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Posted in: Kono asks that U.S. military personnel coming to Japan test for virus See in context

Japan have asked the American forces to test all personnel before they leave America and when they land in Tokyo it is stated they were tested before leaving America, why is there so many cases found now. after they have arrived. answer they were not properly tested, the same situation arose in Wuhan in China, American troops were sent to Wuhan on a joint war games program, last September after they left Wuhan was smitten with the virus, as was the American troops in the month of October when they went back home. it was in my opinion the Americans were fighting the virus before they went to Wuhan. the American troops took the virus to China, just as they are taking it to Japan. The problem lies in America.

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

America had a pandemic of Coronavirus in the 60s or 80s

Cuba found a cure for this virus, it has been said America refuses to lift the sanctions on Cuba.

That would allow them to supply countries with the stuff.

Big Pharma in America are behind this, they are like the mafia.

They had a doctor of medicine killed because he could totally reverse Autism,

He had a cure for Diabetes and cancer. that would not go down well with big pharma.

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

Abe is being realistic.

People who criticise the way he is going about the day job.

Need to get a life.Coronavirus is not a new thing.

It has been around for years, America had a pandemic in the 60s or the 80s.

The problem is the media, and the public panic buying causing panic in the old people

you should be playing this down, The younger healthier people should be doing the shopping for older

members of the public. who have respiratory problems. they are the ones who are at risk.

People who rush into supermarkets, and simply buy up everything they see are plain and simple fools.

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Posted in: No giving up See in context

Oldman_13 I agree with all you say. It is important to the vast majority that they know their loved ones are not lying among the rubbish washed up when the tragedy happened. If there are remains among the vast amount of rubbish washed up then it is important to retrieve them, so they can be laid to rest in peace.

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Posted in: WHO pandemic declaration won't change Tokyo Olympics plan: Suga See in context

It would go a long way to aiding governments if people cancelled all holidays.

and governments in all countries cancelled all travelers and holidaymakers it would reduce many new cases.

and make the problem easier to handle. another sure way to stop the spread is ground all aircraft. and close airports.

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Posted in: Japan let ship operated by N Korea-linked firm go without probe See in context

It was Japan's decision.

Why does the UN jump on the bandwagon

is it because of America.

Israel break UN sanctions at random.

but the Jewish pot lickers get away with it because of America.

America is needing pulled into line by the UN. and UN supporting countries.

It was only last year Israel wanted America to leave the membership of the UN and NATO.

The obvious reason, more money for the worst nation on earth.

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Posted in: UK charges U.S. diplomat's wife over teen's death in crash See in context

Anne Sacoolas did not have immunity. neither did her husband.

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Posted in: UK charges U.S. diplomat's wife over teen's death in crash See in context

Anne Sacoolas. claimed she had diplomatic immunity.

she did not. and lied , two of the English government MPs are guilty of lying,

Boris Johnson and Raab, both knew she had no diplomatic immunity.

She should be returned to the UK to stand trial on man slaughter charges.

Trump is guilty of lying also by telling the Dunns Sacoolas had immunity.

when he knew she had not. If Trump wants to cause a rift with the UK. over the American woman's carelessness, Thats up to him. but the people in the UK will not let this go. she has to stand trial.

If America fail to return her for trial then the people in the UK will refuse to be an ally to America.

And the UK should sever all diplomatic ties with America.

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Posted in: Abe briefs Iranian president on plan to send forces to Middle East See in context

Japan is going into the Middle East. with the intentions of protecting his tankers. and quite right he is.

If his Tankers are attacked he will shoot back. Abe will only take so much. then he will strike.

That i am pleased to see. I would put my support in Japans court before Americas or Israel.

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Posted in: Johnson says he has won a big mandate for Brexit See in context

Scotland can become a world leader in virtually anything they want ,

we have resources which are endless. we have the proven ability to generate most of our electricity by using the green energy. we dont have to rely on nuclear power.

England wants Scotland to build more nuclear power stations. as they need supplies. they can build them south of the border. we don't want them.

We want rid of Trident we do not believe in nuclear weapons. and we are not keeping them for someone else.

Trident like any other nuclear missile is not a deterrent it is a threat. We want a green energy country. totally free of all nuclear

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Posted in: Johnson says he has won a big mandate for Brexit See in context

Johnson has a majority for his party to have the government the English wanted.

only the English Brexit fools give him that majority.

But he did not get anything to assist his government in Scotland.

Not during or after the voting ended. the result was as everyone in Scotland knew it would be.

SNP has the majority vote in Scotland. whither England like it or not.

and those idiots in Scotland who voted for the Tories they will suffer they will be crucified when found out.

Scotland will now demand a independence referendum, whither England or the Tories like it or not it will be paramount in Scotland. We will be independent and stay in the EU.

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Posted in: Elementary school girl slashed by 14-year-old boy in Aomori Pref See in context

Britain has had Gun amnesties loads of times. guns and knives had to be handed in to police. If they search your person , car, or your work bag you are immediately arrested. and jailed. if they find either. But things could change if Nigel Farage gets into power. he spoke before he would lift the ban on having guns. Another fool who listens to America too much. London is becoming the vassal state of America, There is more stabbings in London and Manchester now than was registered in past years. And to be honest if they get the Brexit they want so bad, England will be a country back on its own. Wales, Scotland are pushing for Independence now. and it will come ,Northern Ireland will end up as one country. We will all leave England then they are finished. as a country.they will become the 51st state of America.

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Posted in: Elementary school girl slashed by 14-year-old boy in Aomori Pref See in context

There is a deep underlying problem here.

He should be kept in a young offender's institute.

Until police are finish their inquiries.

He should not be allowed back out onto the street.

He injured that young girl, she was very lucky it could have been more serious.

He could have severed an nerve and paralyzed her for life.

He has to stay in a secure unit till he is old enough to stand trial

for attempted murder. on his own admission, he told the police he was trying to kill her.

That is more serious , it was premeditated.

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Posted in: Abe orders economic package to assist disaster-hit areas See in context

I think under the circumstances, the Japan government are

giving a lot more help to their people than any other country.

You should be happy your government is assisting the farmers and factory owners who's

property has been damaged.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

If the woman goes to her own embassy, they will demand the passports return.

The Japanese government will not allow this company to cause differences of opinion between the embassy and the Japanese government.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe an 'idiot' over criticism of weapons test See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. is far more educated than Kim.

Kim should keep his finger of the Nuclear button.

If he makes the mistake of firing a nuclear missile into Tokyo.

There is no place in the world for him to hide.

He is a fool. who seams to think everyone will crawl away when he opens that fat face of his.

If he fires one missile in to Tokyo. Trump will make an example of him. he will desecrate North Korea in its entirety.

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