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Fox Sora Winters comments

Posted in: Japanese government proposes cyborgs and robotic avatars for all by 2050 See in context

We prefer people working

Did you not read the article? People will be working. They'll be controlling these "avatars" remotely. The technology would be especially beneficial with travel restrictions (unable to drive, for example) and with physical disabilities (which the article also mentions is already something that exists: a cafe where robotic waiters are controlled by paralyzed people).

I really love the old anti-robotics rhetoric. They seem to assume that robots will "take our jobs" not realising that these robots will be controlled by people. And of course, people will need to fix the robots whenever there's a breakdown or something like that. Technology likes to breakdown, so there's always going to be a need for people to fix it.

While I believe that the target may be quite ambitious and unrealistic, the end goal is something I support. I'd like to see a world where upgrading yourself with cybernetics is so easy and so commonplace that it becomes a kind of fashion thing, like tattoos and piercings. Kind of like Ghost in the Shell but with less crime and violence and dystopia.

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Posted in: Man slashes supermarket employee after being refused product exchange See in context

The fact that they were carrying a knife is all the evidence necessary that this was pre-meditated. There's no need for anyone to carry a knife anywhere (except in certain jobs, but even then those knives tend to have safety features to prevent this exact kind of usage), yet this guy clearly intended to use it to harm someone. I hope the attacker gets caught and properly reprimanded, and that the colleague recovers well. The last thing anyone needs during this Coronavirus pandemic is to be hospitalised, especially not due to some dangerous individual who thinks it's acceptable to slash people over something so trivial.

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Posted in: Row grows as Premier League players can't agree on wage cuts See in context

English Premier League players rejected a move Saturday by clubs to cut their wages by 30% during the coronavirus pandemic, escalating a bitter public row as their union claimed the government would lose out on more than 200 million pounds (around $245 million) in tax.

Nonsense! How many of these Premier League players have been caught committing tax evasion? I've seen a fair few stories about that in the papers, and I can't help how many more are doing it without yet being caught.

This is just a cheap tactic to try and take advantage of the Coronavirus crisis in order to protect their multiple homes and their expansive fleets of supercars and all the other junk they buy to flaunt their wealth to the world.

If they really want to help the NHS, they can donate directly. Most players could donate millions and still not dent their bank balance significantly. They've got no excuses, and no right to try and take the moral high ground given that they'll break the law in order to avoid paying taxes. They should absolutely have their wages cut. The amount they get paid to kick a ball around for 90 minutes a game is just insane, while the people working themselves to death in order to save lives barely earn enough to keep a roof over their heads. It's completely messed up.

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Posted in: 'Isekai' anime: 5 must-see fantasy anime set in a 'different world' See in context

I wouldn't really call Angel Beats an Isekai anime, to be honest. While it does share something in common with some of them (namely going to a different location after death) it really doesn't fit in with them over all. I do highly recommend it however. I also strongly recommend Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle.

I've not seen the other three yet, but I do feel like checking them out.

Other Isekai anime I'd recommed:

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Youjo Senki

Isekai anime I'd recommend AVOIDING:

KonoSuba (some good characters, but Aqua and Kazuma ruin it over all. Very annoying)

Re:Zero (Subaru and Emilia ruin this. Emilia is too happy-go-lucky, while Subaru screams way too much)

Isekai Cheat Magician (for a show about overpowered heroes, they're surprisingly weak)

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Posted in: Disappearing anime studio resurfaces; still owes ¥8 million to unpaid workers See in context

@Madden: the article states that most anime studios do this, not just Tear. The reason is simple enough: studios can end up working on multiple projects at once, or just one project, depending on a fairly broad range of factors. Having 500 full time staff on when you have only one project that requires a fraction of that means that you'll have a surplus of staff members getting paid to do nothing. Contracting when work needs doing prevents this. Most companies do this just fine and it's no problem. Tear on the other hand... they dropped the ball. Big time.

Tear's founders were not the sharpest tools in the shed. Starting a company with such a small amount of capital is highly foolish. It shows a worrying lack of forward planning. It was doomed from the start, but I guess the employees/contractors were kept in the dark about this fact and so didn't realise they were on a sinking ship. That's rough, and by the sounds of things they probably won't get compensated either. I hope they're able to get work with better, more reliable companies in order to cushion the blow from this fiasco. It's still going to be tough for them even so, though.

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Posted in: Manga about 40-something man’s relationship with daughter’s schoolgirl friend sparks controversy See in context

People are far too easily triggered, and they forget that fiction is exactly that: fiction. As one of the defenders pointed out, it's not all that dissimilar to American Beauty, and just how popular was that movie? Kinda shows that there are more people who appreciate fiction for what it is, than there are people who spew bile over it. As long as there's nothing inappropriate or immoral, leave it alone. There are more important things to get worked up over (racism, gender inequality, climate change deniers etc).

I have always thought of Manga and Anime as the pedophilic dreams of men here

That's a very ignorant view of manga and anime. There are hundreds of these that have no sexualisation whatsoever, some of which are aimed at children anyway and so can't contain that kind of content. Don't tar all manga/anime with the same brush just because there are a few that have lewd scenes.

Comics are books for children

Another ignorant and misguided view. There are no shortage of comics that children would find distressing due to the violence and gore involved. There are some comics aimed at children, but you'll find that there's a lot more aimed at teens, young adults and above.

However, extra generational romance is not good

That's your opinion. There are cases where it works out however. Age differences really aren't a big deal as long as it's legal. Never underestimate how mature younger people can be. If a relationship simply wasn't meant to be, I can guarantee that age was not the sole factor in the decline of the relationship, there would absolutely be other factors. Just because it makes you personally uncomfortable, doesn't mean it's "not good."

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Posted in: Woman arrested for snipping hair off bus passenger seated in front of her See in context

What in the world? Seriously? Cutting a young woman's hair over something so petty and trivial? For the love of mike! So what if she sat in a "two-person" seat? Most seats are like that. The single seats are priority seats for the elderly and the disabled. The snippy old bag should've been sitting there, not the young woman minding her own business. There were plenty of other seats she could have moved to if it bothered her so much.

And shame on the people defending her. Seriously, those excuses do not fly at all.

“It’s bad manners to take up a two-person seat on your own while fiddling with your smartphone.”

Only when the bus is packed and there's an elderly person who wants the other seat. When the bus is empty and there's plenty of options, it's fine. Cutting someone's hair for such a petty reason, that is bad manners.

“The female victim should have been a little more considerate.”

Considerate of what? That she'd end up sitting in front of an entitled old woman who goes ballistic over nothing? It's not like the young woman was doing it deliberately. If she'd been flicking her hair into the aggressor's face on purpose, that'd be a different story, but that's not the case.

“I can totally relate to that feeling of hating other people’s hair on public transport.”

And I'm sure there's plenty of people who hate you too for equally petty reasons. Or maybe less petty. Maybe they hate you because you have bad hygiene, or because you're a slef-entitled so-and-so who assaults other passengers for no reason.

And people wonder why I'm misanthropic.

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Posted in: Johnson, Corbyn square off in 1st UK election debate See in context

Well, there's no way I'm voting for Corbyn, that's for sure. Just from this debate alone his performance was not great. Dodging basic questions about the EU and waxing poetic... it's not good. It's not pragmatic. That's all ignoring Corbyn's past as well, and his personality, neither of which are favourable. People liken Boris to Trump, but Corbyn is far closer, particularly in the way he treats veterans (except to pander to the people after being called out for his mistreatment). Corbyn can't be trusted.

Would Boris be better? Very difficult to say. I don't have any real confidence in him, and there are far too many scandals surrounding him for him to be trustworthy. If it were another Leave advocate in charge of the Tories, one with a cleaner past, I'd feel more confident, but with Boris at the helm it's too shaky for my liking. I favour him over Corbyn though, but I may have to look at other candidates to see who is a better choice. If one even exists.

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Posted in: Man threatens company where he used to work with same fate as Kyoto Animation Co See in context

quoted him as saying he did it to get even with the company because he was bullied when he worked there

Even if that's true, that doesn't justify threatening arson and murder. You beat bullies by rising above them, not by turning into a cold-blooded monster. You have a brain. Use it.

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Posted in: Elementary school girl slashed by 14-year-old boy in Aomori Pref See in context

It's fortunate that the girl survived, but the attack will leave scars, both physical and psychological. Speaking of which, the boy seriously needs some form of counselling. Something must have happened in his life for him to turn out this way. Abuse from parents or siblings, extensive bullying, something like that. Something that has gone on for long enough to harm him emotionally and psychologically. This isn't a simple case of him needing to be taught right from wrong. By his age he should already know that, but something has clearly happened to him to cause him to not care if what he does is wrong.

It's also very troubling that he has a collection of knives in his room. He can't have bought them himself, surely. So one would think that he probably got them elsewhere, not from any form of store but from a person. Tracking down the source of the knives could help with this case. What if the person(s) providing the knives also put the idea of killing into his head? It might not have been intentional, but they still need to be held accountable all the same.

I see no reason that the boy can't be rehabilitated, other than the fact that mental health care in Japan seems to be questionable at best. If he was able to receive good counselling, then he should reform, but I fear he won't get the level of counselling he needs, if any at all.

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Posted in: Climbers rush to beat ban on Australia's iconic rock Uluru See in context

I agree with the ban on this one. It is a sacred site. Climbing all over Uluru would be like climbing the Vatican. If anything I would have thought that the Japanese would be most sympathetic. I recall reading that one of Japan's most famous Torii gates has been getting damaged over the years due to tourists jamming coins into its cracks, allowing seawater in which causes rotting. Surely climbers, with their climbing gear, is also doing damage to Uluru. It might not seem like much damage, but it builds up over time. If a ban on climbing Uluru isn't implemented, then Uluru won't be around forever. There'll be nothing left but dust and rubble where it used to be.

I don't see that the ban should affect tourism all that much. With the right exhibists and promotions, Uluru will still be able to draw in a vast crowd from all around the world. It's one of the things that Australia is most famous for, after all.

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Posted in: Okinawa soul food: We try the most epic pork and egg onigiri rice balls in Japan See in context

These sound nice, but I'll have to examine the menu for myself to see what other varieties exist. I'm not big on tomato, cabbage or mayonnaise, so those two particular varieties might not go down too smoothly for me, though I suppose I could try asking to have those particular ingredients left out.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Get on a shinkansen and play at a rugby club somewhere else

If it was that simple, it would have been done, but it isn't that simple. All kinds of arrangements have to be made to move the teams, including security and translators and other companions to the relocation. Local authorities at the new venue will need to be notified and preparations will need to be made to receive and accomodate the teams. Guess what? That takes time, resources and manpower. The same sort of arrangements would also be needed for the television crews who have come from all around the world to document these matches. That requires a lot of time, energy, resources and manpower as well. And what if the new venue can't support that many TV crews? Who gets left out in the cold and who gets to set up? How is that fairly and quickly decided? It isn't, is the simple answer. And all of these problems are bad enough as it is without going into detail about how it will affect local businesses, local commutors etc who will suddenly be inundated when they're not prepared or equipped for such a thing, while those who are equipped and prepared suddenly get left wth a ghost town. It'll cause chaos. The logistics are far beyond what you seem to think.

While I do agree that postponing should be an option, I would have to assume that there is some reason why it isn't being implemented. There must be some limited time-frame in place that doesn't allow for postponing. That sounds like a failing on the part of World Rugby, not on Japan. World Rugby are the ones who decided when the tournament would take place, so they should have been very well aware of the high probability of typhoon interference. Well, they had awareness, since the teams signed up for that.

Teams signed up, but did the fans?

This has been in planning for what? 4 years now? That's plenty long enough for the fans to do a little research. It only takes one Google search to find out what the weather's like in Japan, so it's up to them to look into how the weather would affect the tournament and whether or not any contingencies were being made. Failing to research a country before you travel to it is asking for trouble. 4 years, if not more if it's anything like the Olympics and the football World Cup. The fans have no right to claim they didn't know anything with this much time to look into it.

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Posted in: 'South Park' creators issue mock apology over China censorship See in context

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that Matt Parker and Trey Stone would flip the bird to China, and with such style as well. If China doesn't like it, tough. It's not like South Park will lose out from this. If anything, China getting angry with them will only lead to South Park's popularity rising in countries that China bullies. They may even follow suit in responding to China's dictatorial moves with humour and sass.

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Posted in: Scorsese slams Marvel films as 'not cinema' See in context

I'm inclined to agree with Martin Scorsese. I've given up on Marvel movies these days. It was bad enough that they were very generic and very unoriginal, but when they started copying ideas from their own franchise, that's when I realised that they'd run out of ideas, and so resorted to SFX to cover that up. And don't even get me started on the plot of Infinity War. Cripes.

Listen, just because a movie sells a lot of tickets, doesn't mean it makes good cinema. You can make a similar comparison with most modern pop stars. How many of those would you really consider a singer? And yet they can still pack a giant stadium to the rafters. With the right marketing and PR, talent becomes a lesser priority than marketability, and Marvel is a strong example of that.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for repeatedly clogging women’s toilets in convenience stores See in context

This is just too bizarre for words.

“I was interested in women’s toilets. I wanted to go in and see.”

There's a difference between going in and seeing, and clogging the toilets with toilet paper to the point where plumbers need to be called out. What's the real motive, Sergeant? At the very least, this guy needs to be fired, but I think he should also be referred to a psychologist. He needs help. No normal, sane person would do this simply out of curiosity. "I wanted to go in and see." See what? It's a toilet, not Pandora's Box. What were you expecting to find? A gateway to Narnia? Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party head suggests genocide to solve overpopulation See in context

Anti-NHK party head suggests genocide to solve overpopulation

And I thought Trump was nuts, but this guy is a serious contender for the crown.

adding he has "no motivation to do so though."

So, crazy and lazy. Good Trump-like combination there. Just what I like to see (sarcasm).

"It's impossible to teach dogs.

Only if you're incompetent. I taught my dog how to open and close certain doors (granted, the door needed the right kind of handle, but it could be done). You just need a fraction of a braincell, a modicum of motivation, and that's about it. But what can I expect from a nimrod like this? He's living proof that Japan seriously needs to do something about mental healthcare, because this guy is in desperate need of a straight jacket and a padded cell.

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Posted in: An up-close look at one of Japan’s five Ryuseito swords, forged from meteorites See in context

I hope the fifth blade does show up again. While it's estimated that a substantial amount of space debris falls to Earth, even of what actually survives the decent tends to fall into the oceans, so it's very rare that anything gets made from meteoric metals. While a Ryuseito may not be as magical as it sounds, it certainly makes for a priceless artifact, and well worth preserving in that case. Who knows, maybe it'll turn up one day alongside the Honjo Masamune or some other famous lost Nihonto.

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Posted in: Giant pizza sandwich, called Meat Mountain, packed with 18 different types of meat See in context

I'll gladly give that a try. I like my meat, so 18 varieties of it in one "pizza sandwich" sounds like Heaven to me. Now to rustle up a few like-minded friends to share this with. Even the regular size would be too much for me to handle on my own.

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Posted in: EU warns Britain heading for a no-deal Brexit See in context

"might be the United Kingdom's choice, but never the choice of the EU," Juncker said

Of course not. The EU's choice was to try and keep Britain in the union, where EU policymakers could continue to interfere with Britain's national politics and using our membership to try and push regulations and other policies upon us in order to stop us doing anything the EU didn't want. The EU's choice was to ignore the voice of the British people (and anyone unhappy with the EU for that matter) whilst trying to maintain this facade of unity and democracy.

EU warns Britain heading for a no-deal Brexit

I'll take a no-deal Brexit over the middle finger that the EU has been extending us so far.

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Posted in: YouTube 'creators' fret over impact of new child protection rules See in context

This is the problem when you choose to rely on Youtube as your sole source of income. It simply isn't a clever idea. Even if you can build and maintain a high subscriber count, it only takes one mistake for your subscriber numbers to plummet, which will seriously impact your revenue. Youtube content creation should be a hobby, not the main source of your income.

I understand and support Youtube's decision here. Targetted ads are a menace, and ads that target children are about as bad as it gets. Especially in this day and age where parents get too lax with their smartphones and leave those accessible to children, who can very easily learn passwords and therefore access bank accounts which they then use to buy whatever they want (Every time I hear stories about this sort of thing I facepalm internally). Non-targetted ads still provide a revenue, albeit not as high, but if your subscriber count is high enough then it won't really matter. If you insist upon using Youtube as your main income source, then you'll have to work harder to increase subscriber numbers if you really need to compensate for the lower ad revenue. Then again, if you're earning $100k a month from Youtube then this change shouldn't affect you at all unless you're insanely financially irresponsible.

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Posted in: New service pays 'bounty hunters' to catch shoplifters and train gropers See in context

I can already see this causing a lot of problems. First of all: how exactly will they apprehend shoplifters? Because going about that with bravado can cause a big commotion, frighten people, and potentially hurt businesses. Another problem is that some shoplifters already arm themselves, and so then this press release will only encourage shoplifters who aren't already armed to do just that, which will undoubtedly lead to bloodshed. It could even lead to a hostage situation, with a desperate shoplifter holding a pregnant woman or a child etc at knife-point. Likewise, catching gropers will also be problematic and could lead to violent confrontations. Groping incidents are more common on crowded trains, where it's virtually impossible to tell who the chikan is (and so they believe they can get away with it). Spotting a groping incident in such conditions will be very difficult. More often that not, an innocent person would be falsely accused. As already happens.

While I don't disagree with the basic concept, the idea hasn't been properly thought out. It seems too confrontational at the moment, which can only lead to violence. For dealing with shoplifters, it would be better to implement better quality CCTV cameras and facial-recognition technology, and to hand the shoplifter's details to the police to deal with, rather than encouraging vigilante action. I suppose these Bounty Hunters could use their smartphones/GoPros etc to record shoplifting incidents, but encouraging them to confront doesn't seem smart. The groping one... I've said before on this subject that the best way to reduce the incidents is through education and understanding. Other methods that have been suggested so far have always been flawed, with the biggest flaw being that they can be deliberately misused. Even then, education and understanding won't solve the problem completely. I don't know if anything can, really.

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Posted in: Teen bullying victim who died in apparent suicide blames school in journal See in context

Very saddening to hear about this. I've been a victim of bullying myself, while those who I should have been able to trust and to turn to only proved to be of no help to me. I've been through suicidal depression as well, which is why I need to correct a few points that a few commenters have made in error.

Although it seems the school/school board was inefficient in dealing with this, the boy seemed hellbent on killing himself.

He was taken out the harsh element, wasn't going to school and staying at home when he made his first attempt.

Being taken away from the source of the suffering does nothing without the right after care. Even with counselling and support as well though, that's not always going to work, especially in a case like this where the victim was betrayed by the school. No matter how safe and happy his environment could have become, that kind of betrayal would hang over him for years. He would remember it whether he wanted to or not, being haunted by it in nightmares and moments of anxiety. The school should have recognised that bullying was taking place right away, and they should have acted right away. They should never have allowed the victim to reach a state of feeling betrayed. When that happens, it takes hold like a venom, one that isn't easy to cure. Also, saying that he was "hell bent" is not entirely accurate. As someone who has tried and failed suicide twice, I can tell you that failing suicide can make you more determined to try again, in a twisted way. You become angry with yourself for failing, angry that you're validating the insults that bullies hurl at you, so you determine to prove them wrong. Logic does not apply in suicidal depression. It is only if you survive that hell that you realise how illogical you were being at the time. Not many ever survive it, though.

I'm sorry lady, but you must also shoulder some of the blame. If this kid was being bullied to the point of suicide he would have been severely depressed and distressed. What did you do about it? You are (were) his mother! Did you get him counselling? Did you try to get him into another school? Did you consider home schooling?

There is only so much a parent can do, especially if the child won't let the parent(s) help. People in depression are very good at putting on a brave face to avoid showing their pain. A common trait you'll find in cases of people committing suicide after suffering depression, is that the friends and even the family were unaware that the victim was ever depressed. In some cases this is due to ignorance, in others it's simply because the victim was too convincing an actor. It's not as though the victims don't want help, it's that their desire to hide their pain overrides the desire for help. As I said earlier: Logic does not apply. Blaming the mother in this case, at least with the very little information we have, is not just jumping the gun, but also not helpful at all.

People can blame bullying all they want but young people these days are killing themselves over the most trivial of reasons. And it's not only in Japan, but around the world where even younger kids are killing themselves over a variety of reasons.

Sure bullying is serious but at what point are these people going to stand up for themselves? Bullies don't prey on the strong, they prey on the weak. If I cried to my daddy that I was being bullied, he would probably have screamed at me to fight fire with fire and be a man.

You might want to look up the definition of "Perspective". What may seem trivial TO YOU is seen as anything but in suicidal people. I will say it again: Logic does not apply. That attitude does not help, however. To trivialise a person's anguish only exacerbates things. The comment about learning to stand up for oneself is even less helpful. Standing up to one person is one thing. Standing up to a dozen, or a hundred, is entirely different. Especially when you don't know who to stand up to. Bullies are cowards. Not all of them get up in your face. Most will whisper behind your back, spreading rumours and turning uninvolved people against you. That's not something you can simply stand up to. Confront the wrong people and you'll alienate yourself. Even if you confront the right people, what will that do when there's a gang of them? It's a good way to get yourself beaten black and blue. In situations like this, talking to the teachers is the only solution, and yet in this case even that failed to yield positive results.

I can only hope that the educational board learns from this, but since this isn't a unique case I suppose I'm hoping for something a little unrealistic.

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Posted in: Domino’s now sells Tsundere Pizzas in Japan See in context

I'll pass on the Tsundere Pizza. I can handle a little jalapeno here and there, but not a mountain of them. Might I suggest an alternative for the Yandere Pizza while I'm at it? A seemingly innocent cheese pizza on the surface, but underneath you find that it's riddled with Naga chillies and Scotch Bonnets. Just a thought.

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Posted in: Man arrested for arson threats to Kyoto Animation-related video game company See in context

It's good that this person has been arrested already. What remains to be seen is why he was making those threats in the first place. What could Visual Arts have possibly done to warrant such hostility? Or is this person just aspiring to copycat the KyoAni arsonist? Either way, prison is where they belong, and where they should remain until they realise the error of their ways and reform themselves.

Somehow I feel like it'd be more likely for me to win the lottery than to see this shameful person reform.

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

It's better to follow the Japanese tradition when writing Japanese names in the Roman alphabet,

But why is it better? In what way is it better? The people proposing this never seem to be able to explain this. Because it's traditional? Not all traditions should be kept. Some are outdated and should be left behind. We're all individuals, so why should we be identified through the family that we belong to? What if we're not close with our family? But then, this is Japan. Individuality is still frowned upon in many places. "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down" and all that.

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Posted in: Johnson's Brexit plans in crisis after 3rd defeat in 2 days See in context

It just gets worse and worse. What's the point in all of this bickering and delaying?

The bill would require the government to ask the EU to delay Brexit until Jan 31, 2020, if it can't secure a deal with the bloc by late October.

We won't get a deal worth accepting. The EU have already said, repeatedly, that it won't renegotiate the deal it has presented. The deal that parliament already rejected 3 times and prompting Theresa May to give up as PM. Parliament knows this, so why are they trying to delude themselves that a better deal will arise? Our options are to take the deal that no-one wants, or go without a deal. Delaying until January won't do any good. No new deal will arise. There's no point in dragging this on indefinitely.

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Posted in: Opponents of 'no-deal' Brexit defeat Johnson, who promises an election See in context

Oh great. Just what we need. Another delay. Another round of in-fighting that only weakens our position and strengthens that of the EU. Well done. I get it, a No Deal exit is unappealing. But it's a short term thing that we can recover from. Dragging it on for months, years or longer, that'll hurt more. When you wax your leg, you don't pull the strip off as slowly as possible, so why are we using that mindset here? Just rip and move on. I can only hope that Johnson has some kind of ace up his sleeve to turn things around and get this over with quickly. It'll be painful no matter what, but prolonging the suffering won't help.

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Posted in: Johnson threatens election ahead of Brexit battle in parliament See in context

Huh. I've been able to follow Boris Johnson up until now, but this one seems like a strange manoeuvre. For him to be so confident that he'd win an election would suggest that he has something up his sleeve that he's waiting to play. I hope that's the case anyway, and that it doesn't back fire. We've been going through a heck of a lot of turmoil these past 3 years, it's time for that to end.

At this stage, the only people who think a no deal Brexit under Boris, is a a good thing, are the same people that think that Trump is a ‘great guy’

Wrong. There are a lot of people who support a No Deal under Boris who also recognise that Trump is a monster and one of the worst human beings to ever stain our species. Myself included. Don't resort to slandering everyone who disagrees with you. That's what Trump does, isn't it? Respect people's opinions rather than painting them as Nazis or whatever.

Does the UK have any legitimacy being in Ireland?

The UK isn't in Ireland. Ireland is it's own independent country, apart from the UK and a member of the EU. Aside from tourists, the UK isn't in Ireland.

For some, the EU is a guarantee of livelyhood, not to mention keeping the GFA intact.

Perhaps those people need to be reminded that Britain only ever joined the Common Market (in 1973) and voted to remain in that two years later. Our relationship with the EU had always been intended as a purely financial one, not a political one. They should be reminded that it was the EU who used underhanded methods to sneak their way into our political dealings via the economic agreements we'd set up, and used those channels to then dictate policies, restrict trade negotiations, force regulations upon us and generally strangle our economy. They should be reminded that in 1984, despite us being the 3rd poorest member at the time, they tried to make us one of the chief contributors until Margeret Thatcher appealed against it and earned us a rebate. They should be reminded that the EU are the ones who pushed us to vote on whether or not to stay as a member, whether to hold onto a membership we never wanted in the first place but had thrust upon us.

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Posted in: 5-day mission brings a taste of Wales to Japan See in context

I hate to burst the bubble, but there is not all that much chance of expansion here. The products being offered by Wales are also available (under different brands of course) from a number of suppliers at equal or greater quality, in much higher quantities, and at much more competitive prices. Aberdeen Angus beef, as well as Japan's own Wagyu Beef both top Welsh beef in terms of quality and availability, and are equal or lower in price. New Zealand lamb is vastly more available, and at significantly lower prices on average without compromising quality. Welsh gins, vodkas and whiskeys are, at best, a novelty, and barely able to make a dent in a fiercely competitive alcohol market. As for the jams... I'm afraid they won't take off well in Japan due to the Japanese having a more delicate sense of taste. Welsh jam is quite a lot sweeter than many Japanese would be comfortable with, so they're more likely to stick with domestic products that are already suited to their tastes.

and I can safely say that the reactions we have been getting are very positive”.

Are they really positive, or are you just being fooled by Japan's world-famous politeness? It can be very difficult to discern the difference without accumulating years of first-hand experience.

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