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Posted in: Macron vs Le Pen: Opposing styles and visions for France See in context

"unholy alliances"

> What pray tell constitutes a holy alliance?

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Posted in: Japan begins seawall work for controversial new U.S. base in Okinawa See in context

Obey your master!!!

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Posted in: Rakuten to become official J.League partner See in context

Yikes, ichiba is ghastly to navigate!!

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Posted in: Princess Kako to study at University of Leeds from Sept See in context

I'm sorry, leeds? What's wrong with the myriad of universities back home? Coming from the family she does, isn't it an honor to promote the education back home? I didn't see william or harry heading to Kyoto uni, SMH!!

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Posted in: 2 elderly women jump to their deaths on rail tracks See in context

Why not ask 'why' as opposed to 'how can we stop them from doing it'?

> Shhhhh, common sense and empathy are not allowed here!!

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Posted in: U.S. carrier group heads for Korean waters; Trump talks with Abe, Xi See in context

 If they had the weaponry to take out all of South Korea, Japan, and the continental US, they would've done it already and pillaged for the resources they badly need and have been denied through sanctions. Kim is only postering, hoping no one pulls back the curtain back on him in front of his own public.

> You sound like you're privy to information unbeknownst to the intelligence community. Please enlighten some more.

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Posted in: U.S. carrier group heads for Korean waters; Trump talks with Abe, Xi See in context

Considering Kim has threatened on many occasions to nuke the USA I think Trump and the Americans have every right to stop him building himself an ICBM delivery system. And the sooner the better. 

> Please kindly inform us once you've finished signing up at the army recruiting center to go stop kim.

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Posted in: U.S. carrier group heads for Korean waters; Trump talks with Abe, Xi See in context

It's the war mongering nation right on que. Someone needs to call the pentagon and notify them that with nuclear weaponry involved, the outcome will not lead to regime change. Did the cold war teach nothing? Must america continue to heave and ho adinfinitum, bringing destruction and despair in its wake all to prove relevance in today's world? Where's the uns outcry? Oh I'm sorry. My mistake. You can't bite the hand that pays your salary!!

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Posted in: Abe vows to resolve N Korea abduction issue See in context

Ohhh dear leader, finally going in alone to portray the power and resilience of nippon!!

it will also seek U.S. cooperation for rescuing the abductees from North Korea.

> Oh.....

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Posted in: Cabinet approval rate rises to 58.7% See in context

LOL, I don't know what's more laughable.

That I called this weeks ago to much disdain or that people are still suprised by these results. Welcome to the real Japan folks. Enjoy your stay!!

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Posted in: Tokyo's Olympic stadium using timber linked to rights abuses, charities say See in context

Why aren't I suprised?

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Posted in: Japanese destroyers start drill with U.S. carrier Carl Vinson See in context

War mongering, alive and well. I guess bush and his ilk taught us nothing.

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Posted in: Policeman killed, two wounded in Paris shooting; IS claims responsibility See in context

The french are/feel more european than the brits and most don't want to go back to the french franc

> So they feel more Greek?

Enough peddling of drivel. It's more about mooching off the Germany economy than culture!!

> The socialist experiment that is the eu failed. It's about time to kick it to the curb.

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Posted in: Anger, confusion as Japan revives militaristic edict See in context

Oh boo hoo!!

Anyone feigning suprise needs to read a good history book. This was always the end game. Not people's wellbeing or the economy.

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Posted in: Victim's activities likely known to robbers in Y384 mil cash heist See in context

So despite the fact that these are still just suspects, given the anti Korean stance in japan, why in the world would the news slide ones Korean nationality in there? Talk about fanning the flames!!

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Posted in: U.S. tells N Korea: We don't want a fight; don't start one See in context

Could this war monger kindly be the first in line to sign up for deployment? I can never understand why these numbskulls think war is like in the movies!! Incredible numbskullery!!

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Posted in: Japan could send SDF to rescue nationals in Korean crisis: Inada See in context

Surely, Inada should be talking about how to defuse the situation not what to do after it?

Oh. Didn't you get the memo? This scuffle bodes well with the kaigi thugs. I'm pretty sure she's foaming at the mouth for an outbreak to occur!!

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Posted in: Death by overwork: Japan's 100-hour overtime cap sparks anger See in context

It's tantamount to endorsing a limit that could cause overwork deaths,

To paraphrase one smart fella, welcome to japan. The place where easy things are hard and complicated things are impossible.

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Posted in: Pence warns North Korea: 'The sword stands ready' See in context

LOL, nothing, absolutely nothing is going to come from this sabre rattling besides a shift in the impressionable mindsets of many people convinced of the boogeyman under the covers!! School scandal? Nothing to see here, move on!!

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Posted in: Japan opens up combat positions to women See in context

What makes people think it will be any different this time around?

That's the thing, people don't think!!

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Posted in: Japan could send SDF to rescue nationals in Korean crisis: Inada See in context

I see, right on the mark, most if not all people have pushed the school scandal to the history stack. I don't quite understand why anyone still falls for the boogeyman under the covers syndrome!!

This 'threat' serves to promote how macho dear leader is making everyone feel protected all the while not realizing that the long con is to swiftly bring the constitution revision to fruition. What is pathetic is most of the people most surely will succumb to this age old tactic. The student is finally becoming the master.

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Posted in: Trump warns North Korea: 'Gotta behave' See in context

Puleeeeze this isn't iraq boyo. Any attempts to use force will be nothing short of suicidal!!

This is the other reason :


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Posted in: Japan planning for refugees in event of Korean crisis See in context

Awww thanks dear leader. Let's not give a toss about fellow citizens affected by the tsunamis and quakes and pander to the foreign audience by pretending to actually give a damn about Korea. Seriously, thanks!!

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Posted in: Minister calls curators of cultural properties 'cancer' that need to be eradicated See in context

Opposition party? What opposition party?

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Posted in: Chiba Univ medical student sentenced to 3 years for gang rape See in context

One can only wonder what the outcome would have been if the perp was gaijin Disgusting outcome!!

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Posted in: Finding spies everywhere, and thinking the unthinkable See in context

More boogeyman under the bed syndrome!!

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Posted in: Pence to begin Asian trip Sunday amid tensions with North Korea See in context

Which is a nice way of saying 'starting a war'.

I can't believe I agree. Must be Easter season.

preemptive attack on a Syrian airfield

Was merica under some sort of threat? Please shed some light on this.

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Posted in: Japan's frugal households offer no respite for BOJ, retailers See in context

This again huh? Is logic really lost on these egg heads? If one earns less, they can't buy more if cost is too high. Naturally they'll be frugal.

The constant expectation of the economy to improve while not improving actual lives is akin to one asking the sky for help when faced with an impending doom. It's hollow!!

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Posted in: Ethics textbook change causes widespread constroversy See in context

And so it begins!!

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Posted in: N Korea ready for war if Trump wants it, official says See in context

So why wouldn't the U.S. do this?

Shhhhh. Joe, you just might enlighten some people here!!

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