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FourIce comments

Posted in: Panda memorial See in context

She went to Panda heaven, if there is one.

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Posted in: Yen recovers to 152 range against dollar in Asian trading See in context

The weakening yen is just a reflection of the difference of the fiscal policy between the US and Japan, a reflection of the fundamentals. Naturally, the Japanese yen will weaken again sometime later even after these interventions.

Come to think of it, interventions should be considered illegal as it a market manipulation. When an individual or institution manipulates a currency, they are criminalized but not BOJ nor any government. So they are above the law. Sounds unfair. What do you think?

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Posted in: Couple in their 80s apparently freeze to death in Tokyo apartment See in context

People don't have to die this way...

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Posted in: Israeli strikes across Gaza kill dozens of Palestinians See in context

Why there is no condemnation of the barbaric and murderous acts by Hamas in any of the mainstream news nor in this news?

I think these news are biased. Even the United Nation is biased against Israel.

But humanitarian workers say the amount of food, fuel and medical supplies entering is still far below what is needed, and 1 in 4 Palestinians in Gaza is starving, according to U.N. officials.

There are YouTube news showing Hamas were stealing the humanitarian supplies, but why there is no mention of it here?

Journalism shouldn't be biased and should report a news that's not inclined to any political inclination.

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Posted in: ANA, JAL launch scholarship for flight mechanics amid shortage See in context

The title is incorrect, it is a loan, not a scholarship!

The title should say "ANA, JAL launch LOANS for flight mechanics amid shortage"

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Posted in: Google to start deleting inactive accounts in December See in context

So if you die or a member of your family dies, all pictures of you and your family will be deleted after certain time of inactivity? So your family will lose memories of you or you'll lose memories of your family members. Ahh, why use cloud storage in the first place?!

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Posted in: Case of deceased woman suspected of killing husband and brother-in-law sent to prosecutors See in context

Miyagi Prefectural Police have sent a case to prosecutors involving a deceased woman who was suspected of killing husband and brother-in-law at their home in the town of Shichigahama in August 2022.

I think it is dumb to send a case to prosecutors to prosecute a dead person. I don't get it!

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Posted in: Johnny's to change name to SMILE-UP.; create new firm to manage performers See in context

"Smile-Up" but these guys are not smiling. What a joke!

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Posted in: Russia to tighten oversight of seafood over Fukushima water release See in context

Hey Guys, do we know when Japan specifically started releasing? I could see the reports about it but no specic date it started.

Is it only me not seeing it or is it deliberately hidden?

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Posted in: Fishermen concerned over IAEA saying Fukushima water release is safe See in context

Don't trust the data, don't trust the measurements. Always question everything.

Could IAEA people swim in the waters and eat marine products after the release? If they say they could, then it must be safe!

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Posted in: Japan backs IMF efforts to improve guidance on digital currency risks See in context

Hmmm, I'm very concerned about two things:

Cybersecurity risks: CBDC could be vulnerable to hacking and other cybersecurity risks, which could compromise the financial system.

Privacy concerns: CBDC could potentially allow the government or central bank to monitor individuals' transactions and financial behavior. So you cannot hide your money. The gov can pull out your money easily when you don't pay your property tax, your monthly pension, etc. or just pull the plug and your account is frozen.

On the other hand, it cold potentially disintermediate banks and other financial institutions, reducing their role in the economy. Any thoughts?

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Posted in: Japanese brokerage, schools work to improve kids' financial literacy See in context

It is a good idea, but I'm skeptical as its curriculum will be oriented to the products/services offered by this financial institution. It is not a service, but a sugar-coated marketing ploy designed to brain-wash our children to spend more in the future, invest in their company, and also the government will enjoy it as they will see that more people will be spending more money in the future, which hopefully help the economy. Sounds like a conspiracy, but I think it is not.

I would prefer to see a non-biased curriculum not designed by any brokerage or bank.

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Posted in: Ferdinand Marcos Jr sworn in as Philippine president See in context

The Philippines was dragged down by later presidents after the Marcos regime. We only saw hope when Ex President Duterte was in the office and things have improved a lot. For now President Marcos Junior, we are expecting a lot from him and time will tell if he is a good president or not.

Again, the "corruption mindset" should change in order for the nation to flourish. The old politicians should go out of the window and should be replaced with a new generation.

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Posted in: Asteroid samples contain clues to origin of life, say Japanese scientists See in context

Why are scientists looking for the origin of life from space? Probability is likely low. Shouldn't they start thinking that what they are seeing in space may probably originated from earth, where life is lushing and blooming?

Why look at the desert for life when there is life in the garden? It is no brainer.

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Posted in: Ex-SMBC Nikko deputy president indicted over market manipulation See in context

Basically they "spoofing" the market, which is cheating. Good they are caught.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

Isn't this illogical?!

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Posted in: Mizuho Bank suffers 5th Japan-wide system failure of 2021 See in context

The FSA would be soon knocking at their doors.

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Posted in: Dozens crushed to death in crowd at Israeli religious festival See in context

No social distancing? This could have been avoided.

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Posted in: Seduced by Archegos' growth, Nomura took a chance on Hwang comeback See in context

Somebody's loss is somebody's gain. It's just a transfer of wealth from one hand to another. Who gained in this scenario?

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Posted in: Records show fervent Trump fans fueled U.S. Capitol takeover See in context

Really? Any proof? Without proof, it's just an assumption.

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

I am pretty concerned that that companies like Twitter and Facebook can control the freedom of speech and could sway politics, be able to control the way people express themselves and think and how much people have gave them power to control their lives. Maybe we should rethink about it... I gave up using Twitter already and Facebook soon.

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Posted in: Suga, Biden agree to strengthen Japan-U.S. alliance in phone talks See in context

It is not yet official that Biden won as the legal president. Still Trump has two months in the office, why is Japan already talking with Biden? If the tables are turned around and if Trump won through vote recount, it will be an embarrassment to Suga.

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Posted in: Osaka names pachinko parlors defying closure request despite pandemic See in context

Shaming will not work as people have choices to be defiant. The only way is to declare a lockdown to have a full power.

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Posted in: Plane leaves Japan for Greece to collect Olympic flame See in context

but there was no delegation from organizers onboard due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Officials want to go on with the Olympics but afraid of the virus. Isn’t this a conflicting message?!!!

And why waste fuel and time? A lighter from Daiso would be enough, isn’t it?

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Posted in: Nissan ordered to pay ¥2.4 bil fine over Ghosn pay scandal See in context

Just wondering. When the fine is paid, where will the money end to and who will benefit from this enormous amount of money?

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Posted in: Tokyo organizers, government go on the offensive over virus threat See in context

International Olympic Committee and local organizers are going as planned with the Tokyo Olympics despite the threat of the spreading coronavirus.

It's all about money and fame, not about people. We still have 3 months to go anyway for any decision.

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Posted in: Fukushima staff may have to use raincoats as virus threatens protective suit production See in context

There should be no impact on safety as the coats are not designed to protect workers from radiation since the rays penetrate clothes in any case.

Is this typo? The most stupid statement I ever read.

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Posted in: Iran makes arrests in plane shootdown; police crack down on protests See in context

Iran said on Tuesday it had arrested people accused of a role in shooting down a Ukrainian airliner

This is not an individual crime, it's a crime by a government. They're looking for scapegoats.

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Posted in: NHK to begin simultaneous online streaming in April See in context

Who watches NHK nowadays?

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Posted in: Connected cars moving targets for hackers See in context

Why would we want a connected car? Disconnection is the answer. I can still go from point A to point B.

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