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Posted in: Domestic flights at Kansai airport to resume Friday after typhoon damage See in context

Living in Wakayama-shi I say that KIX is a bless, being just a 1 hour away is great. KIX not only serve the big cities but also the adjacent prefectures. Going to Itami used to take so much time and was very inconvenient, but I do understand it might have been more convinient for people in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto as is more central.

Having said that, lets hope KIX is more prepared for the nankai trough earthquake. If the bridge breaks and place starts to sink, it will be very hard to save everyone stuck in that ever-submerging airport.

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Posted in: Portugal asks for help from Europe to fight fires See in context

@Goodlucktoyou When they say "help" they mean trigger the official means to request foreign EU assistance. Even if other EU firemen or EU countries are willing to help, they cannot not enter the other EU state just because. Proper coordination and legal bureaucracy is needed.

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