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Posted in: Life's illusions catching up with Japan's middle-aged 'parasite singles' See in context

I am old school, instead of parasites these persons were and are still called bums. I have relatives in Japan, Okinawa and the United States and it seems to be more of a trend with excessive use of computers , cell phones , other games and the mores common use of recreational drugs. Of course in Japan and Okinawa most workers are made to retire at 55 years of age to reduce retirement benefits, however with a partial retirement and a part time job the money is usually enough. Myself age 70 I worked for a military retirement and as soon as I could I looked for another job. Of course most companies do not wist new hires in mid to late forties, but I made a go of it. I visit Okinawa and normally spend thousands in presents/food to help out the brother/sister-in-laws. This something that will be hard to change esp in Okinawa whereas the family unity is everything and the kids/adults will never get kicked out. Also financially once all the WWII widows die ,the family will have that 25,000 a month disappear.


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