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Gay 'pride' is being promoted by Obama and Hillary Clinton U.S. Embassies on global level. Countries which do not approve of gay marriage, etc, can be deprived of U.S. Aid as a result. I read that the UK is using similar tactic. My research shows that this is tied more to global socialism, eventually a global tax, more than 'human rights.' As usually, these 'movements' are motivated by politics, money and power. Don't be deceived. Google 'Hillary Clinton lgbt us embassy.' It's a sort of global occupy movement. Often, the gay parades are followed by social unrest and violence (see Ukraine and Pakistan). Countries in Africa are being pressured on this issue, even in the midst of millions of people dying from HIV/AIDS and so many children orphaned as a result. Politics, money, and power. These global socialists slander the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already), but the Freedom movement is growing. People of the world are standing up and fighting the corrupt propagandists who've taken over the media, academia, and global governments because we see the money being funneled right back into their corrupt bureaucracies. Also, these demonstrations have a counter-productive result; often, because the community is horrified at the prospect that they could have men in thong underwear, high heals, and risqué outfits parading in their streets like in the U.S. and Western Europe, this emboldens the true extremists and subsequently, then are able to be lifted into power.

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