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From what I have heard the S-400 is half the price of the Patriot equivalent.

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I am very favorably impressed by the neat appearance of these young JAL employees just starting out. It gives me a good impression of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan almost finished with probe into U.S. Navy ship collision See in context

I am a former U S Naval Offficer (1967-1971) and I think that the collision is a case of each ship thinking that it had the right of way. The Philippine freighter probably interpreted the situation as a crossing situation in which it, being on the right side, approaching the destroyer, would have the right of way and should maintain course and speed and the destroyer should maneuver to stay out of the way. On the other hand the destroyer interpreted the situation as the freighter, coming up on the starboard quarter of the destroyer to be one of an overtaking situation in which the overtaking ship, the freighter, has to maneuver to avoid the destroyer. In this case the destroyer would be obliged to maintain course and speed. I think each ship thought that it had the right of way and did nothing until it was too late.

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