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Posted in: Facebook Messenger app grows to more than 800 mil users See in context

I don't know if it's only me but, I wasn't interested in using the app but it got to the point where my iphone wouldn't let me send or read a Facebook message unless I downloaded the app. It was sort of forced upon me.

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Posted in: I would have to pay attention to what I wear and rack my brains to figure out where I should take her for a date. It's just too much of a hassle. See in context

I call it the "mendokusai" generation. Some may prefer the "simple" generation. My son is one of them. Don't want a car. Not interested in promotion, higher income, marriage, nice house, relation, good food... Maybe I shouldn't say "not interested". Interested but it stops there. Don't want to have to work hard for something. If something seems "mendokusai" then it's "jya, iiya" or "korede iiya".

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Posted in: Kagoshima man beats up, insults convenience store clerk for not smiling enough See in context

Just another disgruntled coward that has to take out his/her frustrations on someone they know will not/can not fight back. Unfortunately, there is a lot of that going on recently. The only cure is for someone to give them a good slap upside the head when they start acting up...

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Posted in: Noda says defense shift could be excuse for militants to attack Japan See in context

Noda says defense shift could be excuse for militants to attack Japan

That's EXACTLY what the terrorists want you to think.

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Posted in: Man dies after consuming caffeinated drinks over long period of time See in context

he had vomited and collapsed many times in the year prior to his death...

And he didn't seek professional help...?

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Posted in: Laser beam directed at cockpit of landing aircraft See in context

There should be a way to automatically trace the beam back and explode the devise emitting the beam... 007 stuff?

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Posted in: Push for stronger military leaves many Japanese uneasy See in context

It's unfortunate but a stronger military is necessary. Everyone cries for peace but they all lock their doors at night. That's the reality. You have to be prepared for the crazies...

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to stop hampering military flights See in context

The bully get's his way until someone finally gathers up enough courage and slaps him upside the head. Unfortunately that's the way it may have to happen...

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Posted in: Baseball betting scandal blasted by Tokyo Olympic chiefs See in context

Yes. Gambling is "generally illegal" in Japan. Boat racing, Horse racing and Keirin are controlled by the government. Pachinko is a form of disguised gambling in which the police don't bother. The logic is that if they bust the pachinko parlors, illegal gambling will go further underground. Many people are missing the point here. The problem is not only the fact that the ball players were involved in illegal gambling. The bigger problem is that baseball players gambling on baseball has a potential of leading to "yaocho" or fixed matches. This has been a problem in the past with baseball and sumo.

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Posted in: Yakuza cancel Halloween trick-or-treat event for kids See in context

Why in the world are the kids allowed to hang out with the Yakuza in the first place?!

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 600 silent calls to police station in Hiroshima See in context

Mugon denwa = silent call... That's new to me. I learned something today.

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Posted in: Defense ministry asks for record budget to defend southern islands See in context

I don't think that there's much of a choice here. The money has to be spent. The Philippines is asking for help from the US Navy (kicking them out of Subic Bay may have been a bad move...) to patrol the area. Unfortunately, many things don't become newsworthy until it comes up and hits someone on the head. The countries in that area are now getting hit on the head and feeling it. It will only be a matter of time before we start feeling it here in Japan. As a matter of fact, many of the Japanese fishermen in the southern islands are already feeling it. Many of them are saying that they are too scared to go out to the southern fishing grounds.

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Posted in: Woman attacks 8-year-old girl with scissors in supermarket parking lot See in context

Sounds strange... Why only a "5-mm gash" and why is it below the knee? I remember a case some years ago when a child claimed to have been attacked and police eventually found out that it was a self-inflicted wound and that the child wanted the parents to pay more attention to him/her. Just a thought...

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Posted in: Boston museum cancels 'Kimono Wednesdays' after racism protests See in context

Someone said it well, "I'm offended that so many people are so easily offended." The museum should have had the balls to say "We're very sorry that you don't like the exhibit. However, it is quite popular and we have no plans to make any changese in the near future. Have you tried Cowboy Tuesdays? Visiters can dress like cowboys, shoot guns and pose next to our John Wayne wax doll.

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Posted in: They send their cars over by the millions, and what do we do? When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo? It doesn't exist, folks. They beat us all the time. See in context

I myself drive a Jeep and love it. Utill recent I was a Toyota fan. American cars are slowly but surely improving. Especially in style. We Americans have to admit, American cars were pretty much sh#t for about 20 years or so from about the late 70's. I guess we figured that if we just continued pumping them out, people would buy them. That's where the Japanese started to fill the market with well-built, not necessarily cool but "reliable" cars. I remember when the American auto makers were complaining about car sales in Japan when the steering wheel wasn't even of the "right" side. Give me a break!!

"Open the market! Open the market!" If the cars were truly "miryokuteki" or attractive, the consumers would be making this demand. Not the auto makers.

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Posted in: 77-yr-old woman dies after being knocked down by cyclist listening to music See in context

Some people don't seem to understand the dangers of using earphones. It's sort of hard do believe... No. The earphone/headphones may not be the direct cause of the accident at the intersection. However, one could speculate that the cyclist may have been fiddling with his music player or smart phone.

To the rider that says that the headphones keep him "focused". Apparently you are not very concerned with being able detect approaching danger. When riding a bike, you basically have only two senses that help you survive you trip. Sight and hearing. With earphones in your ears and music playing, you just lost one of your two senses.

Please ride safely.

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Posted in: Movie fans wonder who made 'Avengers' poster for Japan See in context

The HULK!!!

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Posted in: China complains Japan's air, sea surveillance raises safety risks See in context

in a statement faxed to Reuters

I remember a persistent sales company in Tokyo used to keep sending me their ads by fax. I told them to stop advertising at my expense. They wouldn't so I taped some paper together to make a loop and faxed it to them...

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Posted in: N Korea slams Japan over abductions probe See in context

I know that I'm going to get hung for saying this but, if I were the rep for the abductees' families (which I'm not so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut...) I would tell the JP Gov "Don't worry about us. We'll be fine. So please, just ignore those B#ST&RDS!" Sorry...

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Posted in: Tokyo considers removing overhead power lines in run-up to 2020 Olympics See in context

in the case of flooding or landslides, they’re much easier to get to for repairs than subterranean cables.

This is a common excuse that has been used over the years. "They’re far less expensive to install..." Is the main reason. There is a much higher risk of power outages caused by typhoons, falling trees and so on and most of these would not happen if the power line were underground in the first place. Not too often will you have to worry about floodings and landslides in most cities in Japan.

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Posted in: Billion-dollar bow See in context

Reminds me of when Obama bowed to the Japanese Emperor. People were saying "America doesn't bow to anyone!"... Grow up.

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Posted in: Kagoshima schools to resume Saturday classes once a month See in context

That sort of sounds like "Let's start teaching them English from an earlier grade. That should make the fluent..." Throw more of it at them.

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Posted in: 17-year-old gives birth in toilet; dumps infant by river See in context

Is there a "planned parenthood" sort of place in Japan like there is in the States for young people to go and try to figure things out? Never heard of one and I've been living here for a looong time...

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Posted in: Hawaiian-inspired loco moco and kalua pork burgers coming to McDonald’s Japan See in context

I'd give the Hawaiian BBQ Pork a try...

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Posted in: Japanese educators call for twice monthly No Video Game Days See in context

Why not just an old school method that seemed to work in my day? It was called a "time limit". If you can enforce a "no game day" then a time limit should be possible. Actually it would be much better than a "no game day". "No game day" sounds so much like you're preventing addiction. A time limit of games, net and TV would be more of a "better lifestyle" sort of thing... What do you think?

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Posted in: Gov't to tighten penalties for dangerous bicycle riding See in context

They should start by teaching the police how to ride a bicycle. They are always going the wrong way on the one-way streets. I also see them on narrow sidewalks where bicycles should be on the street.

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Posted in: IS tells NHK it doesn't really need money; video authenticity questioned See in context

discrepancies in the shadows cast by the hostages, which he said could indicate images of the two men had been inserted into the desert footage.

...or it could mean that the terrain is not flat. In which case the shadows would not be consistent with those casted on a flat surface.

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Posted in: Gov't cuts budget for Okinawan economic development See in context

I'm not an Okinawa specialist but I'm assuming the budget for economic development was originally put in place either because Okinawa was supportive of the bases or supportive of the relocation of Futenma to Henoko. Either way, it seems to me that Onaga is backing out of the deal. One side cannot back out and still expect the other to fulfill its commitment. A deal is a deal. No?

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Posted in: Police investigate online prank video taken in supermarket See in context

We should be hearing about an arrest in a couple/few days on the news.

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