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Posted in: France plans Renault CEO search as board members disagree over Ghosn See in context

I am sure that Japanese netizens are all united in that this whole melee is all Ghons’s/Renault’s fault, that Nissan makes better cars than Renault (which, apart from F1 could be true, I don’t know) and that Nissan’s profits are being syphoned off to France. A while ago there was one of those toe curling moments on tv where some equally cluelessness (feigning) reporters went all the way to Paris and to their “astonishment” they saw many Renault made cars and even a Renault dealership! They counted more Renault cars than Nissans and from their demeanor it was like a crime was being committed. In case they were really that ignorant, they could have saved time and money by googling the facts, for locally made cars also sell well locally. In the top 10 of best selling cars in Japan, the first 9 are Japanese brands. Mercedes is the best of the rest at nr 10. In France it’s not different, the top selling brands are French made cars.

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

The media asked Trump if he would use force and he responded by saying that they would consider using force, comparing rocks with deadly weapons. Nobody has been shot yet, so calm down and wipe the foam of your mouth. Anyway, these “migrants” are not exactly showing goodwill by throwing rocks at public servants. I’d say, arm the rifles with rock salt or pepper and blast anyone throwing stones at the border guard in the butt.

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Posted in: Indonesian rescue workers believe fuselage of crashed plane found See in context

Interesting engine. Just read that the fan blades are made of some sort of composite material and are flexible, untwisting when the rpm goes up. Actually a bit scary, but these engine will have been extensively tested. Some of the Airbus A320 models seem to be using this same engine.

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Posted in: Bombardier sues Mitsubishi Aircraft over alleged theft of trade secrets See in context

Certification requires expertise. Apparently, from what I’ve read, Bombardier is one of a handful of airplane manufacturers able to certify its own planes and Mitsubishi is not one of those handful, probably having to rely on outside companies with the required expertise, which costs money. According to Bombardier, certification for just one model plane can takes years and costs billions of $. Mitsubishi “bought” knowledgeable employees away from Bombardier, who in turn brought with them confidential information relating to this certification process. Bombardier claims that this amounts to intellectual property theft.

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Posted in: Quake shock absorber maker says products may have been used nationwide See in context

The problem is not necessarily with the quality of these dampers, but rather with this company starting to use materials that weren’t certified. They claim that the new material has similar properties as the certified materials. For whatever reason, money pinching perhaps, they didn’t test the new materials and didn’t have them certified, which is a legal requirement.

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Posted in: NHK to reduce subscription fees See in context

I am always told that NHK is swimming in money. Can’t confirm this, but I read on various sites that while the average annual salary in Japan is about 4.5 million Yen per year, the average salary for NHK folks is over 10 million Yen per year and for greenhorns 4.6 million Yen. Fee collectors seem to be paid 15000 Yen per household they manage to sign up, so that might explain their tenacity.

Each additional channel I want to subscribe to on cable costs around 800 Yen per month extra, so perhaps NHK should charge something like that. If Katsuto Momii and the rest of the NHK management pay for their golf outings + wining and dining out of their own pockets, the fee could be perhaps lowered even more.

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Posted in: Man turns himself in over fatal hit-and-run See in context

In this case, it concerns a narrow 2 lane prefectural road in the middle of Chichibu city (県道73、 上町2丁目), where the speed limit is less than 60Km/h. Road is straight as an arrow, lined with homes and businesses and has lighting. From the chalk marks the cops drew on the tarmac, the women ended up in the middle of the road, at a crossing with traffic lights. We don’t know how the initial accident happened, I’ll leave that to Strangerland (just kidding), but the 2nd and 3rd drivers should have definitely seen something on the road. Unless one is blind or driving like a maniac, one would normally be able to see what is ahead. Make that what is way, way ahead.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'My boyfriend suddenly changed' & 'I thought he liked me' See in context

Well Strangerland, if somebody else would have penned that sentence, you might have countered that opinion by exploring all the other possibilities, like how Hilary Keyes might have been born here or something. I don’t think she is however, for it’s perfectly ok to use omae, boku or ore in a colloquial setting and even on tv you can hear the same when people who know each other babble amongst each other in front of the camera. It’s different though when somebody is angry at you and calls you omae this and omae that. I would have thought that youngsters would use the suffix “chan” when referring to each other.

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context

Sure the law is the law, but to expel the wife of a person recognized as an actual refugee? I am sure that in certain cases exceptions can be made. But just a question, what if these people were Mexican, should they have been able to stay? For if I am not mistaken, a lot of people commenting on this very site were against Mexicans being expelled from a certain country for exactly this same very reason, staying illegally.

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Posted in: Aum cult founder Asahara, 6 followers hanged See in context

Well, what can you say, law of the land and they brought it upon themselves.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney sees music as travelogue on new album See in context

Here's a funny video of the James Cordon Show with McCartney.

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Posted in: High school basketball player punches ref after dispute over foul See in context

From J news: this battered referee apparently expressed his hope for the kid to stay in Japan and “not to hate Japan”.

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Posted in: Fernando Alonso wins on debut in 24 Hours Le Mans race See in context

Oh yes, hybrid cars. I don’t know about him getting back on battery power. It wasn’t mentioned. They said he had to slow down considerably in order to preserve fuel. I was actually watching the Spanish MotoGP yesterday, to witness the revived fortunes of a certain Italian motorcycle manufacturer and when I flipped channels after that race, LeMans had finished already.

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Posted in: Fernando Alonso wins on debut in 24 Hours Le Mans race See in context

Kobayashi forgot to pit and with the chance of running out of fuel, had to slow down to be able to make it back to the pits, being lapped by Nakajima in the process.

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Posted in: High court rejects reopening 1966 Hakamada quadruple murder case See in context

He would have been hanged a long time ago, weren’t it for the judiciary’s own lingering doubt about this man’s guilt. Every justice minister that came and went over the years was uneasy about this case and didn’t have the guts to hang him or do something about it, so they just handed the problem over to the next justice minister and so on. I guess they were well aware how it works here, with the long history of forced confessions . It makes one wonder if there are other, less fortunate folks languishing in prison for something they had no part in.

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Posted in: U.S. says diplomats in China hit by mystery illness See in context

I wouldn’t be surprised. Those commies, ex or not, often resort to “lowly degenerating tactics”. For instance, US diplomats, embassy staff, as well as their families have been harassed for years by Russian, well, goons. Not only in Russia, but other European cities as well. When Obama was president. So if US and Canadian diplomatic personnel are getting sick for unexplainable reasons, it raises suspicions to put it mildly.

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Posted in: Man arrested over 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

Well, it seems this fellow has admitted to being “involved” in this murder and the cops are now preparing to arrest him.

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Posted in: Musician Kitaro cancels Iran concert because his band includes Americans See in context

What is sad is that regimes like the one in Iran has a habit of detaining people, usually with dual citizenship, on trumped up charges, to be used a political pawns. I just watched a video of this Kitaro band and they are not clamoring for anarchy in Iran. It’s not the music that is offense to the government over there and they apparently played there before. It’s nothing like “Happy” by Colin Farrell, which got Iranian folk who sang and/or danced to that tune, arrested. So that leaves the fear of the American band members running into trouble and that shouldn’t happen. It’s not like America just bombed Iran.

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Posted in: Baseball's 'Iron Man' Kinugasa dead at 71 See in context

I read that Mr. Kinugasa was still working last week, on the 19th, as baseball commentator at Yokohama stadium. A true “iron man” indeed.

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Posted in: Recovering daughter of ex-spy poisoned in UK makes first comment after attack See in context

Ah, good old Russia, deny everything, admit to nothing and blame the other party instead. Their belligerence and threats are telling. Didn’t Putin say that every traitor would kick the bucket? At his convenience I suppose. Sure, we don’t have a clue as to what really happened as yet, but the reaction of the US and Western European governments was telling. Initially lukewarm and cautious, but when shown the evidence by the British government, they swiftly followed suit by expelling a bunch of diplomatic personal, so Britain must have some very compelling evidence.

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Posted in: Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning See in context

Everyone notice there hasn't been a word from Trump on this?

Strange, various news sites reported Trump saying  that "he has vowed to "condemn Russia or whoever" was behind the Salisbury nerve agent attack".

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Posted in: Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning See in context

Speaking about appeasement, how about Jeremy Corbyn? If you didn’t know, he is British and the leader of that country’s Labour Party (main opposition to the Conservative party) and he just repeated himself once again by saying the other day in Parliament, that Britain should not antagonize Putin further, but rather follow a policy of appeasement. By the way, I am not a Trump supporter, it’s just tiresome to day in day out read about unsubstantiated drivel put out here.

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Posted in: Putin faces midnight deadline to explain nerve attack on former spy to UK See in context

I'm sure the British are pretty aware just where the White House true sympathies lie, these days.

Any proof of that statement? I read something completely different. Under Trump the US launched military strikes on Syria, sent military aid to Ukraine, tightened sanctions on Russia, strengthened US and NATO forces in Eastern Europe and designated Russia as a strategic rival of the Unites States. And, that Russian officials are quietly missing the days when Obama was in office. To me that doesn’t sound like the US is cozying up to Russia.

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Posted in: Ter Mors gets gold; Kodaira wins silver, Takagi bronze in 1,000-meter speedskating See in context

Suicides after the 64 Tokyo Olympics? I thought the losers were all lined up against the wall and shot. No need to overdramatize things. 

Based on her results, everybody expected Kodaira to win, so the disappointment is understandable. Even the Dutch team thought she was the most likely candidate to take the gold. But this is the Olympics and some competitors can bring something extra. Also, Ter Mors breaking the Olympic record in a race before that of Takagi and Kodaira can’t exactly have been a confidence booster for them. 

Prediction for tonight’s men’s 10K: Netherlands takes the gold!

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Posted in: Wust gets speedskating gold; Takagi takes silver See in context

Enthusiastic, yes, but it seems they never have really knowledgeable people commenting in the studio. Yes, Takagi was only 0.20 seconds behind Wüst and could have won if, if and if, but 0.20 seconds translates to a meter of two behind the winner, which in speed skating is quite a lot. The only knowledgeable person, former speed skater Keiichiro Nagashima said that it was not a near win for Takagi, but rather a definite loss. Sad faces. Credit has to be given to Wüst for being able to set the winning time before the final and favored pair of Takagi and American Bergsma.

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Posted in: Japanese speedskater suspended after failing doping test See in context

He said that he is puzzled as well, for although he took (prescribed) medication, it was always in consultation with “experts” and that he was careful with what he ate. Apparently he tested positive for acetazolamide, which is, as I have read, used as a diuretic to lose water/weight and abused as a masking agent for other banned substances. For his sake, I hope he has a clean conscience, but healthy youngsters don’t really need diuretics. It’s the same for all these athletes needing medicines to treat asthma.

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Posted in: Battery-replaceable electric scooters powered by solar electricity in Okinawa See in context

Well, Burning Bush is not completely wrong here, but since motorcycles don’t have much of a flywheel nowadays, I don’t think that the tiny alternator rotor will exert much influence on how the bike handles. The crankshaft however does, since it constitutes a pretty heavy chunk of metal. If you have ever been sitting on a BMW or Moto Guzzi, which have the engine fitted longitudinal, you’ll notice that the bike tends to pull to one side if you yank the throttle. All MotoGP engines now have crankshafts spinning “backwards”, counter rotating to the forward spinning wheels, in order to reduce the overall gyroscopic effect, which makes the bikes turn easier and reduces the bike’s tendency to wheelie. So big chunks of heavy metal in an engine spinning at a high rpm do have a gyroscopic effect.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremony held early for Hato Bus employees See in context

Perhaps not the norm, yet, but there are male tour bus guides in Japan. And plenty female tour bus (and city bus) drivers.

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Posted in: Minister denies Japan is hotbed of illegal ivory exports See in context

This man, the environment minister no less, misses the point and an opportunity. He is concerned about illegal exports, but seemingly not concerned about imports, legal or illegal and where ivory comes from. Instead, immediately on the defensive like he has a clue and blaming Chinese tourists. In this day and age, where ordinary folks in developed countries are shunning ivory and as environment minister, he should discourage the trade in and the use of ivory by educating the people here. Which shouldn’t be necessary in the first place, if one possesses just an inkling of common sense.

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Posted in: Conservation group says Japan aiding in illegal ivory trade See in context

This trade exists not because of poachers and scrupulous trades people, but solely because there are too many stupid people on this planet. This idiocy of killing animals for the sake of making accessories and even worse, to brew up worthless libido improving concoctions from rhino horn etc., won’t stop until ignorant people stop buying such stuff. No market for these products means no more senseless killing of wild animals.

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