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Fred Dibnah comments

Posted in: Bomb at Shiite mosque in Pakistan kills 56 See in context

I pity the victims of this cowardly attack.

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Posted in: S Korea beat Australia 1-0 at Asian Cup See in context

Always good to hear the Aussies lose .......biggest whingers of them all when it comes to losing at sport

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Posted in: 2-year-old accidentally shoots his mother dead in Idaho Wal-Mart See in context

Tragic-but you allow everyone to carry guns in the USA_hence so many unnecessary gun deaths and massacres

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Posted in: 2 gunmen open fire on Los Angeles police car See in context

Tough times in USA for minority youth and police relations.Of course if you didn't have so many guns -you wouldn't have so much gun related problems.Those outside the USA u dee stand this-Amerocans in general embellish the fact with complex theories nobody can agree on

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Posted in: One Direction makes Billboard history, knocks Swift from No. 1 See in context

To teenagers they are the best.None of us are teenagers-popular music isn't for anyonelse but teenagers-sto bemoaning your lost youth....

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Posted in: Survivors huddle after violence in India kills 72 See in context

KoButs chan your knowledge of Assams history is accurate but your knowledge of Japan's isn't.Thats due to your history books in this country.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims Iraq suicide bombing that killed 38 See in context

Courage to those who stand up to The Islamic State .

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Posted in: Pope unleashes blistering critique of Vatican bureaucrats See in context

A brave call.Shame Vatican won't see the Dai Lama in the hope of attracting Chonese followers and cash

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Posted in: Pakistan to execute 500 militants in coming weeks See in context

A big dicision.

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Posted in: McCartney reflects on yesterday, today and tomorrow See in context

British music is The best-thanks for kicking it off Paul

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Posted in: China says 15 killed in 'terrorist attack' in Xinjiang See in context

China suppresses all its non-Han communities.Immolations and suicide attacks are desperate reactions to extreme intolerant and plain nasty governance

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Posted in: Riken says it was unable to replicate stem cell results See in context

Miss Obokata is a punk . "the great Stem n cell swindle" "Friggin in the Riken "Pretty blatant "

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Posted in: China, S Korea urge Japan to reflect on wartime aggression See in context

Abe got the wrong "m" word.Morons is what he meant.

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Posted in: 18 must-visit heritage sites in Japan See in context

What's your Number 19. Mine is Kaga-Kyo inSouthern Ishikawa ken Mountain air.Onsens.Beautiful scenery and fine cuisine plus a top micro-brewery .Hakusan pale ale.

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Posted in: Bombings kill 42 in Iraq after Sunni mosque attack See in context

@Bgood41 Sectarian violence is a result not solely because of a holy book- lively up yourself-

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Posted in: Arctic Monkeys ready to chill after global success See in context

Sighclops Get back to days when you listened To bands without prejudice and your'll fall in love with "new' music again! Ps I'm in my 5th decade b4 u ask !!!!

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for detaining Japanese man See in context

Masalki interesting points. The men who kidnapped this silly opportunist ,really don't care about your countries actions . It can be a cruel world aswell as a beautiful one

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Posted in: Abe pledges Japan's commitment to world peace See in context

As John and Yoko sang. Give peace a chance Japan has ;all be it as a result of their nasty past behavior ; Happen The Nationalist leaders fancy a change For our kids sake lets hope they see the light

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Posted in: China, S Korea criticize Abe as Japan marks anniversary of war's end See in context

Lots of interesting opinions . For me rightly or wrongly many people here feel and are taught that the two A-bombs brought closure to the war and it's events. Mr Abe obviously holds this point of view. Hence his actions he believes to be natural. I don't agree with his point of view. Those in power in S.Korea and China will forever react this way -As Will Japanese nationalist politicians .

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Posted in: Premier League returns with a stronger Man United See in context

Never mind the bollocks.....The English Premier league is average fare-served up by the media as "the best in the world"..".my arse." :)

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