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Posted in: China says Japan fighter jets shadowed its planes over disputed waters See in context

Crush ThemAUG. 08, 2014 - 04:22PM JST

Excuse me, but I think that precludes the freedom to SPY.

It doesn't preclude anything. Passive intelligence gathering is just picking up anything the target of the intelligence gathering mission is putting into the environment. And if what the target is putting into the environment can be gathered beyond the target's national borders then I don't see the problem.

Its more like the United States is a rogue nation that has no respect for the U.N. or the rights of other countries' security and privacy.

Meh, you're entitled to your opinion. But I've never been impressed with the, "other people do it so why can't I?" argument.

Yes there is. Its called decency. I doubt the Chinese would do that even if they did have a foreign base as convenient as Kadena.

Unfortunately "decency" is not a factor in military preparedness. Decency is a political concern which, in the case of US intelligence gathering, is being overridden by China's military buildup and foreign policy double-talk.

Lets say some guy likes to sit on the edge of the road and peer at your house with binoculars. It might be legal. And that guy might say that you are free to do the same and sit on the road and peer at his house with binoculars. Do you imagine that would be anywhere near legitimate behavior?

It might be if that "guy" thought I might be running a crack house or engaging in other illegal or dangerous activity. People do things like that sometimes because they're concerned about a potential danger to the rest of the neighborhood. If China feels like everybody is watching it a bit too closely then China really needs to re-evaluate WHY everybody is doing that.

Intelligence gathering is just a fact of the world. China likes to do it's spying via the internet (with the occasional spy ship sent to RIMPAC exercises. So much for decency.) The US does it's spying in various ways. But the Chinese getting angry over it when anybody comes within 200 miles of their coast seems hypocritical and paranoid.

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Posted in: China says Japan fighter jets shadowed its planes over disputed waters See in context

@Crush Them An Exclusive Economic Zone gives special economic rights to use the zone. It is not sovereign territory. Every countries sovereign territory ends 12 miles off their coast. If the United States wanted to park an entire carrier battleforce 12.000001 miles off the coast of Shanghai or Hainan Island, technically, they have the right since they would be in international waters. How chinese (and others) don't seem to understand the difference in status between EEZ and sovereign territory is beyond me.

And frankly, there is nothing stopping the Chinese from patrolling off the coast of Hawaii all they want. The Soviets regularly visited the area with spy trawlers but you never heard about the US Coast Guard ramming one of them or blocking their passage did you?

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