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Time to call in the Pied Piper.

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“It’s like we’re saying a pure Japanese face can’t be a winner.”

You would be surprised at how some of the younger generation in Japan actually feel. In one of my classes a couple of weeks ago, we were having a discussion about the "haafu" medalists in this past Rio Olympics. My question was "Last year's Miss Japan, this year's Rio Olympics, what do you think about the increase of multicultural people representing Japan?" In a class of about 10 men in their mid to late 20's, four said that they should NOT be allowed to represent Japan. I asked "Even if they are Japanese national?. What other requirement should there be?" Answer: "They should have to be pure blooded". Sort of a Harry Potter "mudblood" thing I guess...

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Japan's "But, it's our culture" line is not quite true. Never, was it part of Japanese "culture" for young kids to sit at kaiten-zushi shops and grab maguro as if it were growing on trees. When I was a kid (once upon a time...) kids did not eat maguro because it was expensive and considered a delicacy. The father would (once in a while as a treat) eat maguro sashimi and have a beer after a hard day's work. One of his kids would then climb onto his lap in hopes of getting a piece of the maguro. That's the way it used to be. Maybe that's the way it should be once again.

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1.4 million yen at a Pizza Hut?! Lesson learned...

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The JP work very much on "naganen no kan" or what would be known as a "hunch". The "If in doubt, check it out" is very alive and well in Japan. And if you are stopped, politely answer questions, produce whatever documents they request and in the end say "Gokurou-sama desu". Most likely they'll remember you and never question you again.

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I agree with Heather. A large amount of the volunteers would be sport specific. Like myself, I am an official for the Cycling Fed and help officiate a dozen or so professional and amateur bicycle races every year. And... Yes, it's considered volunteer work. It's the same with almost all sports in Japan. There are very few officials in any sport that don't have a "day job". I would love to go and help out at the Olympics. That would be a trip to be able to say that I helped officiate the Olympics.

...and about the foreign language speakers being employed already, I hope so. Or else they wouldn't be able to afford to volunteer. I would assume that many of the volunteers would be willing to take leave from work to volunteer. I would.

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I have an idea! From now on, all info should be included in the headline. That way we wont have to read the article ;-)

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Trying to woo the 18 year olds.

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Let them go. Bears need to eat too.

I agree. Just a long as people don't expect the hunters to out and kill a bear each time some idiot gets eaten.

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Kamei... Isn't he the one that acknowledged receiving money from the Yamaguchi-gumi? Isn't he that one that moved Hiroshima Airport and Hiroshima University's main campus out into the boonies so that his family can profit from "tochi korogashi" (a quick land turnover)? I once saw him on TV eating a banana in the backseat of his limo. When he was finished, the threw the peel on the floor of the limo and said that the driver can pick it up later.

Shizuka Kamei, a national lawmaker from Hiroshima whose sister died in the blast, said Obama is not welcome without an apology.

Kamei is not very welcomed here in Hiroshima either.

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The mother on the bicycle was not in a cross walk or intersection when crossing the road. She suddenly appeared behind a stopped car in the opposite lane and road right out in front of the woman's car. In my opinion, the 25 y/o woman that was arrested for reckless driving is also a victim. Now, she's going to have to live with this for the rest of her life. If this were a JR train instead of a woman driving a car, the mother on the bicycle would be sued...

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Sort of reminds me of the Yakuza cancelling their Halloween Party for local kids last year. My question remains the same, Why is such a thing even allowed by the local Gov/police? They are what is called a "shitei bouryokudan" or a "designated organized crime group". Trick or Treat...

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Yes. Ford is blaming the "closed market" for poor sales... ! remember when the American auto makers were complaining about car sales in Japan when the steering wheel wasn't even of the "right" side. Give me a break!! I myself drive a Jeep. I know it is not as reliable as a Toyota Land Cruiser but I think it has much more style.

The American car dealers cry "Open the market! Open the market!" If the cars were truly "miryokuteki" or attractive, the consumers would be making this demand. Not the auto makers.

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"It goes round in circles..." Then: We need more daycare centers for the younger families and their kids. Now: We don't want new daycare centers because too noisy. Near Future: Over 50% of town is over 65 y/o. We need to attract younger families.

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Posted in: Kerry, G7 foreign ministers visit A-bomb memorial in Hiroshima See in context

Both Gov's are trying to be grown up about the whole thing and move on. "Don't ask. Don't tell" Some people want to argue about who should visit/apologise first. Who provoked who. It finished. Over 70 years ago. We have a good relation now. Can we move on?

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McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went

Went through the drive-thru yesterday. Was about 13:15 and had to wait about 6 cars. Seemed to me like the customers were there.

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Can't wait 'till Burger King returns to Hiroshima...

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Good for the young man!

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"Everything is under control..."

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@AsianGaijinYesWeExist Yes. You may very well be correct. That is the way things work with the police in Japan. "Bekken taiho" is what they call it. They'll find something else to harass you about, if they have to. And, he couldn't find his passport. He let his guard down. He slipped and they were there. That's the way things work. But, the fact remains the same... He couldn't produce his passport. So, they ate him alive. The JP have their ways. It is meant to teach him a lesson and to tell others to not f&ck around. Next time, be more careful.

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He was stopped and asked to get out of the car. The passport was in the car.

You seem to want to make it sound as if it were some sort of entrapment or something. It would be interesting to know where you get your info. According to the article link you at attached, was detained after he could not find his passport and later discovered. How can you lose your passport in your car when you are in another country?? Your link makes things smell "fishy".

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I'm out without my passport (or residence card) every single day

You may not feel so but, what you are doing everyday is illegal. Whether you like it or not. That's just the way it is. And, how do you know whether it was done in a language he understood or not? Apparently he understood that they wanted to see he passport and he failed to produce it. Drunk or not. Elderly or not. Gentleman or not. If he cannot produce his passport, they police have every right to haul him away. The law says that you are to have it in your possession at all times. Not at home. Not at the hotel room (maybe unless you are eating at the restaurant in your hotel...)

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The link says...

was detained after he could not find his passport.

and is also says...

"The missing passport was later found in O'Barry's car, his son said."

So, what are you trying to get at? That the police should have helped him search the car?

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“Never once have I broken the law" O’Barry was arrested in Taiji last year and detained for not carrying his passport.

For a foreigner to not be carrying either a passport or alien registration is considered "breaking the law".

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Failed to find the "sleazy" part. Seems like fairly legit business staying within the set boundaries.

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Uh oh...

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ONLY 11% of Japanese are willing to fight for Japan

Do you really think that the Chinese have enough honor, pride and discipline to follow orders and die for THEIR country? Especially now that much their force is in the newer, spoiled "one-child" era. Even the Chinese leaders are worried about this.

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Japan to patrol disputed islands if Chinese vessels sail too close I surely hope so.

"China's military is more than double Japan's population. " But they're on the mainland and most equipment is outdated. Japan is believed to the the strongest Navy and Air Force in Asia (next to America). Plus China knows that, as you said "Big Brother" is right there. But, I believe that you got it backwards... Sadly, I believe that China is stupid enough to actually attack a Japanese ship.

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I don't know if it's only me but, I wasn't interested in using the app but it got to the point where my iphone wouldn't let me send or read a Facebook message unless I downloaded the app. It was sort of forced upon me.

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Posted in: I would have to pay attention to what I wear and rack my brains to figure out where I should take her for a date. It's just too much of a hassle. See in context

I call it the "mendokusai" generation. Some may prefer the "simple" generation. My son is one of them. Don't want a car. Not interested in promotion, higher income, marriage, nice house, relation, good food... Maybe I shouldn't say "not interested". Interested but it stops there. Don't want to have to work hard for something. If something seems "mendokusai" then it's "jya, iiya" or "korede iiya".

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