much) instead of helping take stimulus money and trying to procreate better status for his state and help with several of its prbolems including recent forest fires, argicultural decline and maybe a change in education or health care systems... NOW what's more important?

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Posted in: Which side is more insulting to the other: pro-whalers or anti-whalers? See in context

I love whales and therefore I am biased for the beilef that Pro whalers are insulting. My only logical explination dispite my biased opinion is due to the fact that the Japnese whaling companies DO tread farther than they need to in terms of capturing these species.... And besides, I think anyone who has interest to stand up and preserve water life such as this deserves to be acknowledged! Go anti whalers! I admit although im an anti-whaler I'm not foregoing some of the semantics and off the wall stunts that most animal protectors go through. If its in Japanese history to eat a whale... I understand but just don't let me see it...

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Posted in: Antarctic glaciers melting faster than thought See in context

AT least we know the time slot...6 six years left and then its official...we WILL BE SCREWED! So I indicate my next big move will be away from any water surrounding enviornment... Egypt anyone?

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Posted in: Newborn girl dies after being left in bicycle basket in Tokyo See in context

Just thin of all those people who WANT to get pregnant and raise families ...they would have loved to own that little's so sad and such a waste of life...

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Posted in: Boycott of violent Japanese video game urged in U.S. See in context


We all know despite the gaming industry patenting laws there are ways to still get this game. They could have nipped this in the bud SO LONG AGO.... I had a friend back in college who loved to play this game... I still shake my head at it in disgust.

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Posted in: Strong yen drawing Japanese women to S Korea for plastic surgery See in context

old women tell their grandchildren, ‘If you don’t have it done, you’ll never amount to anything.’”

That's a POOR excuse to live...and shame on them for deriving such nonsense... I heard pain= beauty but never Beauty = change your body and face for self worth!

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for filming up high school girl's skirt in Ibaraki See in context

Maybe he needed time out to live out a fetish...

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Posted in: Where there's a Will See in context

I too believe that his recent films gather much more credit than most of his former ones... he seems more indulged into family growth and the spiritual concept behind being happy through trials of life.

I can admit he`s come a long way since the Fresh Prince!

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Posted in: Some teed off by Japanese media swarming over Ishikawa See in context

I'm really amused Ishikawas mother makes APPROVAL for his future endeavors regarding relationships....

And on a good note perhaps it was better that he didn't make the cut, now the media can focus on other sports and sense besides the same shot of him doing the same thing and therefore, will maybe persuade them elsewhere to give the resr of the professional sports players credit and awknowledgement.

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