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Posted in: Looking good See in context

Miranda kerr has definitely hit the jackpot in Asia. She is literally everywhere...

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Posted in: Tempers flare in Diet over state secrets bill See in context

Would be a good time for the population to start revolting... but this probably won't happen unfortunately...

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Posted in: 'Jejeje,' 'omotenashi,' 'baigaeshi,' 'imadesho' voted top buzzwords for 2013 See in context

That girl playing Ama-chan is probably the most cringe-worthy person I have ever seen on TV. I want to break my TV everytime she speaks... or try to speak... just writing about her makes me mad. Need some air...

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Posted in: Going Gaga See in context

The Queen of Marketing! No one can push an over-rated product quite like Gaga (apart from Apple of course). She has a very long future ahead.

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Posted in: Condo ditches lawnmowers for grass-munching goats See in context

I know amazon is doing the same as well

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Posted in: NHK’s hit comedy 'Ama-chan' to be aired in Taiwan, Thailand See in context

probably one of the most annoying character (or actress) on TV.

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Posted in: Which fashion item or trend do you wish would disappear forever? See in context

clothes for dogs

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Posted in: Stalker hid in closet at girl's home before killing her See in context

Charles Thomas Ikenaga, 21, who is from Kyoto..... He's Japanese or gaijin?

Take a wild guess. Half foreign name, half Japanese name... can you guess?

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Posted in: Japan's unsponsored marathon man eyes world title See in context

athletes spend more and more time doing commercial and events more than training for heir sports. No wonder people with strong-will can start competing with them. This guy is amazing, best of luck!

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Posted in: Quincy Jones to promote K-pop globally See in context

Kpop took the spot that Jpop could have taken How could all Jpop bands look so... vintage (even when they are 14)

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Posted in: More steam seen coming for Fukushima No. 3 reactor building See in context

wonder when that story will finish...

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Posted in: Tsubasa Masuwaka gives make-up lecture in France See in context

I am not sure that most of the ladies attending the Japan Expo are interested in make-up...

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Posted in: Summers in Japan becoming intolerable See in context

To the ladies with umbrella, and those black glove/sleeve thing... You have the privilege to live in a country where you can shop at midnight if you want to. If you wish to live like a vampire, do it fully and stay at home during the day. This way we will not be attacked by your umbrella. Cheers.

On serious note, yeah summer in Japan is super hot but I assumed it was always liked this. You get used to it somehow. Drink a lot, avoid getting dehydrated and you will be fine.

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Posted in: Condom maker reveals results of national survey on sex See in context

2 times a month?! wow... no wonder...

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Posted in: No. of suicides drops below 30,000 for first time in 15 years See in context

still way too many

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to sing theme song for Japanese release of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' See in context

luckily for us the VO versions on the movies never give us the crappy Japanese songs made for the occasion. Sorry KPP.

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Posted in: Aging Japan complains over the noise of children See in context

Please kids, pay for your grandparents' pension in silence please. Thank you.

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Posted in: Japan still skeptical of PSY’s popular appeal See in context

Japan on the other hand only produce high quality singer/bands lately... oh wait...

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Posted in: Storm Shadow See in context

seeing him shirtless is pretty much the only thing that could (not even sure) justify buying a ticket to that terrible movie

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Posted in: Hashimoto says S Korean troops guilty of wartime sex abuse See in context

It's easy to condemn acts of war now that we are in a "peace" time. I don't think our brain can understand how you could feel back then. No need to beat dead horses.

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Posted in: S Korean paper says A-bombs on Japan were 'divine punishment' See in context

The WW2 has never been more in the news than now.... sad

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Posted in: Miura becomes oldest person to reach Everest summit See in context

While I am 27 and I can't find the courage to do it...

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Posted in: Sony to release 'Angry Birds' film in 2016 See in context

well if they want to throw money around I should give them my bank account

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Posted in: Can Tokyo be transformed into a 24-hour city? See in context

then some people will probably work at the office past current "last train" time if it happen. Not a good idea...

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Posted in: Do cities in Japan need to have buses and trains running 24 hours a day? See in context

Tokyo on week-end would be very much appreciated indeed, just like 1 train an hour could be enough

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Posted in: Businessman suspected of slashing up to 1,000 tires in effort to meet women See in context

changing tires? sounds exhausting just to get a number

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Posted in: Woman, 77, ordered to repay Y400 mil she got from 79-yr-old man for sex See in context

and me who though Japanese stopped having sex when they enter 30 ;)

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Posted in: Yokohama mistakenly tweets North Korean missile launch See in context

I bet some people pooped in their pants never used twitter so I can't tell...

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Posted in: Japan on full alert for N Korean missile launch See in context

I just can't feel the panic...

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Posted in: Japan’s curious compulsory appetizers See in context

one time in izakaya they gave us raw eggs in a bowl. Even my japanese friend seemed quite clueless as to what we were supposed to do with them :)

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