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Posted in: China reports zero new domestic virus cases for first time See in context

Waetu Low is the name of the ChiComGov Official that released the Statement!

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Posted in: Beyonce curtails Japan trip to celebrate Obama's win See in context

Beyonce! Could she be the Marilyn Monroe to Obama's JFK?

Note: This post was a joke do not take seriously.

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Posted in: Man arrested after shooting himself with home-made gun in Ibaraki See in context

Please tell me this guy has no children.

Hey You! Outta the Gene Pool!

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Posted in: ANA, Asiana join forces in tree-planting project See in context

First they charges ridiculous price. Then they get other people to plant their trees for free...

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy stabbed to death in Osaka; mother stabs herself See in context

Poor child. 10 y.o. and his light extinguished.

I really could careless about the adults in the house at this point.

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Posted in: Prep school owner arrested for selling child pornography through online auction See in context

Bury this guy deep, so he can't contact children anymore.

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Posted in: TV dramas for autumn compete for women viewers See in context

Who thinks up this stuff?

TV shows must be the only emotional outlet for middle aged J-women stuck with the typical J-middle aged man. If they didn't have this outlet you would read more about middle aged J-husbands getting poisoned.

J-women rise up demand more in life! You deserve more.

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Posted in: Kano Sisters See in context

Nutty Chicks

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Posted in: Three men arrested for unauthorized demonstration near Aso's house See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo police, rail authorities hope to scare Halloween pranksters See in context

No Trick, No Treat,

Me so bad Freakenese.

I Hope everybody parties hard and nobody gets hurt. Train Stations really don't seem to be the best place to have a Halloween Party.

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Posted in: Vending machine See in context

Alright one more.

Leave the siren, Leave the camera, but replace the phone with a boxing glove on a spring.

So if you select any of those unhealthy sugary sweet drinks instead of a nice healthy bottle of water. The siren goes off, the door opens up, and WHAM! right in the nutz. Then the camera takes your picture and they show it on one of these crazy Japanese television shows. You know like the show where people stick tissue paper up their nose to see who looks cool while sneezing.

Writing this and visualizing this scenario, I almost wet myself laughing.

I'm ready to live in Japan for another year now.

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Posted in: Bubblegum Brothers to reunite after 12 years See in context

Hea! Evlybudy Vibrant Disco Peace Get On! Shakeup your bottom side down!

Gotta Luv Bubblegum Brothers.

Get down with your funky Middle aged selves.

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Posted in: Vending machine See in context

They need to put a little red siren and emergency phone on every kid in Japan.

Alright I stopping now.

It's just too easy

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Posted in: It's meant to be a compliment to wrestlers by fans delighted by a particularly thrilling bout. It sounds tasteless that cushions will be tied together by strings. See in context

I dig the pillow thing. Sumo dudes can just be happy they don't hand out baseballs at this type of sporting event. I would dig them throwing baseballs even more.

The timing of the Japan Sumo Dude Association in coming out with this announcement is just stupid. Couldn't they have waited till after everybody gets over thinking they are a bunch of idiots due to recent controversies.

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Posted in: Japanese men need to learn to say 'You are beautiful' to women, particularly to their wives. The phrase is magical and can make both men and women happy. See in context

In most cases "You are beautiful to me" is more appropriate.

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Posted in: Vending machine See in context

I dig the little red siren on top of the vending machine.

Gotta Luv this country

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Posted in: Vending machine See in context


No, they will put an emergency phone in the toilet stalls!

They will then use the phones after they notice that someone has already put "A camera inside a toilet to see what comes out of us".

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Posted in: What runaway girls do to survive See in context

Education and Jobs would hopefully reduce the Yak problems in the long term. They are leeches on the a$$ of society.

Legalize Prostitution. The Oldest Profession will Never Go Away. Regulate it and protect the sex workers.

The only way to fix Kiddie Porn Sicko's, Child Molesters, etc... Is death. They will never change. People do not change their sexual preferences.


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Posted in: Vending machine See in context

Some sick Jguys Plan:

Take the guts out of the vending machine. Get rid of the phone. Get inside the gutted vending machine. Cut a little hole where the phone used to be (to put a little something in). Install his own camera. Have somebody scare the little girls when they walk by the emergency phone vending machine. Start my own little freaky vending machine website.

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