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Posted in: Hopes grow for win-win effect of inbound tourism in Japan, weak yen See in context

Speaking for myself i don't see major tourism returning until ALL the restrictions are lifted. That includes masks, visas, required vaccinations, etc. As a American who did not take the "jab" and does not intend to i do not see myself retuning to Japan in the near future. We owned a condo in Kobe and lived there part of the year before the China Virus came along and just sold it this month because i have not saw it for 2 years, I love Japan and its people dearly but sometimes wonder how it gets by with the political system it has. We want to plan a trip for next year but as of now everything is on hold!

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Posted in: Japan reports 64,044 new coronavirus cases See in context

Time for Japan to return to sanity and rejoin the real world ! Covid is here to stay just like the flu, common cold, allergies, etc and you can either get on with your life or do like some of these people; lock yourself in your house, have your food delivered, wear your useless mask even in the shower, and take 42 "booster" shots. Should be individuals choice.

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Posted in: Japan eases COVID-19 border controls but tourist surge doubtful See in context

I have not been to Japan for 2 years now and am beginning to wonder if i will ever get to return. As a non vaccinated American the cards seem stacked against me and these so called easements will be of little help. My wife ( who is Japanese) and I recently sold our condo in Kobe because i have not been able to visit. As much as i love Japan it pains me to see the politicians in charge trying their hardest to match ours here in America for poor judgement! Hopefully all the restrictions will be lifted by the end of the year and normalcy will return!

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Posted in: Rodman planning Russia trip for jailed Griner: report See in context

I wonder why Rodman hasn't gone over to secure the release of other, non celebrity. people who have been locked up over there much longer than Ms I Hate America?! I guess if you are a gay, America hating, sports figure that only recognition is you throw a ball through a hoop then you are entitled to special treatment. Leave her to do her 9 years and she should be happy since she won't have to listen to the Star Spangled Banner !!

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Posted in: California sets new low unemployment record in July See in context

Considering that people are moving out of that disaster of a state in droves you have to wonder where all the new workers are coming from! For all you doubters here is a simple test; call around to the U-Haul truck rental places throughout California and try to rent a large moving truck. None are available because so many people are leaving the state and renting them to not return. Plenty of rental trucks in Florida and Texas !!

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Posted in: CDC director announces shake-up, citing COVID mistakes See in context

Taking responsibility should always start at the top with those in command. That being said Ms Walensky has said exactly what the Biden administration has dictated and made recommendations that turned out to be more harmful than good. Bluntly, she should either resign or be the first to be shown the door. The CDC like the FBI has lost much of its credibility the last 2 years. Living in Georgia and only 80 miles from the CDC i hear these views from most citizens i talk to in our state !

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Posted in: Osaka to raise COVID-19 alert to highest level amid record cases See in context

I have a hard time understanding how a country that is the most "masked" on the planet and supposedly over 80 percent "vaxed" is at epidemic proportions with Covid! Vaxed or not it's your choice and while there are the regulars on here that preach vaccinations to the hilt it is painfully obvious they have limited effect and seem to be a never ending number. What are we up to now; number 4, 5 ,6? While Japan was my home up until Covid i am glad to be here in Georgia in the United States where life is normal- no masks, restaurant restrictions, government restrictions, etc. For the record i am not vaxed and will not be but my Japanese wife got the needle before going to Japan on family business and ended up in the hospital for 2 days hooked up to a EKG machine. As far a Japan goes i tend to wonder if people being jammed up in trains like sardines every day might have something to do with all their problems! Of course since many of the politicians are probably getting their palms greased by the rail lines i don't expect to hear much about it.

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

As much as i would love to visit Japan i will wait until- hopefully- some semblance of sanity returns to this country. My wife is Japanese and we own a condo in Kobe Japan that i have not seen in 2 years. She just returned from a months business visit there and said everyone there is nuts and the citizens have turned into mask wearing sheep afraid of their own shadows! Thats pretty harsh coming from a Japanese citizen but here in America we live in Georgia so she has been used to living like a normal person. All these rules and restrictions are ridiculous and tourists would do just as good to visit North Korea or China with about the same results. Finally, we put the condo up for sale while she was over there and will look at buying another later if i can use it. I miss Japan but not this BS !!

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Posted in: Travelers crowd trains, airports as Golden Week holiday begins See in context

thepersoniamnow; you may have had the flu version that is going around here in the United States that has symptoms almost identical to Covid. I had it and also my wife, son, sister, and cousin and it is a sinus flu that produces a dry cough in the upper chest along with slight fever and sometimes severe headache. My doctor told me off the record that hospitals here have been diagnosing this as Covid because the government gives them an average of $19k per Covid patient but $0 dollars for flu. Took all of us about 2 weeks to get over it and 3 Covid tests came back negative.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,026 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 49,172 See in context

I continue to be amazed at the doomsday predictors on here ( especially one repetitive guy) that seem to think the only way to survive Covid is to take a dozen vaccine shots and lock yourself in your house for the next 10 years or so. I live in America but my wife (who is Japanese) and I also have a condo in Kobe Japan where i live when Japan allows. I am NOT vaccinated and along with many of my friends have no intention on taking a experimental drug that has been proven to be useless in eliminating Covid 19. One shot, two shots, three shots, now heading to four shots; where does this end?! I am NOT anti- vax i just have little trust in a drug that is untested, doesn't work, and is protected by politicians so common people can't find out whats in it for 50 years and cannot sue the manufacturers. My wife did take the first two shots and on the second one ended up in the hospital for two days hooked up to a EKG machine after having heart problems. Japan has been a mask wearing society for ever and in the 20 years i have traveled there it has been common to see people wearing them yet the infection rate stays up. I'm sure being crowded into trains like sardines has nothing to do with it! Covid will remain part of our lives just like the flu from now on so people should just use common sense and wash your hands and avoid people showing signs of being sick; just like you do with the flu or other diseases! In conclusion everyone should live their lives as they want and stay the hell out of other peoples business! Regardless of your stand on this mess at least be respectful of others choices and stop the BS idea that if others don't fit your narrative they are "putting others at risk" !

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6,502 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 39,659 See in context

Reading some of these comments i have to wonder how some become so brainwashed. Japan does selective testing so i have to question the accuracy of these statistics as they seem to follow whatever agenda the government has at that time; just like here in America. As a American that is married to a Japanese citizen and lives part of the year in Japan when Covid isn't a factor i am puzzled as to why a country so used to masking and awareness of those around them have such a high rate of "infections"! Maybe crowding into trains like sardines in a can has something to do with it. Here in America many states { including Georgia where i live) have said enough of this foolishness and returned to normalcy. Yes, Covid is real but so is the Flu, Sinuses, Pneumonia, and at least a dozen other diseases that affect people each year.Quit being scared of your shadows people and get a life regardless of what the doomsday Sayers on here say!

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