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Ok. I just want to know how much a publicist has to pay to get their "talent" this kind of asinine award.

Best Jeanest.


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The age of adulthood in Japan is 20. Calling an 18 year old high school student a man is misleading.

ATTN, HAIR: Consider yourself split.

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So many ways I can go with this:

First off. Wooohoooo! Yay for JT finally digging deep and pulling out the honest to goodness porn star card! Since I was off yesterday, this is my Monday, and nothing says "happy Monday" like a big ol' hot cup o' porno to kick off a new week. (that is an honest statement, no sarcasm intended, don't judge me you have your vices, I have mine).

Second, Next time can we make it a hot one?

Third, If they kept their privates in their pants, it would be another aids reduction device. Kind of like having Putin on a WWF poster, eh?

Fourth. Well there is no fourth. I will let it rest with the WOO-HOO and the obvious contradiction.

Good week to you all!

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I worked my a$$ of in the US for a year for very little money until one day I passed a homeless guy enjoying a light chablis in the empty lot near my home. The main difference between him and me was he had money in his pocket. So I came to Japan.

Sounds like a "movie of the week" on lifetime. The difference between you and him was YOU HAD A HOME! You are the first poster I have seen trying to work his way DOWN the foodchain. You are telling me you were envious of a homeless wino because he had a few bucks?

Way to qualify a post. I can use it as a comparison for all future posts, and I have truly re-evaluted my life. Last year I made 59,000 usd, but after my house payment, vacations, rounds of golf, and dinners out with my wife, I had precious little money to sit in vacant lots and dring pinoit grigio (i hate chablis). What a wasted life i live!

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Speaking of the judgment of Republican leadership, it would be good to remember what John McCain and George W. Bush were doing on the very day that Katrina was devastating New Orleans

I guess you would prefer that sat out in the Gulf in a rowboat holding up a paddle telling Katrina that she wasn't welcome here.

What were you doing that day?

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Only in Japan.

A person can be singled out and denied rights due to their nationality, but if you slice off your junk and get fake funbags you can be a celebrity?

Now she can follow all the "okama talent" and go on daytime talk shows spouting their relationship advice.

Like my dad told me, never trust a bald barber.

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you, Sarge, definitely do not go for the intelligent women.

I watched her speech on tv and she was sreaming in her shrill voice and pierced my ears and I chanegd the channel. She wanter to shatter the glass ceiling. Definitely shattered my windows

Well, at least we know exprinceska isn't a lesbo. If it were a guy, it would be based up sexiness....

I guess vocal qualities are a nominating criteria?

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I was born in Ky, Dammit.

I have been here in Japan for 17 years, but home is home....

Who cares her state? She still has more qualifications than the Democratic Nominee.

Did you see James C. on Larry King? King was totally trying to prop up Obama, but couldn't when experience came into the pic, so he changed subjects really quick.

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I disagree with you partially, Joe.

I don't see how the state is a concern. What makes any of us in the position to disregard due to the position within the union? She has the highest popularity of any Governor, Dem or Repub.

I appreciate your point though.

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Actually Zurc, my statistics so far don't quite mirror your opinions.

Than being said, I keep all of my personal opinions completely away from the workplace. I can only relate on this board the extreme basics, and as of now, my figures for my particular location have it as about a 65-35 split in favor of McCain.

I have met McCain in person on 2 occasions, and know 2 of his sons quite well, and can say with out a modicum of dishonesty that he is misrepresented on this board.

I enourage all eligible posters to vote.

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Looks like two of 250.

I as well am voting absentee.

Absentee ballots vs. Absentee logic.

Obama doesn't stand a chance.

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Try and remember McCains Son was there and saw actual combat for a year. Before you say is it a stunt, you should check that and rmember remember respectfully it cheapens their service and bravery.

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If everyone can favor me this, just so i can obtain some clarity;

I am a registered voter, and will be voting come November. I truly feel there are a lot of blowhards here on both sides who cannot vote in the coming election. I just want to see who is stirring the pot, and who is the cook.

So, aye if you can, nay if ye can't.

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Good fun. Of course, we are taking sporting advice from a country where "curling" is damn near a national sport!

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Kind of a dubious honour. I think I would like to be known as the guy who won all the medals and not the guy who looks like he need to go on a bender;)

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Um, the title is misleading, no?

I really don't see anyone getting a "pass" here. Rather, it seems as though the critics are saying that apple can crap all over the consumer, and some people will think it is raining fudge.

I had a long, drawn-out argument with another poster regarding the merits of the iphone. I still believe the Japanese lanch should have included some of the things that are basic here, like the saifu and a tiny hole for the strap.

Until Apple get serious about letting people inside the phone to develop their own apps, and starts to let the consumer make some of their own choices in regards to service and functions, then they will continue to alienate some, and flat out lose others.


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I can respect that, and I eagerly wait for they day where any of the above mentioned leaders actually step up and do something that affects me where I can drop my 2 cents.

It just tickles me the range of opinions and the "my dad can beat up your dad" attitudes that so many poster have when their overall opinion means as much in the final process as these words I am typing will.

That is all. Personally, its not really worth devoting any more time to. I would rather sit in the iphone story and point out what an asinine purchase it is, and make someone have buyers remorse in real time than argue about opinions that are so media formed and hardwired that no matter what is discussed here will change nothing in the overall scheme of things.


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Apparently he isn't as good as he thinks he is, or he wouldn't need to teach english like any other schmoe here....

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Holy Crap! I just noticed that.

I think the million part is the typo.

$6.00 in sales. I find that believable.

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Don't get me wrong here. I am no Bush fan at all. In fact, I think the current crop is a sorry lot all around.

Caveat coming, can you hear it?

THAT being said, If Americans sat on this board and spouted our opinions on Gordon Brown, or Nicolas Sarkozy, or John Howard you would tell us to get of our damn high horse and mind our own damn business. I simply can't understand where the feeling of entitlement comes from that allows any joe shmoe to espouse their opinions and argue a point while never looking in the mirror.

Just my 2 yen.

Besides, I get to vote, and that is all that counts.

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First manual labor these two have ever done.

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Funny thing is, Half the people on JT who seem to have all the wisdom (or at least think they do) aren't even eligible to cast a vote.

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and being paid handsomely for it

No doubt! But I bet the ROI is much better than having some talentless hack like "becky" sit there and hold it looking vapid...

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Good choice in marketing though. Put a product in the hands of someone who is known in many countries instead of the normal "talent" like most japanese companies seem to do.

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My take on this is simple.

the more competitors that there are within a single market, the higher the bar is raised. The iphone has set a new standard for phones/pda's. It can be argued that the Japanese are a little too happy with the status quo when it comes to their phones, and more development goes into little straps and chargers than the phones themselves. I think the software and usability for items such as the mobile saifu and lismo are cool things, but the internet solutions and office applications for mobile business are lagging.

Now that the iphone is here, the standard isn't necessarily raised, but there is a clear benchmark for what can be done on Japan's existing cellular infrastructure. If the Japanese latch on to this new idea and do the EXTREMELY Japanese act of taking good ideas and improving them beyond belief, then we can probably expect to see some really cool things coming around.

Until then, I will keep my w62CA on the phone side and my Nokia n810 together. These give me all the options of the iphone and more.

When they can put the 2 in one little case, count me in.

I might even wait in line.......

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8 for 8!

All the dissenters, US haters, and trash talkers can put THAT in their pipes and smoke it.

Phelps is the GREATEST EVER!

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