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Posted in: Cameron creates new world with long-awaited 'Avatar' See in context

Who else has fears this will flop on the scale of "Delgo"? As much as the Sci fi genre needs this one to succeed, I have trouble expecting audiences to empathize with those blue avatar "things".

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Posted in: China conveys 'grave concern' to Japan over Aso's Yasukuni offerings See in context

This is one of the still debated aspects of some of the claims. It's very biased of you to make such a decalaration as if it were an established fact. But you are correct in "hence the anger" as it encites hatred without any regard for verification.

Moderator: Readers, please keep the discussion focused on the Yasukuni Shrine visits.

The atrocities are very much on topic. Those deeds are why people are fuming mad about the shine.

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Posted in: Nuclear shelter sales up See in context

While a shelter is not that useful against full-scale nuclear holocaust, if one is well off, it is a good idea to have underground fortification when the crap hits the fan. A nice thing to have JIC a few mundane missiles get launched after a ‘misunderstanding’.

Also if whatever causes societal collapse does not completely ash the big cities, there could be a lot of city dwellers raiding the countryside. A bunker can be quite useful to hold out in until the raiders move on or starve.

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Posted in: Animator Hayao Miyazaki worries about children's future See in context

I enjoy many of Miyazaki's works, but he is a god blasted tree hugger. While Mononoke Hime was a very good film, San is a literal posterchild for ELF style Ecoterrorists.

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Posted in: 17 arrested for selling illegal porn at DVD shops in Tokyo See in context

originally posted by Kokuryu

Can someone explain to me why porn has to be censored in Japan in the first place?>

Because the laws of japan prohibit showing sex or sexual organs. However the exact language allows for everything else to be shown.

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