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Britain has had Gun amnesties loads of times. guns and knives had to be handed in to police. If they search your person , car, or your work bag you are immediately arrested. and jailed. if they find either. But things could change if Nigel Farage gets into power. he spoke before he would lift the ban on having guns. Another fool who listens to America too much. London is becoming the vassal state of America, There is more stabbings in London and Manchester now than was registered in past years. And to be honest if they get the Brexit they want so bad, England will be a country back on its own. Wales, Scotland are pushing for Independence now. and it will come ,Northern Ireland will end up as one country. We will all leave England then they are finished. as a country.they will become the 51st state of America.

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There is a deep underlying problem here.

He should be kept in a young offender's institute.

Until police are finish their inquiries.

He should not be allowed back out onto the street.

He injured that young girl, she was very lucky it could have been more serious.

He could have severed an nerve and paralyzed her for life.

He has to stay in a secure unit till he is old enough to stand trial

for attempted murder. on his own admission, he told the police he was trying to kill her.

That is more serious , it was premeditated.

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I think under the circumstances, the Japan government are

giving a lot more help to their people than any other country.

You should be happy your government is assisting the farmers and factory owners who's

property has been damaged.

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If the woman goes to her own embassy, they will demand the passports return.

The Japanese government will not allow this company to cause differences of opinion between the embassy and the Japanese government.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe an 'idiot' over criticism of weapons test See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. is far more educated than Kim.

Kim should keep his finger of the Nuclear button.

If he makes the mistake of firing a nuclear missile into Tokyo.

There is no place in the world for him to hide.

He is a fool. who seams to think everyone will crawl away when he opens that fat face of his.

If he fires one missile in to Tokyo. Trump will make an example of him. he will desecrate North Korea in its entirety.

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