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But getting the Bible-based story past China’s cinematic gatekeepers was stymied due to Beijing’s sensitivities on religious issues

Of all of humanities inventions over the millennia, none is worse than religion. People butcher each other in the name of their so-called God. Entire wars have been fought over religious differences. Tens of millions have been killed by this pointless and controversial invention. There was a Family Guy sketch that summed it up quite well. Two men standing around having a civil conversation: "I like you and have no reason not to" -- "I like you and have no reason not to", then a third guy comes along: "Hey, did you hear about the magic baby that was born?" and then all three whip out swords and hack each other to death. That's religion for you. Just an excuse for humans to kill each other. Sometimes I wonder if religion is actually the Devil's work, but then I realise that that would be acknowledging the truth of religion, of which there is none. Religion is based on faith, not fact. It doesn't matter whether it's Christianity, Islam, Rastafarianism or Pastafarianism; it's all pointless BS. Far more trouble than it's worth.

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Posted in: Poor Wii U sales send Nintendo back into red See in context

@bfg4987 The only people it alienated are the "hardcore" gamers and the couch potatoes really. Most people prefer the motion control, as it involves the player in the game more. It's more gratifying to sink a hole-in-one with a carefully measured swing, rather than a well timed press of the button. Mostly, motion control is only a gimmick in the third party games, and there are some others where it is unneccesary, but for the most part, motion control is a great improvement. The House of the Dead games are a good example. Those were immensely popular, as was Red Steel and Mario Kart Wii. Smash Bros Brawl doesn't use Motion control, thankfully. It is unneccesary anyway. There's still a lot of potential in motion gaming, if only Nintendo would develop it. At the same time though, they should also release games suited for the hardcore gamers who aren't looking for motion control, just button mashing.

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Posted in: Nintendo says no to virtual equality in life game See in context

I get where Marini is coming from, but at the end of the day, this is still a game. It isn't real. Trying to impose reality on video games could lead to dissociative disorders. You should never take a game to seriously, even dating simulations.

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Posted in: Police make first arrest over 3-D printer guns See in context

I saw this coming when I heard about guns that could be made using 3D printers. Of course, it's nothing new really. I've heard of people modifying BB guns to make them fire real bullets. Not at the same velocity as real guns, but more than enough to kill. I just don't get the obsession with owning firearms.

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Posted in: Former Fukushima nuclear plant worker sues TEPCO over radiation exposure See in context

Former Fukushima nuclear plant worker sues TEPCO over radiation exposure

Um, isn't that a risk that you sign on for when working in a nuclear power plant? That's like a checkout operator suing a supermarket for getting verbal abuse from a customer. It's something you have to face. So, this lawsuit doesn't really make any sense.

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Posted in: Poor Wii U sales send Nintendo back into red See in context

@bass4funk: Wii don't make the games, Nintendo and various developers do. There aren't any Nintendo developed games being released for the Wii anymore, only games by Third Party Developers. Even those are going out though. The Wii U was supposed to be a revolution in Augmented Reality gaming, but the concept is actually a little outdated now. The main point about it was that you could use the Wii U Pad in a completely different room to the actual console, but not all games can play through the whole way just on the Pad. The ones that do tend to be pretty lacklustre at best. It seems to have stepped back on the Motion Control gaming a bit as well, which was the best part about the Wii.

The Wii U's biggest problems as far as I can see are: A concept that became outdated before the console was even finished, the fact that switching between motion control and augmented reality is a pain in the caboose, but the biggest problem: a severe lack of Main Title games at launch. No Mario, no Zelda, no Donkey Kong, no Pokemon. Just the basics, and Third Party games. The "biggest" title was Raving Rabids I believe, but that series has lost its mojo some time ago. It went downhill after Raving Rabids 2.

Reversing this loss is going to be quite the challenge. Mario Kart 8 (I believe) is out in Japan and the US at the moment, and that is expected to bring in revenue. HOWEVER, Mario Kart is 20 years old now, and while each generation brings in new courses and new features, they still have the flawed "catch-up logic" that has been present since Super Mario Kart (The "logic" that dictates that the moment you take pole position, you get absolutely bombarded by shells, bananas and bombs, resulting in you dropping from 1st to 5th before you've finished cursing the game). I get that it is supposed to make the game challenging, but it doesn't actually work that way. It only frustrates and annoys.

Super Smash Bros is returning for its 4th iteration this year, and things are quite different. A much broader variety of characters from a wider range of games, all new levels and items, and of course: it is being released on both the Wii U and the 3DS. Smash Bros going portable is bound to be a big selling point. The 3DS only features will be an added bonus; unique worlds and an altered gameplay for example. Smash Bros 4 is expected to sell very well, with some believing it could become the best selling of the series. There's also a new Zelda game coming out, though I haven't heard much about it. The gameplay is supposed to be very different though. More combat oriented, less Temple exploration. That could be quite interesting as well.

Really, what Nintendo needs to do is stop focusing on gimmicks, and start focusing on improving their core titles. The Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong and Metroid series' are their biggest and oldest franchises. They should build upon these rather than add in more features than people really need or even care about. They should also expand on their motion control technology to get gamers more physically involved in the game. Have games that combine the remote with the Wii Jog, so that their leg movements become a part of the game as well (there are any number of fitness and dancing games that could benefit from this, as well as martial arts and sports).

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Posted in: Japan, worried about China, strengthens ties with NATO See in context

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, concerned about China’s rising military spending and disputes with Beijing over islands in the East China Sea, signed a new partnership agreement with NATO on Tuesday

As they should. Japan needs to be able to play a bigger role in international security. The situation in Ukraine affects more than just Europe. It is unlikely that Russia will stop at just Ukraine either. All allied nations need to band together against any threat, be it Russia, China, or North Korea.

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Posted in: U.S. slams Russia as Ukraine war fears rise See in context

I'm not surprised by this move. Putin seems to be pushing Russia back to its Cold War days, the imbecile. Military might is not important, yet he seems intent on showing the world that Russia is still strong. He clearly supports the break up of Ukraine. He wants to see it fracture and divide, with the breakaway regions joining Crimea in becoming Russian. He's not interested in seeing Ukraine earn peace through any other means than the complete annexation of the country. He's taking a leaf out of Hitler's book, and I wouldn't want to be him when he shares the same inevitable fate. Shame on Putin.

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Posted in: Who am I? 14 ways to say 'I' in Japanese See in context

Fourteen ways to say I? I'm not surprised actually. There are many ways of saying "you" as well, I understand, with "teme" and "kisama" being the most offensive that I'm currently aware of. Interesting nonetheless, and worth taking note of. However, I've read some comments here talking about people (namely youngsters) referring to themselves in the 3rd person. Um, since when? I've never encountered that, except with parents talking to young children (like in the given example earlier: "Put the shotgun down Jeremy, or mummy will get angry). That's the only instance I've encountered it. Is this a Japanese phenomenon?

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Posted in: Japan to conduct island defense drill amid tension with China See in context

Guru, how many times must you be told that China as in the Republic of China, the only recognized government of China at the time who fought Japan 1937-1945, was one of the allied powers that determined that the Senkakus were "minor islands"???

I get the feeling that Guru29 is a spambot, seeing as the only posts of theirs I have ever seen are the constant repetitions of these post-war treaties, each post ignoring the fact that the Senkaku Islands are minor islands, and were determined to be Japan's minor islands. Either that, or they are brainwashed by the CPC government's propaganda/being paid to spread said propaganda. In either case, they are sadly mistaken. The Senkaku Islands are Japan's sovereign territory, and Japan will defend them fom China.

It won't be long I imagine until China complains about this drill, labelling it as an unneccesary act of provocation, or as another sign of "Japan's increasing militarism" (which doesn't actually exist). China will, naturally, escalate tensions further by conducting drills close to the Senkaku Islands, and flying bombers as close to Japan's airspace as they dare. China is becoming quite predictable as they play the same old tune again and again. Change the effing record China, for everyone's sake.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct island defense drill amid tension with China See in context

There is no problem with China or North Korea that couldn't be handled with open, honest communication.

Britain tried open and honest communication with Hitler when he rose to power and started annexing other countries. How, pray tell, did that play out? The US and EU tried open and honest communication when Russia moved to annex Crimea. How did that play out? Words are cheap and meaningless. Actions speak louder. Countries like China and North Korea can ignore communications easily enough. But China can't ignore half of Asia, and the US, when they unite against China to stop them from claiming Japan's territory. If China keeps on pushing to take the Senkaku Islands, that's exactly what will happen.

I wish I could be out there to witness the defence drill. It's quite interesting to watch military training exercises. All I get to watch are the occasional fly-overs of jets from RAF Anglesey. You can guarantee that China will be watching the drills very closely. They'll want to take note of how real training is done, and they'll want to see what real military ships and aircraft look like. Go right ahead with the defence drill Japan, and ignore China's wasted and petulant words of protest. Show them that Japan won't roll over and take China's bullying lying down.

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

China & South Korea lack the maturity possessed by Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia. The latter countries are mature enough to leave the past behind, much like Britain (and indeed the rest of Europe) did with Germany. China and South Korea on the other hand cannot let go. They refuse to acknowledge that Japan has changed, and are determined to paint the country and its people as villains. They need to grow up, but refuse to.

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Posted in: North Korea says new kind of nuclear test still an option See in context

@Dylan: Yes that's true. China would almost certainly step in to aid it's lap dog, even if the outcome will be their eventual defeat. China and DPRK are too keen to make their presence known, to appear strong. True strength doesn't come from military might though. Something that very few countries (if any) seem to realise. Too many countries are competing to build the strongest army and flexing their military muscles, but they're not stopping to ask why they're doing it.

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Posted in: Japanese fans say new American Godzilla is too fat See in context

Who cares if the monster's a little 'fat' -- he's a MONSTER.

Well, monsters are more intimidating when they're not a big tub of lard. Do you think Alien would have been as scary if the Xenemorph had six chins and man-boobs bigger than Sigourney Weaver's? Would Super 8's monster make people jump if it had a big old Buddha belly? Do you think the getaway scene in Jurassic Park would have been such a close call if the T-Rex was having to hulk around a ghetto booty and bingo wings? No. In any movie, a monster/alien/dinosaur loses it's fright factor if puts on a few tonnes. This new Godzilla is no exception. It needs less flab and more muscle. It doesn't look all that intimidating. It's big, but it looks like it would struggle to outrun a granny on a mobility scooter. Not what you want from a monster as iconic as Godzilla.

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Posted in: North Korea says new kind of nuclear test still an option See in context

North Korea says new kind of nuclear test still an option

You know what else is still an option? A military strike against the DPRK if they continue down this path of intimidation. North Korea are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. The question is, will they destroy themselves accidentally in a nuclear test, or will they cross the line and instigate a war?

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Posted in: Japanese fans say new American Godzilla is too fat See in context

They say the camera adds ten pounds. So how many camera's are on Godzilla? He looks insanely overweight in that photo. Don't worry about fighting him. Ten minutes and he'll have to stop to catch his breath and devour the supersize menu.

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@Nandakandamanda: A piece of trivia for you here: The dildo was invented by the Victorians. What's old about sex toys you ask? That is for a start.

Well, that new sign will certainly stand out more, but is that a good thing? People already tend to be secretive about visiting 'adult toy' stores. Having a great big sign advertising that fact might scare the more timid customers away.

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Posted in: What do Japanese people think of when they hear the word 'otaku?' See in context

Huh. Well, I'm a self-proclaimed Otaku, though I really don't see how some of the things on the list translate to being an Otaku. I'll start as the list did; with Cargo Pants (or Combat Trousers as they're known in Britain): These are much more commonly worn by people in the military, specifically the army, or by engineers/mechanics/plumbers. I don't see many Otaku types wearing these. They don't seem to like them that much. Jeans still seem to be the standard article.

A recent jump in stylishness? Personally I'd say that's a matter of opinion. One person's stylish is another person's idiotic. Don't forget that some people believe that wearing your trousers (or pants if you use that term) below your crotch is stylish, while many others believe that leaving your backside hanging out makes you a right pleb. As for paper bags, I don't know about that at all. I haven't seen a paper bag outside of a confectionary store since the 90's.

Plaid shirts...gross. I would associate that more with Chess Club nerds than anything else, the type of people who grow up to be 40 year old virgins (not that there's anything wrong with that before you bite my head off, I'm just stating an observation). As for bandanas; well, I didn't realise they were still fashionable. Again, I haven't seen those since the 90's, with the exception of one stoner I occasionally encounter. They seemed to be popular back when rap music was cool, and there seems to be some kind of relation between bandanas and Latino Stereotypes, though I haven't figured out what.

Backpacks are associated with Otaku? News to me. I just carry a backpack because it's more convenient than stuffing my pockets. Not all of them have zips, so a backpack tends to be more secure. The interest in video games I suppose I agree with. Most Otaku I know are pretty hardcore Xbox fans. That's an understatement actually, they ostracize me for being a Nintendo fan. Oh well. Manga is certainly something that springs to mind when hearing Otaku, but I've always preferred anime personally. As for escapism... I don't like the term, or the meaning that other people tend to affix to it, but I won't deny that it's a common trait amongst the Otaku I know. In my case though, I've had an extraordinarily active imagination long before I became an Otaku. I was "escaping" reality for close to two decades before I discovered anime.

Someone who knows a lot about one thing would more accurately be described as a specialist, not an Otaku. But, that's a vague statement really. I assume that the participants of the survey meant that this one thing is not related to professional careers. I suppose someone knowing a lot about one trivia topic could be classed as an Otaku, but again, based on the Otaku that I know, we seem to have a much broader range of knowledge. Myself in particular, I seem to know a lot of useless trivia. And the final point: An obsession with their hobby. I can't agree with that. That's not something exclusive to Otaku. Obsession is more common than you might realise, and takes different forms. Additionally, it's a matter of perspective really. What might seem like obsession to one person will undoubtedly seem as mere interest to another. It's only when obsession goes too far that people can agree on that being as such.

Still, an interesting article on what people in Japan perceive when they hear the word 'Otaku'. I wonder how that perception will change over the course of the next few years?

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Posted in: Obama says it may be time for more N Korea sanctions See in context

Obama says it may be time for more N Korea sanctions

May be time? The time has been and gone my slow witted friend. North Korea aren't going to respond to sanctions. They won't change their ways. They're already the most isolated country. What more can sanctions do? North Korea is set on its path. The US has two choices: Use force, or be hit with it.

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Posted in: China says it will maintain patrols near Japan's new island base See in context

(sighs heavily) Typical China. They're not even trying to de-escalate tensions are they? Well, I suppose as long as they stick to their territorial waters everything will be fine. But they don't do that. They come into international waters then lurk very close to Japan's territorial waters, prompting a defensive response as the two fleets continue to shadow each other time and again. We just have to hope that both sides keep their cool and don't hit the "fire" button; accidentally or otherwise.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber says sorry after visiting Yasukuni shrine See in context

I didn't even know Bieber was in Japan. Oh well. This sounds about right for the Canadian baka no kamidesu. Can someone please give him a one way ticket to North Korea and just leave him there. They'll either love him, in which case they can keep him, or they'll hate him, in which case we'll never have to hear his god awful music ever again. Either outcome is fine by me, and by the rest of the sane world.

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Posted in: Advice from Japanese women on dealing with boyfriend’s anime girlfriend See in context

“It’s embarrassing, and if my friends found out my boyfriend’s hobby, I don’t think they’d want to hang out with me anymore,” worries one 25-year-old. “But I do like him, so I’ve told him that I think his interest in that kind of stuff is nasty.”

If your friends stop hanging out with you because of your boyfriend's hobbies, then they're not good friends at all. True friends will keep their nose out of your boyfriend's business and not let it affect your friendship.

Options 1 & 4 are for quitters as far as I'm concerned. I mean, ok, if the guy spends his spare time dry humping a dakimakura of some 15 year od girl, then yes, escort him to the door with your foot. But if they are, like me, the kind of guy who admires the qualities of a girl (even a fictional one) that make her a worthy heroine, then there's no reason for disapproval or a break up. Not every anime fan is a creepy perverted guy.

Option 3 is a viable option, as long as neither party succumbs to jealousy, or takes their imaginary relationship too far. But the best is Option 2. If only I could find a girl like that. That's one of the many reasons I watch anime though, but there's always a chance I'll find a girl who doesn't mind occasionally cosplaying.

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Posted in: 146 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

why don't we see German Chancellor and 150 German goverment representitives visiting Nazi Cemetary?

Probably because Germany has a very different belief system to Japan. Those in Germany who actually are religious follow Christianity mostly, so the Souls that they would pay respects to would, by the tenets of their faith, reside in Heaven. It's a little hard to visit Heaven while you're still alive. The Japanese believe that the Souls of their war dead are interred at Yasukuni; a shrine here on Earth where living mortals can enter and pay their respects.

Also, I'm not aware of there being any Nazi cemetaries. I wonder how many of those graves would be occupied by the genuine scum of mankind, and how many would be occupied by soldiers who only fought in the war from fear of the Nazi Socialist Party and the SS? Care to place an estimate?

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Posted in: The Philippines’ gambit in South China Sea See in context

Every so often, fortune does favour the bold, and I hope it does in this case. China cannot carry on bullying its neighbours like this. It's utterly ridiculous how much they're pushing the Philippines, backing them into a corner. It's unacceptable. The Philippines are still recovering from the recent Typhoon, the last thing they need is China being...well, China. But that's exactly why it's happening. China's taking advantage of the situation in the Philippines to do as it pleases, flexing their muscles in a display of intimidation.

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Posted in: Digital eyes show your emotions for you See in context

Can these glasses roll their eyes? Because I'm pretty tired of doing that constantly. It'd be interesting to see what kind of features might develop in the future from this product. It'd be cool to have exaggerated effects, like the eyes burning with anger, or sparkling when very happy, as examples.

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Posted in: 146 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Nearly 150 Japanese lawmakers paid homage at the Yasukuni war shrine on Tuesday

And as I expected, the comment section has exploded. Of course it did. Everyone just has to bash Japan on this, voicing their disgust and frothing at the mouth. If you don't have anything nice to say: shut up. It would be nice if people could do that, but then there wouldn't be anyone complaining. We have no right to dictate whether or not Japanese politicians visit Yasukuni. China doesn't either. It's the decision of the politicians. Let them make up their own mind.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest against China's seizure of Mitsui O.S.K ship See in context

Japan said Tuesday it has lodged a formal protest against China’s seizure of a Japanese ship

Well, good luck with that. Somehow I doubt China will take any notice of the complaint.

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Posted in: Japan sets up military post on western island See in context


That is not an issue I have. I have been carrying out research into the armed forces of China and the Self Defence Forces of Japan. In terms of technology, assets, personnel and training, Japan has the edge on all counts. China's sole advantages are the size of its army (which history has shown repeatedly means nothing in actuality), and its nuclear weaponry. The only underestimation here is your underestimation of Japan's defensive capabilities. People keep trying to say that Japan would be screwed without America, but that just isn't true. Japan is capable of holding its own against China. It may not secure victory, but it won't be defeated. Even in a war of attrition, Japan can and will endure. I don't make comments lightly. I know that Japan is more than capable of protecting its territory from China, with or without US assistance.

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Posted in: Abe sends offering to Yasukuni shrine, but has no plans to visit See in context

(facepalms) All this fuss over a frigging tree in a frigging shrine that's only really controversial because China and South Korea make it so. Don't we have bigger things to worry about? Global warming, a dreadful economy and Russia escalating tensions to the highest level since the Cold War?

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Posted in: China seizes Mitsui O.S.K. ship over unpaid wartime contract compensation See in context

China sinks to a new and utterly pathetic low. Just how petty can they get?

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