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Posted in: How you can help victims of Japan’s floods and earthquakes by eating KitKats See in context

If they were to open up sales to overseas customers as well, they could raise a heck of a lot more money. I know quite a few people in Britain alone who would buy these in bulk just for a new experience, and in a much larger bulk knowing that a portion of the profits will go to aiding disaster victims. Whether or not this actually happens is another matter, but it seems like Nestle Japan is missing out on a veritable gold mine by restricting sales to Japan only.

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Posted in: British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson quits as May faces mounting Brexit crisis See in context

Oh dear. Things aren't looking good for May. Unfortunately, they're not looking good for Britain either. We're in a very tough spot right now, and I don't see it getting any better any time soon.

"Nice try," she said with a touch of bravado. "But I'm getting on with delivering what the British people want."

No you're not. That's the only thing you haven't done. You've dealt so much damage to Brexit that I can only assume that your actions are a deliberate sabotage. May was opposed to Brexit after all, and since she came to power she has only destroyed it little by little. She put on airs about securing us the Brexit deal that we wanted, before botching it piece by piece and making concession after concession. Now, we're backed into a corner. We can't stay in the EU. It forces us to obey by so many rules and regulations, none of which we have any say in (so much for the EU being a democracy. The people are being denied any chance to use their power). It controls us, believing that "what's good for the goose is good for the gander", but that just isn't true. What works for one country is very damaging to another. But the EU doesn't care about that, and it doesn't care about the harm being caused. It is only concerned with the illusion of a united Europe, but the EU is fraying at the seams. We can't stay, but thanks to May: we can't leave either. She's caused too much damage for that. If we stay, we'll suffer, if we leave, we'll suffer. Either way, we're done for, at least in the short term. It will take decades to reverse the damage caused by this botched Brexit. Unless the EU collapses, there's not going to be an easy way out for us.

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This is old news, actually. I remember a study saying that eating nuts boosts male fertility back in 2012. Specifically walnuts. Funnily enough, the day that study was announced in the papers, the sale of walnuts at the store I work in suddenly increased quite dramatically..

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Posted in: Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth next week despite chorus of discontent See in context

Oh dear. I don't see this going smoothly at all. Trump is going to make as many vile comments as possible, while also bragging about getting to meet the Queen (I wonder if she's legally allowed to execute him? Would solve a lot of problems). The protests could turn ugly as well, given the right provocation. There should be no reason to allow Trump to visit, but Theresa May doesn't have the spine for that. "Special relationship" my eye. There are some things more important than maintaining a "special relationship". Opposing tyranny, for example. Or standing up for your fellow Humans who are being hurt and betrayed by a stooge of Vladimir Putin.

"Mr Trump has said some unusual and irregular things ... but he has not ... abused human rights.

He's ripped children away from their families and locked them in cages like they were feral animals. That's a severe abuse of Human rights. He's taking a leaf right out of Kim Jong-un's book, and no-one seems to have the guts to stop him.

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Posted in: Australian supermarket staff suffer abuse after single-use plastic bag ban See in context

As a supermarket colleague working in the UK (which also charges for single-use bags), I understand exactly what these colleagues are going through and sympathise with them. I've been called every name under the sun for it, even though I have nothing to do with it. Another colleague in my store wasstruck over the head with a basket by an angry customer. I don't dare to estimate how much stock was destroyed by furious customers throwing tantrums, even in my store alone this would have been somewhere in the 4-digit region. To make things more awkward is that the charge was staggered across the UK, with Wales introducing it in 2011, Scotland in 2013 (or thereabouts) and England around 2015-2016 (not sure when Ireland did it, but I think they were before Wales), so any tourists from places where the bags were still free would become outraged. It's such a trivial thing to get angry about though. These people are supposed to be adults, but their maturity is nowhere to be seen. Only a very small minority seemed to actually be mature about the charge, let alone supportive.

@Shane Sommerville: I don't know what the policy is in Australia, but in the UK, the money raised from single-use bags is donated to charity. My store donates it to the Wales Air Ambulance service, though I won't speak for all stores across the UK. I would hope that stores in Australia do something similar.

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Posted in: No one would be worse off if half the anime being made wasn’t produced, says director See in context

I agree. If we get rid of most of the mainstream shows (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, Shingeki no Kyoujin, and many many other terribly overrated shows), fans will have plenty of opportunity to watch high quality niche shows, the unsung heroes of the anime world that get buried under mainstream tripe.

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Posted in: Ninja bikini sacrifices stealth for sexy coolness See in context

Not typically a fan of beach wear, since most of what I see these days can barely pass for string, let alone clothing. This, however, gets my sincerest thumbs up, for style and allure.

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Posted in: Instagram unveils new video service in challenge to YouTube See in context

I was very briefly curious about this. Then I saw that videos can only be up to 10 minutes long, up to an hour for those who have larger audiences. All interest has now been lost. I'm looking for a platform like Youtube, but one that doesn't stab its content creators in the back. Youtube has been doing too much of that lately, and will probably do so increasingly.

So this new app is completely pointless then, if it can't properly compete with Youtube.

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To be honest, I thought it was a sign prohibiting staring at... certain things, in a restroom. Then I realised how dumb I was. Does kind of look like an elevator sign, though I don't normally see people whistling or singing in them.

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Posted in: Scientist launches hunt for Loch Ness 'monster DNA' See in context

Well, you'd be surprised where you can discover new species of life. I've read somewhere that you're far more likely than you might think to find a new insect species in your own garden. I doubt that they'll find any form of monster in Loch Ness, though they may find an abnormally large specimen of previously discovered fish.

"I find it hard to believe that over 1,000 people can be wrong,"

Tell that to all the people who were wrong about Trump making America "great" again. Pretty sure that was well over 1,000 people, who were proven to be horrifically wrong.

If it weren't for the rumours of a monster, no one would know about Loch Ness, let alone visit the place.

Obviously you've never been there then. There's a lot more to the Loch than just the mystery. Did you not see the picture up top? There's plenty of people who would give an arm and a leg to see a view like that. As Andrea Ferguson said:

"It's dark water, very mysterious, there's lots of fog and mist, and large mountains draped in clouds so it has an aura of majesty and mystery about it. It's beautiful!"

That's all the reason many people need to visit Loch Ness. It might be true that there'd be less people who visit it and know about it, but to say that no-one would know or go there is a gross exaggeration and entirely inaccurate.

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Posted in: Trump's angry tweets leave G7 in disarray; Abe in delicate situation See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was put in a complicated situation at the Group of Seven summit in Canada

Not that complaicated really. Stand with the rest of the G7 nations, improve trade and diplomatic relations with those countries (and many others), and isolate Trump. Once he's ousted as POTUS (shouldn't be too much longer, I hope), then you can get back to doing business with a US that is being run by a sane president. Seems perfectly simple to me. Don't do business with Putin's puppet.

.And what's with foreigners defending Abe?

To be fair, there are far worse leaders out there. Like Trump, Putin and Theresa May. Abe is the lesser of those four evils. Got a long way to go to match Justin Trudeau though.

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Posted in: Trump threatens U.S. allies on trade before leaving G7 summit See in context

The picture really says everything that needs to be said about Trump. The way he sits there like a petulant child who knows he has done wrong and yet insists upon claiming innocence. "It's not my fault I stabbed you in the back, you should have dodged me." Trump is going to single-handedly destroy America, and drag the rest of the world into chaos with it.

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Posted in: Giuliani says informant info key to allowing Mueller to interview Trump See in context

Giuliani says informant info key to allowing Mueller to interview Trump

Translation: "We want the opportunity to fabricate convincing lies beforehand, so that our brainless president doesn't bumble about with half-baked lies or accidentally let the truth slip out."

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Posted in: Japanese train company issues official apology for 25-second early departure See in context

If only trains in Britain could be like this. You're lucky to have the train show up within a month of its scheduled time out here. Leaving 25 seconds early is beyond comprehension. Though I have to admit, I'm quite amazed that there were people who were left behind because of that. 25 seconds... talk about a close shave kind of deal.

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Posted in: China says military exercises intended to threaten Taiwan See in context

Well, at least China were being honest about being warmongers this time. Normally they try to blame the countries they're bullying of being militaristic. This isn't going to end well for China. No-one likes a bully, and if the people of Taiwan want to be independent from China, that will needs to be respected. If China tries to ignore that, it'll find itself under fire from countries all around the globe. Expect sanctions, restrictions and various other forms of political and economic pressure being placed upon China. Meanwhile, Japan, India Vietnam and other victims of China's bullying will rally around Taiwan to support their pursuit of independence. I'd like to say we could count on America's support, but that'll only happen if Trump gets replaced as POTUS by someone less corrupt and more competent. It's in China's best interests to just bow out and let the people of Taiwan act according to their wishes. A mature response like that would be more beneficial than a childish tantrum.

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Posted in: Lockheed Martin to propose stealth hybrid of F-22 and F-35 for Japan See in context

Glad to see Lockheed are (potentially) going to be helping Japan modernise its air force. Would be nice if BAe would do the same as well, but I won't get my hopes up. Having something based upon the Eurofighter in the JASDF could be potentially quite useful, especially in responding to Chinese and Russian jets. So that and an F-22/F-35 hybrid would really strengthen Japan's air defence capabilities.

@Matt Hartwell: the answer to that would most likely be because US Congress doesn't want to develop an F-22/F-35 hybrid. The F-35 has been nothing but a major headache for them, so they're not likely to approve hybridising it, even with the highly successful F-22. Letting Japan do that fusion though is more likely, and if it turns out that Japan gets good results, then Congress might approve funding to develop something like that. Or they'll focus on an entirely new and unique 6th generation design that would surpass even this proposed hybrid.

In response to your other comments about China and 6th generation fighters, I don't think there's all that much for Japan to worry about there. China isn't exactly strong at domestic development of military assets. Much of its airforce and naval warships are based strongly on Russian assets. Some of them actually are Russian. But with Russia not having a well funded military, I find it highly unlikely that they'll field a 6th gen fighter any time soon, leaving China high and dry. They can try developing something from scratch, but it won't be anything especially high quality, compared to what the US and Europe (particularly the UK) will be fielding. This proposed hybrid is likely to meet 6th generation standards, and will be more than a match for China's designs. Not sure why you'd talk about not discounting the Europeans since most European countries are looking to work more closely with Japan, especially in the defence industry. Perhaps Japan may even join in on the joint development of a 6th generation fighter. I wouldn't rule out the possibility, though I acknowledge it could be unlikely.

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Posted in: Simple Japanese test claims how you draw a star reveals your personality See in context

I always start at point 3. It just feels right. I used to draw from point 1, but the stars always came out ugly so I stopped. I suppose I do have big dreams (in terms of future goals as well as actual dreams while sleeping), but I'd say I'm more creative than a dreamer. Starting at point 4 would hurt my brain though. I'm settled on 3 and staying that way.

Not that I buy into this, I'm just throwing in how I do it. This is about as accurate as horoscopes, palm reading and tarot: ie only as accurate as you convince yourself it is.

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Posted in: No laughing matter: When exactly did clowns become scary? See in context

The stereotypical image of what a clown is has only been around for a couple centuries at best, but, as Benjamin Radford points out, there have been people performing clownish behaviour since medieval times. Even then, behaviour of these clowns/jesters/etc changes from region to region, so it's very likely that darker, more sinister clowns emerged (perhaps under a different name), and have lurked in the shadows to this day. It's just that clowns such as Pennywise have ended up bringing these sinister clowns to public attention a lot more easily thanks to television and movies.

There's nothing in any available evidence that kids were afraid of clowns in the '40s, the '50s, the '60s, the '70s

Which is exactly my point. In those days, televisions were still very rare. Colour TV only came out in 1953, just in time for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The content of TV shows, and even movies, were quite esoteric in those days. Nowadays, pretty much everyone has access to a TV, or several in fact. Many homes have multiple TVs, you can watch shows on your tablet or smartphone (same with movies), and so that content is accessible to pretty much everyone. Then add the internet into the equation, and it blows up some more. Then there's just one more factor to add in: People. Not all of them, just a specific subset of pranksters who take the concept of practical jokes and turn them as sinister as possible. In the wake of IT releasing last year, there were waves of "killer clown" attacks happening in Britain (and America too I believe) in which people would dress up as clowns (mostly Pennywise) and actually attack people. Some pranksters were content with just scaring people (I saw a video of one such Pennywise wannabe lurking around on dark nights and popping balloons to scare people), but others took it to extremes with assault and attempted murder. I think this more than even Stephen King's novel is how clowns have become frightening to people.

Then again, people just naturally find the clown character (even good clowns) to be unsettling and scary. I've seen kids crying at clown shows and even they don't know why they were crying. Same with Punch & Judy. Some people just find it unsettling and upsetting.

Heath Ledger's white-faced maniac Joker

I really don't see how the Joker can be mentioned here. He's very far from clown-like. But people see the white face and just associate it. Next they'll be associating geisha with clowns as well. Madness.

Krusty the Clown from "The Simpsons,"

I don't know whether to facepalm or cry. I mean I can't even forgive the Joker being mentioned, but Krusty? I could understand it if it was Sideshow Bob, but Krusty's only a danger to himself really.

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Posted in: Xi reappointed as China's president with no term limits See in context

Well, that was about as subtle as a brick to the head. He might as well march out wearing a cape and demanding that everyone kneel before their new God. Leaders serve terms because they're too incompetent to lead indefinitely. Most can't even do a good job with a single term. This is nothing more than a move by Xi to hold onto his power for as long as possible. i.e until he gets assassinated by his own people. That tends to happen with tyrants and dictators: they get assassinated.

majority Japanese will be happy to replace Abe with Xi

Not even close. Abe's popularity might be dropping quite fast because of the recent scandals, but he will never be so unpopular with the Japanese that they would choose Xi over him, especially since Xi is bullying Japan (and China's other neighbours) and trying to force the Asia-Pacific region under his rule. Japan does not want another tyrant at the helm.

if they have real freedom to choose leaders

More freedom than in China. The people of China didn't choose this. They didn't have any choice. Xi or death is not a realistic choice, especially when your family's lives depend on that choice.

Xi is expected to expand his yearslong campaign against corruption within the party

Well Xi, in order to get rid of corruption in your party: you're going to have to send everyone in it to jail. Yourself included. Then you'll have to let the people of China vote fairly and democratically for replacements without blackmail or death threats.

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Posted in: Russia to expel UK diplomats as crisis over nerve toxin attack deepens See in context

its impending exit from the European Union

This has nothing to do with Brexit. Russia isn't affected by it, and Britain would gain nothing by fabricating a Russian attack. If anything, we'd be tying a noose around our own neck.

suggested London fabricated the attack to whip up anti-Russian hysteria

This sounds like paranoia. Besides, Putin is doing a good enough job of provoking people into being anti-Russian what with the annexing of Crimea and him bragging about his new nukes. He doesn't need our help to turn people against him and his country.

Dmitry Peskov reiterated Moscow's line that there was no "clear evidence" for any Russian involvement in the attack

Other than the fact that it was a nerve agent created by Soviet Russia and used to try and eliminate a Russian double agent who betrayed dozens of Russian agents to British intelligence. That makes him an enemy of Russia (and Putin) which is more than enough reason for Putin to order this attack.

we do not have access to the patients

Of course not! Someone just tried to kill them with a nerve agent, of course access to them would be tightly restricted. We wouldn't want a Russian hitman to come in and finish the job. We need answers, Skripal has them, Putin doesn't want that to happen.

The truth will out, eventually. I just wonder what Putin would do if it was proven, without doubt, that he ordered the attack? Oh wait, deny it and claim that the evidence was fabricated, as all liars do.

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Posted in: Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning See in context

Well, it's a step in the right direction, but only a very tiny step. All Russian ambassadors/diplomats should be kicked out, all assets frozen, all imports to Russia blocked, all exports from Russia banned, and then impose more economic sanctions upon Russia than have been placed on North Korea. Impose enough sanctions so that Russia doesn't earn a penny from us. Then we'll be getting somewhere. Of course, we'll have to step up cyber defence and physical military defence, because no doubt they'll try to cripple us with cyber attacks and flex their military muscle.

I'll have to look again, but I'm sure I read within 24 hours of this nerve agent attack that Putin had said something along the lines of justice being brought down on Skripal, which is about as close as an admission of guilt as we could ever expect from Putin. It doesn't end there either, another Russian double agent was found dead in his British home, having been strangled. I think it's quite clear that Russia is eliminating "traitors", though why exactly is unclear. It's not like they were still providing us with Russian secrets, so it seems strange to suddenly go from not bothering with them to killing/attempting to kill them. Could it be that Putin is afraid of something they know? Russia claims innocence, suggesting that an ex-Soviet nation might be responsible (while providing no claims, no evidence, no reason whatsoever to trust or believe them), but whose to say that, even if this were true, that said nation wasn't acting as Russia's proxy, on their orders? If Russia was really innocent in all this, then surely they'd help in the investigations and assist us in bringing those responsible to justice. The way they're behaving at the moment will only risk a new Cold War.

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Posted in: Japan's new advanced fighter may be based on existing foreign design See in context

Those people asking why Japan needs these jets obviously hasn't been keeping up to date with events over the past ~20 years. To summarize it in a sentence: China and North Korea are dangerous. Just because jets can be used offensively, doesn't mean they will be. They can still be used for self-defence, which falls in line with Japan's constitution.

I've been watching the development of the ATD-X (now F3) for a couple years now, and I'm not sure why it needs clarifying that this jet is based on the F-35. That's common knowledge by now, surely? Not that that's a bright idea. The F-35 ended up being very costly, probably more so than it will ever earn back through service. It was a project that, by all rights, should have been scrapped before it became such a monetary parasite. It probably would have been cheaper and easier to simply redesign some F-22s with VTOL capabilities, upgrade the software, and leave it at that really.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of response Japan gets from the RFIs. I wouldn't count too strongly on America giving much away. Trump seems intent on his America First policy, so he's not likely to allow information about US jets to get out without a hefty price tag at least. Reaching out to the UK and Europe is more likely to yield results, though what those results will be exactly is anyone's guess. I would like to see Britain and Japan working more closely together, on a lot of things really.

The U.K has been hollowing out there defense industry for a couple decades

Not through choice. Unfortunately, the UK government seems more interested in wasting money on itself and on the EU than on properly funding our armed forces and R&D. Some day we'll elect someone who'll fix that error, but I won't hold my breath.

I think they will eventually come around to joining the new combined European military that is gradually being setup

No chance. Doing so would only cripple our armed forces, and as I said, that's already in a dire state. If we stretch ourselves out any more thinly, we'll be utterly defenceless against a Russian incursion. Then again, Theresa May has proven to be an idiot, so it may happen after all.

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Posted in: Convenience store clerk fends off robber in Tokyo with two simple words See in context

@Zichi: Regarding your question, stores usually are insured, to a degree. The size of the store and whether it is part of a chain (like Walmart) make a difference to the amount they are insured for. I work in a small store, so we're only insured to about £300, while 24-hour superstores can be insured for a lot more. Your second point is jumping to conclusions however. I'm more likely to be attacked for being English than for money, as an example, and I'm not alone. Not everyone goes into a store armed just for the money. People do all kinds of crazy and unexpected things when in dire straits.

@Yubaru: I think it's very likely she didn't know what was going on. Working the graveyard shift gets very quiet, and very boring. It's very easy to zone out, and very disorientating to be brought back to reality with a bump. Demanding only 30,000 yen is also quite a strange demand to make. Normally robbers will take whatever is there rather than specifying an amount, so this can throw a clerk for a loop.

I'm surprised this worked out for her the way it did, to be honest. I guess Kushida must have been in something of a daze at the whole situation too and decided to back out rather than risk further confusion. Or maybe he believed it was a trick to get him to stay until the police arrived. There's no information as to why he left, only that his motive was "I wanted money." Don't we all, but most honest people work for it.

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Posted in: Study seeks to end antidepressant debate: the drugs do work See in context

@Reckless: Not likely. The study shows that they work on acute depression. Anything more than that and they cease to be effective. I speak from experience on this. Ended up on quite a high dose of Fluoxetine, and it did nothing. Nothing useful anyway. I became unable to comprehend what depression felt like, which is not as good as it sounds, because it triggered anxiety attacks instead. It was highly unpleasant knowing that there was something wrong with me, but that I couldn't comprehend what it was that I was feeling. I had to come off Fluoxetine in the end. It would have been worse not to.

So... I guess this is reassuring for people with acute depression? But for people with more severe forms, this news means nothing really.

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Posted in: Manga creators association says pirate sites could bring about collapse of Japanese culture See in context

This is definitely an overreaction. It feels like they're trying to demonize pirate sites and those that use them. I'm not going to defend these sites, but I'm not going to ostracize people who use them either. It's their choice. I choose not to download manga/anime because I don't feel comfortable doing that. I'll watch streams, but that's as far as I'll take it. Since streaming is done online and I therefore don't possess the show, it cannot be considered stealing. For me, it's similar to what Stepoutsidethebox said, that it's a demo. By watching streams, I can decide what anime I want to buy, so that I avoid buying shows I don't like.

I buy Manga from Amazon, and I have to agree very strongly with Calvin Loh Kok Howe's point about the speed of translations. I'm reading Akame ga Kill at the moment. Even the anime was released back in 2014, but the manga is still being translated. Volume 14 comes out in April, and I believe Volume 15 (the final one) comes out in October. This, surely, isn't going to help matters. If manga could be translated much much faster, it might reduce pirating a little. Maybe not much, but a little is better than not at all.

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Posted in: 'Peter Rabbit' team apologizes for making light of allergies See in context

This wasn't a problem even 10-15 years ago. I vividly remember an episode of The Simpsons in which Bart and Principle Skinner would try to fight each other with things they're allergic too. I don't recall that ever being complained about. In fact, I'm pretty sure the episode still airs about 500 times a day.

People have become way too sensitive, and it's not healthy. You need to learn to laugh at these things, otherwise it'll control your life. I have a friend who is allergic to peanuts, and he jokes about it frequently.

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Posted in: Newcomer defeats anti-U.S. base incumbent in Nago mayoral race See in context

Inamine really didn't do himself any favours by focusing entirely on the US Base issue. Okinawans must be getting sick of hearing about it all the time, and chose to support a guy who's looking to help rejuvinate the Okinawan economy. A person pledging a positive change will always seem more appealing than someone constantly complaining.

Onaga won't stay in office for long either.

Onaga has resorted to various measures, including legal actions, to stop the central government from transferring the Futenma base from a crowded residential area of Ginowan to the less populated Henoko coastal area of Nago.

And that's why. He complains every time there's an incident in a crowded area, but he keeps stopping the base from transferring away from the crowded residential area. He's shooting himself in the foot with that logic. The people are going to see this, and they're going to tell him to take a hike.

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Posted in: Love Live! warns fans once again to refrain from being jerks See in context

@gogogo That won't solve the problem even in the slightest bit. As I pointed out, it's not just fans of Love Live who are guilty of this kind of behaviour. Banning the series will only hurt the innocent, well-behaved fans, while the jerks will move to another franchise and cause havoc for that instead.

It's the bad fans that need to be dealt with, not the franchise. The existence of sane, mature fans stands as evidence that the franchise isn't to blame for how the bad fans turned out.

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Posted in: Facebook's 'fixes'- meaningful or just skin deep? See in context

I've been using Facebook for a little over 10 years now I think, and I have yet to see a single "fix" or update actually improve user experience on there. Over the years, Facebook has only become a site of increasing spam traffic. Adverts are on the rise, spam posts are on the rise, unwanted suggestions are on the rise, and since Marketplace started that's only increased the amount of excrement I have to sift through in order to get to the things I actually care about.

I see fake news getting spread around every so often, like Herpes, but compared to the amount of spam, flame-posting and outright inappropriate/offensive media that floods my feed, the fake news really isn't a problem for me. I have enough common sense to identify it as a load of rubbish, which I think may be part of the reason why I can't understand how it's a problem. Are there really so many people who are unintelligent/gullible enough to believe whatever gets posted on Facebook? Because that sounds more like a problem with education rather than Facebook itself. After all, Facebook isn't the only place you can find fake news, so removing one source won't solve the problem.

If Zuckerberg really wants to improve Facebook's user experience and "fix" it, I can make some suggestions:

Put an end to the adverts, suggested posts/groups/friends, and the Marketplace spam

Clamp down on flame-posters and those who upload offensive/controversial videos (including extremist content)

Add a system that warns users that certain posts may be susceptible to arguments/trolling and other inappropriate or hostile behaviour (like political posts)

I guess block and delete all sources of fake news, but as I say Facebook isn't the only place it gets spread around

Clamp down on page admins/moderators who abuse their roles and don't act impartially (I see a lot of moderators like this, letting their own bias affect their duties and acting quite aggressively towards anyone who disagrees)

This would be a start anyway, but somehow I doubt any of this will happen. Zuckerberg will just whitewash everything as always.

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Posted in: Love Live! warns fans once again to refrain from being jerks See in context

These people are in need of some serious help. Immediately. Especially the human centipede mob. It's behaviour like that which causes anime fans to be stigmatised and ostracised. I've spent nearly 5 years now trying to defend anime fans and assure people that we're not all obsessed lunatics, and then this happens and makes me wonder why I bothered. The guy throwing a tantrum in a shop is just a typical spoiled a-hole who should have been spanked as a child.

The worst part is that it's not just Love Live fans that are guilty of this kind of behaviour. I've noticed (and been on the receiving end of) shocking levels of toxic behaviour from fans of Sword Art Online, Shakugan no Shana, Shingeki no Kyojin, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece and RWBY, amongst several other franchises. To be honest, I don't like labelling them as fans. "Fanatics" would be more accurate, and their behaviour can be quite disgusting. At the mild end of the spectrum is verbal abuse of "casual fans" as well as non-fans. At the extreme end of the spectrum is discrimination, threats of kidnapping and rape, and even death threats. This kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Ever.

It really does sadden me to hear that an official warning was necessary. Even more so to hear that this is the fourth warning. Evidently the fanatics aren't listening. And as one commenter in the article pointed out: it's not fair that the well-behaved fans should share in the punishments that are being triggered by the actions of those crazed fans.

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