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2 years ago, I though I would die at the 34th floor of my building then spent the evening with my friends, not understanding everything that happened. Will never forget that day and the following ones... My condolences to people who lost a loved one on that day. Lots of LOVE.

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Good for them, I hope they had a wonderful day

Ogiwara-san: gay ARE normal people

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"talent" + quickie > I guess someone is not a fan ;)

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and in 10/20 years people would wonder why people were against? Change is hard but thank god woman are allowed to vote and black people are equals to white... seems a given today but it was probably not back then UK and France government should stay strong on equality for all and let the people from stoneage complaining, they will need to get used to it

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looking like a homeless person to get an ipad mini? ridiculous

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if only all models could be as healthy-looking as her, she is just so pretty!

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If gay cannot marry because marriage is sacred, then ban divorce If gay cannot marry because they cannot produce kids then infertile couple and old people should not be married either If gay cannot marry because that might make more people gay, it is as true as staying with tall people will make you taller... If gay cannot marry because they might adopt and kids need father and mother figure, then all single parents should give up their child as well If gay cannot marry because it might open the door to marrying animals, plants or items... yeah your dog is very likely to agree with your proposal and will sign the contract, same for the plant... interestingly it is ok in some american states to marry your cousin... just not your gay cousin I guess If gay cannot marry because the Bible said so, you should read it again, it never did. It was however ok to have 700 wives and 300 concubines, ok to have sex with your mother or sister... and other fantastic very moral activities.... If gay cannot marry because it is not natural, then condoms and contraceptive pills are not natural either, ban them too

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how disappointing

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getting married without being pregnant? is she the first singer/actress to enter in this category? haha I give them 1 year

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