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Posted in: Ghosn determined to restore his reputation See in context

A good start would be to turn himself in and face justice. He’s for sure not short of money to pay for good lawyers…. Hiding in one of the. OST corrupt countries on the planet doesn’t shine a positive light on this dude. No sympathy lost here…

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. envoy Hagerty slams Japan's justice system over Nissan case See in context

Slams Japans justice system….. hmmm…… what about when the US pressured Canada into detaining the top Huawei executive on super flimsy grounds? Always a good idea to start at home before going to preach abroad…..Why did JT censor this? Actually pretty scary that you censored my first post

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Yes well this is definitely super good news! Man this country keeps coming back whenever it gets bashed down, I’m so puzzled but so happy to live here

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

Another election another clown. All show in Japan. The usual suspects get help and the rest of the country can go and get stuffed

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Posted in: Kishida to seek economic growth before redistributing wealth See in context

well, what could we expect…. I would say I’m rather well off and would absolutely pay more taxes because many people need help but if the 1% rule Kishida will just have to dance like most of his predecessors did. Sad sad, nothing will ever change except we force them to!

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Posted in: Arrested lawmaker's fingerprints found on bills offered as bribe See in context

Casinos are always almost a hotbed for corruption and crime. Especially when Chinese are involved. Good documentary on the “online” Casino boom and the crime that come with it in Cambodia on Aljazeera (East 101). Japan should just stop going ahead with this idiotic idea

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