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Posted in: Mel Gibson: 'It's time Hollywood forgave me' See in context

Basically Mel ranted anti-semetic stuff while he was drunk and he was blacklisted by Hollywood (because most studios are run by jews).

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Posted in: Is pajama fashion the new trend among young Japanese women? See in context

well I see yankii chicks on bicycles wearing sweatpants and crocs while listening to music

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Posted in: Dow Chemical, DuPont reported in talks on mega-merger See in context

Anti-trust laws? crickets

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Posted in: Japan's stationery sector rocked by pencil supply crisis See in context

Some people will just read the headline and buy a lot of pencils. Great marketing tool to increase demand just like how they said there was a toilet paper shortage last year.

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Posted in: Beijing slams tribunal decision on South China Sea dispute See in context

The U.S. is probably anticipating a ruling against China which is why they sent a ship through the Spratleys a few days ago. As a final ruling draws closer the U.S. will slowly ramp up the patrols. When a decision is officially made against China, which might be as soon as next year, the U.S. will have the moral high ground to challenge China's claims and world opinion will likely turn against China.

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Posted in: S&P says Japan needs to raise revenue with sales tax hike See in context

Maybe they should rescind the tax cut on big businesses and return the sales tax to 5 percent. Or was this a plan to enrich the big businesses all along?

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Posted in: Ready or not, Japan on the way to becoming a nation of immigrants See in context

How about first reducing the cost of living and start supporting workers with full-time jobs?

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Posted in: Japan Inc supports bringing in low-skilled foreign labor: poll See in context

I'm skeptical that there's really a shortage. I think it's more likely that companies just don't want to raise pay to attract Japanese workers.

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Posted in: Japan says it can build subs in Australia 'from day one' See in context

Japan and Australia are U.S. pacific allies and future TPP partners, so there's a good chance they will get the contract

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Posted in: Abe unveils 3 new arrows for reviving economy See in context

Sounds like a Reaganomics, supply-side, trickle-down, scam.

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Posted in: Skinship with a pet may make you ill See in context

I think there is more of a danger of being 'too clean'. Kids exposed to germs early on have a more robust immune system when they are older.

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Posted in: Shima City’s 'ama' girl mascot faces backlash from shellfish divers See in context

That character should be topless since traditional divers also went topless.

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Posted in: Japan promises record $2 bn loan to the Philippines See in context

Marcus A. Perkins:

All war was terrible. However, at that time Philippines was a country occupied by a foreign country.

"So let me ask you this if tomorrow, 25 US citizens slipped into the barracks of a local AFP base in Philippines and hacked all the soldiers to death with bolo knives and machetes. What do you think the response of the Filipino people in to today's world would be?"

If we were to use your analogy correctly, then Philippine troops would be occupying the U.S., and American freedom-fighters would be ambushing them. The Philippine response in today's world would be to question the occupation of the United States.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese hotels and ryokan charge by the person instead of the room? See in context

the same with karaokes.

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Posted in: 21 things people miss after leaving Japan See in context

Really good list, I agree with most of them!

The little money trays in shops

They have them in Osaka, but they seem to prefer to put it directly into your hands. Friendlier, perhaps?

(why a country famous for its cutting-edge technology is yet to fully embrace debit cards is beyond me)

Seriously, this. But at the few places where you could use a debit card, you would still need to wait for them to give you the slip of paper to sign for them to stash away. How inefficient! Just use the electronic signature panels!

The amazing postal service

Coming from America, I find this the MOST inconvenient! Sometimes, they just need to deliver a card or small object, and even though I tell them that it's OK to stick it through the mail slot they insist on delivering it to me in person. Instead, I have to call the number on the slip of paper they left behind, waste more time telling them the delivery number, then wait for them at an appointed time to receive the item. Not only is it inconvenient for me, I feel that it's inconvenient for the postman since someone would have to make at least two trips to the same address. Just leave it at the door! Japan is safe, so theft should not be a problem!


While I like onigiri, I feel that it's one of the few items that have a huge profit margin! I might as well make it at home!

Shoes off in the house. But seriously, guys, outdoor shoes in the house is really, really gross. Let’s stop that madness right now.

I couldn't agree more.

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Posted in: The number of unused and abandoned vacant houses is high enough to impede efforts to stimulate communities. See in context

Some countries encourage owning a second home as a vacation home and it worked for them

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Posted in: McDonald's announces global turnaround plan See in context

McDonald's in the real estate business. Most restaurants are in high-traffic areas, so even if there are the anomalous slow days, people will still come to the store just because it is more convenient. The menu is still important, but they still have the location angle to fall-back on.

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women what professions they don’t want to date See in context

Never judge a whole group of people.

Isn't that what this survey is about, judging people? The only difference is that they asked more than one person.

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Posted in: Mark Hamill said he was 'suspicious' of J.J. Abrams See in context

Nice, Lucas used the Force to force him into it.

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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

I believe that she is being used as a political tool. 'The powers that be' would like to influence the Japanese people's perception on foreigners so that they could finally increase immigration.

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Posted in: What do you think of selfie sticks? See in context


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Posted in: Guten Tag See in context

Does she have a back problem? I always see her hunched over and wringing her hands like an evil villain.

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Posted in: Seeing the prices driven down just because the cattle come from Fukushima Prefecture is frustrating. See in context

I'm not an expert on radioactivity, but isn't the half-life of the contaminants longer than four years?

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Posted in: Sony case could cause bind, depending on evidence See in context

I'm not sure if most people take the U.S. government's word at face-value anymore.

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Posted in: EU urges Japan to open up its beer market See in context

Please open up the beer market in Japan, beer is way too expensive here compared to the U.S. or Germany.

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Posted in: Gold kata See in context

I understand that this forum maintains a proper level of decorum suitable for its esteemed reputation but despite this I have to say, 'dang she's cute!'

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Posted in: Cover-up See in context


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Posted in: Demographic crisis empties out Japan's rural areas See in context

I would move there if rent was dirt-cheap, accessible by rail, and I had a job where I could telecommute.

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Posted in: Teacher's conviction for groping girl on bus overturned by Tokyo court See in context

I hope they compensate him for legal fees and slander.

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