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Fred Wallace comments

Posted in: U.S. to arm Syrian Kurds battling Islamic State despite Turkish opposition See in context

Despite the awful track record of betting on the wrong horse, the us continues the same way expecting different outcome, madness no? This will only push turkey further right. Especially seeing as erdog just became dictator supreme!!

then he should have done more to stop fighters from crossing into Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. Why hasn't Turkey done more to fight ISIS?

Its because those dessert thugs were inadvertently propped up by america and its mistresses saudi et al. Question to you is why america stood by and watched those vile crooks decimate a nation while plastering their propaganda online?

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Posted in: Jakarta's Christian governor jailed for two years for blasphemy See in context

The issue here isn't with Indonesia but with abrahamic religions that simply can not and do not belong in this day and age. The faster they're eliminated, the faster humanity can discover its true self!!

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Posted in: 90% of Japan's train operators will halt trains over N Korean missile alert See in context

So let me get this straight. If there's a huge possibility of getting hit why in the world is the most powerful army still here then? Doesn't that alone negate it's relevance? I thought Tokyo, which would be an ideal target, was surrounded by anti missile barrage!! This overreaction only affects the simpletons who unfortunately outnumber the logically sound. This will only go as far as souring public opinion slowly nudging towards that long sought for revision. Zeus help us all!!

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Posted in: France's victorious Macron reminded of huge, immediate challenges See in context

Unlike Trump, Macron was actually chosen by the people

Different electoral systems. I'm still amused at how the alt left parrots this line as if it's supposed to change the outcome. Unhappy? Change the constitution then!!

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Posted in: France's victorious Macron reminded of huge, immediate challenges See in context

 Constant criticism (lack of understanding of democracy?) of democratic institutions by rightwingers and authoritarian nationalists is not doing you guys a lot of good, maybe even further weakening your cause.

Same could be said of the alt left and it's embarrassing obsession with trump.

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Posted in: MTV Awards salute 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Stranger Things' See in context

Where can one begin?

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Posted in: Abe urges LDP members to more actively debate constitutional change See in context

Oh nothing to see here. Japan's just woken up to realize like america did ages ago that like sex, war sells!! It is after all the last refuge of a fledgling economy

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Posted in: Macron elected French president See in context

Well France like america had the choice between sewer rat your run of the mill garbage rat. I can never for the love of me understand why anyone would participate in the voting process given such horrendous choices!! I look forward to the mental gymnastics from the macaroni supporters on this forum once the poop inevitably hits the fan.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $40 mil to ADB fund for infrastructure development See in context

What? Compared to the billions provided by the Chinese? Face it, japan's time passed. There's a new sherrif in town and no throwing money down the well is going to change that. Tohoku? What disaster?

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Posted in: Japanese soccer club disciplined over war-time flag in S Korea See in context

And the fact that no government officials will come out and denounce such behavior is reason why no matter the admissions of some sort of contrition it will always be taken with huge grains of salt!!

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Posted in: Abe unveils plan to amend Constitution, put it into force in 2020 See in context

As we discuss the future shape of our country, education is an extremely important topic.

Double speak for 'grab them while they're young'

Abe, a strong proponent of constitutional amendments who returned as prime minister in December 2012, could serve as LDP president until September 2021 if he wins a third consecutive term as party leader in the next leadership vote in the fall of next year.

Yes dear leader, come back for another fourth, fifth even sixth term. Please continue making a mockery of the democratic process. Let your true colors come shining through!!

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Posted in: Clinton blames misogyny, FBI, Russia, herself for 2016 loss See in context

Oh go away already you vile woman!!

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Posted in: Kuroda: China-led lender's help needed to support growth See in context

It's simply not possible for the ADB and the World Bank to fill the gap completely

Oh, reality is slowly sinking in!! There's a new sherrif in town.

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Posted in: Abe says he will initiate debate on new constitution See in context

These problems were caused under Nationalistic Abe regime who hate individual freedom as "egotism" and want to crush present Constitution

Then please do more to sensitize. Let more people get involved and vote this dangerous party out for the next decade. So called abenomics has failed. The veil has been lifted. Nothing but smoke and mirrors to see. I honestly feel something is going to be pinned on NK anytime now!!

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Posted in: Student who committed suicide was bullied at least 5 times, principal says See in context

She's not a bad kid, she just did something stupid

I don't think letting one's stress out on someone else deliberately while drawing pleasure from it is 'something stupid' It's downright cold and sociopathic!! Bullying should not be tolerated, 100%!!

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Posted in: Abe says he will initiate debate on new constitution See in context

Thanks Aoi san, it's great to hear from a native regarding this travesty!!

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Posted in: Abe says he will initiate debate on new constitution See in context

Every nation has a barbaric past, but I can guess who wrote all your history books.

But I'm Japanese and on my own side obviously.

And I too can guage where you got your history from. Well blind nationalism aside, there's a universal consensus on the atrocities attributed to japan.

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Posted in: Hamas softens stance on Israel See in context

Emotions aside, I'll put this out there not to incite but discuss.


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Posted in: Trump would be 'honored' to meet N Korea's Kim, if conditions right See in context

Seems obvious Trump has a thing for dictators like Kim, Putin, Erdogan, and Duterte.

D30? A democratically elected official? I guess the definition of dictatorship is lost on you.

Hey, remember when we used to be the beacon of freedom and human rights in the world? Good times.

Sure. That was... Never. Since it's inception, the nation's been involved in one squamish or another in every continent on this globe.

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Posted in: Abe says he will initiate debate on new constitution See in context

to show the people, with confidence, our vision for the future of our country and what an ideal constitution should look like

Oh dear leader, I see your true colors shining through. Right on cue. No bragging rights here but I called this over a month ago. I'll go one further, down the road there'll probably be an 'attack' that will push this from debate to defcon 1. This amazing country has officially certified its downward spiral.

Just because you like peace, doesn't mean you shouldn't arm yourself and protect yourself especially if you are in a dangerous situation. Not believing in fighting won't help you on the street if someone is running toward you to harm you.

This area is now one of the most dangerous in the world and Japan has countries like China and Russia and NK who threaten her.

I'm pretty sure China and Russia aren't being belligerent towards Japan. Do pray tell where you summized that. And of course any nation is entitled to arm however japan's case is rather unique due to its barbaric past as envisioned by the constitution enacted by their victors. There's no way anyone in this region will be ok with a belligerent japan especially since to this day, some atrocities like the unit 731 are conveniently glossed over and remain unacknowledged. Never gonna happen dude!!

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Posted in: N Korean missile fears in Japan: 'Whatever will be, will be' See in context

Ha! Dear leaders government is not losing a beat. The crescendo is literally about to completely drown out the racist school scandal. The abes were involved? What are you mopping on about? I need call my local bunker dealership!!

Their neighborhoods are on the frontline of North Korea's dispute with America and if Pyongyang were to attack they would have just minutes to shelter from incoming missiles.

The cold war era rang. It needs the useless overreaction back!!

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Posted in: Japanese warship to escort U.S. supply vessel in Pacific: reports See in context

Have they not learned?

No Smith. No they have not!!

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Posted in: Japanese warship to escort U.S. supply vessel in Pacific: reports See in context

protect a U.S. supply ship

LOL, from what? Raging seagulls?!

This folks is what we refer to as blind obedience. Obey and follow your master!!

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Posted in: Japan protests over N Korean missile launch; trains temporarily halted See in context

For a nation with state of the art anti missile tech, that's too much of an exaggeration. The NK track record is completely horrible. All this will do is incite nationalistic fervor that will inevitably lead to the demands for constitution revision. May the chips fall where they may!!

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Posted in: Syrian Kurds, Turks clash in wake of deadly air raids See in context

Time to arm the Kurds with surface-to-air missiles.

Sure! Let's make an already perilous situation worse. Flawless logic on your part!

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Posted in: Luxury spenders defy Japan's tight-fisted reputation See in context

Money talks. What else is new?

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Posted in: Just in case See in context

LOL and in a few months when all this bluster has dissipated, this ceo will be smiling all the way to his vacation in cancun.

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Posted in: Bullying keeps youth suicides high in Japan See in context

Nothing will materialize from this until the entire archaic culture is scrubbed from memory. Otherwise, kindly move on, nothing to see here!!

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Posted in: Minister resigns after saying 'it was a good thing' 2011 quake happened where it did See in context

JcaJapan, I had no idea.... Im actually shocked...

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Posted in: Minister resigns after saying 'it was a good thing' 2011 quake happened where it did See in context

Surprised? Why? This isn't something new. Welcome to japan, the land where empathy and simple human understanding is non existent. Enjoy your stay!!

I always wonder, if natural citizens can succumb to such treatment, how would foreigners in the same situation fare?

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