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It is 2018 now. If someone still thinks these girls (who joined these idol groups with their free will, and are able to quit the groups any time given a short notice period, says 3 months) are manipulated, and then shout at these Japanese people just to relieve some stresses from their own lifes, I can suggest a better way;

There are nudism groups in many countries, with members probably far more than the sum of these Japanese or Korean idol groups. You could tell yourself these people (and maybe also their younger and older family members) are forced by guns to take off their clothes completely in public, stay naked for long hours with people they barely know, get pictured, and not allowed to quit these groups. (Well, in most cases not really public, but outdoor anyway.) These groups should be closer to your places, please go to protest at their events, dial 911 or shxxt them directly.

These idol groups are not the only kind of performance groups in Japan. There are choices for these members and fans. (Although honestly the revenues of these other groups are usually lower, and the auditions/competitions are usually much tougher.)

After all, if these girls TRUELY think it is a fair choice to take a few years break from love life (maybe also school life) in exchange for a chance to perform in a small theater in Akihabara / a large concert hall / a stadium like Tokyo Dome, or sing and dance on a prime time TV show, or to be cover girls on magazines, or as small as to go viral on twitter, is it really that BAD?

Please, remember HAPPINESS in other countries does not always means the same set of things as your home country.

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