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Posted in: Facebook left millions of passwords readable by employees See in context

Turning on your 2 Factor authentication will help.

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Posted in: Diet passes bill to accept more foreign workers See in context

What are these politicians doing? Looks like a wrestling match rather than a civilized meeting.

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Posted in: Japan's Uzabase to acquire online news platform Quartz See in context

how will they monetize free news?

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Posted in: Amnesty warns of crimes against humanity in Philippines See in context

Rubbish! You don't have any idea how it is to live in the Philippines being afraid of your own shadow. Duterte is cleaning up society and have made Philippines a better and safer place. Those who died are not necessarily innocent and saints. We cannot deny that there are rotten police officers and they also need to be dealt with. Overall, Duterte is doing an excellent job. If you don't believe, go and live there.

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Posted in: Short and sweet See in context

I've seen the video and quite magnetic but I don't see any value in watching it. As the Japanese said, it is baka-bakashi. So I don't understand why he received a Guinness World record certificate ... Seem like the standard of value of this world has reached its bottom.

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Posted in: Couple in their 80s found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

It's sad ... but were their children helping taking care of the mother? It's not a nice thought that I see and heard that old folks were just forgotten things of the past and their children never looked back.

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Posted in: Pokemon Go fervor has cooled, but the game isn't dead yet See in context

definitely dead. I don't see anybody in a nearby park going there anymore to find these monsters.

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Posted in: Snapchat ad revenue to rocket: eMarketer See in context

this is targeted to a young generation, which many are cash strapped and jobless. So how can the advertisers make money out of it?

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Posted in: Dropbox says 68 million user IDs stolen See in context

Dropbox's response is not good enough as they haven't answered how this can be prevented in the future. Dropbox security breaches happened in the past but did nothing at all to prevent it. So I'm giving up on Dropbox.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate hits 21-year low; household spending falls less than expected See in context

Japanese household spending fell less than expected in July and the jobless rate hit a two-decade low

Is this correct? If the jobless rate is low, then households should be able to spend more. But that's not the case. It could be the jobless rate figure is incorrect and doesn't reflect the true condition of the job market.

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Posted in: Japan's first 'naked restaurant' to ban overweight diners See in context

Is this a gay restaurant?

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