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He's not leading an insurgency. He's throwing as temper tantrum. As usual.

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Posted in: No empty nest: Young U.S. women live with parents like it's 1940 See in context

I live with my kids like it's 1940.

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I am American and just got out of the hospital in Kyoto after I broke my back. I waited 10 days for surgery, but the preparations during those ten days made my surgery much easier. A lot of other injuries from the accident had time to heal and I was rested and ready. I stayed a month after the surgery, during which time I was on my feet for all but 3 days, learning to shower and walk safely, climb stairs, do laundry, and other physical and occupational therapy. By the time I got home, I could do almost anything I did before except sit for long periods. That part is getting much better as I heal. I was quite pleased with my Japan hospital experience and the very kind and competent care I received. In America it would have been much faster, but I'm not sure it would have been as good.

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