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Posted in: Kishida aims to cut utility bills with new economic package See in context

High energy prices make people save money. Don’t subsidize but introduce a proper social welfare system and help the people that really need the help!!

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Posted in: Kishida's apparent nepotism may shake cabinet further See in context

Giving a job to a family member borders on idiocy if you’re in politics. What was he thinking?

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Posted in: Unification Church tries to derail ex-believer's press conference See in context

Religion, all you need to know…..

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Posted in: Energy crisis spurs nuclear comeback worldwide See in context

I accept nuclear when the storage of the refuse is solved. Only Finland has done it as of today. Japan is a disaster with nuclear. And a war over Taiwan looming its not teh smartest thing to have nuclear plants in japan with all the American bases that will be targeted by the Chinese…..

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Posted in: Energy crisis spurs nuclear comeback worldwide See in context

France gets over 50% of its energy from nuclear but with problems at plants and global warming drying up rivers that serve for cooling it has to import energy from Germany, that’s why Germany has to burn gas for electricity this year. Nuclear should be used until the old plants run out and that that. O my Finland has solved the final resting place issue of nuclear waste. Japan is totally messed up with nuclear, no plan whatsoever except but sness as usual. Woudl they finally have resolved the waste issue would could think about it BUT they have t!! And never will because it’s all about cashing in now and no one cares about teh future

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Posted in: Energy crisis spurs nuclear comeback worldwide See in context

Ok we had Cernobyl, Fukushima and now the problems with the plant in Ukraine, so I don’t know what else needs to happen for Japan to realize that it should finally start seriously geothermal, ocean current and wind and sun and not again nuclear. How dump are people or maybe, ho corrupt are governments?

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Posted in: Record high number of ambulances struggling to find hospitals in Japan See in context

And think that Japan has one of the highest ratios of beds to 100k inhabitants in the world. The Japanese health care system works perfectly in normal times but since its pillars sit mostly on private clinics it doesn’t work at all in an emergency situation. Private = profit so this country needs to seriously rethink its health care system asap

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Posted in: Contest for leadership of opposition Japan Innovation Party begins See in context

There is no opposition in Japan thy deserves to be called opposition. Sad as it is, Japan has been rules forever by teh LDP, look at their new cabinet, you would be forgiven to think Japan is a country with no women.

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Posted in: Kishida yet to deliver on promise to create new form of capitalism See in context

Did anyone notice that tehre are two!! Two!! Women in teh new cabinet ;-) so what do you expect from an LDP man?!

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Posted in: Japanese pond owner breaks into tears after 3,000 fish die in robbery See in context

Very sad! Hope they find the thieves and punish them harshly!

one thing I disagree here is “Japanese cultural values still hold that the animal’s life should be valued and treated with respect” gimme a break, animal right in this country are a joke.

again what a sad story! Hope he rebuilds his business.

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Posted in: Work stoppages and no chatting at lunch: Japan Inc grapples with COVID See in context

“Is Japan aiming for zero covid?” Yes pretty obvious with over a million new reported cases per week lol

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Posted in: Work stoppages and no chatting at lunch: Japan Inc grapples with COVID See in context

”Do they ever think to consider what effects these measures might have on the mental health on people?”

thats a very good point!

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Posted in: Japan reports 249,830 coronavirus cases; 38,940 in Tokyo See in context

478 hospitalized severe cases, that’s about one every 260,000 Japanese. I think the nation needs to relax. Push forward with the 4th vaccination for vulnerable groups and fast track the introduction of new vaccines for the new variants and start to live with this. There are far bigger problems, food inflation, energy security, Ukraine, Taiwan….

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Posted in: Kishida says restrictions unnecessary despite record COVID-19 cases See in context

I had it two weeks ago, wasn’t pleasant but life goes in if you’re vaccinated and healthy. Good decision by the government.

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Posted in: Japan reports 76,002 coronavirus cases See in context

Have to write this. Have been in Italy for the last 11 days, zero masks, zero covid panic, huge number of daily infections, everybody keeps on living. I’m having it now, first 4 days were rather bad, now much better. The crazy thing is I don’t know when I will be negative in a pcr because they’re super sensitive, so no clue when I can fly back. Japan doesn't need to be as relaxed as Europe but a bit of common sense and some level of “chillnes” would really help. 90% have been 3 or 4 times vaccinated so why can’t this country calm down for once? Yes you feel a bit crappy for a couple frog days, wish it to no one, but if you’re vaccinated live can go on. Man Japan, can’t wait to fly back but they could really chill out a bit

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Posted in: 'Old Enough:' Netflix show sparks global debate on parenting and child safety See in context

Love tis one “Because Japanese people trust Japanese drivers to be cautious. Unfortunately in other places (like the U.S.) we can’t trust each other to this extent.” yeah sure, this person has probably never crossed a road in Japan...

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Posted in: Tea leaves auction for record ¥1.96 mil See in context

his is the same as with fuits and veges in Japan, instead of this idiotic prices that always make it to the news it would be nice to be able to buy fruits at a normal price, apples in my local discount store are 199 a piece the cheapest, Kiwis 120.... Japan just loves this crapy auction news, like melons form Hokkaido, that's like growing oranges on Spitzbergen....

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Posted in: U.S., European business leaders urge Japan to end COVID entry ban See in context

We get the Nikkei Shinbun every day and from why we can read here business and the educations sector in Japan is more than angry about this populist full out entry ban. They can’t understand why fully vaccinated (some even 3 and in the case of Israelis 4 times…..) can’t enter Japan. What is the problem with this government? Maybe because the same old dudes have been in power for the last 70 years… LDP forever…. What shall we expect?!!

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Posted in: U.S., European business leaders urge Japan to end COVID entry ban See in context

@Tom Doleym if only, most still believe in this wonderland, i've been hit with the reality for the last 24 years .....

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Posted in: U.S., European business leaders urge Japan to end COVID entry ban See in context

@ Larr Flint, you seem not to know that Japanese nationals are free to travel, yes travel for leasure, but 3 times vaccinated international students, Phds, professionals ecc are not allowed in, isn't this not only ridiculous but also terribly counterprodutive? I live here and being a long term resident can go abroad but if I would be a professional or student waiting 3 years I would go somewhere more welcoming!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,113 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 92,078 See in context

Don’t know why everyone is saying tests are in short supply, just bought 6 on Amazon

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Posted in: Experts to visit Fukushima plant to check water release plan See in context

It all can get even crazier in Japan, look at the EU, 2021 nuclear was a no no, 2022 nuclear is now sustainable, honestly, we are all governed by a bunch of morons

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Posted in: Japan's 2021 agricultural and seafood exports hit record high for 9th year See in context

Man good news! I know many farmers here and they’re a hardworking bunch! Well done! Hope more young people leave the office rat race and go into agriculture. With lots of young people new ideas creep into this sector and quality will go up and prices a bit down. Well done Japanese farmers!!!

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Posted in: Another Beijing Olympics with human rights still a major issue See in context

“Beijing was awarded the 2008 Summer Olympics, largely under the assumption that the Games would improve civil liberties in the country.” No, the IOC awards the Olympics to either countries that are stupid enough to drown themselves in debt (eg Greece) or where they can make a killing (China) that’s it!

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Posted in: Series of strawberry thefts reported in Tochigi Prefecture as harvest season peaks See in context

Yeah, that’s definitely cheap if you think of all the energy and la out that goes into strawberries. Is not like in ten US where they cost much less because of Mexicans laboring for peanuts

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Posted in: Gov't under pressure to again declare COVID state of emergency in Tokyo See in context

No they are not under pressure, I really hope they don’t lockdown again!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,631 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 81,811 See in context

According to Wikipedia hospital beds per 1000 people are amongst the highest in the world in japan but japan collapses with a fraction of cases they’re having in Europe and the US. So what am I know getting? France had half a million a day and wasn’t collapsing, Japanese healthcare is a joke, great in good times but very weak in bad times because the national health care system is a smokescreen because most hospitals are private and they don’t want covid patients cause it’s bad for the profit margin. That’s the reality of the country I call home for over 20 years!

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Posted in: Toyota plans to lift FY2022 global output 22% to record 11 mil units See in context

That’s exactly why we need to combat global warming, more cars and less trees. It really feels like in “don’t look up”!

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Posted in: Japan household assets rise to record ¥3,072 tril at end of 2020 See in context

Down payment when the defaults start, compare that to a government debt to 1.4 quadrillion yen and have a think…

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy assaulted after asking man to stop smoking on train See in context

Sorry for the boy for having been assaulted but my congratulations for having stood up to that antisocial subject! Well done! Should get a medal for this! Bloody bullies behaving like the world is theirs alone

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