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Posted in: Couple at heart of Abe cronyism scandal found guilty again over fraud See in context

The Kagoikes biggest crime was that they made the Abes look bad.

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Posted in: Missile kills at least 52 at crowded Ukrainian train station See in context

Apparently the Russians bragged about having targeted "a crowd of Ukrainian militants" at the Kramatorsk railway station. It's hard to verify at this point, but one by one Russian denials of targeting civilians are being disproved. Various intelligence agencies, notably the German one, have intercepted numerous calls by the Russians to specifically target civilians and residential areas.

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Posted in: Russia faces global outrage over bodies in Ukraine's streets See in context

I'd rather not believe anything MintPres "News" is polluting the world with.

MintPress News is a left-wing American online news website founded and edited by Mnar Adley (née, Muhawesh) which was launched in January 2012. It covers political, economic, foreign affairs and environmental issues. Editorially, MintPress News is strongly pro-Bashar al-Assad, the Russian government, and supports the regimes of Iran and Syria. It opposes the governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the West in general. Described as a conspiratorial website, MintPress News publishes disinformation and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, according to researchers at Rutgers University. A report from New Knowledge includes MintPress News as part of the "Russian web of disinformation.

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Posted in: Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on increased alert as fighting spreads in Ukraine See in context

Not saying or supporting people fighting in the Donbas area, but that whole problem was instigated by Putin. Like the Donbas area, before Crimea was stolen, the Russian state media claimed that genocide was taking place in Crimea, but when asked, Russians actually living in the Crimea hadn’t heard of such things taking place.

Putin wants to make Russia great again and can’t stand former Soviet satellite states like Ukraine opting to align with the West, so they can determine for themselves how to govern their countries, which is the opposite of a Russian sphere of influence where Moscow’s interests and priorities come first. In 2006, a Dutch government minister asked Putin what his definition of Greater Russia was. Putin replied: That's Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States. And Kazakhstan, that was nice to have too.

Fortunately it hasn’t happened, but if Ukraine had crumbled in one or two days, the Baltic states would have been next. Now it looks increasingly that Putin won’t be able to take Ukraine, never mind how many tanks they send. The country is just too big. Even on the first day there were Russian tanks stranded because they ran out of gas. It makes the Russian army look inept.

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Posted in: China detains Japanese man in Shanghai; details unclear See in context

Could be a classic case of “ill doers are ill deemers”. Although dwarfed by spying and theft committed remotely by hacking, many Chinese of all walks of life, (perhaps posing as) students, tourists, business people have been caught spying and trying to leave the US, Europe, Japan for China carrying stolen intellectual property, so maybe the Chinese think that everybody coming to China does so with the same purpose in mind. If the Chinese, and Russian as well, authorities don’t like your face or have an axe to grind with your government, they can arrest you on trumped up charges and you become a helpless pawn.

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Posted in: Russian figure skater Valieva cleared to continue at Olympics See in context

The only side to blame is the Russian side. Valieva tested positive for a banned substance in a sample given in December last year, when she won the Russian national championships, by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, not WADA. This sample was sent to a WADA approved laboratory in Sweden, for analysis. In the meantime, after initially having been suspended by the Russian anti-doping agency, she was reinstated by the the same agency for still unknown reasons. The Russians know damned well that this trimetazidine is a banned substance for a Russian athlete was disqualified from the 2018 Olympics for having taken this same stuff. They just don’t seem to care.

I read that there won’t be a medal ceremony for the team event, so that’s not very nice for the other teams and should Valieva win a medal in the singles event, she won’t be allowed to receive a medal during the ceremony.

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Posted in: 60-kg part of wing breaks off cargo plane while landing at Narita airport See in context

Apparently one of the canoe shaped fairings under the wings that cover the flap track mechanism fell off. The Airbus A380 was subject to an airworthiness directive due to these flap track fairings falling off, so this happens across all manufacturers. But something weighing 60 kgs coming down over a populated area could be deadly.

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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell convicted in Epstein sex abuse case See in context

It’s puzzling as to why one would single out Trump here as a prime example of having met Epstein, since Trump has nothing to do with this sex abuse case. But if one must, then surely Clinton would have been a far better example, since besides flying on Epstein’s plane like scores of other people, he also invited Epstein and Maxwell to the White House many times and was caught out for having a “relationship” with a young woman, about which he lied under oath, unless one is a total hypocrite that is.

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Posted in: 3rd Florida-based ship has virus outbreak; state cases hit record See in context

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Posted in: Hamilton wins in Qatar; slices into Verstappen points lead See in context

Anyone knows who had the fastest car this time ?

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Posted in: Toyota testing hydrogen combustion engines in race cars See in context

The biggest advantage is that we still can enjoy the exhaust note and be able to check the oil and the spark plugs.

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Posted in: Zooming along See in context

My newest bikes are from 1974, a 750 Sport and a 750 SS, so quite different from these modern crotch rockets. Also have some earlier single cylinder models. I have a Ducati repair shop, engine overhauls etc. and only work on models from 1957 till 1984, so the models of which the camshafts are driven by gears. Don’t ride much anymore, I get more satisfaction from working on them.

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There are 4 Hondas is the top 20, which is about the whole grid (21 riders). Marquez qualified 3rd and Nakagami 5th, so Honda isn’t doing too badly. Furthermore, Nakagami rides a full factory spec Honda with factory support, as his contract is with HRC.

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Posted in: Rock and roar: Iwate region's riff warns of bear attacks See in context

I am always up for some electric guitar licks, so checked this out, but is this it? It can’t be. Is this your idea of “screaming guitars and pounding drums” JT? This is not going to scare off anything.

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Posted in: Megaship that blocked Suez heads back to Asia See in context

Eventually the Ever Given will be going to China, but according to Lloyd’s List, the ship is headed for Singapore for repairs to it’s hull, hence it’s not carrying any (empty or not empty) containers.

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Posted in: Megaship that blocked Suez heads back to Asia See in context

"On the return journey, the container ship is empty of all containers. Trade is one way."

The ship is on it's way to Singapore for repairs.

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Posted in: Biden says he stands squarely behind Afghanistan decision See in context

"The commander in the photo was in Gitmo for 8 years before being released claiming he was a simple person who wanted to help Americans."

Is that sarcasm or are you really that gullible. According to soldiers on the ground over there, they all say that they are simple farmers or shop keepers that want to help Americans. But turn around and you’ll get a knife in your back.

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Posted in: Biden says he stands squarely behind Afghanistan decision See in context

The peace deal with the Taliban, supported by Russia, China, the UN among others by the way, called for the US and it’s allies to gradually pull out of Afghanistan and for the Taliban to engage in peace talks with the Afghan government. As soon as the Americans ceased pounding them, the Taliban increased their attacks on the Afghan army. Then they refused to talk with the Afghan government, unless 5,000 of their folk were released from prison. Not surprisingly, that even after this prisoner release, they never engaged in peace talks with the Afghan government. They are and have always been backstabbing liars and the mistake was to trust them. They also have claimed to not revert back to their earlier brutal rule, but that also remains to be seen.

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Posted in: Freighter splits in two after running aground at port in Aomori Pref See in context

Apparently this ship was swept away by strong winds while anchored, resulting in running aground.

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Posted in: In a tangle See in context

I read it was in retaliation for Lewis Hamilton having taken out Max Verstappen at Silverstone! Pure comedy. However it is daft to even suggest that this was intentional. Van Riessen, a medal contender herself, accidentally clipped the rear wheel of German Emma Hinze, causing her to swerve into Katy Marchant. It’s keirin, it happens.

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Posted in: Belarus runner used quick thinking to avoid being sent home See in context

Apparently the Belarus authorities (= Lukashenko & Son) do care enough by beating up or otherwise making life difficult for these so called nobodies.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 5,042 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 15,263 See in context

You folks should stop being so dramatic. Yes, the bodies are piling up, but not from Covid. Don’t want to make light of it, but today 8 people apparently succumbed due to Covid, while the daily death rate in Japan due to a variety of other maladies is approximately 3,700 souls.

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Posted in: Food delivery service’s payment processing error allows some people to eat for free…for 3 years See in context

A lawyer on a Japanese site mentioned that there is a statute of limitations for these cases. It was 1 year and last year this was extended to 5 years. So for orders up to March 31 2020, one year has passed, so you do not have to pay a dime. People who ordered from April 1st 2020 will have to pay. Enforcing this will probably constitute a challenge.

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Posted in: Simone Biles to return for balance beam finals See in context

It’s unfortunate that her condition is mentioned in the news as a mental health issue, implying she needs a shrink and anti depressants. If it were to persist, she might get depressed though, who knows. However, she simply lost her sense of coordination during a complex routine. From what I’ve read, most gymnasts (who all empathize with her by the way), have experienced this, even several times during their careers. These complex routines are practiced over and over till it becomes automatic. It can be very dangerous, if during a routine, where you flip several times in the air in the blink of an eye, you lose coordination and land on your head instead of your feet. This happened to several young gymnasts in the past, who, when in doubt themselves, were told by their coaches to don’t whine and get on with it and in fact did land on their heads, sustaining career ending injuries or worse, becoming a paraplegic or even die. It can happen any time, but for Biles it happened during the Olympics. Apparently you can be back to normal in a few days or a few weeks by re-learning the routine through safe training.

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Posted in: Ocon wins chaotic Hungarian Grand Prix See in context

Pretty irresponsible to drive an F1 car while feeling sick, if true. I read that Hamilton probably fell ill after swallowing some fuel when siphoning it out of Vettel's car.

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Posted in: German cycling official sent home for racist slur See in context

The Algerian cyclist kept a cool head and quipped that he had taken up cycling since camel driving wasn’t an Olympic discipline.

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Posted in: Italy to require COVID-19 'pass' for many activities See in context

“Many even reject working”, why would you mention that? Puzzling comment. Has nothing to do with Covid.

 Most Jewish people, orthodox, ultra orthodox and what have you have been vaccinated. Sure, initially them and other religious folks had reservations about Covid vaccinations, but from what I have read, most of them have turned around.

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Posted in: Hundreds missing in Germany after huge floods See in context

Well I’ll be darned, a conservative calling for speeding up global efforts to fight climate change.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context

Strictly speaking it is against the law to use the sidewalk while on a bicycle unless the sidewalk has a bicycle specific lane. It is merely condoned, since bicycling on the road can be a scary experience. According to the cops, if you’re scared using the road, you can instead use the side walk while exercising care etc. etc.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context

Of course one shouldn’t resort to violence, but most women ferrying their kids lately do so on battery powered bicycles, on the side walk, and some do so at breakneck speed, which can be startling to unsuspecting pedestrians.

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