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To the Japanese readers, I apologize that our politicos are running rampant here. The same kind of thing is happening in every other media critical of Trump. His Internet defenders make up in zeal what they lack in numbers or diversity. There's a reason for this though it's not a pretty one. It's the same reason many supported Bernie Sanders and that there was a rash of support for a joke candidate named "Deez Nuts" early in the campaign. Due to extremes in divisiveness, lack of confidence in our government, lack of meaningful options to repair our broken government and a deep divide that's spilt this country against itself ideologically.. Well, any candidate that plans to tear it all down and start over will find some popularity. It's looking a lot like Germany Pre-WW2 and there's a huge uptick in searches for how to move to another country. Slowly but surely we keep following the trajectory of the Roman Empire.

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Really wouldn't have, considering how much we were asked to intervene, how quickly Congress started talking about rushing to the rescue and how quickly they retracted those desires when public opinion was a flat "No." Other countries are far more involved than we are which in most cases amounted to "Here. Take some money and weapons and fight your own wars. We really can't justify putting troops on foreign soil. It's not our war." In the most extreme cases we send troops in a purely advisory capacity. Their orders are to assist with Intel and training but not engage in combat.

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I can't tell you from a mother's perspective but after my father's death she continued to work full time in the medical field. A lot of how she managed it was we got through it together. I had to learn to be very independent as a child. I was taught to cook for myself when I was 10 and still enjoy cooking to this day. Learning to occupy myself quietly was a struggle but once a child learns to be patient, self sufficient and proactive it not only makes their life better for years to come, it takes a huge load off of a single parent. Believe me when I say it's not neglect. Learning the mentality needed to do things for myself was a great gift.

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While I think Abe is wrong to pursue this, I'd like to clear up a few points. The USA isn't pushing for this. We're actually reducing our military presence because the American people have made it pretty clear with our votes that we don't support foreign wars. That's why we're not involved in Syria or Egypt or even Ukraine. Even if the government is ready for war the people are not. If Japan is still a democracy then the people's will should be respected. The world, including Japan, has not suffered for a lack of a militarized Japan. Don't fix what isn't broken. I say this with all respect to your culture. I'm glad your nation isn't like mine. Savor peace.

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I'm very curious of the age groups in this discussion, but I'm speaking up to clarify some points. First to Strangerland, a cemetery is not where someone looking to offer prayers to the dead would go. For further reading look up Shinto, Kami, Shrine and Japanese burial traditions. To those of you still insisting that he only went to pray for the non war criminals, I also suggest reading about Kami and Shinto. The dead do not mourn the living. If you believe in the idea, they have already moved past such things. Philosophically or literally, take your pick. The point is whether those living chose this course of action for their own benefit. Press releases of high level talks don't happen unintentionally like this. Consider that Abe may have had many reasons for visiting and that Biden's all too public and useless statements were choreographed. Obama and Biden get to save face at home and with China and South Korea, Abe gets to continue his popular agenda and increase his standing by telling Biden publicly to shove it.. I'm really surprised none of you are seeing this scenario. It's an election year in both nations after all. Try to think as if you were playing chess.

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