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Francisco Venegas comments

Posted in: Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination? See in context

Who said it's unpopular...? Japan is an awesome nation, as everywhere else there's expensive and cheap stuff. However, it's the safest and cleanest nation in the world. Moreover, japanese people's generosity finds no match globally. So you should correct that "unpopular", doesn't fit with Japan as a great destiny for holidays.

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Posted in: China food scandal drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan See in context

China is a communist dictatorship, disguised as a free market economy. They hate Japan deeply, as they hate everything from Western nations. The chinese can't be trusted, they are greedy and ill hearted. Sad but true...! :(

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Posted in: IOC warns Tokyo over potential 2020 venue changes See in context

Why is Zaha Hadid doing the project for the renewal of the National Stadium...? She's a fine architect, but I'm sure there's plenty of Japanese architects who can do it as well. Besides, her projects are way too expensive.

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Posted in: U.S. embroiled in Japan-Korea disputes over history See in context

Koreans need to get over it, they have become Japan's haters just as the Chinese do. 2. American congressmen and women have plenty of stuff on theur own plates. So getting into this type of issues is irrelevant for American public and taxpayers. 3. Japan has already apologized, Japanese don't have to kneal and ask for mercy. If ROK's are waiting for that to happen, they can grab a seat and wait. These issues are total NIKKAI KARA MEGUSURI...! Sayonara...! :)

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