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Posted in: Rare photo of A-bomb split cloud found in Hiroshima See in context

The Japanese of WWII were of the mindset that death in battle was an honor and that suicidal death in battle would command supreme nobility. The bombs were needed to convince Japan that there was neither honor nor nobility awaiting them in further resistance to the Allies.

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Posted in: Pachinko addiction a growing problem for Japanese women See in context

Kids love pachi/slots in Japan. Most game arcades have them for the whole family.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi, Ken Takakura reunite after 26 years See in context

I've worked with Beat Takeshi in person he is not so crazy etc...that is just for tv!!

After the 2010 winter Olympics, I watched a TBS program and Beat Takashi was the guest. TBS had a cardboard cutout of Asada San doing the move where she would grab her skate from behind, holding the skate. Kind of like doing the splits on one skate. Anyway, This cutout was near Beat. He grabbed it and licked it couple of times. Crazy indeed.

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Posted in: Diet debates circumstances of Japan's soccer loss to N Korea See in context

“The lion’s share of the credit should go to manager Zac (Zaccheroni), as he let the team lose by 1-0,” So now J-politicians admit that it's okay to fraud the fans. Who else was in on this gift to the NKoreans? The players? The coaching staff? Ha If you watched the game, the Japanese played scared. They heard footsteps as soon as they stepped off the airplane. I can't blame them for playing scared though. The 1-0 result seems about right and they really shouldn't hang their heads considering who and where they were playing. Why not just forfeit or play at a neutral location?

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the greatest rock band of all time? See in context

Prince and the Revolution LOL Take that.

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Posted in: Exhibition on British rock group Queen opens in Tokyo See in context

Rock&Roll just isn't the same. Power lungs and power performance every single time.

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

Two years ago, around Yasukuni time, I watched a program on TBS(at least I think it was TBS). It was a debate between David Spector and a couple of right-wingers over a book called The Rape of Nanking. Spector pretty much had his lunch eaten by the panel at the debate. Everyone at the studio concluded that the right-wingers were correct in their assertion that this book was total fabrication. Spector caved at the end of the program and agreed with them also. I think Japan has a long ways to go before it comes to terms with the destruction it caused during that time.

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Posted in: Thailand's Pongsaklek wrests WBC flyweight title from Kameda See in context

I'm slightly disappointed Pongsaklek didn't get the KnockOut over Japan's favorite boxer. Koki shouldn't hang his head though, he went 12 rounds with the best flyweight of all time.

On a slighlty different note, How about having your new champion as a green hair, cross-dresser...like K-1 max has now. WOW

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Posted in: Trial ends for woman who killed son by putting him in garbage bin See in context

The couple took video of the incident. The mother's voice on video is enough to bury her for more then 10 years... Sad that she'll get anything less than life.

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Posted in: Japanese prodigy Ishikawa introduced to U.S. PGA Tour See in context

Everyone loves a good story, and you have to give the kid his due, but winning the Masters is not in his future. But good luck anyway.

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Posted in: An addict’s guide to pachinko See in context

Some of these pachinko/slots machine are tops in technology and the Japanese companies that make them are raking in the money.

I would guess the craziest thing about pachinko is what you are able to win. Most of these parlors will only have a couple of jackpots worth up to 30 mon ($3000). After sitting all day and night, most people would be happy to take home a profit of 1 mon ($100).

Gotta laugh at "profits going to Korea". LOL

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Posted in: Asashoryu in trouble again for pumping his fist after victory See in context

Boohoo. What a bunch of whiners. Asa wasn't programmed by Sanyo. I hope Asa wins every Basho this year and when he receives the emperors cup from hopefully Aso, he dumps it on his head.

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Posted in: Augusta invites Ishikawa to play in Masters See in context

Hey NL, I agree 100% about Fudoh... she seems not to mind the fanatical, 'we want kawaii' J-media ignoring her. But Ishikawa has one victory on the JPGA at the age of 15. Don't hate the player...hate the game.

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Posted in: Japan wants anti-whalers barred from Australian, NZ and Chile ports See in context

Japanese "food culture" has already destroyed the waters around Japan.

They abuse the waters so much that the only things being fished out are huge jellyfish...can't eat those. Then, go into international waters to where they can cut off the whales, before the whales can bypass Japans depeleted waters.

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Posted in: Conservatives lost more than an election See in context

Let them stew in their losing slop, while we work to establish a permanent progressive majority in American....

Yes we can!

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Posted in: Obama sweeps to victory, says change has come to America See in context

I have not heard the name Palin in a couple of hours of watching CNN!

I feel great!

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Posted in: Obama sweeps to victory, says change has come to America See in context

America Votes For CHANGE!!!!!

And Votes 'Hell NO' to Palin.

Thank YOU!

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Posted in: Jury bra See in context



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Posted in: Name your five favorite TV show themes. See in context


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Posted in: Woman jailed after 'killing' virtual husband See in context

I wonder how much money the guy spent on the game? By going to the police, he seems to want some type of reimbursement.

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Posted in: Palin draws big ratings for 'Saturday Night Live' See in context

Palin is just the doll that the republicans trot out to ignite the crowd. But when it comes to decisions that affect the campaign, she is not in the loop. She can't talk to the media and her own camp does not trust what she will say next. Her job is just to stand there, look pretty, but leave the decisions up to the adults who know better. I find it insulting, that the person who is running for the position of the second highest office in the land is treated like an idiot. This does not instills a lot of trust for the McCain/Palin ticket.

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Posted in: Obama revels in Powell endorsement, cash mountain See in context

SWEEEEEEEEEEET! This endorsement is huge,as verified by the string of hysterical posts.

From the drift of many of the responses, the nasty repugs are eating their own. Colin Powell admitted his lowest point in his career was when he gave the U.N. speech showing the WMD. LOL His endorsement of Obama is a a repudiation of the Bushies.

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Posted in: In swing states, McCain and Obama spar over taxes See in context

Good call from Powell (a respected Rep.). I cannot wait for a Palin soundbit. LOL

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Posted in: 2 elderly people conned on 1st day of 'bank transfer fraud elimination month' despite police presence at ATMs See in context

In order for this campaign to work, there needs to be a cute talento or a cute mascot. If not, Japanese cannot relate.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer arrested for shoplifting in Chiba See in context

Why does a Koban need advisers?

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Posted in: Police stationed at ATMs in campaign to root out bank transfer fraud See in context

If money is involved, Japan gets serious.

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Posted in: Woman held over abduction of 1-yr-old girl from Saitama shopping center See in context

If they want to.... Wow, I can only shake my head.

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Posted in: Fat dolphins going on a diet at Hyogo aquarium See in context

Those dolphins better be careful around a sashimi loving populace.

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Posted in: Woman held over abduction of 1-yr-old girl from Saitama shopping center See in context

Dangerous people around every corner, which validates my inherent mistrust of strangers. Anyway, how did a 1 year old baby wander off?

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Posted in: Should marijuana use be illegal? See in context

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking MARIJUANA Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.

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