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We, french people, have the (correct, imo) reputation for having sometimes bad customer service. Our waiters and taxi drivers can be rude compared to other contries. That's right. That' a shame, and a fact.

We are also very bad when it comes to speak with foreigners. Their english is often as bad as ours, but with our french accent and theirs, it's sometimes difficult to understand each other. This could be an explanation for the relunciancy of the waitress to talk to asian customers. an exeplanation, not an excuse.

Celebrity or not, customer like other people deserves respect.

Still, there is no excuse for racism.

I've been several times to Tokyo and Kyoto. To them, I'm a barbarian, an Gaïjin. Someone that can't even read ! Still, they were very kind, nice. I mean everyone, not only the waitresses.

This is something France have to work on. But please, foreigners, come over that. We have beautifull sites to see. Not only in Paris. Please, Mont St Michel, les chateaux de la Loire. French people are less stressed and nicer outside Paris.

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