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It's a philosophy that's worked well for me, granted I have experience working at only 2 different companies as an adult, and the first one was where I learned this lesson after my health fell apart. Work is complicated but I've found simple clear boundaries are key to negotiating the work/life balance I want. The Japanese companies I've experienced have good policies on paper but a very different "culture" of unspoken understandings for behavior reinforced through emotional manipulation. The way to keep a clear head and clear goals around emotionally manipulative people and organizations is to always know a) what my personal choices, responsibilities, and boundaries are b) communicate those clearly and calmly when needed.

People do overtime for all kinds of reasons, but I'm talking about unpaid overtime.

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Posted in: Man seeks inheritance, damages over same-sex partner's death See in context

After a death all kinds of family crazy comes out of the woodwork, an all too common story--best to sit down with a lawyer and get your wishes all on paper while you're able to.

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Posted in: For those of you who are not self-employed, how big an issue is unpaid overtime at your workplace? See in context

It's a big problem for those who let it become one.

If you don't speak up, you get nothing--no pay or extra time. What you allow will continue, so clear boundaries are a must.

I don't volunteer at work but most of my co-workers do all the time.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker calls sexual harassment whistleblowing almost 'crime' See in context

What a muppet.

Even if Fukuda was "set up" by the reporter who recorded with the intention of sharing with the media, he had it coming...he probably says sukebe oyaji stuff like that all the time.

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Posted in: Female mayor battles sumo rule allowing only men in the ring See in context

And as for Shinto, how many shrines would fall into decay without the neighborhood women looking after them, geez.

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Posted in: Female mayor battles sumo rule allowing only men in the ring See in context

Does anyone seriously believe women to be ritually unclean nowadays? Are people ever going to look back and say "remember the good old days before our tradition changed and women weren't allowed in here, even for medical emergencies?* I think not.

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Posted in: Trump says unless N Korea summit is going to be 'fruitful,' he'll pull out See in context

The meeting hasnt been set up yet, but Trump is already preparing for failure.

Some negotiator he is !

Perhaps he says these things to put the ball in Kim's court and make clear what U.S. expectations are of such a meeting. This is not a meeting like Obama's diplomatic visits to Cuba or Hiroshima, because its purpose is to negotiate nuclear disarmament (that is what "fruitful" means). I think The Donald is saying if Kim is not willing to put that on the table, a meeting is not going to happen.

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Posted in: Woman hit, killed by two cars; one driver arrested, one doesn’t stop See in context

I don't care if the victim fell out of the broad blue sky, running makes it criminal even if wasn't to begin with.

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Posted in: Justice minister apologizes as 6,600 police hunt fugitive thief See in context

He will probably get caught a month or two later and comment "I just got tired of being on the run"

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Posted in: One dead after engine explodes on Southwest flight See in context


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Posted in: How bad is noise pollution in your neighborhood? See in context

Not bad, the occasional festival/political campaign truck/bicycle karaoke star/bosozoku biker comes through but not very often. There is a park nearby but it's quiet, just on weekend mornings I wake up to the squeaky seesaw (thing really could use some grease!) and kids playing, but I don't mind it, it means "weekend".

The only annoying things are

the local elementary school when they have undokai or other events. BLARING loudspeakers they start off at around 8am on Sundays with the same annoying loops of music playing when some old man isn't clearing his throat and shouting off peoples' names into the mic (who shouts into a mic??). Fortunately this only happens 2-3 times a year.

rajio taiso in the park in the summer, bright and early each morning around 6am. The past 3-4 years the volume was unbelievable. Booming around the neighborhood like an outdoor concert! Perhaps enough folks complained because last year I realized it was finally at a level I could tune out and go back to sleep.

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Like a wild monkey, boar, or bear. Hope they stay far away and don't mess stuff up.

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Why try to make this about her views or religion. Even a cursory glance at the U.S. gov travel website clearly says the things she was planning to do (speak and get paid for it) are not allowed under the tourist visa.

"These are some examples of activities that require different categories of visas and cannot be done while on a visitor visa:



Paid performances, or any professional performance before a paying audience

Arrival as a crewmember on a ship or aircraft

Work as foreign press, in radio, film, print journalism, or other information media

Permanent residence in the United States"

A ton of visitors sneakily do these things on the wrong visa anyway but they shouldn't be surprised if every so often they get called out on it.

Next time get a proper visa.

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Cool lady, but what a bizarrely-constructed article on her. There are more than a few cringe-worthy passages.

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Posted in: What are some of the main causes of stress in your job or at your workplace? See in context

The few co-workers who are too lazy to look things up themselves like everyone else does and come to me to get everything ready for and explain everything to them. They are also frequently the ones who say they'll do something but then I come to find they forgot to or did a half-baked job of it. Gahh!

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Posted in: What are some places in Japan that you think are overrated as tourist attractions? See in context

To those who say Miyajima is overrated, try staying overnight on the island. You will not be disappointed. At night the shrine and torii are illuminated until late, and after the daytrippers go home, there's really nobody. Silence except for the sound of waves. Then get up early to see the morning fog turn to gold in the sunrise, the momiji park area was stunning in the early morning.

In Kyoto, most people flock to Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkakuji, Fushimi Inari with all the torii gates. Of those I think Kiyomizu-dera is very overrated. If you want the feeling of giant wooden buildings on a hillside, try Eikando instead, much less crowded (except in momiji season). If you want calm atmosphere, try Chishakuin temple with its great garden and art, between Fushimi Inari and the Gion area.

Kyoto's appeal for me is less the traditional buildings (only a very few streets of them left) but hidden gems and historical surprises hidden in the midst of everyday lifestyle. Find sword notches in Sanjo bridge, gaze at a garden Sen-no-rikyu also loved, in May see the tiny pond filled with iris flowers mentioned in songs and poems for 1000 years, don't forget to look up at the ceiling of Genkoan and Hosen-in temples to see the re-purposed blood-stained floorboards of defeated Fushimi Castle...there's plenty of cool stuff if you do some research.

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Posted in: Cancer researcher sets up site on smoke-free restaurants See in context

I have two friends with bad asthma, this is exactly what I needed a couple weeks ago when I was having to sift through tabelog reviews trying to find a completely non-smoking restaurant. It sounds handy!

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Posted in: Man who tries to prevent car fleeing from accident scene clings to car roof See in context

I admire his sense of justice but am glad no one was hurt as a result of his risky behavior.

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Posted in: 7 fetuses found under floor of unoccupied Tokyo house See in context

Even if legally it is not considered abandonment of corpses, it still does not strike me as the proper procedure for hazardous materials/tissue/blood disposal. Surely it is criminal for a doctor to squirrel samples/waste back home, a danger to public health and hygiene!

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Posted in: Native speakers in demand as Japanese schools step up English lessons See in context

English is being added to curricula earlier and earlier, but I don't think this will result in an English-speaking populace, reason being because it is not taught as a foreign language to master but as a subject to memorize, like mathematics. The surrounding society (news on TV, pop culture, etc.) is overwhelmingly monolingual as well.

Those condemning the eikaiwa industry should know it is that way because of the whole Japanese education system in general. What they get in schools is not enough to pass the school exams, so those with money to do so go to after-school cram schools, whose teachers are sometimes even less qualified than the native teachers at eikaiwa (at least for the proper visa you need a bachelor's degree, but college students can work part-time at cram schools without a degree). No parents expect cram school teachers or kateikyoushi to be certified, and eikaiwa kind of fall into the same category. If you think the end goal of education in Japan is a large stable population of salarymen earners who rarely go on strike, a lot of things make sense.

As for eikaiwa only hiring white native speakers, I think this is definitely changing. At least in my company (5 years here, seen many other teachers come and go) the requirement is you have to have had 9 years of education in English, so we hire all kinds. European folks, people from African countries, Taiwanese, Americans of Chinese descent, Vietnamese, etc. whose mother tongue is not always English. In a way they are better than native teachers because they know what it's like to study English as ESL and they know how to master it.

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Posted in: Woman gets 10 years in prison for killing, dismembering younger brother See in context

@starpunk I'm no expert but sometimes it seems these are crimes of passion (the perp isn't planning the murder in advance but kills out of rage in the moment), or they are pre-meditated but the perp fixated on planning the murder on not on body disposal, and then they are stuck with a body on their hands they feel an urge to hide, and dismemberment might seem like the only option?

Of course there are the people who murder for the purpose of dismembering, but for others it seems like dismemberment was not the purpose of the murder but something they hit upon afterwards as a way to hide what they've done.

Scary, gruesome stuff for sure, 10 years and then back in society seems too short.

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Posted in: Hanyu hints he may not defend world title See in context

Heal that thing up! That's the most important thing. It could cause another bad fall or re-injury, affecting his skating career of course and also the rest of his life.

Us fans will be waiting when he's ready!

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Posted in: 4 things to consider if you're thinking about a life in Japan See in context

Pretty common-sense article, I found myself nodding to some points. Of course I had only academic knowledge about a lot of things going in and it's totally different to actually live through them.

It's not polite to say one country or culture is better/worse than another so I always add "better/worse for me" --I can decide which aspects fit my personality and lifestyle, what things I'm willing to embrace or accept, and what things I'll just avoid. It's actually the same as living in my home country--it's not like at home I love and engage in every aspect of American culture--just there it maybe feels more automatic and doesn't require as much thought or negotiation with others to accomplish.

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Posted in: Japan is safest place to be born, UNICEF report says See in context

The statistics for maternal death in childbirth/from childbirth complications are also very low in Japan.

I'm not sure if poverty rates are the only variable, and the image of Japan having a very low rate is just that, an image. Comparing to my own country, in 2015, 13.5% of Americans lived in poverty. The most recent statistic I could find on Japan was from 2009, when 15.7% of the population lived in poverty. Granted the methods and definitions of "poverty" are different with Japan using a relative poverty index (set at half or below the median disposable income). I wonder if literacy rates play a part: Japan's literacy rate is often put at 99%; even if you're poor, if you can read and understand written info, I imagine you can get info on good health practices and free or low-cost medical services much easier than if you can't read or understand written instructions. In 2003 13% of Americans were said to have a "below basic" literacy level.

An NICU nurse friend says the longer hospital stays are probably a big factor, since a lot of complications can happen in the few days right after birth.

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Posted in: Survey reveals Japanese men really want home-made chocolate, but are women willing to make it? See in context

Not this year, too busy. But it was always for myself anyway really. Husband is not into celebrating holidays--no birthday, anniversary, Christmas, he doesn't notice whether there is something special to eat on the table or not lol, of course no presents for me ever, so I've lost my motivation. Ah well, less money spent that way.

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Posted in: What do you think about the way Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan? See in context

Just like all the other imported holidays in Japan--commercial and devoid of meaning.

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Posted in: Japanese speedskater suspended after failing doping test See in context

Don't forget, doping isn't just about one person cheating, it's also become a way to make sure a rival is out of the running by spiking food/drinks. Who knows yet if he really did it himself.

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Posted in: Subpar AKB48 performance in Thailand earns scathing remarks from netizens See in context

Sounds like a parody news article: Sucky Band Proven to Actually Suck, Local Audience Outraged

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Posted in: 85-year-old husband says he strangled sick wife to ‘put her out of her misery’ See in context

Murdering a person because "it seemed to me like they were better off dead" is not at all rational or acceptable.

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Posted in: Armani uniform at public elementary school spurs parents' complaints See in context

On the nightly news the principal was quoted as saying "we cannot fail to equip students with a proper understanding of 'visual identity'." (my translation, 'visual identity' was just those English words in katakana).

So, it's obviously not about quality or durability. Is the school saying that fashion as a visual statement of wealth/social status is the posture students must adopt in order to be "properly" educated? I thought the original purpose of school uniforms was to prevent this sort of thing, it was to equalize the students. It's not supposed to be about climbing rungs on the social ladder, though I suppose that's the reality of education around the world. At this school kids will be explicitly taught that the image of wealth and status can and should be purchased when possible. I would not appreciate my kid being taught in such a materialistic environment, but it does strike me as pretty reflective of typical (upper- and wannabe upper-) middle-class city-dweller Japanese values, just extreme given the context of a public school. The fact that there were only 5 cases of parent complaints says something about the values of the majority attending this school.

As @kohakuebisu says this may also be a gimmick to attract students from outside the school zone (as @cleo mentions) as it struggles with declining enrollment.

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