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when people are lighting fires at Chinese schools in Japan.

tmarie: correction, you should have said "fire" not "fires". Yes, I agree that one fire is bad, but don't start assuming that there are a lot of people starting "fires" at "Chinese schools" all over Japan, like you incorrectly assume or want people to think. It would be like saying all white Americans hate blacks because of one hate crime committed against a black person. It's wrong to think so. There's also a story on JT of a yakuza member stabbing a Japanese boy, but I wouldn't assume that he stabbed him because the boy may have looked Chinese and the yakuza member was frustrated against anyone looking Chinese? Using one story of a fire to support your views is fine, but don't misuse one story to blow it up and make it seem as if "fires" are starting to burn at schools all over Japan, as you've said.

a FEW bad individuals in China

I agree with you. Since China has a population of about 1.3 billion people, millions or so people rioting and causing acts of violence in about 80 cities in China is a mere fraction of their population. After all, I'm sure the majority of the population can't even afford to go out and travel to areas where they're protesting in the first place.

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Don't be so sure. As long as there are profits to make, cheap labor to use, multi national companies will continue to do business. Who the hell cares what pro Japanese think about China damaging their own business?

But I'm sure companies from all over the world will be thinking twice about doing business with China, since China has proven that its people can turn violent at anytime if needed and if provoked, and the government won't do a thing about it. If say an American were to make a bad remark about Chinese people there could be hell to pay for their factories there. And who would want the possibility of their workers walking out to spend days protesting? There could be a lot of money lost.

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Where are the articles about the Chinese school gate being set fire to?

smithinjapan: Hope this link helps : )


This link has a video attached to it: http://www.newsonjapan.com/html/newsdesk/article/98396.php

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Always the fanatical right-wing few to bring down the decent others out there. Please Japan, don't sink to the level of the Chinese protesters. If you must protest, be smart about it. Then again, the smart Japanese people I know are not out there protesting about a rock in the middle of nowhere. I think it goes for the smart Chinese people as well. Only the idiots out there are wasting their energy protesting about something that makes no sense to protest about.

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Just hope those protests don't start turning violent like those in China right now. Even my Chinese neighbor living here in Japan said that he feels safer here than trying to go back home to China. I even asked him if he felt afraid that Japanese people living here would be hostile towards him, but he reassured me that he has many good Japanese friends who actually have expressed concern about his family's welfare back in China and have wondered if they're not being affected by all the violence happening or lost their jobs because of this. They still continue to frequent his shop even through all of this and have continued to support him. Then again, maybe the 70 or so protesters above would have another thing to say about this. And then again, I would rather have 70 people hate me, than the millions of Chinese protesting violently in demos all across China.

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The thing is that even if Japan were to cave in and give those crummy islands to the Chinese, the Chinese will still find some reason to hate Japan and still continue their violent ways. It's one thing to fight for your rights peacefully for a good cause, but to aimlessly incite violence to the point where they're even hurting their own Chinese brothers and sisters (e.g. destroying Japanese restaurants owned by Chinese and Japanese cars owned by Chinese people and hurting the Chinese people in them) is purely barbaric.

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Japan could pull it off. I'm just amazed that they were able to put together this under-20 world cup on such short notice (Japan was awarded it just this year in February).

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When I first came to Japan, I too had some trouble getting my order through to the staff at McDonald's, but that was simply because my pronunciation and Japanese was terrible. I also had to get used to NOT saying "hash browns" or "French fries", as there is no vocabulary like that here. Now, I have no trouble and service is really fast (like one to two minutes fast, depending on what kind of food I order). I also enjoy the fact that I have never had a wrong order and the lettuce in my burgers are actually crispy. Compare that with McDonald's in the U.S. and you'll get soggy lettuce almost every time. Also, make sure you check your brown paper bag if you order check out, since you may often have missing things, or wrong burgers. I also prefer the "Irrashaimase" to the "Yeah, what'll you want" response said by staff in the U.S., with the attitude as if I'm wasting their time.

Once a customer asks a question or starts any kind of discussion beyond what's in the corporate manual the whole system slows down significantly

Well, in the U.S., if you ask anything out of the ordinary, they may understand you, but they'll be pissed off and make an excuse why they can't do it. I and my friends have had experiences like that before. One time, my friend wanted no ice in her coke in a U.S. McDonald's. The staff did it, but slammed the drink on the tray so hard that coke dripped off the sides and there ended up being the same amount of coke in the cup as if he had ordered a regular coke with ice.

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Why are the fantastic London 2012 Paralympics not being given the same coverage on Japanese TV as the London 2012 Olympics?

That's the sad part of coverage of the Paralympics the world over. In the U.S., NBC has issued a statement that it comes down to sponsorship. The sad thing is that no one wants to dish out the money to air these events. Only stations like NHK and the BBC have been showing events. Luckily, I've been able to witness some great events like boccia. There was a great side story on NHK about a woman with cerebal palsy who has an extreme amount of love and support from her assistant which happens to be her younger brother during the boccia event. Japan made it to the quarterfinals by beating Spain, but lost to Portugal 10-2. Learned a lot more about the sport. Also, got to see some great wheelchair basketball and goalball matches. The 200 meter race in track and field was thrilling with the Brazilian Oliveira coming from behind to beat Pistorius. I'm not sure if I would've been able to see that on any private TV station.

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May you rest in peace, Mr. Duncan. Your deep soft voice will surely be missed, as well as your fine acting. I won't forget your roles in movies like Green Mile, Planet of the Apes, Armageddon, and as Manute in Sin City. Of course, you lended your wonderful voice to so many cartoons and animated movies as well.

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Maybe the posters here watch more TV than I (or others) to perhaps know better, but in my view the mindless slapstick variety is clearly fading

Totally agree. The one-hit wonders like Kojima Yoshio who rely only on slapstick, fade fast. Only comedians who actually say funny things with good timing like Taka & Toshi and Sanma-san survive.

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By the way, congratulations to Masaki Kento for winning gold in judo and to Mr. Tomotaro Nakamura for getting silver in the 100 breastroke. It's amazing to swim without arms and so fast.

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Good to hear more people coming out to watch the games.

NHK, please broadcast more Paralympics, live would be appreciated.

Yes, I'm getting sick of only watching goalball, sitting volleyball, keirin, wheelchair basketball, track and field, judo, swimming, and wheelchair tennis live on NHK.

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It was unclear whether the gunman had time to fire at the police and some of the gunshot wounds to bystanders may have been caused by stray police bullets, the mayor said. “Some may have been shot accidentally.”

Now this is the difference between a gun and another weapon like a knife. I really doubt that he would have been able to injure 9 bystanders this way throwing knives or bats at cops trying to fend them off and hitting bystanders with incidental weapons like knives and bats. It's just lucky that those 9 wounded weren't critically hit.

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It's too bad that the U.S. networks won't be able to show even their own athletes. I'm sure there are fans that would love to see the competition. I myself enjoyed some of the events like swimming and wheelchair tennis in 2008. I remember a Japanese man named Shingo winning the gold in singles tennis. The players moved around the court in wheelchairs hitting the ball much better than I ever could. I also remember enjoying wheelchair basketball and rugby. The competition was fierce. Unfortunately, Japan didn't do so well in wheelchair rugby and basketball. Good luck to everyone this year and I look forward to watching the games.

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I remember how on the Internet, the Japanese kept badmouthing the Korean ice skater Kim Yu-Na to "fall".

Correction: "SOME Japanese kept badmouthing ..."

All of my Japanese friends I know actually admire Kim Yu-Na and kept calling her "kakoii" for her 007 routine. Don't go putting all people in one group because of the bad practices of a few. Although you may have a point that most older Japanese people are nationalists. At least the younger Japanese that I know (below 40 years of age) are not and hate right wingers and their lot. I'm sure the same can be said of most Koreans. What this soccer player did was in poor taste, but I'm sure that it doesn't reflect most Koreans, as what a few Japanese do doesn't reflect the population as a whole.

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Wrapping: US. that is what service counters are for.

I guess McDonald's and other fast food places in the U.S. need them since almost everytime they try to wrap take out, it always comes out shoddy and never keeps the food in it's place. Then again, I almost never go to fast food ever again in the States after hearing the number of shenanigans that I've heard go on in the kitchen as workers prepare your food (e.g. stepping on the lettuce and posting it on Youtube, spitting in your burgers, etc.). The McDonald's I visit in Japan makes it hard for the workers to do that since the kitchen is open in clear view. I can see them preparing and wrapping the burgers from the counter as I wait for it, and see them change the fries in the deep fryers.

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So you mean to tell me the soccer player "impulsively" got some paper and ink, and just decided in the heat of the moment to ink those letters?

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the deciding factor in whether or not someone will kill in the heat of the moment or in a planned out cold blooded style

The gun may not make someone kill in the heat of the moment, but it sure makes it a lot more effective and easier in killing a large number of people indiscriminantly.

the VAST majority of gun owners have never committed murder and never will.

Yes, but a vast majority of people don't own a gun, and never felt the need to and have lived happy safe lives. Which leads to the point that a gun is not necessary for the average citizen. I too have never felt like I had to own a gun when living in America, but always felt sad hearing of innocent people suffering at the hands of people who used a gun on them, and knowing that they had the freedom to wield a gun in the first place. Fact is, that most Americans hate guns and wish they went away, and don't feel that there is a need for a civilian to own one.

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The reason why Americans don't care is because Homicide in the US is not even in the top 15 causes of death in the US.

Well, airplane hijackings or terrorist acts doesn't happen in the U.S. a lot, but people care about it. Dying in an act of terrorism, was never in the top 20 causes of death, but they still felt it necessary to beef airport security to the point of madness.

That is because guns by themselves don't kill people, in order for a gun to kill it has to have someone touch it. A gun laying on a table with no one touching it is not going to harm anyone.

Noliving: Yes, a gun doesn't kill by itself, just as an atomic bomb or missile doesn't kill anyone if left alone. But, if someone were to get a hold of a gun and use it, like if a madman were to get hold of a nuclear weapon and use it, it would be very dangerous to a lot of people.

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What the South Korean player did was not what the spirit of the Olympics is all about. Being too lenient on him would give the wrong impression that what he did is not that bad at all. The Olympic stage is not the place to discuss politics.

The women's soccer final between the U.S. and Japan was one example of what the Olympic spirit is all about. Players on both sides playing a hard-fought, but clean game, and shaking each others' hands and hugs after the game was finished, and then accepting the medal you got with a smile on the podium. No political sniping, or malice towards one another at all, even though in history, the U.S. and Japan were brutal enemies in WWII.

And it doesn't have to be because it was South Korea vs. Japan. In archery, when the South Korean archer, Jin Hyek Oh defeated the Japanese archer Furukawa, both of them were very classy and amiable towards each other, shaking hands and sharing pleasantries while accepting their medals on the podium. Both of them clearly understood what it meant to be an Olympian.

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Looks like a lot of fun. Congrats to everyone. As for the official medal table, here it is according to Yahoo sports:


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Congratulations to Brazil for winning the gold. Also, congrats to the U.S. for silver and to Japan for bronze. I noticed that the Japanese women didn't show any sort of nationalism as did by the Korean soccer player. They just hugged each other in a pile, shed tears of joy for winning the first medal in Olympic volleyball for Japan in 24 years, shaked the Korean players' hands, and then walked off the court to do their interviews. No extracurricular activities or political messages whatsoever. That's how it should be done.

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Somehow NHK?? Etc..covered other games, so I tried to find it live but to no luck

Eh? I was able to watch it live yesterday on NHK (channel 1). I just turned it on a little too late (3 minutes into the game) and was surprised to see it 1-0 in favor of Mexico. Overall, it was a pretty good game. Mexico's defense was just too powerful for the usually brilliant Brazilian offense to penetrate. The game was not so late as well (finished way before 1:00 am.)

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From what I've read there were a couple of calls that should have gone to the Americans as well.

smithinjapan: You're right. Both the America and Japan had calls go against them in this game, just like in the U.S.-Canada semifinal. In the end, the winners of both matches were deserved winners.

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This was an interesting comment I found in a Sports Illustrated article about the game:

Throughout the game, Japan perhaps played just as beautifully as the Americans, using speed and discipline to dominate possession and scoring chances for long stretches. The Japanese were unfortunate not to have a penalty kick awarded in the first half for a clear hand ball by U.S. midfielder Tobin Heath, who stuck out her left arm to stop a free kick inside the area. The Americans knew they'd gotten away with something. "The one on Tobin?" Rapinoe said, smiling. "Thank God I'm not a referee." Asked about the play, Japan coach Sasaki responded with a wry grin and said he wondered what the referee was thinking at the time. He diplomatically added that he respected the call.


Just goes to show that the Japanese had more class not to whine about missed calls than some other teams would.

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Great game! Congratulations to the U.S. for winning the gold medal and to Japan for playing your hearts out. Both sides created many chances to score and the U.S. just made one more of it count than Japan did. Iwabuchi looked especially great as a substitution in the second half. She is only 19 years old and is one to watch in the future.

I was just a bit appalled that the U.S. women would don white shirts (which were obviously pre-planned and printed beforehand) emblazoned with the words "GREATNESS" right after winning the game. It looked like "World Champion" shirts professional athletes don after winning the Superbowl or NBA championship. I could understand running around the stadium each with an American flag waving, but wearing T-shirts that proclaim you're the greatest is a bit classless. Never seen anything like that in any Olympics.

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As for social chats with clerks, back home (in the U.S.) it only happens with clerks in local stores and Mom and Pop shops where I live. Going to a hotel or restaurant in a touristy place, the "social chat" ends up being very rehearsed and fake. They only chat you up not that they genuinely care how you answer or what you say, but to get a bigger tip.

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I do miss the "Yeah, what do you want?" greeting you usually get in most fast food restaurants in the U.S.. I also do miss having to remember to always check the brown paper bag I got from McDonald's back in the U.S., because they would sometimes get the order wrong, or not put in what should be there. I also miss the challenge of going to a 7-11 in the U.S. to find a decent sandwhich that doesn't look soggy and like it's been sitting there forever.

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One thing's for sure, you won't see the level of animosity as between Canada and the U.S., as with the U.S. and Japan. They share a mutual respect for each other and heard on both sides how glad they are facing each other. Both sides want to show the world a good game and put on a great show (as they did in the World Cup). We could even see it go to sudden death. Good luck to both teams and I hope to see a great match.

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