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He paid a huge sum of money down as a guarantee for his bail the purpose is that if he jumps bail the money will be forfeited. Why is nobody commenting on such a huge some of amount?

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Posted in: Man arrested after enticing teenager to live with him for a month See in context

what most of the comments do not take into account is the Japanese culture it is such that it tries to avoid problem at all cost. How is this relevant this girl was away from home for one full month lived with somebody else for this one month the parents cannot guarantee what happened. What she did or did not do with the man the parents do not know . When she went missing the parents reported her as missing now that she is back they have to report back to the police. Do the people expect the police to keep quiet and not do anything about it? What happens if the girl becomes pregnant tomorrow or what if within this one month she stayed with him they were both involved in crime the parents should have a way to exonerate themselves. Do not forget that she must have skimped classes within that one month. The police were right to arrest him. within the course of their investigation they may decide not to press charge if nothing unusual-comes up.

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